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  1. Coach Pittman does not put up with any of this garbage, why I believe staff did not know any of this until now. Also Renfro family paid off all these victims with NDA's attached. What a sick and twisted family.
  2. sounds like a spoiled little rich kid that mommy and daddy covered for all the time so he could live out their dream of playing college sports. Pathetic!!! Good riddance to him.
  3. Like Lama but was time, had not done anything worth note in 10 years, very similar to his stint at ILL, started well but the last half was middle of the pack, then add in losing players every year to transfer portal does not help, when you only have a roster of 8
  4. Tennis team has had a few Aussies over the past 20 years or so.
  5. bet they have strong thumbs and good grip strength
  6. if they got their degree from UNT, no issues. If they left before their 4 yrs or without a degree then no. COVID 5th/6th year screwed up fans minds on how they view the Transfer Portal
  7. Those down voting the young man getting his degree from UNT, need to just leave the internet. Without COVID Tylor would have been done, instead of being butt hurt, just say thank you for the years and congrats on the degree from NORTH TEXAS!!!
  8. just another dumb ass move by CUSA, not sure any other conference does this garbage. I do see AAC plays single elimination so you have to be ready every game.
  9. Gut check time 4/3 lead B7 Hopefully the nerves are gone, we get another inning like the B6
  10. Tie Ballgame T5; clutch hitting by the ladies. -- now 3-2 Also Charlotte losing their starter Top 5 helped out. The freshman who came in in relief for UNT is solid.
  11. typical spring weather in Ruston, went there 3 times this spring for officiating and only had 1 day of actual matches played due to rain.
  12. you are correct the ULL, has ego issues so they want to be called Louisiana, make sure they appear better than ULM.
  13. Arkansas fans and sportscasters are dumbfounded right now with this de-commitment
  14. bye, hope the grass is greener the 4th time. Poor advice being given to him
  15. FIU is not moving to AAC thankfully, they are stuck in the expansionist CUSA, alongside LaTech. So for now 1 less team to beat-up on UNT next year
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