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  1. So another way of saying KU is getting into the tournament. Got it. You're so right! Let me just repeal everything I said right now. We've deviated so far from the original topic, but yup, this is what invalidates everything that was previously said.
  2. I think keyboard warriors that are too small minded to understand a basic argument are way worse
  3. I've already pointed out that Covid cancelations don't mean ducking, but you're obviously too small minded to understand a point I've made multiple times. Kansas is already an automatic qualifier for the NCAA tournament so missing the conference tournament means nothing.
  4. Lol! Good one, Emmitt! Now do millennials next!
  5. That seems to be the trend. A lot of dates, numbers, and stats which are much easier being copy and pasted.
  6. Don't care. I've given evidence, pointed out where to find it, etc. I know I'm right so if you don't, ignorance is bliss
  7. Yes, not as high as they used to be but they are still being ranked in the Top 25 despite things like an 8-5 record. Also yeah, definitely not crying for a National Title birth but still believing "Texas is back" every year and constantly thinking they are a Top 10 team. Agreed on that. The numbers are there. Understandable losses or not, the fact of the matter is he has underachieved since 2011 so at this point, he will do anything to save face.
  8. Don't need any participation trophies because I earn mine so you keep that.
  9. https://kuathletics.com/coach/emmett-jones/ Jones graduated from North Texas in 1999. He and his wife, Marlo, have two children, Emily and Emmett.
  10. Your response is once again so over exaggerated and deflectory that it doesn't warrant a rebuttal. Don't think the discussion is worth your time? Don't contribute. Don't think discussion on the current state of sports and what of going on in them is warranted on a message board specifically made to discuss sports? Don't go onto message boards.
  11. When it happens regularly, yes. Much like Texas in football, Duke is always overrated in basketball and always happens to get "upset" by teams perceived to be much worse than them. Yeah, stuff happens but when it becomes a regular occurrence, it is a pattern and not happenstance. Yes, I am a Kansas fan but don't have schools I absolutely despise like other blue blood fans. I agree on Kentucky and also think that Cal is way overrated. He is a good recruiter, not a good coach. He brings in 5 star players every year, then they look lost on the court like they have all year this year because
  12. Apples and oranges, Virginia is a projected automatic qualifier into the NCAA tournament and still the 16th ranked team in the country. Duke is having a garbage year and K is trying to save face
  13. It means he has taken overrated 1 and 2 seed teams into the tournament just to get "upset" in the first or second rounds. Of course many coaches are going to be egotistical, but hardly any of them make excuses for when things don't go their way or try to bend the system to fit their situation like him. Look, I can go at this all day and we can go down the rabbit hole so I am concluding with my base point which is that Duke's season being over now is absolutely a cop out by Coach K to use Covid as an excuse for his garbage team not making the tournament this year. He's had that excuse pri
  14. The crux of the argument is that you think that Coach K is a win at all costs, brilliant head basketball coach. I'm saying he is pompous and egotistical that hasn't done anything since 2015, who still thinks he is above the game and the rules should be bent for him. He wins, the rules are great as they are. He starts losing, he makes excuses and thinks the rules should be bent, accordingly. Emmitt de-railed this discussion with the overly exaggerated, snarky remarks.
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