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  1. An already fired coordinator that couldn’t hack it as a Head Coach
  2. Last year, I laughed at all of the people saying this year’s schedule was a cupcake schedule and that Littrell was surely on his way to an extension. As if all of those hadn’t previously learned their lesson not to trust a Littrell coached time after time.
  3. I think you underestimate the chaos our program is in at the moment. A Head Coach most have wanted gone for years that appears disinterested, players that continually quit on the field as it appears they no longer trust their coaches, a defense on track to give up a million yards this year, a team that doesn’t just lose but gets blown out because our coaches refuse to make any kind of halftime adjustment, and some of the worst offensive play calling you will ever see (especially in the red zone). I respect you trying to keep it civil but this team doesn’t look like it’ll win more than 2 games this year
  4. Tbf, I didn’t expect Littrell to be fired after the 4th game of the season, but something needs to happen sooner rather than later. I’m sure once they see the wheels fall off in conference play, the decision will be made.
  5. Believe me. Nothing to worry about here. Our 7th year head coach is clueless. Even if we keep it close at halftime, all your coach needs to do is make a few adjustments to blow the doors right off since ours is apparently allergic to making any kind of in game adjustments. Also, expect a run up the middle… a lot. Stop that, stop our offense.
  6. Anyone is better than Littrell at this point
  7. Yeah, fair. Didn’t mean it would be a bad thing. The moment it happens, we are plastered all over ESPN, etc which would be a great thing
  8. Yeah, it would absolutely be a statement and publicity hire.
  9. I’m torn on Deion because of the reasons mentioned. Dude is a hell of a coach and hell of a recruiter. He would make a Day 1 splash and I bet we see a massive uptick in recruiting just from his name and reputation alone. At the same token, what he is doing is very niche for HBCUs that I question would work at our school. That being said, the guy has been winning at JSU and I don’t see why real quality players wouldn’t want to follow him to a higher challenge
  10. Daniels is the real deal. He’s a running back playing QB and can make all of the throws. He’s looking like a Heisman candidate. So many times it looked like they were going to sack him just for him to wiggle out and take it for a big gain. It’s such a contrast from another QB I watch on a regular basis
  11. I’m also a KU fan so enjoy that ass kicking
  12. Very apt tbh. But they have Mahomes that can make every throw, and we have Aune that… can’t (to be nice)
  13. Yup, actions speak louder than words and their actions proved it.
  14. Agreed. This is all moot. Once Littrell is fired, there will be a mass exodus of current players to the portal and the new coach will hunt the portal to completely rebuild this roster. Welcome to College Football in 2022
  15. Honestly, the longer that dumpster fire lasts, the more Wren Out I become. He put us in this situation and has yet to do anything to remedy it as it gets worse. He’s done a lot of good things for athletics, but football is the main player and his handling of this program has been abhorrent
  16. I can’t believe it but I would take Ref back in a heartbeat over this and I was one of the most vocal for him to get canned
  17. What an absolute clown Wren Baker is for getting hosed on that extension. That set us back years
  18. I wish I could say I’m shocked, but I’m not. I didn’t fall for that 5 win run last year and knew that bowl game Littrell is more of what we were going to continually get. Some of us have wanted Littrell gone for years and I’m just glad everyone has seen the light after that disaster tonight
  19. It’s honestly an art to continually try painting such a rosy picture of Aune as QB, while completely neglecting the strength of opponents he was putting up his stats on and totally neglecting that absolute stink fest against SMU where he was actually replaced by another QB.
  20. No shot. This Texas team has hit a gear Texas teams haven’t hit in years. Took a good Alabama team to the wire while UTSA struggled with an average Army team. Texas by however many they want
  21. Brown over Harrell but I would love if they were a package deal
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