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  1. https://www2.kusports.com/news/2022/aug/30/ku-seeking-design-firm-develop-concept-plans-footb/
  2. To answer the question, for me, success is winning conference championships and Top 25 finishes.
  3. Resident KU fan here, that’s only half the story. They were also bad because football only got a fraction of the funding that basketball was getting because the previous AD figured why give a damn about football when basketball floats our athletics. New AD comes in and realizes that football can be something there. Hiring of Les Miles and Leipold were shifts in a direction but they also started pumping a whole lot more money into football which meant better facilities, more resources for recruiting, etc. To your point though, yes, budget and new coach results in the KU we see today.
  4. Yup, fine and dandy winning conference games but those blowouts loom very large and don't bode well for us competing in the new conference. La Tech looks like garbage so that should be a W. UTSA, Western, UAB, and Rice (Yes, Rice) will tell us everything we need to know about the direction of this team.
  5. I agree to an extent. It depends on the situation and if the program is not progressing or remaining stagnant during that extended tenure. I doubt Alabama thinks it’s time for a change of scenery just because Satan has been there since 2007.
  6. On GameDay, Lance Leipold of KU said they are in the victory business, not the moral victory business. I wish our coaches had the same mentality smh
  7. This. Even I have to begrudgingly say this is true. You ride a streak like that beating these teams, guaranteed he gets an extension.
  8. How witty, clever, and original. 😐 I get it though. Laugh through the pain
  9. Awful take. Lawrence is awesome
  10. I will say that Wren better be careful what he wishes for. This whole waiting for coaches contracts to expire at the end of the season instead of outright firing them for poor results won’t fly at other levels
  11. The thought of him leaving hurts way less than it used to
  12. I doubt it gets moved. They are only getting the outer bands of the hurricane on the Miami/Boca side of Florida. They should mainly be getting a lot of rain and some wind which they can handle in Florida. Friend I have in Miami says they are prepared but they’ve mainly just been getting rain
  13. I should point out that I find it hilarious that not long ago, many on this board were making fun of KU and their football program. Now, I have no doubt they would kick our ass if we played them tomorrow. I saw this coming as soon as Leipold was hired. Now how many of you wish we were in the same place as KU?
  14. Go Goddamn Hawks. Amazing how quick a turnaround you can have with the right personnel in place. Almost as if 7 years is more than enough time to know a coach isn’t good enough. KU is the silver lining I have in this goddawful season we are having
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