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  1. if UNT makes it past QF's would be shocked. UTA is good but they should not be dominating 4-6 spots. FIU, ODU, RICE, FAU are top of the Conference and are way ahead of UNT this year. I also think Marshall and USM are ahead of UNT, possibly UAB as well. So would not expect higher than a 7 or 8 seed.
  2. that's true, but this should not even be a match, when you consider the schools and facilities. UNT has more money and opportunities than UTA, the match should not even be close, if recruiting is up to par with other CUSA schools.
  3. nice job winning the doubles point including a win over #24 doubles team against Tulsa, but Lines 4-6 got pounded and then Tulsa won at #2 to clinch UTA match will be interesting as UTA is one of the Top 2 teams in Sun Belt currently, although Sun Belt West is much weaker than the East Division
  4. nice that Soccer has high standards, due to their long time success.
  5. if Grant signs a contract extension doesn't the BOR have to approved first to make it official, so if he leaves immediately would still be on the old contract.
  6. in some places they were still banging out burgers in Branson few weeks back
  7. UT still eats their own, since 75% of their fanbase could not even get into UT-Austin
  8. poor Beard committing career suicide. Why leave a perfect job at Tech to go to the lunatic village of UT fandom
  9. Cuse had their best chance in 1987 until Keith Smart rained down 3's in the second half, that one hurt. Lacrosse they were dominant with the Gait brothers back in the day.
  10. at least is whipping up on the sisters of the poor, this is not a very competitive team, barely snuck by a mediocre UTSA team, if they lose to UTA that will hurt. Not sure if recruiting was weak the past 2 seasons, but this team might get a 5-7 seed at Conference but will do nothing against the Top 2-3 teams. Just look at the a$$-kicking Rice handed them.
  11. why would Few take a step down to be the UT Coach?
  12. big hire by UTSA, should put Mitchell on notice, still did not agree with contract extension in middle of season as the record then tanked late in the season.
  13. I am lazy but what about the Southland Player of the Year from SHSU who entered the portal? https://gobearkats.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/zach-nutall/5667 Think he probably goes to A&M, but he is out there.
  14. Nova all the way, at least until the run into 'Cuse, can not stand the fakes at Baylor
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