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  1. Was the defense running the radio station? Ok...too soon....I take it back....
  2. what's a radio? HAHAHAHA....ahem...(cough...) no seriously, what's a radio?
  3. Litrell better sit behind a plexiglass shield. And I don’t mean because of Covid Saucey Ribs make a mess when they’re thrown across the room.
  4. My thoughts.... a. Driving to Denton, I saw this billboard, and it of course- steamed me pretty bad.. b. After the game - I had to laugh...Well done SMU. I hate to admit it, but we TOTALLY deserved that. But something to to chew on....Many of us on have heard for years, have heard how "SMU doesn't consider us a real team (I know I know, don't leave, read all of this...) and that this game means nothing to them, and in NO WAY do THEY consider it important or a Rivalry....", right? Look at both images again.....CLEARLY,UNDENIABLY, they do...And, they're winning it, easily.
  5. And GH. And a dedicated stand alone OC. Oh and a QB coach. But other than that, it outta work out, right?
  6. I hope SMU is awake and packing the bus. The sooner they come to lose, the sooner they can go home. Beat SMU!!!!!!!! It’s time change history with out all time records!
  7. To be clear....Home Teams dont wear dark by default....Home team gets to DECIDE between light and dark. Think maybe UNT decided (likely some time ago...) to wear whites for the first few home games because it's cooler to wear than the darks.
  8. Thing is, it's about perception when it comes to recruiting. When UNT signed this deal a few years back, to play each other for the next 8-10 years, we really should've seen the long term recruiting investment before. us. If we're going to play them that many times, at the very least, we need to win at least half of them. Recruits will take notice when hearing/reading something that says UNT has won 6 outta the last 10 meetings with SMU".....But...if you fall flat....well...
  9. Oh HOLY crap I can’t stop laughing. Everyone needs to make a solem vow from here on out, every single time they refer to us as NTSU, we reply in spades with that image.
  10. i still thing we need to make this happen....Annual Trophy...
  11. We’re on the same wavelength. Just posted the same question. Anyone out there know anything?!??
  12. Hopefully I'm overlooking something....But I'm one of those that had pre-purchased season Tix back like in June....2 Tix, Donation and you get a parking pass, etc. So COVID stuff hits and we have to go through this new deal to get in line to re-purchase tix. I actually called the office and did it over the phone....Was told we'll get Tix via email (which I did, see below....) And I specifically asked about the parking pass...Girl on the phone said it will be included in your tix we email you....But, I didnt get anything??????? Did this happen to anyone else? Am I supposed to go another
  13. There was a post few weeks back....Think it said something like CUSA is enforcing bascially that all non-immediate team related personnel can be on the field. I assume GB will be there, but just in the stands only.
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