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  1. Kiffin and Taggart both lasted 3 years, my guess is that Herman does the same or less by either getting himself back into the P5 or washing out when people get tired of him. Wonder if he'll still be there in 2024/2025 when we are supposed to face them?
  2. I was on the 11.29 list. But I also got put in section 240 for my UTSA seat, so I am one of the little fish
  3. UNT 37 La Tech 35 This time we make the FG at the end to win!
  4. Filling 1/3 of your stadium for non-conference games is U-G-L-Y. I will not be dreaming of that at all. 41k is less than 1/2 of their stadium, I will not be dreaming of that either for our conference games. The point is they should not be playing in the Rose Bowl, which is something Troy Aikman has spoken about on numerous occasions. “This is an embarrassment but we couldn’t fill the Rose Bowl in 1988 when we were the #1 team in the country,” Aikman wrote. “Anyone else at UCLA think it’s time for an on-campus 30,000 seat stadium? Of course, if we can’t play better than we did today, it would be half-empty too,” Aikman continued.
  5. I know we aren't in a place to brag about attendance, but the UCLA numbers are just ugly. Maybe the Rose Bowl is just too big for them to fill anymore? Impressed that the biggest game on this list was our win in El Paso.
  6. 8:30pm kickoff too! I made damn sure to take Friday off haha
  7. 2018 night game against FAU they did 1/2 off beer and hot dogs before kickoff, if I remember correctly? That was a fun time!
  8. Burgers and hot dogs, hopefully some chicken wings and whatever else I throw in the cooler. Looking forward to those evening temperatures!
  9. Memphis 59 UNT 33 This has been an 'L' on my calendar the whole time, I just hope we figure some things out to continue the rest of conference play strong against FAU.
  10. This will be my first year tailgating in the Blue Lot and I am sure looking forward to it! In the past I've met up with people on the hill or hung out on the square I hope to just find a simple spot to park/set up a grill and a few chairs and stay out of the way. Anything I should know before I show up Saturday? And what's the earliest we can get there to snag a spot? Thanks! Go Mean Green!
  11. I think I could run it in under 5.6, just don't ask me to run a second one 🤣
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