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  1. Amazing WKU is still in this with -4 total rushing yards. Zappe is literally doing everything. He has almost as many passing yards as UTSA has total yards.
  2. Bailey Zappe, hit the transfer portal, buddy. We have receivers, running backs, and a defense here so you don't have to do it all by yourself.
  3. Poor guy is clearly suffering from Kade Renfro syndrome
  4. How many of those UTSA "fans" had to buy their first ever UTSA shirt for tonight's game?
  5. http://Report: Ohio State's Ewers to enter transfer portal after 1 season https://www.thescore.com/ncaaf/news/2242552 Already hitting the portal after 1 season
  6. Here's to hoping the Zappe train keeps on chugging
  7. Or we could be the reason why their season de-railed and the wheels fell off their perfect season. They thought they had an easy road to an undefeated season, then we came in and obliterated that and they never recovered. I personally will never root for UTSA in anything. Their fans made sure of that.
  8. My feelings exactly. I just hope that Littrell can finally hit on a Mason Fine replacement or a knowledgeable QB coach because that is the main thing this team needs to take the next step.
  9. Yes, he is but anyone that rips Nutsack to shreds like he did here is good in my book
  10. From being the 17 ranked team in the country to not even making a bowl game. What a fall that would be for Liberty
  11. Exactly my thoughts. I agree with you. Give me someone that cares about defense.
  12. And they don't have a history of striking out on first year head coaches like we do.
  13. Very weird fascination people have with GH on being our next head coach. With our money and resources, do we really want to deal with the up and downs of a first time head coach trying to learn on the job?
  14. I don't want UTSA's delusional fans to have anymore to brag about over us. Hope WKU annihilates them. WKU has momentum on their side while the Juco does not.
  15. SL has some solid momentum on his side, but let's pump the brakes on the Patterson thing. At least win a bowl game first before we start taking leaps like that.
  16. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/spencer-rattler-enters-transfer-portal-whats-next-as-oklahoma-star-moves-on-after-losing-starting-qb-job/ This article says an option is for him to join the dark side. He's from AZ so many having him going back out West
  17. He found success switching to a primary ground and pound run game, and I don't see him switching back. With the stable of running backs we have and massive improvement of the O-line, I hope he has found a formula for success that he keeps going with. There are many benefits to being a run dominant team.
  18. Fresno State just lost their coach to Washington State. We would have to take advantage of that.
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