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  1. No shame in losing a recruit to Ohio State, but it would be very ironic since his Twitter is littered with #LeaveALegacyAtUNT. Good luck with that at an established program like Ohio State
  2. I'm not worried. He's already been putting that kind of pressure on himself since he was in high school. Also, he's already shown how he performs when teams target him. He bounces right back up and does things like he did on the last play of The Drive.
  3. I never follow these articles. It's always a crap shoot for their rankings of Group of 5 programs, and what has Southern Miss shown that has everyone rank them so high? Genuine question. Everyone has them as favorites and I'm not sure as to why
  4. Took you long enough 😜 When I saw he changed his Twitter background to himself in a Mean Green uniform in front of Apogee, I knew it was only a matter of time.
  5. Any press is good press. Check out some things people have mentioned on CSNbbs: https://csnbbs.com/thread-874986-page-21.html App State fans asking about Mason and stating that they will check out a few games due to all of the press they have seen him get recently which has peaked their curiosity. This is exactly what our program needs.
  6. His Twitter background profile pic is him in a Mean Green uniform in front of Apogee. I'm pretty confident in getting this commit, to say the least
  7. North Texas, College Football Playoff bound
  8. Ask and you shall receive. That is a lot of beef in this class
  9. Fresh as hell. Easily my favorite look
  10. Agreed. Clown comment. This guy did not see Fraternity Hill during Homecoming last season. One of my proudest moments was going into that game with various family members that went to different schools and seeing a sea of people in green walking, tailgating, and inside of the game. Hell of an atmosphere. Even when our team sucks, we know how to tailgate for all the reasons you mention.
  11. Sounds like Arkansas last season...
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