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  1. Would take Neal Brown or Fuente in a heart beat, both did well at G5's. No thanks on Odom, he would be the retread
  2. actually they are playing Football again, albeit at FCS level, transitioning schools Tarleton St and Dixie St make them a FB conference again in 2023 I believe
  3. you realize the WAC is FCS, do not see UTEP stepping down to FCS
  4. It is UNT Preview weekend and there was an offer for $12 Wing GA Tickets and $15 Family Reserved (Sect 211). Will be there with my daughter after previewing the campus, up in Section 211 Row 9
  5. ehh would replace FAU with WKU or Marshall. FAU brings nothing to the table other than being north of Miami
  6. WB gave SL the extension even after he flirted with KSU, failed to prep the team for the New Mexico bowl and got embarrassed in the Bowl game again, by a Utah State team without a coaching staff. The extension is on WB and he needs to fix the issue he helped create now by giving an extension.
  7. The undisciplined defense is on PB and his woefully unprepared for FBS Coach Son in Law
  8. Torrey TD and then PB and Son in Laws defense allows the Herd to stampede back down the field.
  9. SL has shown he will ride his QB down with the ship, backups be damned. Martin hell even Gilmore could not do worse than what has been thrown that last 2.5 games. Pathetic!!
  10. if AAC swipes from CUSA, then Sun Belt and CUSA need to regionalize, but I would comment ULM needs to drop to FCS along with NMSU, they have chosen not to fund their departments appropriately and should be moved down to the WAC and Southland respectively.
  11. Coach Conque left a dumpster fire at SFA so Carthel is rebuilding in one of the toughest FCS conferences in the country
  12. if not true then Chad Ayers will have a defamation lawsuit on his hands, pretty bold and damning tweet. Agree with others not knowing all the allegations assume the legal process needs to play out.
  13. Nope, when as fans we see the same mistakes in Year 6 that were happening in Year 1, sorry but SL had his chance and has shown that he is not HC material.
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