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  1. think he has plenty to work with, but please get them back to basics, proper tackling, proper coverage. Those were glaring, but should be fixes to look at. Put the players in position to win.
  2. if there is trouble brewing at TN, doubt they will be looking at a stained Freeze after his stint at Ole Miss
  3. ouch that does hurt. Good luck to Siggers outside of when he plays UNT
  4. FCS Division, WAC is destroying the Southland Conference
  5. good, take even the biggest critics of SL, myself inlcuded, hope he is successful, but that is a big "IF" right now after what we have seen the past 2 seasons.
  6. sorry but how was this not his extension? I agree he did not hire, but he was the AD for the extension, if he is not the one extending his coaches, then why is he AD? Just asking?
  7. oh what could have been if RV would not have hamstrung TD the first year by not allowing him to keep any staff holdovers. Good for both of them going back and being successful. Should be interesting game.
  8. perfect fit for Sam Houston as they move to the WAC.
  9. so now the requirement to be a HC is to coddle and produce unicorn farts. Good lord hate it when administrators who were always last picked for sports make decisions on sports matters.
  10. I think many of us can theorize, same reason said DC still has a job after one of the statistically worst defensive showings in recent history.
  11. Bowen will be coming back, SL is loyal to friends/buddies to his own detriment Of course I hope I am wrong.
  12. why not follow the model of Appalachian State, Arkansas State, etc... Bring in a coach and he wins and moves on great then bring in the next coach who wants to come in to win not just collect paycheck, very rare for a G5 to maintain a winning coach for more then 4-5 yrs, now losing coaches, will hang around extra because the accountability is not there and any bowl game gives that glimmer of hope. 2 legit bowl games, forget that they were blow outs, with the highest paid HC should not cut it after 5 yrs.
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