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  1. I had plans to attend this game, but my wife had already made plans for us to go see Ender's Game in theaters that night. It had to be that night (opening night), it absolutely could not be over the weekend for reasons I do not remember. Happy ending though. The movie was terrible and I don't miss too many UNT games now
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-combine-2021-league-sends-memo-announcing-key-change-coming-to-this-years-scouting-event/ Link to the article as well as copy of the memo sent out to all teams below. My initial fears are that this would adversely affect Jaelon Darden's draft prospect, but this could end up being a good thing if his workouts would be completed here at our facilities. We must break the streak at the 2021 NFL Draft!
  3. In person and on TV/phone/laptop I have expressed my frustration at a certain defense and certain running plays. But I also cheer just as loud.... Its a helluva roller coaster! At the end of the day I will still bleed green!
  4. We can send you both a Scrappy cake with cell phones hidden inside so you can still catch our games on Facebook or Stadium
  5. Seeing Jamal Ligon on there stings a little bit. especially after the performance from yesterday
  6. More tales in afwul announcing, its all chuckles and guffawing when one of their guys is running us out of bounds Our player gets trucked on a fair caught kick off while down 28 and you could just hear the genuine concern in their voices......... "Is he off the field now? PLUNGER TALK TIME!!!!!!!!!"
  7. *4 long runs Whew! A penalty! 4 LONG RUNS
  8. I come down from the roof just in time to hear Marty Smith's toilet humor....... I think I will move to Montana, live off the land for a while
  9. 3 long runs Too late to change my vote?
  10. I dunno, Halftime score 2018 NM Bowl Utah St 38 UNT 7 Halftime score 2020 Myrtle Beach Bowl App St 35 UNT 14 Granted the 2 long runs were unacceptable, but that 2018 pain still hurts
  11. I was tolerating a lot until the one guy said "They wanna get this guy to 1000 yards so he can hit that century mark" And now I am going to jump off my roof
  12. $1.8 Million to call the same dive play over and over and over
  13. You scared me... I thought this was for Asher Alberding and my morning was ruined.
  14. I had to stare at an SMU billboard for months while making the trip to Denton.... They hate to admit it and little brother us as much as they want, but it's a damn rivalry.
  15. I like this guy!!! Can we keep him?
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