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  1. While I agree with removing seats for basketball, we need the Pit for graduations, which take that capacity. I'd be in for spending $10m in it where we can.
  2. We need to be fiscally responsible right now. Higher ed will continue to evolve as will focus on fees and value. I wouldn't push on a new arena.
  3. If the fire dept fails to attend to the fire, says its a hoax, ignores the meteorologists about how it may spread, is ok with homeowners not taking any preventative measures, then are they not also partly to blame for its spread? No doubt China could have done a lot more here and they must be held accountable for hiding what they knew. But when other fire depts around the world aren't having as large of a problem as we are, maybe we need a new chief?
  4. Solely blaming China is close to blaming Sonic for your obesity while disregarding your personal chili cheese dog consumption. Maybe a bad analogy because who can say no to such fine fare that you don't even need to leave your car for?
  5. Absolutely awful. So sorry for your loss.
  6. Having a billion AUM (assets under management) does not mean you're a billion dollar company. I manage over $1b at a large investment shop but I am a few buckaroos short of being a billionaire myself. I'll bet you the equivalent of all my client's dollars I'm more educated than you on the issues plaguing south side Chicago. The materials and literature lay outside the halls of Fox, Breitbart, AON, and your church, so let me know if you need a hand.
  7. 13 people work here. I see Fox has taken their foot off the "look at Chicago" pedal and replaced it with "look at Seattle". Brilliant strategy.
  8. Beautiful scenery, good food, proximity to Santa Fe and Taos? Would you rather go to Birmingham?
  9. True - anyone working remotely in another state owes that state. I worked in Cali one week and had withholding - got it back on a refund. But for these players, I wouldn't sweat it - CA state taxes are likely at 1% (up to $8.5k) or 2% (up to $20k). CA is everyone's favorite tax whipping boy; but unless you're pulling in the big bucks, their taxes aren't a whole lot different than other states.
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