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  1. Created mine under Gravey. I fail the first test of the day.
  2. Had to be at a wedding today, and didn’t get to keep up with the game. How’d we do!?
  3. The University of North Texas football team is not very good at football.
  4. Here are my final observations. Unrequested, unedited and uncensored. 1. Almost impossible to beat the opposing team and the refs in the same game. So many bad calls, it’s almost unbelievable. 2. The color commentator needs to drink less before/during the game. 3. We can take down the 6 for Heisman website and just play some god damn football. 4. Learn what defense is and how to apply it to the game of football. 5. More Tre Siggers. 6. Offensive line: what is the purpose? Do we really need them? Can we swap them for a new hot tub, or a good, running used car? (Same for DBs) 7. Will we ever meet/exceed expectations? Or will we underperform for all of existance? 8. smu sucks, and Buechele is a bitch. 8. When I read of the dangers of drinking, I gave up reading. Go Mean Green!
  5. Anyone think Kansas State is breathing a sigh of relief a little bit today?
  6. Holy shit this is embarrassing. If we’re gonna get our asses kicked we outta at least get our asses kicked in a non-shit bowl game.
  7. The end of college basketball games is the absolute worst. Makes me hate watching... having said that. Screw these teams and ESPN, switch to the bowl game!
  8. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm out at halftime. I've got way better stuff to do than watch this dumpster fire for the second time.
  9. All of these crappy play calls are setting up for some giant 40 point trick play, right?
  10. Why are we running hurry-up? We need to be as slow as possible and keep their offense off the field.
  11. Luckily I don't have any kids. I just wish we could keep a moderate level of growth in the program. Not just a glimmer of hope, then an major embarrassing setback. If they grow as a team and go out the rest of the season and kick everyone's ass, the that's terrific, and I'll still cheer for them the whole way. But, there is absolutely no reason to go out and get your ass beat like they did tonight. If it makes me a bad fan for saying so, then so be it.
  12. I don't have a have any regrets from my initial post. This team was garbage tonight. And, if you've been following the Mean Green for any length of time, you know it's damn near impossible to be a die hard fan with amount of ineptitude surrounding this program. We all must love the punishment.
  13. Is it ok to post criticism of this team, or is it supposed to be rainbows and sunshine? My bad. You're just a guy with nothing better to do.
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