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  1. untbowler

    AAF league

    the p*****s in the NFL have called that unnecessary roughness.
  2. untbowler

    Mean Green Bowling Fans Spotted At The PBA HOF on FS1

    looks like Club Bowling Team, not sure if there maybe an SWIBC Conference Tournament there or a Tier 1 Tournament. Looked it up but could not find much else.
  3. untbowler

    Week 10 Polls

    as much as I want to argue with you, that is a very valid argument. ODU and WKU will be good bell weather games. WKU is odd because they are very up and down looking at their wins and losses.
  4. I hope Johnson lands where he wants to land, but it sounds like UNT is closed outside of preferred walk-on
  5. we signed the RB, that DOES want to be at UNT.
  6. got some beef on the O-Line, class already looking very good. The NLR RB is a stud, will be one to watch.
  7. untbowler

    Will UAB Beat Northern Illinois?

    UAB should have been playing Utah St and we should have gotten the 5 loss NIU, at least then we might of had a chance
  8. untbowler

    Anthony Wyche looking to Transfer

    Sure I would think so on Barbers, and yes UNT is committed to SL, but he is not committed to UNT except in interviews talking about family.
  9. untbowler

    Anthony Wyche looking to Transfer

    Probably helps that Syracuse has committed to their coach and their has full commitment to Syracuse, UNT not so much.
  10. untbowler

    For the drivers, weather concerns?

    so they have moved, I remember back in the late 80's and early 90's Estelline always had a Cop sitting in town ready to nail travelers, but he was a super nice guy.
  11. untbowler

    FAU QB transferring

    wow 23 and still has 2 yrs eligibility, good for him, guess Kiffin misses baby Briles
  12. nice pick-up against some good competition
  13. untbowler

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Well Bully for you, proud of you son, glad it worked out well, you are just to damn smart for all of us here, besides my post was in jest but but I can always count on you to be offended by something and take it to serious. Good Day Sir or is it X Y or Z can not keep up anymore.
  14. untbowler

    UTA (12/8/18)

    never went to bars sorry to disappoint you, I can not wait until you stalk my next post. Lots of love honey.