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  1. at least Mendoza was only getting paid pennies. I am tired of getting these Big12 failures who know they can always get some free $$$ at UNT.
  2. not the we are a young team crap again, this is every year for poor little UNT not producing as a fitting excuse
  3. it is not positive tests per se that caused the cancelling it is the contact tracing and subsequent 14 day quarantine needed for those exposed. CDC guidelines that most are following. My daughter unfortunately just got quarantined when the her HS Coach tested positive, so 14 day quarantine to stop any more positive tests. Hopefully the October 3rd games is able to be played
  4. Mountain West has cancelled most minor sports championships all the way thru the end of Spring. They are not playing around. Personally think over-reaction but regional politics come into the play in many of their states, plus they have Hawaii.
  5. not in Central Area, just lots of rain and some wind. Believe SW Arkansas got lots of flooding, from previous rains, but the storm petered out and shifted east as it got into Arkansas. Had a few limbs down in front yard and driveway flooded, but nothing to bad.
  6. yup, ran right over McNeese, ULL on the east edge, NW State direct and you guys were in the Cat 1 zone, hope campus is ok and getting cleaned up.
  7. hmmm to bad ESPN3 no longer shows with an ESPN+ account. Disappointing. No cable so no game I guess. GO MEAN GREEN
  8. in this case does not matter, since it would be a teacher/student interaction, does not matter if student is already 18.
  9. yes he should be gone. Just a branch of the sick Briles coaching tree
  10. why would we not play, brings in fans and it is football
  11. don't forget needing ID's is racist but they require ID to get into their anarchy fest
  12. thanks for the link, just ordered 3.
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