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  1. What's next is CUSA getting what they deserve
  2. Having games on channels everyone has. Exposure with games on ESPN will be a massive upgrade
  3. A lot of salty C-USA members in that Twitter thread
  4. Hell yeah, perks of the new conference already becoming evident 😉
  5. Immediately with the right coaching hire. The foundation is there. Don't let Seth destroy your optimism
  6. No, as in bragging about their massive endowment as if that was the biggest factor in conference realignment.
  7. Exactly. ODU deserves the most to rot in CUSA purgatory. Did absolutely nothing in the conference, thought they were too good for CUSA, and thought money could buy their way into a higher conference. Good riddance
  8. I don't feel bad for Marshall one iota. Always believed themselves to be a "CUSA flagship school" and better than every other school. Enjoy going down with the ship
  9. This was mainly on Natalicio. She gutted the athletics department and gave Stull crumbs to work with. Their coaches are always the worst paid in the conference. They have decent facilities but made no effort to build more or improve what they currently have.
  10. I agree. I grew up going to UTEP games and still have a lot of UTEP connections. I really feel bad for them. Yes, a lot of it was of their own making but it's still a horrible spot to be in. At least they still have their world class Track and Field/XC programs and 1966.
  11. Same. I'm from EP with a lot of my family, including my dad, as UTEP grads. I remember when people used to love Natalicio because of her push for academics and were sad the day she retired. Bet they are regretting that now. They really are in a horrible spot. Out on island stuck in heavy limbo where each option is worse than the next (if it is true MWC isn't taking anyone else). Natalicio is really getting her wish now.
  12. More money, better TV deals, competent conference president, a real rivalry with SMU to develop...
  13. They finally get decent at football and everyone leaves. This has been a long snowball effect from the Natalicio regime that didn't give 2 shits about athletics
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