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  1. thats a good win for the ladies over a 15-5 team.
  2. Wish we had a big man that could pass like Fielder, he crushing with the inside bounce passes
  3. Arkansas brought Enos back after being the Maryland OC this past season
  4. Seth's name is not coming up for the UA job, Pittman already has someone ready to go, as he more or less told Briles to get the hell out and stop trying to extort more money.
  5. Wow rats are jumping ship from UA, will be an interesting listen on drive home listening to the pig fans whine like the shortWhorn fans
  6. being consistent, if Gaddie spent 4 yrs and got a degree, then good for him and best of luck, if he is leaving early before getting a degree, then not happy but COVID has screwed up everything.
  7. Love Coach McC constantly coaching and getting the guys into position.
  8. Big 3 by Martinez, hold down the fort
  9. Ousmane lucky to not get a charge with the shoulder to the chin, then still misses the lay up. SMDH!! Wow these officials are bad. <Make up your damn mind one way or the other. Good grief
  10. F'n Refs missed that, GMac deserved get unhinged there
  11. why can this team not shoot FT's!!!!
  12. I wish Ousmane would actually play like a big man, he is a huge liability right now
  13. wow Refs letting them play good grief lots of bodies on the floor, like Drowning Pool is playing
  14. I could go with this if the Universities will use the money towards academics and not the social activism of the day. University funding at the state level as a % has dropped so this would be a good thing to try and keep college costs under wraps as much as possible. But never underestimate a politicians chance to muck up a good idea
  15. SL waiting on TCU or for the housing market to improve so he can sell his million dollar house
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