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  1. Just to be clear though, that link is just a press release issued by Ryan and posted to Business Wire.
  2. Most golfers on the tour played at a university, but they aren't wearing the shirt of their college - very much driven by sponsorships, etc. as to what they are going to wear. However, everytime I've watched that they are mentioned, North Texas has been mentioned - which provides great exposure to the school. When I've read articles about them on the PGA website, it's been mentioned and often is subject of discussion during interviews, so all great stuff for the school.
  3. Insane!!! Eating all the crow!
  4. Absolutely embarrassing showing right. Look completely out of sorts. Lack of depth is glaringly obvious.
  5. Also work exclusively in the oil & gas sector (have been for past 15 years or so) and this pretty much sums up reality. There is currently a multi-year (decade+) supply of oil & gas leases on both private and public lands that are available to be drilled, but aren't going to be even with these higher prices. Analysts and stock followers are pushing the large cap E&P companies to return capital to shareholder instead of ramping up capex spend. This has been the first up cycle I've experienced where there has not been a rush to the drill bit with an uptick in prices and it has nothing to do with who is President.
  6. Need to play lock down D next couple of possessions with no fouls. If Bell could just hit 65% of free throws today…
  7. Refs absolutely killing this game second half. Can’t believe the call on Perry.
  8. looks like Bell got nailed in the face, but no foul call?
  9. Still better than reading an Andrew post, or no?
  10. Need to take open shots when we get them. A lot of passing and good ball movement, but the late shot clock attempts aren’t high percentage shots.
  11. For me it was heading down to LA-LA on a whim in 2007 after we clinched a spot in the championship game. Was in last year of grad school and it was fun to see us clinch our first NCAA birth since the 80s. The Tech and OSU games are right up there as well. Purdue would be #1 if I had been there.
  12. What information? The ramblings on some dudes blog that reads like it was written by someone wrapped in tin foil? Hard pass. Nothing within that in anyway supports how Fauci is personally profiting off anything related to vaccines.
  13. You certainly cannot be serious if you expect anyone in this thread to take this link seriously.
  14. I don't think members of congress should be allowed to own individual share investments given the risk of insider trading. I missed the outrage on the board I guess in 2020 when several Republican senators seemed to time their stock trades to news they got about how bad COVID would be... https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/03/20/senators-accused-of-insider-trading-dumping-stocks-after-coronavirus-briefings/?sh=79bce5ee4a45
  15. Get well soon. It's running through the entire family for us on my wife's side and it's been crazy to see the range of impact and symptoms.
  16. Can’t ignore the impact of COVID. Being stuck at home with it myself, can for sure tell you it’s impacting attendance.
  17. I believe Stone can still redshirt because he's played under 25% of the games (i believe that's the cutoff), but definitely some recruiting head scratchers here. I definitely love what Perry and Scott bring. I find myself day dreaming about what things would be like if Hamlet and Reese had stayed another year...
  18. how many series of terrible play does Seth need to see to make a change?
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