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  1. I did find it interesting that in his buyout contract he must make one appearance at LSU things a year for the next 4 years as directed by LSU staff. If I'm him, I go to the SEC Network and just let that money come in
  2. Coach O is getting paid $17 million to sit on his butt. Not bad at all. A fired college football coach is still one of the best gigs you can find.
  3. Kind of agree with you there. Plus we got our butt kicked. Even the army one the first year was a little odd. I trust Wren will make the right decisions. He’s proven it in the past.
  4. I mean their worst coach had one losing season and then became a US Senator lol
  5. Wouldn't say App State is a *new* school. Since 1985 they've had 2 losing seasons, and 3 national championships (coached by former UNT head coach Jerry Moore) the others... absolutely.
  6. I can forgive a lot of things. Sexual assault, and presiding over a culture of sexual assault in your program isn't one. I'm sure Baylor itself wasn't innocent in this either, but as a head coach you have a certain ethical standard to uphold (and yes, I know college football coaches and politicians are essentially one in the same when it comes to ethics) Once again though, don't get your obsession with Briles when there's plenty of other coaches who have won big who NT could hire.
  7. I never really commented on the Phil Bennet hire but I was against any of those Baylor staffers having jobs in college sports again. Overseeing a culture of deceit around sexual assault is way different than the recruiting violations of Freeze and Sampson.
  8. No need to be a jerk. We have 9 more games and are currently 1-2.... we win 9 more games and we get 10 wins.
  9. The obsession with Briles on this board is honestly a bit concerning from a morality perspective.
  10. If we're going on hypotheticals, we're still essentially playing for a CUSA championship (if we win out) and conceivably a 10 win season. Obviously there's little likelihood in that but one can dream.
  11. I wouldn’t mind. I doubt it would placate 75% of this board but he wins and does it with less resources so that’s not a bad idea
  12. year in and year out, la tech has a consistently decent program with half the resources and a worse location than we have. I think skip holtz has had maybe one losing season since he’s gotten there
  13. I would think Texas ties are important so off the top of my head... I would've said Adam Dorrel, but he hasnt done that great at ACU Colby Carthel isn't setting the world on fire at SFA KC Keeler has won everywhere he's been. Dont think he's an up and comer... Couldnt find anyone in the Lone Star conference who would fit the bill
  14. You don't have to be scum like Briles to win. Bill Clark, Doc Holliday (until he got canned), Skip Holtz , Jeff Monken, Ken Niumatalolo (until recently) all seem like nice guys and all consistently win. The difference between those coaches, Seth, Dodge and Dickey is those coaches adapt. I never saw Dodge adapt to new situations, or personnel and I dont see Seth as an adjustment guy (in game or out) either, which is unfortunate.
  15. Its one thing to be nationally hated like Texas is. It's another to be nationally hated because you covered up widespread sexual assault in your program and you never apologized or took the blame for how you handled it, but rather blamed the victims. A lot of college coaches are disgusting characters, but Briles is a different kind of evil human.
  16. Defense can only do so much when offense is putrid. smu has way better athletes than we do.
  17. Wish we had our players names on the back of their jersies, feel like we’re doing a disservice to players
  18. Dykes was an underrated hire by SMU. TBH even if the Tech job came open, I don't know if he leaves. We on the other hand... have issues. It's amazing what Mason Fine did for Seth Littrell's bank account. SMU 63 UNT 28
  19. Whenever I see those of us who went to UNT from 06-10 out at games or cheering, I smile. We made it through a 4 year run of 3, 2, 1, and 2 wins with 21 losses coming by more than 20 points (including that 77-20 loss at Rice) and we're still out there. Consistently good things have to happen soon to us, right?
  20. 1989 was also the year K State beat us for their first win in 31 games...
  21. After we graduated, Jeff used to use the successful stadium vote as an attempted pick up line to woo women of our similar ilk (who came from UT, A&M, Kansas, Arizona, Indiana, NYU, GW, Georgetown, Wash U- STL, etc) when we would go to young professionals events in Dallas. The tactic never really worked, but I always thoroughly enjoyed watching it play out and letting one more person in on the magic going on at UNT.
  22. Hasn’t Seth only beaten like 2 teams with winning records in 5 years?
  23. A few others like Eric Tramiel and Chris Jones have also played in the Israeli league
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