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  1. While the current championships end in April, the First Tech Challenge starts up again in the fall. They need volunteers for judging. This is for the team interview process which is just as important as their robot's performance in the ring. I participated in the judging in February and March. You don't have to be an engineer to be a judge. To learn more go to the First Inspires website to see what the kids were doing this year and stay tuned for the competition next school year. https://www.firstinspires.org/
  2. Loyola went to the final 4 this year. So maybe not an immediate result (going to the NCAA tournament) but definitely something to build on.
  3. Sorry if this is old news. Haven't checked in for a while. My in-law took me to the Texas A&M vs. LSU today. Johnny Jones is not the head coach there any more. Tony Benford is anassistant. Are our ex-coachs a feeder for LSU? Can't wait to get home and watch UNT men & women games.
  4. What happened? A few days ago UNT was in the news with two names they were considering. Did they both say no or are we waiting till after the bowl games? If those two names are still in the mix, a concern expressed earlier is that the recent head coaches have no "loyalty" to our program. Are we going to go through this dance again in 3-5 years when the new head coach is doing things for his benefit instead the program?
  5. Need to think about a top level hotel. Any team and fans going to the game in Denton stay somewhere else outside of Denton. This is a missed revenue opportunity for the city and community.
  6. Dino Babers Aren't we running into the same problem we had with the previous 3-4 coaches? What kind of commitment will he have to a program he has no connections? I realize there is no former UNT player in the coaching ranks but is Dino going to be another band aide for a few years?
  7. I have 2 Club level tickets and parking pass to give away. Contact me by text or phone 972/971-1574.
  8. Remember - We're on a budget. I don't thing we can beat ESPN's salary for Mac Brown.
  9. This is hard. We're on a budget We want someone who can recruit We want someone who will put together a great team We want someone dedicated to the program for the long haul We want someone who will not be swayed by Power 5 millions
  10. Johnny is still solid. It was like putting my arm around granite. If he still had eligibility he could show those players a few things.
  11. Hard to believe the original post for this thread was doom and gloom. Created this at work. Just basic Word document and added pictures. Manually Xing out the wins. Will replace ALCS with either KC or Houston emblem. If anyone wants a copy of this send me an email to gregoryksmith@msn.com and I will email it to you. Put your own Xs on there.
  12. Rick makes another trip around the sun. Hope you have a great day.
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