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  1. Agreed. A lot of the posters here are like the UTEP fans that stormed the court after they beat us in basketball in El Paso, content ruining someone else’s season rather than being good enough that everyone else is trying to ruin yours.
  2. Littrell’s got his work cut out for him if he wants to save his job. It’s a dream schedule for any “Littrell Out” people
  3. Some of the "updates" posted on here are ridiculous, like Mattress Mack. Do you see UTEP posting continuous updates on Andy Reid because he was their O-line coach for a year?
  4. I'm still not completely buying into the hype. We did this before with Ruder, we did this before with Tommy Bush, etc. and what happened? We ended up being content just hitting 6 then got blown out in yet another bowl game. It's still up to the coaches to coach them up and I still question whether certain offensive coaches are able to do that. I've learned my lesson time and time again with this staff so I'll be a wait and see before I hop on the hype wagon.
  5. 6 wins is definitely enough to fire Littrell
  6. Actually impressed by this pick up. Definitely have some cautious optimism
  7. Hey, don't worry though! Jamori Maclin said we are "perfectly fine" on Twitter
  8. It's a Seth Littrell coached team. We can always count on them pulling an Amber Heard at some point in the season.
  9. UTEP's Littrell. Good luck to them but at least they had the sense to only make it a 2-year extension.
  10. Many are looking at the long-term ramifications of keeping Littrell as HC. If the guy can't win in the worst conference in the country, how do we expect him to not embarrass us in the American? I am more than willing to withstand some short-term pain (2022 losing season) if it means we can finally get rid of Littrell and get a good head coach in to hit the ground running in our new conference. Looking out for the greater good of our school in spite of short term pain is about as pro-NT as you can get.
  11. I don't even need to listen to know what was said.
  12. Of course I understand that. Not only did he not make the change, but got fleeced on Littrell’s extension too. That doesn’t mean his next hire will be bad. His track record has proven otherwise
  13. I'm not actively rooting for NT to have a bad season but wouldn't be disappointed if it happens. I think we've seen Littrell's ceiling and truly feel that the longer he sticks around, the more it sets the program back. He's a solid recruiter, I'm sure a nice guy, but outside of couple of fluke seasons, not a winning football coach. Even if he rattles off an upcoming 7, 8, or 9 win season (in a mediocre conference we won't be in next year), all signs point to him getting blown out of a bowl game yet again. Regarding finding a better coach, Wren is the new sheriff in town and his basketball hire was an absolute homerun. I'm actually really excited to see who he could bring in for football. I bet that not only could could he make a good hire, but it would be one that reinvigorates a fan base that could use a massive shot of adrenaline right now.
  14. Backup long snapper from DIII South Harmon Institute of Technology, come on down…
  15. At least the basketball team gives Mean Green fans hope
  16. You're right. No need to panic here. Things are absolutely rolling smoothly for this team, just because other teams are losing the same if not more than us. We are all just paranoid. We clearly don't have a lame duck head coach, questionable Strength and Conditioning program, a lack of quality recruits, no QB coach, questionable starting QB's, a lack of depth, etc. Sorry for our paranoia. Glad to know other teams have the same issues as us.
  17. Totally agree. Agreed. Total clown show. I have not seen anything this off-season that gives me optimism about the upcoming season.
  18. Littrell football still flying high. Shame the players see what our administration couldn’t
  19. Yup, those stats show literally the opposite of a rise. What the hell was the staff doing all offseason if they couldn't recruit at least one QB better than a barely over 50% career passer? I think most of us have learned better than to believe that Aune is finally the answer. We get spoon-fed this "Things are awesome in camp" crap all off-season just for the wheels to fall off right when the season starts.
  20. I wish our leadership had a clue but they'll find out soon enough once attendance continues to plummet as the season goes on.
  21. Aune is to us what Alex Smith was to the Chiefs. Serviceable, but his ceiling is nowhere near getting us a championship. Him starting shows the coaching staff is clueless
  22. Come on @Brett Vito, don't be shy. Post your Aune for Heisman article on this site. Your most dedicated fans want to read this.
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