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  1. Coach is a class act, praying for his family, they were our conference mates for years. AState HC Wife passes after battle with cancer
  2. interesting to see the team this year with 5 newcomers (noticed another signing); addition of Zhou is big grab Ponomareva is rated higher than the 4 returnees 10.1 Khaled-Badwy 9.8 Hummel: hard to tell but German players are very strong Junghanns: 9.3 Kexuan Zhou: 10.4 Not stellar but should be enough to keep them middle of pack. Problem is Old Dominion has some absolute studs coming in including 11.7 (think Blue-Chip); if eligible FIU has a 10.3 coming in from VCU FAU: ODU transfer 9.8
  3. sure he is a major step up from Benford, but the last 2 yrs his team collapsed in Conference Play, add in the last 2 yrs at AState and it is 4 yrs of 2nd half collapses. He has been great for UNT getting back up from the dumpster fire, but does not warrant an extension yet.
  4. Why? What warrants the extension already? 2 straight collapses in Conference Play? Bad timing, should wait until after this season as it will speak volumes.
  5. who knows, she was a lower end player, so assume was mutual so Coach could bring in a stronger player. Transfers are crazy in tennis.
  6. Hopefully the Coaches give the Back-up QB's some play time this year when team is leading handily, unlike the past 5-6 yrs where back-ups have generally gotten no time until they are forced to come in. Plenty of games last few years Back-ups could have gotten good game time.
  7. disappointing hearing of players not coming in shape, Reffett has no problems calling it out, really no excuse to not be in shape coming into camp unless there was an injury.
  8. Short notice interview, so did not have my city shirt. Go Mean Green!! KARK Article
  9. Santa Fe 2000-01; Hickory St Apartments 2001-2003 Maple Hall once married 2003-2006
  10. NCAA trying to fix a problem that they created with their biased transfer rules for the big boys while the G5's get screwed on the transfer rules.
  11. no way, UCONN is hemorrhaging money right now, their Football is more likely to go FCS again
  12. you think these fans really give 2 s**ts about what our facilities look like... maybe a small minority, the rest look at results and the most recent score on their mind is Utah St embarrassing UNT in NM, one year after Troy did the same thing in New Orleans. Wins are what matters in the game of perception
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