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  1. I've had 3 ACL surgeries. 9 months is the time of the physical rehab. That's not counting the subsequent months of getting back into game shape or even getting back into the mental aspect of playing which could take over a year if not more. I am honestly shocked he did not have the surgery immediately after it happened if he had aspirations of coming back to the team next year or even trying to make it to the NFL. That tells me a lot.
  2. I thought that was mainly because Johnson was tied at the hip to Coach Choice; and once he left for GT, Johnson would have followed him anywhere even-though Choice didn't offer him after he got to Tech? That could be awkward, odds of getting him to re-commit? I thought Renfro was also pretty tied to Reeder as the OC, also?
  3. Don't do it, LeachGod. Go to Mizzou so I can take your class on war strategy and football
  4. Very true, but MLS academies are still unattractive for a lot of players because they don't want to be tied to that club for a huge chunk of their playing years since they make you sign a contract that when you join the academy that you will only play for them, even if you get European interest. A lot of really good players do the same as baseball and go the NAIA/D3 route hoping to bypass MLS, get a degree, then jump to play overseas so there would still be an echelon of really good players we could get to come play for us. Some of the best players I played against went NAIA or DIII hoping to make the jump. We hate them but look at SMU, consistent success at Men's soccer, winning National Championships and getting players drafted or on trial at different European clubs. We are in a hotbed for that and feel we are really missing the boat for more potential athletic success
  5. We are in fertile soccer developing territory. I could see us getting championship after championship on the men's side with the right resources, like the women keep doing. Such a shame because there is so much potential for us to have a successful men's side also
  6. Agreed. Combine that with the fact that their non-conference schedule was as cupcake as possibly put together and they didn't really kill anyone they faced, I am shocked. I was convinced La Tech would be in the Championship game. This Conference Championship game, in general, also seemed to come out of nowhere. I was convinced the East would either be Marshall or FIU. FIU had a carbon-copy season as us over in the East. Pre-season expectations to play in the Conference Championship game only end up middle to bottom of the standings.
  7. Surprised we even had that many tbh. No shock about the OL though. They had a big part in ruining Mason's senior year
  8. We were ice cold shooting at 33% and only 11% from 3. Gibson; who had the most minutes, finished with 7 points after chucking up 16 shots, from the field and 3's. Shots just wouldn't fall.
  9. They got hit with an EF3 tornado about a year ago that really tore the school apart. They've been rebuilding ever since.
  10. Agreed. After watching "Miles to Go," it is amazing the resources some of these schools have dedicated specifically to recruiting. We're talking teams full of people analyzing tape, reaching out to recruits, and maintaining constant communication with them to show your interest. Literally the first thing Les Miles did on the job was build the recruiting department from one person to an entire team of full time and intern positions. It is the life blood of any successful football program so why not dedicate more resources for it? I am fully on board with this.
  11. Solid list. I would love Orlando or Koontz. Add an OC like Mangino in there and the foundation is set for this team.
  12. I like it. Dude gets a bad rap for his past anger issues but there is no doubt his teams are disciplined and successful. Hell, he had the most success for KU football in the last 20 years. Something else I brought up in another thread I think would be interesting is bringing Koontz back as the DC. Knows the players, knows the system and now has a year of SEC offenses and defenses under his belt.
  13. Knows the players, knows recruits, and got a year of SEC offenses and defenses under his belt.
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