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  1. seems par for the course unfortunately
  2. Edwards, Scott, and Jones all entering the portal
  3. If he is graduating with a degree from UNT best of luck. If he is leaving for greener pastures without a degree, I hope it turns brown and he falls flat on his face
  4. He has his degree from UNT, Jesus some of you just want to bitch and run over former players. He graduated and took his COVID year. He is a UNT Alum
  5. BB teams again can not finish a game, blow a 13 pt half time lead and lead by 5 with :43 sec and now into Double OT
  6. easily the best team right now, no competition for the title currently
  7. winners accept responsibility, losers whine about the refs and announcers at road games and now apparently at home games. Neither BB team can finish games. WBB blew a 5pt lead under 4 min left. Then had 2 pt lead with 14 sec left called TO then promptly turned the ball over for the winning 3 pt
  8. All teams will play in tournament seeding based on ITA Ranking since the AAC does not play a full round robin schedule. I am thinking SMU, Memphis, Tulsa and Rice will be the Teams to beat this year. Charlotte would be a darkhorse.
  9. young but very talented and will fight to the end, have the right coaches in place, will just take time for the freshmen to gain confidence
  10. typical for many schools, these matches are played typically in a DH. Not unusual at all. TJC and Cowley County are both Top 5 JUCO's and give coaches a chance to see potential recruits.
  11. To bad fans are not coming out to support the team like they deserve. Hopefully fans can start packing the pit as the team goes for Win #20 against UTSA and avenge the loss.
  12. got work Thursday but will see them Friday. Daughter can tell me about the Thursday match.
  13. Update: UNT/SEMO match will now be Thursday @2:30 in Conway, due to expected weather on Saturday. Friday match remains unchanged.
  14. good win over UH, followed by losses to FAU and USF unfortunately. Growing pains in Year 1
  15. Can Sissoko do anything but stand around when in the post good grief
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