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  1. Current 9ers roster has him tied for third in the depth chart behind Breida and Coleman and tied with Mostert. Last year, he was behind Breida all season, Coleman just came in this season so he is an unknown at this point but I think he can beat out Mostert. He has an interesting situational split if you check his stats on the 9ers website..
  2. Yup, because one player is going to change the trajectory of their program...
  3. He had the most carries for the 9ers. Finished with the third most yards (second was a receiver with one carry on a jet sweep) and one touchdown. Think it bodes well for him since he didn't play the first game.
  4. Lol, the optics on this won't hurt recruiting at all. Btw, check the interesting responses on their site. They are mixed to say the least. http://www.raginpagin.com/louisiana/showthread.php?290130-Our-football-players-will-have-skin-in-the-game Edit: Now Deadspin is all over this. They are getting crucified. https://deadspin.com/coach-who-made-850-000-last-year-says-his-unpaid-playe-1837307102
  5. Gomeangreen is a haven. The delusion on other boards is real, especially CSNbbs. If half those clowns got what they wanted, Marshall and ODU would be in the AAC, FAU would have been National Champions a couple of years ago, and every school is the next to get the call to join the SEC. Oh, and the amount of times that we get referred to as a small school with no resources and low upside of attending is cringe-worthy 🤡🤡🤡
  6. Love these videos, you can tell the players really love these coaches
  7. Life really does get so much easier when you block the troll from the sh*thole
  8. Sweet Jesus, Mason has beefed up a lot. Dude has some pythons now 💪
  9. We've got some bowling balls in the back field this season, really hoping that helps with the short yardage situations. Also really hoping that Loren's knees hold up. As a fellow multiple ACL injury sufferer, easily one of the toughest injuries to come back from both mentally and physically.
  10. In another post I made, I showed that we have the same amount of team National Championships as them, a couple of which were cheerleading and rodeo national championships they claim. Other than basketball and baseball, their sports are hot garbage yet they try to put themselves at the same level as UT and A&M. Delusion at it's highest
  11. Lol, Texas Tech has always had a deluded sense of place when it comes to sports in Texas. I would never trust anything written by a publication that is related to Tech
  12. Admittedly, I was also very frustrated with Harrell's offense last season. Seemed too vanilla at times. And you could almost always count on being stuffed on any short yardage situations. Reeder sounds creative and like he is ready to mix things up. I'm stoked about the potential for the offense this season
  13. Aren't we one of the main sponsors for the Cowboys? I went to the Tech - Baylor game last year in Cowboys Stadium and we kept popping up in the advertisements as a sponsor. Good publicity nonetheless
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