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  1. That's a sniff test analysis at best. I agree, OOC is a good gauge but not the only.
  2. Can the AAC exits nudge (pay) the remaining C-USA members to join other conferences by giving them $ to play road games in the future? We really need G5>G4 consolidation. Exit fees propping up a conference only to call upon schools that shouldn't be in FBS is senseless for the greater good of FBS football. NMSU, FCS call ups to C-USA thanks to our exit fees are dumb.
  3. I don't like spending $ because we have it when there may be something better to save for or spend on. I don't think SP holds us back in any way like Fouts did.
  4. Boise, Fresno, San Diego, Nevada, Utah st have all been ranked multiple times and beat P5 in football and basketball so frequently it’s rarely a headline as an upset. As someone who has been to multiple MWC stadiums and multiple New AAC stadiums there’s a fairly large gap in attendance and talent in the top programs.
  5. I think other directional schools having found success (UCF, USF) have helped shake the negativity towards this. Boise State, Fresno State, Coastal Carolina aren't exactly sexy land grant names either.
  6. With small samples you can't really use averages, especially with outliers such as KU and UTA. I still wouldn't use avg here but removing those 2 gives an avg of 96. The median is 90.5. Long story short: we've got some tough OOC opponents.
  7. Feels about right given our roster losses. Saved you all some work: CUSA ahead of us: 76. La Tech 80. UAB 85. WKU 127. UNT CUSA behind us: 133. Marshall 152. UTEP 160. ODU 169. Rice 177. FAU 193. Charlotte 212. Southern Miss 230. UTSA 241. Middle Tennessee 281. FIU
  8. After topping Illinois and Memphis we have the highest probability of them looking past us rather than being their super bowl.
  9. football wouldn't be much better. The argument is that MWC raises our recruiting profile. To the extent it doesn't....might not be pretty.
  10. CSU would surprise me given the perceived lateral move by just about everyone. CSU really likes playing USU, BSU, and has a long rooted rivalry with Wyoming as Laramie and Ft. Collins are just 65 miles apart. But, they may be trying to appease their fan base after spending lots on their new stadium, only to remain in the same conference.
  11. Fargo is farther from most of the mwc than Denton is. But you might be right in that they’d look there and Sodak st, but there are some strong regional rivals they’d be giving up.
  12. I hear that - the one thing the western states lack are back-fill. If Anyone were to leave the MWC, FCS is your only option, and there's a very big difference between Big West and MWC schools. If you held a gun to my head...Montana? Montana State? I really don't know who could come up from FCS out west.
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