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  1. Colorado St has a good history and has a newer stadium. Arkansas is filled with a bunch of idiot fans still searching for the their glory days of the SWC, Vanderbilt is thankful UA is in the SEC to keep them out of the basement
  2. Colorado St, Fresno St are 2 top tier jobs for a coach to take, outside of $$$, would say they rank higher than Arkansas and Missouri, ok maybe not Mizzou
  3. fans will get to see what Fine can do with a real legit O-Line, where he has time to throw and check.
  4. well nUTSAck needs to keep the reporters away and not give him a state issued cell phone, or at least turn off the texting.
  5. think you will see Norvell headed to Ole Miss or FSU
  6. that is what the rumors are but sounds like LK is the favorite, but who knows. Just entertaining watching the Hog Fans lose their s**t.
  7. just following the lead of today's media. Just saying. Again truth or not, it was obvious Reeder was not able to use the offense he had used at EWU for whatever reason, just like the TE's disappearing for the most part after the ACU game.
  8. devil's advocate, but how can you blame Reeder, if he did not call games the last 7-8 games?
  9. Putting friendship in front of quality. Hope our next QB is a runner.
  10. good catch. Jacksonville, FL is a much different than Gadsden, AL
  11. Solid win, closed door on the comeback
  12. UTA getting on a roll and the green have gone cold.
  13. so if Reeder did not call plays then who can we blame for the Offensive woes? SL??
  14. disgusting that one of the wins was against UNT
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