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  1. Agreed. How many games this year have been lost by missed kicks? It truly amazes me, the stinkage at kicker some teams trot out on a weekly basis.
  2. I remember it well. I almost put my fist through the TV that day. Astros winning the World Series was the final kick in the nuts because it happened so slowly and was the last thing I watched that night. To make matters worse, I lived in Houston that day, had to wake up at 3 for work the next morning, and couldn't sleep because neighbors all around me were shooting off fireworks in the middle of the night to celebrate.
  3. I was at the Chiefs - Texans game yesterday. Talk about unwatchable. 21 penalties for 150 yards. There was zero flow to the game and when you throw in 5 turnovers, I saw people sleeping there. He looked bad yesterday. I know he is hurt, but his only strategy these days is run around a bit, throw it up and hope someone catches it. First Chiefs touchdown should have been an interception had 'Reek not ripped the ball out of the DB's hands. Some fans I talked to also noticed he is crying more about getting hit. I always called his sophomore slump
  4. It was done as soon as the K State rumors started
  5. This situation is no longer salvageable. Players are quitting on coaches and coaches have looked lost all season. I'm officially withholding all donations to the Athletic Department until I see heads roll. This season has turned into an embarrassment
  6. For all of you fucking clowns wearing green tinted glasses that initially down voted me, I repeat, heads need to roll. When a team quits on their coaches, that situation is not salvageable
  7. This team sucks. Do yourself a favor and salvage your night watching other Primetime College Footbaw. Don't let the suckage of this team ruin the College Football season
  8. This team is mentally, physically, and spiritually difficult to watch
  9. Defense gets burned for 59, shocker. Just walk in young man. You can do anything you want against this defense.
  10. That's that offensive creativity. Then the kick is missed, we are snake bitten this year
  11. What a stupid interception. How much stupid luck can you have?
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