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  1. I was there for that game, the only bowl game I could afford to attend as a broke college student who was there for the 2001-2004 run. Totally thought we had a great shot and let the game disappointed thinking what could have been...
  2. OMG Seth - did you forget why you benched Aune in the first place? This game is such a cluster. Getting badly outcoached and outplayed.
  3. I think missing several starters on D is really catching up to us. Secondary is not looking good and we seem to be leaving the entire middle open so that when Sincere hits the second level, there is no one.
  4. WTF is wrong with the D...look like we've taken 5 steps back.
  5. Don't like that play call if we are going on 4 and 2, seemed to take too long to develop.
  6. Bean seems to be having a rough day throwing the ball. Thought he had an easier play to Darden that he should have made.
  7. The drop by Darden hurt...wasn't a perfect throw, but still should have caught it. Really happy Bean came back and picked up the first with his feet.
  8. Agree 100%. Don't understand why Bean didn't get more PT in this game.
  9. I don't understand all the downvotes for the OP providing some relevant information, guess a subset of GMG really wants ANTIFA to be 100% responsible for all our problems...
  10. Yea - I don't find it funny, but also think in hindsight (and to most people also at the time) an in person rally in Tulsa (especially without social distancing measures in place) was not a good idea. I certainly feel for his family and loves ones and would not wish anyone to contract this illness.
  11. So on to the original topic of this thread, the number of people I know that have gotten it is several now, including a friend of my wife and her entire family (husband + 3 kids). Generally everyone I know has had cases on the more mild side, although one was sick for about 2 weeks and still hasn't fully recovered from a breathing standpoint (normal tasks still wind them). I've been fortunate in that my work has fully been work from home since early March and currently don't have a date that we expect to be back at client/office sites.
  12. It's a pretty solid list. Utah State is typically really good, Boise State has been decent lately, I think one of the logos was Grand Canyon who is a very funded program with a former NBA all-star as a coach, and Hawaii is obviously at least a great destination. I would think we should be competitive against any of those schools, but also understandable why most of those schools would be seen as a great choice for a player.
  13. I think we unfortunately know the answer to that...
  14. Not sure why anyone would down vote a post of a timeline of COVID-19, unless they just don't like facts...
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