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  1. I'm encouraged by the seeming continued improvement of our Defense. I still feel a little like Charlie Brown just waiting for Lucy to pull the ball back.
  2. So excited for Zeke and UNT! Heading over to PHS later for his official signing day photo op. Totally under the radar, so thankful the coaches came to the school and uncovered him.
  3. Just saw on Twitter that he has an offer from Tulsa now.
  4. Goes to school with my daughter and they've chatted a bit about this. Unfortunately for him, he hadn't been sending film out to anyone proactively, was really unaware of what he could/should be doing. Coaches that have come to the school to visit the program have seen him and asked for film. Offers followed. Understand that Tulsa reached out last night as well. So glad the UNT coaching staff came out to Paschal! Zeke is a GREAT kid!
  5. The importance of this game is unparalleled in modern basketball history. Victory or Death!!!
  6. Why don’t they build out suites in the upper bowl……like get rid of the upper bowl completely so the suites are right over the action? We don’t get people up there anyway and could use the suite revenue.
  7. Biggest game in the history of ever??
  8. Oklahoma State in 2007. Remember looking around at the crowd and thinking "This is what it should be like at every game".
  9. Now that we'll get SMU every year, we should try to get TCU as well. Average attendance should continue to improve.
  10. Yes! THIS!!! Good Lord. Thank you!!!
  11. My daughter is being recruited for volleyball by several schools. UTSA just sent her a packet of info. I wanted to make sure she had seen the “cannon” video before she gets any ideas about them, but now I can’t find the video. Anyone on here have it?
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