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  1. Not impressed at all with the job Littrell and company have done this year. If this is the level of preparation this year, maybe he should have left for a P5 job...
  2. If Reffett doesn’t get it together by next week, he needs to be gone. Inexcusable
  3. They are supposed to, that’s why going JUCO and having misses is such a problem...
  4. Should theoretically catch up to them when you can only sign 25 a year and then you take so many one and two year guys...
  5. I don’t understand how you don’t give Fine a chance to score there...
  6. Heads need to roll after this game. We are so unprepared.
  7. Yea - I don’t know how, he got him really good.
  8. Nothing like an 8 yard out to the sideline when you need 12...
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