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  1. Speaking of FIU, they’re only a game out of first place in C-USA. They must be pretty good.
  2. So you agree that he should have given Seth an extension, but now you want to bad mouth him for doing it???
  3. Dude, he’s a millionaire. He doesn’t have to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to. I’m not defending his QB play, but attacking him personally is ridiculous.
  4. We’re taking part of our logo and adapting it to a similar look as Oregon. I don’t know if it’s copying Oregon, but it’s certainly borrowing from them. Put it this way, if Oregon had never introduced that look, I doubt very seriously UNT would be wearing the helmet their wearing on Saturday.
  5. I’ve heard others say that Oregon wasn’t the first, but they are definitely the first I remember. I’ve tried to research it, but I guess my Google skills are lacking. Anybody got any concrete evidence on this? As far these unis go, I like’em.
  6. True, but it was by all accounts I’ve read a close battle for the starting job in the spring. The truth could very well be that is wasn’t really much of a competition. That would have to be the case, wouldn’t it?
  7. Something doesn’t add up with Gunnell. He started at Arizona, was neck and neck with an apparently good QB at Memphis, but he can’t start here? And from the very limited sample I’ve seen, he shouldn’t be starting here. What happened???
  8. I was under the impression we’d win some of those OCC games, not lose just as bad as we did in the body bag games. If we did play body bag games, I’d limit it to one per year. That 1.5 million we could have gotten from OU could have been used to buy out a certain coach😉😁 That being said, I did say that my post was mostly tongue in cheek.
  9. I want another QB to get some playing time at the very least. If SL finishes out the year, we'll see Aune take 99% of the snaps, maybe 100%. My original post was made under the assumption that the season is done, which is obviously not true, it just feels like it. My unpopular opinion is that Aune gives us our best chance to win. That being the case, he should remail the starter until we are officially eliminated from winning the conference title. At that point, we need to be looking toward the future. If we somehow miraculously win the conference, Gunnell (and others) should at least get some snaps in blowouts. We all know that won't happen with SL.
  10. I’m not talking wholesale lineup changes. As has been stated often, we’re a young team, so the only real positions I think we need see what we’ve got on the roster are QB and Safety. Maybe rotate in a few more DL here and there. Nothing that I would consider tanking.
  11. I'm thinking of an interim (Bennett?) who takes the job with the understanding that they are just finishing up the season in that role and they have a directive from the AD to get guys experience and find the future QB.
  12. As long as I was a fan, I wanted to do away with the body bag games. I always said we should play lower level P5's (though they weren't called P5 then), and equal G5's. Well, I guess "careful what you wish for" is appropriate. I'd rather be playing body bag games. We can lose to OU 57-27 (maybe a little worse), but at least we'd collect a nice paycheck in the process. This is really a tongue in cheek post, but there's also some truth to it. Most teams in the history of UNT football would have loved to have played the schedules we've had the past several years.
  13. The coaching staff reading this thread.
  14. I see where you’re coming from, but I have a different perspective. If SL has lost the team (or maybe even if he hasn’t), if we hire the right guy, players could be excited for a fresh start. A new coach might also want his own guys and encourage some portal entries, so there’s that as well.
  15. This!!! If SL is here the rest of the year, Aune will get 99% of the snaps. If you have an interim, there is a much better chance of “playing for next year.”
  16. This perspective actually makes it worse for me because he’s right. I will never root against my team, but if we do well in the pathetic CUSA, we may be looking at the same thing next year. I don’t think we’re very good, but we don’t have to be to compete in most of the games we have left.
  17. My wife just jokingly said to me, “No wonder your becoming a grumpy old man. You put yourself through this every year.”
  18. The Sun Belt is the best G5 this week because of the high profile upsets, but I don’t think they’ll sustain it over a full season.
  19. Green and white=no complaints.
  20. Valid point. I’m an underdog kind of guy and I think this type of kid will usually have the attitude that they have to work hard and earn everything that’s given to them. BUT, a team full of guys from the Lone Star Conference doesn’t get me very excited.
  21. I agree, but I would say it should be the exception and not the rule.
  22. I feel about the same way I felt after Houston Baptist two years ago. Just too many points to give up to a clearly overmatched team.
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