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  1. So . . . just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, the tickets are for the full day, right? In other words, there are not tickets for the individual games but instead for the entire triple header, correct? *Nevermind--I now see that my question is answered on Meangreensports.
  2. Wasn't there a proposal for an Austin bowl a couple years ago that failed to be certified? If I'm remembering correctly, then it would make sense to try it out this year. There are already bowls in pretty much every large city in Texas, including 4 in the DFW area, so Austin would make sense.
  3. Well, that sucks, but hopefully it is limited to him. I would hate to see an outbreak among their players/assistant coaches.
  4. And . . . the inevitable massive second half scoring drought is upon us.
  5. Miami is pretty much getting to the basket with little resistance at this point. Our lack of depth (and playing consecutive days) may once again be an issue.
  6. This is . . . not headed the right direction. We need to be a little more innovative on offense, which I realize is easier said than done against this caliber of opponent.
  7. "Criticizing people and misspelling words" should be the tagline for every college football message board across the country.
  8. The winning streak is nice. Beating a solid UTEP team on Homecoming was especially fun. We should definitely give credit to the players and coaches for staying focused and not giving up when we were sitting at 1-6, and as a result, we still have a lot to play for in these final two games. Having said all that, there is absolutely nothing that we have accomplished so far that suggests that we are capable of beating a team of UTSA's caliber. If we do, it will be because we drastically improved throughout the season and are not the same team that looked completely outclassed against UAB/Marshall (at home).
  9. As delusional and out of step with the times as the "untouchable" comment was (if true), I'm more concerned with what prompted it. It's impossible to understand any of this without the proper context, but that alleged "I know what you're trying to do" declaration to the players suggests an antagonistic dynamic. Once the relationship between a coach and his team has gotten to that point, it pretty much is unsustainable, I would think.
  10. Since North Texas and UTEP began their series in 1951, NT has only lost twice in Denton (1954, 2015) and has won 10 times (along with 2 ties, which includes an exhilarating 0-0 affair in 1964!).
  11. Remember last week when Marshall could barely score at all against a bad Old Dominion team?
  12. 161-8 in yards after one quarter...at home...against a conference opponent. I think we have more personal fouls than yards. Things are going great!
  13. Feels very much like the Dodge era all over again--that is to say, we are not competitive in our own bad conference. To be fair to Dodge, though, his offenses were never this hopeless.
  14. We're at the level of a bad FCS program. Louisiana Tech is without their starting QB and they are just trying out different players (who all are having complete success).
  15. And . . . game over. Louisiana Tech and their backup QB have already scored more than we are capable of amassing for the entire game.
  16. Our O-line looks completely lost and over matched against every single FBS opponent. Meanwhile, our passing game appears as if Ruder and these receivers have never shared a snap in practice.
  17. Shocked that we start with a 3 and out and then they easily drive down and score a TD. Who could have predicted that?!
  18. If Austin Kendall is indeed out, that is a big loss for Louisiana Tech. It is unlikely to affect the outcome of the game, but it might put the point spread in some jeopardy (maybe).
  19. I'm sorry but my green blood will not permit me to make an honest prediction.
  20. Is it possible that Littrell might prefer just to be bought out at this point? The longer he stays on this season, the more damage will be done to his coaching reputation.
  21. I understand the present frustration, but I think that overall Wren has moved NT athletics into a more positive spot than it was in when he first took over. There is a huge football success void that is hard to ignore, but I still feel confident in Wren being the one to make a new hire.
  22. The problem is that we can't just "get back to work" and fix things. CUSA teams that lose a conference matchup by 34 points don't go on the road the next week and beat Louisiana Tech. They just don't. And, that's because Louisiana Tech is never terrible, and they always play with pride at home. And then, the schedule gets tougher. There are one or two teams that we could be competitive with later on in the year, but even that statement is contingent upon keeping the wheels from completely falling off after we are 1-6 and have sustained numerous blowout losses. The one wrinkle we could mix into all of this would be to make a change at the top and re-energize the players (and show the fans that there are limits to how much failure will be accepted).
  23. I don't know if this is a fair statement or not, but there has certainly been a palpable difference ever since things fell through between Littrell and KSU.
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