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  1. I've had this weekend blocked off for the USGP all year, but my racing plans never materialized. I was torn up about potentially missing the Liberty game, but now it almost feels like a punishment that I'll be in Apogee. Have fun in Austin if you end up there! I have been to Indy and NASCAR there but not the USGP, hopefully next year!
  2. What the h*ll are we doing???? What was the point of that?????
  3. Runs up the middle can work on 3rd down? Is that why we keep trying it?
  4. 3rd and long, 2 offsides, 1 bad snap, and a coach who make $2 Million annually!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  5. This is really getting me pumped up 1 day before kickoff, gotta keep myself level headed!
  6. Thank you for confirming! I'm interested in potential conference shakeups if this were to happen
  7. How trustworthy is the Houston Chronicle? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/college/article/Texas-Oklahoma-reach-out-to-SEC-about-joining-16330080.php https://www.si.com/college/oklahoma/football/report-oklahoma-texas-potentially-headed-to-the-sec
  8. Our 2020 matchup was surprisingly close, or certainly closer than I would have imagined... If we defeat them in 2021 that would be an achievement!
  9. Couldn't agree more!! Incredible day and fun to have a New Year's Day Bowl for the Mean Green. Fun/Sad fact: This is the first UNT football win I saw in person. My first 2 years at UNT were '05 and '08 (0 home wins these years). I didn't get to as many home games after that as I wanted and I guess I was bad luck! But this got me motivated to be a proper fan/alumni and I have been a regular attendee to most home games since then.
  10. My other concern (and I don't know if this was talked about on here) was that 5-6 of the games we played last year the opposing team had their best offensive performance of the season, with many of those performances in our house. I do not want to stomach that again this year. Music to my ears!
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