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I was at the game


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I live down in Austin and had made plans to go to this game several weeks ago...was looking forward to it for sure. I had great seats and was ready for a fun evening. I had no thoughts of a win...but hoped to stay within 15-20.

Positives: Late in first half (about 3-4 minutes left) we cut the lead to eight after being down 17-4. I was hoping that we could stay within 10 at the half at this point and our team would come out in the second half with confidence. At the half, we were down by about 20 and the final margin was 29 so we stayed with them the second half-against their reserves.

Our guys played hard and I think we will do well in conference play.

We were putting bodies on their big men, a little outgunned-but our guys didn't give in.

Negatives-Horrible shooting! Missed 14 of the first 15 shots! Airballs (7 in the first half and 3 in the second-10 airballs total) and bricks galore. A jr. high team doesn't shoot that many airballs. It was weird. UT's defense was smothering and we could not get off a decent shot-players were heaving up prayers even with plenty of time on the clock.

The uniforms looked cool!

See you---

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I agree with the positives. I also hopped NT could keep it w/in 20 points.

Got several passes picked off in the first half. UT is quick and you can't lob a pass half way accross the court and not expect the defender to get there in time.

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There's exceeded and deceeded isnt there?

Like getting depromoted, is that right?

Sounds like a made up word to me. Depromoted, that would be more like moving down the corporate ladder where you work. Like say.......Demoted.

Deceeded.........real word or not, I kinda like it biggrin.gif

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I noticed on the jerseys that it looked like we had an interlocked NT with the star like the Exes logo.  Is this what we'll be going to?  Or has it been like that and I just noticed it?

It isn't quite the NT exes logo. It isn't even interlocked. If I remember correctly, it is a big N with Texas written across it. Someone posted a good close up of it last year. We have worn that on the top of the collar for 3-4 years now.

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