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  1. Thank you! And Ron Mendoza will be the DC for all 5 years
  2. McCrae was a highly recruited football player out of Miami Northwestern High in 2018. He went to North Carolina State, but after not playing a down his freshman year, transferred to Eastern Mississippi Community College. From there, he transferred to North Texas State in 2020 and started 8 of 10 games. He doesn’t show as being on North Texas’ roster last season. Read more at: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article262284007.html#storylink=cpy Here we go again....
  3. https://aamusports.com/news/2022/2/2/alabama-am-announces-total-of-38-signees-on-2022-football-national-signing-day.aspx They don't have their 2022 roster posted yet, but they announced him as a signee.
  4. We won the 2018 game against FAU at home, 41-38. I am also not seeing your prediction for the LA Tech game? I get this completely but I do not feel that UNLV is equal or better. Sure they are in Arroyo's 3rd year, and this is a game that has a big ole LittrelL written all over it, but I am just not buying right now that we lose this game. If we do though? I will be one of the first into the lifeboats and rowing as fast as I can. And I love the inclusion of picking the scores as I am never brave enough to do that, but by the looks of things you don't have us kicking a FG until Memphis? Overall, this is a pretty good assessment and I wouldn't be surprised by 3-9, but I assume we will go 4-2 at home and 1-5 on the road, winning either the UTEP game or the UNLV game.
  5. That is my primary concern. Our top recruits have not been staying on the team or making a huge impact on the field for the SL years.
  6. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster I see some new names on here that I don't remember being announced, but I also don't see Caleb Johnson listed on the roster? Does anyone have any news about him?
  7. Awesome! Welcome aboard Kadren! Kameron Hill provided us some value depth last year and I hope we can get similar results from Kadren as well!
  8. The location in Flower Mound has a decent selection as well. The warehouse location in Bedford I don't think has much, but will need to check out the ones up north for sure.
  9. A win is a win, after frowning/being angry/no emotion all day. That last TD put a smile on my face. I hope and pray we make changes. We cannot continue to live like this. GO MEAN GREEN
  10. I've had this weekend blocked off for the USGP all year, but my racing plans never materialized. I was torn up about potentially missing the Liberty game, but now it almost feels like a punishment that I'll be in Apogee. Have fun in Austin if you end up there! I have been to Indy and NASCAR there but not the USGP, hopefully next year!
  11. Runs up the middle can work on 3rd down? Is that why we keep trying it?
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