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  1. Excited about this. This is really fun to watch, especially in the summer when there aren't many sports on.
  2. If I remember correctly, Mike Craven was one of the reporters dogging on us for firing Littrell. Funny how quickly some of these reporters are turning heel.
  3. Dude is getting a lot of praise from multiple people as a big sleeper pickup
  4. Jake Wilson- QB Byron Nelson High School
  5. Tim Madison- WR Lebanon Trail High School
  6. They probably poached him so late in the game, they didn't have time to add him into the video
  7. UTSA just signed a 4*. Definitely doable. With this staff and the way we have already been recruiting in such a short time, I have no doubts we can also sign a 4* soon.
  8. Saw this coming from a mile away after he got that Florida State invite
  9. I heard that he never visited some schools right down the road from us. Given our lack of good QB the last few years, their eye for talent was always in question
  10. Truly amazing what this staff has been able to do after such a late start and being under the gun. The future of this program is very bright
  11. So far it looks like he’s just on a visit. I am curious on how we look on getting Starling. Competing directly with TX State’s new staff and UTSA. If we can beat out UTSA for him, it would signify a good shift in the tides
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