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  1. I was very close on an i3 a few years back for our in-town car. I like seeing the German automakers put a lot of resources towards EVs, mostly because I tend to gravitate to their styling and features more than American made. What I really want is for someone to start electrifying old classic models. I used to drive an 86 560SL a few years ago - 9 mpg in town. I'd pay some serious $ for an EV conversion on something like that.
  2. The more competition the better! I dislike that Tesla has been so far ahead of others. That's what's ultimately lead to price reductions and EVs becoming an economic homerun.
  3. Teslas and EVs are still unlikely to pencil out from a pure economic cost savings perspective - for now, and it's much closer than it used to be. It's hard to quantify the future repair cost savings (should be much lower on an EV) and longevity of the car given the limited track record (big picture) of Tesla's mass market cars. But for the utility of the model Y vs. ICE competitors, there's not much of a premium you're paying vs. a fully loaded Audi Q5, BMW X3, etc. If I compare it to a small SUV/crossover on the more economical side (Ford,GM, Toyota) then yes, this is a premium. A lot of curr
  4. Forgot to mention - that's the best part. Dual motor + heavy battery pack = incredible handling...this corners better than my BMW M3 did.
  5. I assume you mean the model 3? If so, they're substantially the same. I like sitting higher and wanted the extra interior storage (a little longer and wider) so opted for the Y. I've not driven a Model S (big sedan) or X (big SUV) and have only sat in them in the showroom. I'll say the S&X are much higher end feeling from a fit and finish perspective. I just don't have the need or space for that large of a car at this time.
  6. I've mostly driven German cars, one American SUV (Jeep) and one Japanese SUV (MDX) up to this point. It's hands down the fastest car I've ever driven but it differs from my other performance model cars I've owned (BMW Ms) in that the performance is only there when you want it and is otherwise a very smooth dive. The biggest thing to get used to is essentially never using the brake pedal as you learn to slow down using regenerative braking (removing foot from accelerator). The model Y suspension is on the firmer side and the upgraded 20" wheels aren't helping that with the diminished sidewall.
  7. I don't mean for this to come across as bragging in any way shape or form. I saw the new truck purchase thread and thought the forum could use more car talk. I bought a new model Y a month ago (less $ than what a lot of people on here drive). Figured I'd post this given: 1. GMG is painfully slow these days 2. Open myself up in case anyone had questions about owning/driving one, whether they're considering buying one or not. 3. Find out who else is driving a Tesla on here. No Mean Green badges or plate frames on the car just yet, but they're comin'.
  8. Same here (and I lean left). If you watch more of those networks/websites that are around the middle of this chart you can quickly pickup on bias from either side. It's a shame more can't, but clearly, it's what the people want! I get 99% of my news from Bloomberg given that I sit at my computer in front of a Bloomberg terminal all day. There's opinion pieces on there too but they're very clearly marked.
  9. Ever taken a half day at work? I thought we agreed personal choice and liberties were values we all shared? If a player is comfortable in accepting the consequences of making the decision then so be it.
  10. No thanks. A college football program is about more than wins and losses.
  11. Love seeing the vote participation/turnout - democracy is a great thing.
  12. While I agree with removing seats for basketball, we need the Pit for graduations, which take that capacity. I'd be in for spending $10m in it where we can.
  13. We need to be fiscally responsible right now. Higher ed will continue to evolve as will focus on fees and value. I wouldn't push on a new arena.
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