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  1. They are a humble lot with hopeful optimism rather than unfounded pompousness. As I've shown, they are also top 10 in the country in the number of National Championships, but you wouldn't know it without looking it up yourself. While I hope they continue to improve, I want to destroy them every year because I like having bragging rights over my father, cousins, and friends.
  2. I check this thread every day to see if there is even a slight nudge in recruiting. Nothing. What exactly in Mccasland doing this off season?
  3. I'll be there... with a crop of UTEP fans in tow
  4. Cuban loves him and has stated he can have whatever roll he wants in the organization. Would love to see him as an assistant coach to keep mentoring the young guys.
  5. Visited with 2 other commits and we have had good luck with guys that change their profile pics to ones from their visits. I'd say great sign.
  6. Enjoy. Can't speak much for the Yucatan as the family is mainly from Chihuahua and Central Mexico.
  7. What part of Mexico are y'all vacationing?
  8. Agreed. They did not look good at all last year; especially their snore fest Bowl Game, and the PAC-12 as a whole has had a steep drop off from a few years ago. I like our chances.
  9. I hate the one pony show the NBA has become as much as the next guy and dislike that talk is only about a few specific players, aka Lebrick, but I think the Mavs are really on to something. Between Luka, Porzingis, Brunson, and a high first rounder in the draft, this team is already shaping into a contender and they are all still really young. Even Jackson started to round into form towards the end of the season. There's plenty to look forward to with this team. Edit: Just to clarify, I only follow the Mavs. Once they miss the playoffs, etc. I stop paying attention.
  10. So having a future superstar like Luka doesn't do it for you?
  11. This. All the way. Tech fans are the absolute worst but I have cousins that are Baylor grads and they have to be some of the most deluded people on the planet. Even to the point that they'll defend Art Briles and, "It wasn't as bad as the media makes it out to be."
  12. They haven't won a team National Championship in a while but they still win a lot of individual National Championships in Track and Cross Country. A lot of their track athletes do also go on to compete in the Olympics because they recruit a lot from Islands and foreign countries. Watching the Olympics, a few times I have seen random runners from tiny islands that their alma mater is UTEP.
  13. Tech is one of those you absolutely love it or absolutely hate it places. I went there briefly and absolutely hated it and that was after getting involved, joining a fraternity, etc. whereas my sister graduated from there and loved it as did most of my friends that went there. Personally, you couldn't pay me to live in Lubbock again.
  14. Love this. We are continually trending up. Go Stars! Thank you, Dirk
  15. I'm excited. I was worried about the CB position but all the positive news from Spring ball has me optimistic CB will continue to be a strength.
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