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  1. Card is verified by manufacturer, they have process to witness signatures of the players.
  2. Teams are currently going through OTAs, so it's possible he got injured during the offseason program.
  3. You might want to check with your CPA on that thinking...I worked in California for two days in 2020, guess who had to file a California tax return...
  4. FYI - Kiper has Darden as 23rd best WR, or 24 spots higher than the toolbag McShay.
  5. Mcshay has him ranked as the 47th WR...so that would probably mean undrafted, but I think 6 rd.
  6. That would be awesome, have a feeling based on how he performed at SMU he is looking to try to move to what he would perceive as the "big time".
  7. Anyone who says they had to work to rid the N word from their vocabulary did not lose their job because some super smart woke people tricked him into saying it and got taken out of context.
  8. Agreed - I would like to bring in an experienced ballhandler and someone to play on the wing - pref. D1 junior transfers. Then if we have another scholly, maybe the best freshman available that we can get.
  9. If it takes hard work, doesn't make it seem like something he was railroaded or tricked into like he makes it seem.
  10. When the area is under a boil water notice and there is a scarcity of resources, it makes 0 sense to fly people from somewhere else into that situation.
  11. Feel like that would not be a flag today either. Hit him in the back, that is still open season.
  12. If this is where things end up at the end of next season, it's bye bye Seth.
  13. I was there for that game, the only bowl game I could afford to attend as a broke college student who was there for the 2001-2004 run. Totally thought we had a great shot and let the game disappointed thinking what could have been...
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