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  1. La Tech getting more bang for their buck as is USM. UAB also getting their value as well.
  2. I credit Wren and the BOr for putting the $$$ and facilities out there. SL some credit for the 9 wins but longer look shows none have been world beaters and the blow outs tarnish that as well.
  3. let's hope for a quick recovery, I guess culture is changing when fans now expect 8-9 wins every season. 2020 will be telling
  4. high hope?? How about High Expectations sense we have the highest paid Coach in the league and plenty of $$$ in the Assistant Pool. More $$$ = More Expectations not just hopes of #hit6
  5. SL has never seen an easy challenge that would be appropriate for his challenge, he prefers to wait for the complex challenges with minimal chance of success. Guess it is all in the analytics not common sense
  6. I think ESPN is underrating Rice, UAB, and Charlotte. This team has not looked good on the road. MTSU will be another good bell-weather game to see how team will finish.
  7. yeah, the contract is weird, but it is what we as fans wanted, spend more money to get coaches, asst. coaches, better facilities ...... Unfortunately this season right now shows that $$$ does not buy coaching ability. If season continues and team finishes .500 or worse, will be interested in the off-season changes on coaching staff. SL seems to be a people pleaser and is highly complimentary of his fellow opposing coaches. not a bad thing but it is typical coach speak to the letter.
  8. awesome news, good for Nate, keep up the great work
  9. talking discipline which has not been a staple of this defense the past few years, especially this year. Running QB's have gone wild and WR's run open all day because the 3 man front gets no rush
  10. nice low bar set for good ole UNT. SL is set regardless of how this season or the next 5 seasons go, no real incentive.
  11. I agree, he should rest and yes 6 games left but it is time to see what the team has for 2020, hopefully Bean and Aune get some more reps and allow Fine to rest and come back strong last 4-5 games.
  12. sweet another awesome female drummer, alongside Jen Ledger
  13. MPA Program is one of the Top in the Country year in and year out
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