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  1. maybe finally build the center court at the Tennis Center and resurface courts
  2. Team played well in Non-Conference against what looks like a tough schedule seeing how many of the teams are doing, only the EMU loss really sticks out. Hope the team can lock defense and continue the run.
  3. Good for him, hopefully the Utah St coach unleashes him to call his style of plays.
  4. makes me wonder if Briles was the pick and the AD got tons of flack from other school admins, now Petrino is no saint, but as long they keep the blonde GA's and motorcycles away from him, he should be fine.
  5. watch him reunite with Baby Briles up at Arkansas
  6. wow good for him, sounds like his hard work has paid off.
  7. Pittman appears to be solid hire and he hired 2 solid coordinators, they will be much improved
  8. there is the problem Leach has never had a good defense. Sure light it up and I am sure the fans will love putting up 50+ pts a game yet lose and go 8/4 tops each year. Auburn and Clemson both have much better defenses as does Alabama as always.
  9. in the West Division. I like Leach but his gameplan of all offense and no defense will not get far in SEC. They might beat Mizzou and that is it. UA is on the rise, Ole Miss is coming back, A&M is there
  10. Blake Anderson would be fantastic down in Waco, but I would not mind seeing SL get the job either and move on.
  11. Try to bring Johns or Cumbie, both would be solid picks at this point
  12. well at least he would be prepared for when SL puts him in the corner in order to call plays again 😉
  13. thanks guess I should at least get his last name right 😞
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