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  1. a roundabout actually does make sense at that intersection, with growth of the commercial to the north and the hospital district traffic will increase greatly while not having to deal with the inconvenience of a light that slows traffic.
  2. Having seen what roundabouts have done here in Conway on our 2 major arterials, they are much more effective than lights as far as traffic movement, now cost has to be looked at long term, but had a rounadbout replace a light on a US Highway thru town and what once meant sitting for 5-10 min at a light now traffic flows smoothly, also slows down cars. As for the potential for more accidents, one can not fix stupid or piss poor drivers.
  3. that does seem high for a roundabout, but I assume it will cost a pretty penny to move utilities and also acquire any additional ROW. Roundabouts do work though :)
  4. Would be nice to see them get a win, would be great exposure for UNT
  5. I sure hope recruiting picks up because next year could be very bad if they are not Top recruits that can step in and play Top 2-3. Example being UCA who just won the Southland led by Freshmen at #1/2, Sr at 3,5,6 and So. at #4. #1 girl was freshman of the year and in the finals clinched title with win over the Conference POY.
  6. guess motivation does not make up for lack of talent compared to rest of conference
  7. They were not competitive at all in the matches that were completed, losing 4-0
  8. why extend? 9 win season great but team collapsed down the stretch again and got blasted in bowl game by a fellow P5 for the 2nd straight season. Sorry but all another year does is make buyout more expensive when SL goes looking again come November/December
  9. that loss to UTSA is really bad loss, Tulsa is always tough.
  10. yup LSU is trash now, poor Benford going to get embarrassed again, this time on a national stage
  11. the p*****s in the NFL have called that unnecessary roughness.
  12. looks like Club Bowling Team, not sure if there maybe an SWIBC Conference Tournament there or a Tier 1 Tournament. Looked it up but could not find much else.
  13. as much as I want to argue with you, that is a very valid argument. ODU and WKU will be good bell weather games. WKU is odd because they are very up and down looking at their wins and losses.
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