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  1. but has his team won a NCAA Game, much less score a goal in a NCAA game? Great coach in CUSA but get exposed when playing teams with better ability
  2. I know locally here at UCA (FCS), the local Chamber is already handing out $$$ advertisements to about 20 athletes in various sports
  3. if not for COVID, she would not have this extra year to play, she did everything at UNT and got her degree, we could not ask for more.
  4. reading the comments are disgusting, just excuse after excuse for these idiot all because they can coach and play football. In the end the NCAA will do nothing, see Baylor, see UNC, see Louisville, see Penn State
  5. wow not one but 2 incidents, hope he gets some help and finds his way.
  6. To be honest the bar was extremely low. Helwig was a disaster, so RV came in and did some good things, but then reached his ceiling and everything stagnated. The decision to not let Dodge retain college coaches hurt and then the hiring of Stephens, Benford, and McCarney sealed his fate
  7. not even close, did she even play at OU? No statistics but at least she will help the APR.
  8. wow year 6 of our highest paid coaching staff and we are below TX State & UTSA. Yup that is quality money spent.
  9. She graduated with a Bachelor's from UNT, and is transferring to OU to play one more year (due to COVID) and pursue her Master's. Why so much whining, it is not a knock on UNT. If not for COVID and the idiots at the NCAA giving everyone a 5th/6th year, this would be a non-issue. Why do so many have to piss on her parade because she is choosing to go elsewhere to pursue her Master's after getting a UNT DEGREE!!!
  10. Well we are certainly spending plenty of money, now it is time for a good ROI.
  11. good First Act should be to throw Judy out on her ass and get the Conference moving in the right direction
  12. if 3 or less then unacceptable. Hopefully PB proves them wrong
  13. Going to see quite a few legends retire soon Coach K, Boeheim at Syracuse will be interesting to see how the schools adjust
  14. if Wins are not at least 7, how can anyone justify another year for SL? Please don't throw out the new DC, the hire had to happen due to SL incompetent hires previously, can not keep extending out hoping the next season will be better when you have one of the highest paid coaching staffs in the conference.
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