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  1. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm out at halftime. I've got way better stuff to do than watch this dumpster fire for the second time.
  2. Our defense is walking around. They aren't even pretending to play hard.
  3. All of these crappy play calls are setting up for some giant 40 point trick play, right?
  4. Why are we running hurry-up? We need to be as slow as possible and keep their offense off the field.
  5. Luckily I don't have any kids. I just wish we could keep a moderate level of growth in the program. Not just a glimmer of hope, then an major embarrassing setback. If they grow as a team and go out the rest of the season and kick everyone's ass, the that's terrific, and I'll still cheer for them the whole way. But, there is absolutely no reason to go out and get your ass beat like they did tonight. If it makes me a bad fan for saying so, then so be it.
  6. I don't have a have any regrets from my initial post. This team was garbage tonight. And, if you've been following the Mean Green for any length of time, you know it's damn near impossible to be a die hard fan with amount of ineptitude surrounding this program. We all must love the punishment.
  7. Is it ok to post criticism of this team, or is it supposed to be rainbows and sunshine? My bad. You're just a guy with nothing better to do.
  8. Also, you can eff off too. You sound like a giant dick when you respond like like that. Your supposed to be a moderator? Grow up.
  9. You may be right. But, this is the worst 1st half performance I have ever seen from us, and I've been following the Mean Green since 99. If you've been around longer, and you've seen worse, then my apologies. But, I'm f**king tired of watching us get out asses beat but inferior talent on a regular basis. UTSA was a miracle, and also luck. If that 40 some yard pass gets knocked down, we lose that game.
  10. Wow. This team is garbage. My fault for thinking they may be worth a crap. Same old UNT. This is why it's so easy to give up as a fan.
  11. Wow. NT looks like a Bunch of pee wee p***ies. Man up!
  12. Wow. FAU. 24 points in the first quarter. Really? What the hell are we doing?
  13. F*ck UNT football. Until they can learn how to beat a community college football team, they'll get no more of my attention or money. Godspeed.