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  1. Absolutely terrible call on the foul of the 3 point shooter.
  2. That little stretch showed what he can bring to the game and why he gets some minutes. He was a pest that whole time.
  3. We are toast…seems like we don’t have anyone who can create a shot. Really missing Perry.
  4. Yea - FIU was definitely in the “paws up” spirit Saturday…
  5. What an embarrassing last minute of the game. Completely lost our composure and focus.
  6. We have to make a change, this just isn’t working unless we are playing bottom feeders in the conference.
  7. We cannot win this game with this level of QB play. Too many mistakes from a very experienced QB.
  8. I think we’ve seen enough of Aune. If he plays like this in conference we pretty much have no chance to win more then a game or two…
  9. That was a nice play on the TD. Also how good has Roberts been this game.
  10. How can we not get a call there based on the way the game has been called? If not a late hit, how about taunting when their guy mimicked going to sleep while our guy is down injured?
  11. So apparently discipline wasn’t just a Murphy Bros issue…
  12. I agree with this. When I remember back to how much I paid for my first year in 2001 to my last year when I graduated the escalation of cost is just out of control. I was happy to exit with a masters with only taking out like $5k a year (with interest rates of like 2-4%) and covering the rest myself through working - that's just not possible anymore. It's also much easier for people who go into business, engineering or other fields where the starting salary is higher to manage repayment of loans as opposed to some other professions like social work, education, etc - but our society needs people in a wide range of professions. I'm hoping this helps those who took out loans to go into professions where the intrinsic rewards and benefits to society outweigh the economic rewards.
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