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  1. Mad Hatter

    And So It Begins

    TCU had this same argument before they got invited to the Big 12. Keep winning. All you can do is play who’s on the schedule.
  2. Mad Hatter

    And So It Begins

    The LaTech board is already saying “sure they’re 4-0 but they haven’t played anyone”. Prepare yourself for this argument from everyone. It seems they hung close to LSU so they’re pretty confident since our opponents have been weak.
  3. LaTech will bring WAY more folks than SMU. This game has huge implications for who wins the west. They bring a good crowd anyway but this is an early season showdown. They’ll be fired up, but so will we. Assuming the weather holds it’s a sell out.
  4. Mad Hatter

    Worst part of the weather?

    My original post about it being an “off” game was tongue-in-cheek. We still won by 40. I HATE that Fine couldn’t do more because he’s received so much national attention and I don’t want to see that go away, but great teams can’t be one dimensional. This team was denied it's primary offensive weapons and still stomped a team that wouldn’t lay down. Those are EXACTLY the kinds of games that can trip up a team that’s merely “good”. Our “off” game was still dominant. Littrell has built something special. No doubt he’ll have them focused for LaTech.
  5. Mad Hatter

    La Tech Tickets Still Available

    I thought the Mean Joe, 1968 throwback ticket offer on Friday was genius. Convinced 2 additional family members to go with me. Awesome to think it might be the first sellout.
  6. Mad Hatter

    Worst part of the weather?

    Either Fine was having an off game, or the weather was causing passing issues or both. So awesome that the running game was able to take charge. i guess it’s alright if we have an “off” game.
  7. Yeah I’d be ticked if they didn’t play just because we need to keep proving we’re for real. Even against a team you haven’t heard of.
  8. Mad Hatter

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about Liberty

    Yeah. Not sure how strong Old Dominion is, but the fact that Liberty took a Conference USA team behind the woodshed makes me nervous.
  9. Yay! It’s like being on FB when I’m not on FB! How about we talk about football not politics and religion. I’m not going this weekend because my kids are in too many activities to think about going out of town. We need wins more than we need big name opponents at this point. I LOVE our schedule this year. Go Mean Green!
  10. Great article. Posted the link to Facebook. Gotta keep the buzz going about the Mean green, especially with some of our fellow alumni who are just starting to pay attention.
  11. Mad Hatter

    Dave Barnett Interview

    You think that means they’re already thinking of a new contract for him? Or that Tech can’t afford the buyout?
  12. Mad Hatter

    Jaelon Darden - Separation

    That run was so GREAT!
  13. Mad Hatter

    Opening Line VS Liberty

    Kind of disappointed it’s not higher. The team should be offended.