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Official Rice Game Score Prediction Thread


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Oh yeah, I guess we're still doing this...

So, Vegas has Rice-14.

Coach McCarney says he still sees fight in this team. If so, the proof must be in the pudding. We'll see tomorrow.

McNulty protected the ball last week and earned himself another shot at starting. I'm willing to bet this Rice team (which is vastly superior to USM) will do better than a -2 TO margin.

Rice is 3-3 and in dire need of a win to get above .500 not only overall, but in conference as well. Think they'll have revenge of last year on the mind?

I don't think we're looking at 77-20, but it's gonna be ugly.

UNT - 20

Rice - 45

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The last two weeks I predicted the Mean Green to lose and felt guilty about my lack of faith. They proceeded to lose both by even more than my pessimistic gut I had guessed. While I would love to see a magical turnaround this week, I fear that at this point any team with a pulse will blow out North Texas.

49-10 Rice

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Agree. Go ahead you legions of players reading this board during every waking minute, bulletin board this and prove us wrong. Please. Do it. I challenge you to show some life for the next five games.


The team that took the field last week against USM doesn't win another game this season. We need to see another gear.

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Total superstition, homer, not based on any sense of reality prediction: This will be the first game I will not be able to watch this year live either on TV or in person, so I am going with NT 35, Rice 31. And with that, I won't be able to watch another game this year to allow a 5-game winning streak to finish the season.

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UNT- 17

RICE- 40

UNT Coached by Ditka-56

RICE against a UNT coached by Ditka-3

UNT with a team full of Ditkas-137

Rice against a UNT team full of Ditkas- (-21)

I'm confused. Is this a Ditka team with a belly full of delicious smoked bratwurst? Because I think that changes my prediction if true.

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