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  1. You realize that’s not the complete list of speakers and was just the ones the poster picked to show it was more evenly spread amongst political philosophies, right? There were many others then were clearly Republican or Conservative.
  2. FYI, Mel Kiper has Ejiya at #9 on his list of inside linebackers.
  3. we are just jacking up bad 3's at this point...
  4. The way we are playing, doesn't feel like that will happen.
  5. No way that was a block. He was set and outside the circle...come on!
  6. well, finally getting our first free throws...
  7. can't believe no fouls all those times Woolridge has taken it to the rim.
  8. I also don't understand how a dead ball foul call changed possession too. If that's the way that is written, that is really dumb. It was clearly just a continuation of the previous play.
  9. These refs have no business in D1 basketball...
  10. I think it's been really bad, but both ways. I think there has been several missed fouls and not sure they have gotten all of the possessions right on out of bounds situations. It would be hard as a player to adjust to this, hopefully our guys can.
  11. Good assessment, don't understand the hate for this post...unless it's by people who think we should only play the tallest players on our team because that's "how you basketball".
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