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  1. Not just a huge recruiting win but the biggest recruiting win in history!
  2. Hearing he was at the Hilltop yesterday. Sounds like they are interested but UT and A&M may have the inside edge. Also I do not think he has yet graduated and would need a hardship waiver. He could also be taking summer school and trying to gain eligibility by this season.
  3. Great idea and I would support this 100%
  4. I am sorry to hear you feel this way. I really am.
  5. Yeah but Bill Clark at UAB took a program that was completely shut down and built it back up into a powerhouse. The UNT job is not complicated. It’s one of the easiest jobs in FBS quite honestly. We just cannot ever hire the right guy. In the past it was about money and that has evidently not changed.
  6. When’re else would be better. Seems like that is the best place we have on the Eagle point side where people see it. I would have preferred a sculpture type deal like A&M has for the 12th man or like the Mean Joe sculpture in bronze but I’m guessing it was not in the budget. Fans need to understand, we are moving from driving a Mercedes’ in the CUSA to driving a Taurus in the AAC. NIL adds another funding concern as well. Until we find our next “Mattress Mac” type of sugar daddy donor we will need to start cutting coupons and eating bologna sandwiches with white bread and mustard.
  7. All good questions. Based on his past actions I don’t think Ween would fire Seth during the season. He prefers to wait and evaluate after the season is over. Last year was a good example for that philosophy as Seth reeled off 5 straight and beat a top 25 team. the only scenario I can envision where Seth would be fired during the season would be if he just lost the tea
  8. his is the first entry in the series that will focus on underrated offense across the FBS landscape. North Texas has produced quality play but the consensus is underrating this group. This might come across as a weird inclusion at first as they ranked 88th in EPA per play last season and 80th in success rate but things change, and Seth Littrell’s Mean Green has upside. Ranking first in players per game, the offense should have plenty of plays to support production if things break right. Additions in the transfer portal highlighted by Grant Gunnell could lead this offense to the next level in 2022. Quarterback Adding quarterback Grant Gunnell in the portal can make or break the season. AARP member Austin Aune has been competent for North Texas, but Gunnell gives the offense a ceiling we haven’t seen in Latrell’s tenure. In 2021’s regular season, Aune ranked 109th among qualified quarterbacks in total EPA with -16.66. The loss of Jyaire Shorter hurt the passing offense but ultimately, Aune was holding the unit back. He started or played the majority of snaps in 11 games. In those games, he had more than 240 passing yards once and under 125 yards five times. His average of 181 yards in games, ranks among the worst in the nation for a team that isn’t primarily an option team. To add, Aune had only 9 touchdowns in these 11 games Comparatively, Gunnell has been productive when starting despite limited reps up to this point. In his career, he’s had significant action in five games at a Power 5 level. In the matchups where he’s thrown more than 20 passes, he’s averaging 272 yards and 2 touchdowns per contest. Accomplished as a true freshman and sophomore, Gunnell also played a struggling Arizona team against quality defenses. In 2021, he was injured before the season for the Memphis Tigers, resulting in Seth Henigan’s breakout. It’s a small sample for Gunnell but it’s clear he represents upside for this offense. read more: https://campus2canton.com/underrated-offenses-north-texas/
  9. Back to the original question, I do think he might have graduated from Memphis so he does not have to sit out as a grad transfer.
  10. You can’t. The head coach is the brain and soul of the program. He’s the CEO of the business. If he doesn’t have what it takes you owe it to the business to move on quickly. Wren needs to let this play out but I absolutely think he has a plan b ready and waiting.
  11. #1 KD Davis, LB Sr. Davis was a two-time Honorable Mention All-Conference USA defender, and last year took his game up a few notches with a First Team All-Conference USA season making 121 tackles with a broken up pass. Before that the 6-0, 229-pounder made 168 tackles with 6.5 sacks and 12.5 tackles for loss with two fumble recoveries. read more: https://collegefootballnews.com/lists/north-texas-mean-green-top-10-players-college-football-preview-2022
  12. North Texas Mean Green Preview 2022 Is Seth Littrell ready to take North Texas into a new era? He’s a young head coach who was a hot name in the overall mix after two straight nine win seasons in 2017 and 2018, but three straight losing seasons and a 14-21 record since then changed the perception. His teams can crank up the offense, improved a bit on defense, and at least got to bowl games in five of his six seasons at the helm. Granted, the Mean Green lost all five of the bowls, but he got there. Now North Texas is gearing up for live in the American Athletic Conference next year. The league might be a shadow of its former self with the stars taking off, but it’s still a big step for the program and the university. This year, with a few schools taking off early for the Sun Belt, and with a loaded offense coming back, this is when the team and program should rise back up again. The tough schedule might have something to say about that, but in Year Seven, this is when North Texas needs to be the team everyone else fears. And it will be because of the … read more: https://collegefootballnews.com/2022/06/north-texas-mean-green-preview-2022-season-prediction-breakdown-key-games-players/amp
  13. Agree 100%. I seriously doubt corporate owners are looking to lower the prices anytime soon. I hate it because i was looking to purchase a home and now the interest rates are scaring me away. Oh well the life of an apartment dweller it is for me. I’m ok with that.
  14. Thank you @FirefightnRick for all you do!
  15. Q. @mousetown wants to know: What do you think of Jay Bilas’ assessment of the pushback by college coaches against unregulated NIL deals? It like he thinks there should be no rules at all. A. Bilas is a typical ESPN social activist, mixing politics withy sports. He and a lot of others in the national media, along with some fans think this is all about collegiate athletes making as much money as possible and any attempt to regulate NIL deals is an infringement on the rights of college athletes. He needs read the Supreme court ruling on NIL. It didn’t say anything about boosters forming NIL collectives and throwing wads of cash at athletes to get them to attend a certain school. The supreme court said that college athletes have a right to make their own NIL deals. The ruling was to make sure that once an athlete is enrolled on scholarship at a specific university the NCAA or the school he/she attends cannot control his/her NIL. The NCAA has two basic rules on NIL. The one that is relevant to this discussion states that specific NIL deals can only be offered to athletes after they sign a letter of intent. Most athletics departments have been observing this rule. A few formed NIL collectives made up of boosters and started offering deals to high school athletes or athletes on scholarship other universities. The NCAA announced that it’s going to start going after school that violate that rule. It’s also very likely that NIL collectives are going to be banned by NCAA rule. Bilas and others think the NCAA will get challenged in court on this and lose. I don’t agree. There might be some lawsuits filed but I think they will fail. The true NIL model should be the one in place at Arkansas and other schools. Athletes are taught how to control their NIL by hiring an NIL agent. That athlete becomes an independent businessman. The agent lines up endorsements for the athlete. The school is not involved. read more: https://www.fox16.com/sports/local-sports/softball-bracket-talk-sunday-baseball-blues-the-ncaas-plan-for-nil-abuse/
  16. Q. L.R. Tackett says: I see where Chad Morris either quit as head coach of Allen High school or he was fired after just one season. Surely this is the end of his coaching career right? A. Based on what I’ve read so far it looks like he’s going back to the college game as an assistant coach perhaps in the Dallas area. TCU, SMU and North Texas are the schools that have been mentioned. I’ve reached the point where I’m tried of talking about Chad Morris. He was a terrible head coach Arkansas. Worse than John L. Smith. He had success as an assistant coach at Clemson but was not effective at Auburn. He had a bad season at Allen High school. read more: https://www.fox16.com/sports/local-sports/softball-bracket-talk-sunday-baseball-blues-the-ncaas-plan-for-nil-abuse/
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