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  1. What human decency? If I was terrible at my job, I would have been kicked to the curb a long time ago. It's a job, not a morale booster. People couldn't wait to kick Ref out of here, constantly calling for his head. Guess they are terrible human beings too, right? And at least you got one thing right in your post
  2. LOL, you fucking clowns will down vote anything. So I take it you all support him taking our juggarnaut offense and making it completely incompetent and useless?
  3. A lot of KU fans mentioned this will keep Texas schools from poaching him. It seems it was a heavy possibility for a bit
  4. https://kuathletics.com/emmett-jones-promoted-to-passing-game-coordinator-wide-receivers-coach/ Emmett Jones is out
  5. That is hilarious; no disrespect to the great philosopher, Mike Leach.
  6. Be sure to change the locks on them for good measure. Good riddance
  7. He always knew what he was talking about when talking to his DB's, he was just in over his head as a DC
  8. Agreed. FAU has a record padded by a cupcake OOC schedule. They haven't killed any worthy opponent they've faced yet so I like our chances at home.
  9. All of these things considered, I was not impressed with FIU at all. Especially as the former leader in the conference standings, even if for a short while. I am glad we curbstomped them our of our home tonight, though.
  10. He's like our Porzingis. Criticized for his lack of points on offense but does a lot of underrated things on defense. He's been solid on the boards today, something we really needed.
  11. Welcome back, Rose 🌹. We missed you
  12. I know it's a good thing that we lead the nation in, but it's almost comical how many charges we draw
  13. FIU giving us a taste of our own medicine. They are starting the half out hot from 3
  14. UTSA just burying them in 3's. They caught fire tonight. Sometimes you can't help it against a team that is hot for the night
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