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  1. I can beat that.....Lamar, after being hit by Hurricane Harvey, completely wrecked/flooded Beamont, the team didnt even get to practice the entire week before the game. But they STILL pushed through and showed up and STILL brought more fans than SMU...
  2. yeah - a bit of a bonehead move..But, to be fair, this interview probably has numerous interviews stacked up, back to back to back, and it's going to be difficult to remember everyone's name. So, if I'm him, I have a big Que-Card right off camera with each of their names, in GIANT LETTERS, and maybe a couple of hard to remember facts under each name..."senior, what town they're from", etc. so I can quickly glance at them to remind myself. Set yourself up for easy success.... I dont care if I'm interviewing Nick Saban...I'll have a Que-Card next to the camera that says "NICK SABAN"
  3. I really hope his on-line football team does well this year.
  4. So, NOW we have the added Blue Lot that was completed, ehhh around mid to end of last season? But trying to remember, seems like all of the ORIGINAL Blue Lot wasnt 100% completed by that first game, like it got expanded some a year or so after? .Maybe I'm remembering it wrong?
  5. well everyone reading this board better be at OUR game. The only allowed excuse to go see Auburn/Oregon game is if you get a Go Mean Green Sign in the background on College Game Day.
  6. It’s like if these two had a love child Actually, specifically, it really reminds me of this scene in Beetlejuice.
  7. Graduated 1989....McConnell Hall for a couple years....Last year or so, moved to a 2 bedroom apartment @ 311 Jagoe Street, walking distance North of Campus. Fully Furnished, $360 month, all bills paid, so $180 for each for me and my roommate. And I remember that monthly payment just killing me - lol... Somebody find me a time machine, I wanna go back...
  8. McConnell Tower/Trees, while easily recognized from this image, will be hard to decipher from different angles, upside down, etc. It'll leave alot of people squinting at it, saying "what is that thing?" And I love me some battle flag, but to make the whole court look like that? Looks like the worlds biggest corn hole board.
  9. Remember, here at The Rock, we have 2 rules. \
  10. Not defending it, trust me... The partially open practice facility is intentional. They’re all (including UNTs) pre-engineered metal building systems. It’s very easy to add the exterior metal all panels, now or later. Look at how fast they’re skinning the outside of UNTs IPF... So these schools, to get the project off the ground, to generate excitement, recruiting, donations, they just frame it open, for now. The walls, insulation and AC can be added easily later.
  11. Fine absolutely deserves the cover. But as mad as we are about him NOT making the cover, do you have any idea how pissed UT would be if he did? There's NO way DCTF would put Fine on the cover, just so they dont have to deal with the UT backlash. It's a good ol boy system, and there's no way it would happen. Pisses me off. Wish we played UT this year... Might not win, but we'd see who the better QB would be...
  12. if someone goes, be sure to take pics of the jumbo-tron with him up there.
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