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  1. I'm really excited about Jordan Brown. For some reason I think he will be a stud for us!
  2. 16 assists on 19 made baskets so far, just wow!
  3. #12 must be a drama major...second time he has acted like he got hit in face.
  4. Apparently it’s a foul for your face to get In The way of an OU elbow...
  5. Tired of seeing OU #12 at the line over and over...
  6. Second half is going to be tough. Hope our guys can hang in there and handle the adversity when OU goes on runs...
  7. The refing is a complete joke at this point. Put Simmons on the bench right away on at least one call that was clearly blown. Then called a foul when we clearly got all ball. Hard to believe OU hasn’t committed one foul yet...
  8. Yea -that was pretty blatant.
  9. Execution has been terrible. We have it 2nd and 1 and then 3 terrible plays calls in a row.
  10. They clearly want a 9-3 UAB team, to hell with calling a fair game.
  11. Vito’s description may be generous...
  12. At the game...the attendance may be one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The seniors deserved so much better than this.
  13. On your last point, believe he had previously redshirted because he started at San Diego even though he didn't play - so maybe didn't want to transfer and lose a season. Really hated to see him go...seeing him thrive as much as he is at Gonzaga (including hitting some threes now???) makes me wonder if we didn't fully maximize his potential here.
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