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  1. how many series of terrible play does Seth need to see to make a change?
  2. obligatory lack of discipline play by one of the twins...
  3. can't believe we keep trotting Aune out there. Feels like such a give up.
  4. Going to be long day if we let a team with this bad of an offense carve us up this easily.
  5. I’m also sick of our defense flexing and celebrating like the win the super bowl after each routine play. Definitely is adding to these types of penalties.
  6. If this drive isn’t the perfect encapsulation of why we need to clean house, I don’t know what else Wren needs to see.
  7. This is worse to me than Portland State. We are so undisciplined and coach doesn’t seem to care at all. If we are going to put this product on the field, might as well just stick to basketball.
  8. First for me seeing blindside block called on someone rushing the QB…
  9. Play calling is complete garbage. Need a change there. If this is what They feel comfortable letting Aune do, we need to see the other QBs ASAP
  10. He has had several issues this game. Other penalties, missed tackles, etc.
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