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  1. Not gonna lie, I'm ready to see us move on from Hedlund. Too much DFW soccer talent for us not to ever score in the NCAAs
  2. that usually requires fielding consistent winning football programs
  3. Yeah agreed. Didnt see any name calling or anything.
  4. Ok but UNT athletics should be out there handing out magnetic 2024 football schedules to students and promoting the softball team who is really good - I mean targeted engagement here right? #bringingitbacktosports
  5. Yep. Gave his heart to the program. Can't fault him. His mom was a huge supporter too. this will always be our issue.
  6. well, it is distracted awareness month or something
  7. Maybe it helps Hodge's relationship with these guys too. Like "he looks out for me the person"
  8. Coaches do this all the time..... Whatever situation helps my family the most (and myself) is what I'm doing
  9. Same thing works in the professional world. Surely you'd understand to see what value you can get for yourself
  10. believe drez wanted to play in front of his family.... can't fault aguy for that
  11. its only a matter of time before fans tire of Rutgers- Cal , SMU- Florida State, Oklahoma- Vanderbilt , or some other random pairing every other year and yearn for the regional world of the past.
  12. Perry/Hamlet may have only played here 1 or 2 years but they also elevated the program to heights not seen ever
  13. I would even put Huntsberry in there. Tristan Thompson was another one
  14. If we're gonna play FCS, SFA is the type of FCS I like to see. Plus all of you can salivate over Colby Carthel lol
  15. Been a rough season for sure. If we had a closer on this team I could see 5-6 more wins this year. I have faith in Hodge, he's given me that through 5 years as McCasland's #2, and as a winner in the JC ranks. Only 2 blowout losses this season. Some gritty wins. He is not Benford, thats for sure.
  16. Burton has totally turned around this team. He's a riser in the college ranks for sure. I feel like we'll get the the NCAAs at least once during his tenure here
  17. Probably moved UNT forward as an institution more than any other president.
  18. Heck, do you think Riley Dodge regrets backing out of playing WR at Texas to play for his dad here? (God those were awful days)
  19. I would hold off on this projection until the end of the season
  20. things never said to me in high school
  21. unfortunately our team also crapped the bed in non con too...
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