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  1. A few more NCAA tournament wins usually does the trick.
  2. Where do yall tailgate? Finally getting to come up this weekend with my brother (A&M alum but could give 2 s***s about sports)
  3. I'm no weatherman but I know a lot of other Florida universities are pushing or cancelling their games this weekend..... has anyone seen anything about that potentially happening?
  4. I'm surprised one of the big megachurches hasn't changed their name to "Six Flags Over Jesus" for a lighter spin on a church name.
  5. my favorite one is the oxymoronic school named "liberty" that has a fairly ass backward honor code
  6. Jews learn by age 13 that we have a better chance at owning a team than playing for one.
  7. aren't there enough "distinctively Christian" universities out there?? 🤣
  8. My bet is because we probably paid double
  9. UTSA put up a fight saturday and people were talking about it all over social media. it got way more attention than us hosting an FCS school. Oh... and remember the Arkansas game? Or thE Georgia game where we were tied at halftime?
  10. @Doug Rush I love the effort but the site needs work man and I want anything that is representative of UNT to look professional. Too many links go nowhere and your bios aren't consistent at all. Happy to help you freshen it up.
  11. Could be guessing here but didnt Dodge piss off a lot of HS coaches?
  12. To be fair, if you were in Wrens shoes in 2018, after back to back 9 win seasons and a CUSA championship appearance you would’ve extended him too. hindsight is always 20/20
  13. Man that number is awesome. Would love to see that consistently as we move into the aac
  14. As much as I want to move on because I find litrell generally boring and uninspiring and not someone who promotes the program, we’re still 1-0 in Conference USA. He still gets a chance to prove himself in conference play, even though we’ve been blown out in 2 of our non conference games. Wren is a smart guy and I am sure he is thinking of all solutions right now. Unlike Nebraska who is going to get like $50 mil in tv money, we don’t have that luxury.
  15. Criticize her for her business dealings in CUSA, but she was more than qualified- she was an AD at Tulsa for 10 years and spent 9 years at CUSA
  16. Sun Belt prioritized winning programs over metro areas too. App State, Marshall, GA Southern, James Madison, So Miss (for about 30 years) all have a solid history of winning.. and ODU has won big in other sports. They all have hugely supportive fanbases (when winning) too. They know their niche and capitalize. You really cant say the same for the CUSA team going to the AAC. And yes, I include us in there too. I keep hoping we're going to break through
  17. @Harry didn't even send me a personalized email when I became a community regular, thanking me for my non tax deductible contributions to GMG.com
  18. I like the idea, just want to make sure it is done right and not hastily. TBH I wish we brought back our men's soccer team- apparently they used to be really good! (and coach by Hedlund...)
  19. 1. Regional "rival" 2. relevant home and home 3. It pre-empts the announcement of us announcing a home and home with Tarleton State 4. I got a notification saying I needed to post more to get more points to move up rank on this site.
  20. Shouldnt this thread be named "Tony goes to Vegas" since its literally just a tweet of him lol
  21. I wonder if it was announced solely for publicity sake? Like "hey look Pac 12 what we can do"
  22. Kinda surprised they arent playing at AT&T.... https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/smu-mustangs/2022/09/14/smu-oklahoma-announce-football-home-and-home-series/
  23. Listen i hate the terrible production quality as much as anyone else but it is annoying when games are on espn+ for folks who have to pay for the subscription....
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