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  1. Beautiful scenery, good food, proximity to Santa Fe and Taos? Would you rather go to Birmingham?
  2. True - anyone working remotely in another state owes that state. I worked in Cali one week and had withholding - got it back on a refund. But for these players, I wouldn't sweat it - CA state taxes are likely at 1% (up to $8.5k) or 2% (up to $20k). CA is everyone's favorite tax whipping boy; but unless you're pulling in the big bucks, their taxes aren't a whole lot different than other states.
  3. Proud accounting alumnus right here (even though I escaped and now do the finance)
  4. Really hope we don't draw USU or Fresno St in New Mexico - don't think that'd be pretty. Hoping for first responders
  5. MDH


    UCF is good, but I think the best G5s are Fresno, Utah St, and UAB (in that order). I think UCF is ahead of Boise for #4. UCF hasn't really impressed me and keeps "sneaking by". I'd actually like to see them against UAB as I think they'd fall. Fresno's D and Utah St's offense are scary good - one of those two deserve a shot at a big boy in a bowl game.
  6. Namesake of a very large, very successful accounting firm (Ryan & Co.). Experts on state and local tax.
  7. Call a spade a spade: you guys know we're not that high. ECU, Fresno St, ULL, SDSU, Houston, Memphis, USF, Cincinnati, UCONN, Tulsa, Marshall, NIU, Colorado St are all ahead of us. We're boosted on this list thanks to enrollment x fees.
  8. I remember him - I think at the time one of our better signings (high 3*)? Believe he also had an offer from Fresno St
  9. Just an added tidbit - many fewer individuals will be itemizing under the new tax package, so keep that in mind. You may need to load charitable donations (every other year) for your itemized deductions to exceed the new, higher standard deduction.
  10. SDSU is pushing hard to be in the conversation for the next realignment (when UT/OU bolt). Also why CSU built up their stadium, and Fresno is trying to get a reno done to Bulldog Stadium.
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