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  1. sad to see ECU dropping their Tennis Programs, surprised they did both men and women, curious what their Title IX compliance looks like now
  2. ouch, but not surprising NCAA comes down on SFA, easy to go after small potatoes and ignore the big $$$$ cows
  3. the biggest issue, is gov't at all levels did a one size fits all approach, that was basically NYC model, that works if people are living in densely populated areas, but for rural areas was wrong solution. Isolate hot spots IMO would have been better approach, not shut everything down. NYC is totally different than Syracuse/Rochester. Michigan/Oregon also have basically each 2-3 hot spot counties, but they have continued to shut down the entire state. Just like Dallas/Houston totally different than Odessa, Abilene, etc.. Best case this helps for planning for next outbreak and not cause economic collapse.
  4. poor baby, Bye Felicia sit your a$$ out then; really he can not live off $5 million for one year, my heart just breaks.
  5. you forget UTA and UALR are also non-football Sun Belt. Personally think UTA, UALR, ULM should all drop to Southland Conference. Troy should move to Southern Conference or Big South
  6. been happening for decades, see Duke Rape Case, UVA Rape Case, Covington School media just has to report and destroy lives, then beg for forgiveness or just flat out get amnesia and forget it ever happened.
  7. this systemic and Current Director Wray is not helping the case by refusing to release text messages from Gov't Phones. Yes Flynn plead guilty but look at his circumstances, he was bankrupt and evidence was shown that the FBI was threatening to also hall his son off to jail, he was desperate and now we also see his lawyers did not utilize exculpatory evidence that should have been used in court.
  8. Think 10 yr in service should be enough or limit to 2 Senate Terms and 5 House Terms, pathetic seeing certain districts where they have the same member for 30+ yrs and yet situation is no better
  9. interesting you would think Favre has enough money he could have easily donated the 1.1 million in services.
  10. this women is a disaster. She should be CUSA Commish, which says a lot about current leadership ** I find this nuts because when looking at the JHU COVID maps Oregon has relatively few cases outside of Portland and Salem metro. Just way to early to say lockdown thru September.
  11. that's fine and the number of sports should not change, my response was to the initial quote, which seemed to talk of lowering costs, which more regional conferences would do that.
  12. Tulsa coming to CUSA would happen before UNT goes to AAC or ECU being kicked to the curb
  13. why leave it to NCAA, the conferences and schools should be leading the charge to be more regional and reduce costs
  14. LA Tech Safety to KC, now a CB to Raiders
  15. now 3 from Charlotte SMH!!
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