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  1. Yes! THIS!!! Good Lord. Thank you!!!
  2. My daughter is being recruited for volleyball by several schools. UTSA just sent her a packet of info. I wanted to make sure she had seen the “cannon” video before she gets any ideas about them, but now I can’t find the video. Anyone on here have it?
  3. Wow! That's big time! A 4 Star in basketball should make an ENORMOUS difference since there's not many on the court.
  4. Any chance Harrell comes back if he's gone from USC?
  5. How many of those transfers does SMU graduate? Remember when we used to pass the ball really well?
  6. It’s like they forgot we were good at running quicks and slants. WTF have they done to this offense?
  7. I just don’t trust the defense to hold LT below 40. LT 42 UNT 30
  8. Love it! I think it proves without a doubt that our administration is FINALLY committed to raising the standards of our athletic program and pursuing a higher tier of play/competition than we’ve had in 50 years. SL may or may not be the guy that pushes us into Top 25 conversations ultimately, but there will be a line of upper tier candidates looking at that job if he’s not. Go Mean Green!
  9. We had them in the upper deck of student side.
  10. Albino Squirrel shows up and UNT wins a close one against MTSU. Maybe there is something to it being lucky. When the Texas Rangers run out the Dot races and the folks come out as Red, Blue, and Green it doesn’t mean the Rangers are going to embrace the Dots as mascots. They serve their purpose, but we see them at EVERY Rangers game. As long as the University isn’t referring to itself as the Albino Squirrels, I don’t have an issue with it. We’re still the Mean Green and the Eagles. Having the Talons fire a cannon at the game doesn’t make Boomer any part of our mascot.
  11. This is how the arms race goes. New conference and new facilities (and new coaches) have improved recruiting by leaps and bounds the last few years. Now our expectations have raised to where we should be winning recruiting battles and winning games against higher teared schools. Being in a higher level conference would help. We are better off than where we were. It’s. It even close. But now that’s not enough. Go Mean Green! Ever higher!
  12. Conferences matter to recruits. Perception is reality. The worst P5 school will still have better recruiting options than the best CUSA school. This is a MUCH better conference than the SunBelt, and gives us better recruiting interest, but it needs to be a stepping stone, and I think Wren realizes that.
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