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  1. Home of the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library and in the middle of freaking nowhere
  2. Fair assessments/comments here unlike a certain coog that roams our boards from time to time. Other than the deluded clown comments about attendance in 2011, they appeared to have a lot of respect for us. Should be a shootout
  3. I don't blame him. Their fans are fanatic. You can see Iowa State stuff all over this area. I went to both the KU-Iowa State football game and the Big 12 Championship basketball game and they flooded both with the majority of the attendance. Want to know how you can tell if someone went to Iowa State? They'll tell you.
  4. Part of that was on Harrell. If you don't mix it up, the defense knows exactly what is coming to them. I think we'll see a big shake up with Reeder's offense
  5. Surely, that number has to have increased since 2017. I thought we broke all kinds of donor funding records last year. If not, this is truly pathetic. We're behind a bunch of schools that have people donate just to suck
  6. Think he got screwed in missing out on pre-season all-conference. At least he got some other national recognition
  7. We've already flipped one commit. Tides are turning
  8. Marketing Department has kicked it into a whole other stratosphere recently
  9. This is just the beginning. Big things ahead for this team
  10. Good to see someone else enjoyed their college experience as much as I did 👍
  11. Let's do it. I'll be moving from Lenexa to OP in a month. Keep me posted
  12. Definitely. It would be a baptism by fire with this conference in Men's soccer since even the Florida schools are very good also, but we have the resources and talent in the area to build something very quickly. Go after some local high school players or some fringe FC Dallas academy players and build from there
  13. North Texas is a hotbed for developing soccer talent. Just look at how many players from the Gold Cup roster are from here or went through the FC Dallas academy. I fully agree with you that a Men's soccer program would be relevant almost immediately if we can draw in the talent. We hate them but SMU is usually one of the top Men's Soccer programs in the country. Men's soccer would be much more beneficial for us IMO.
  14. Senior year- Dated a few sorority girls so Kappa Delta, ADPi, and Kappa Kappa Gamma houses mostly
  15. Surprise announcement forthcoming. Guess their move to Dallas helped our case after all haha
  16. New Mexico isn't that bad tbh. We have a cabin in the woods there which probably makes me a bit biased, but give me desert over swamp any day of the week.
  17. This. I know a couple of people that went there and despite Ruston being a S*it hole, people still end up there. I would take those 2 over Ruston any day of the week.
  18. New Orleans and Houston can't catch a break. I work in an industry related to flood and it's been a rough year to say the least.
  19. I'd have Bussey higher but otherwise, good to see our guys getting so much love
  20. No worries, Christian will do his winning at North Texas
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