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  1. That's the the difference between hiring a marketing firm to do professional branding, and someone in the Athletic Department saying "My 14 year old daughter loves to draw, let me see what she can come up with!!!!!'" Seriously, when I saw all of those ugly-A$$ designs that changed about every year, I guarantee it was some kinda scenario like this... Branding is expensive, but when its done by someone who knows what they're doing, it's worth the cost.
  2. Anyone hear rumors that they'll offer a cheap family package or one of those "in honor of Joe Green, we're offering gen admin tix for $7.50" kinda thing? I have about 8 friends that want to go, that have NEVER been to a UNT game... UNT might be holding out on "deals" because it's family weekend, and theyre already giving students extra tix for parents. Anyone, in case I might miss a facebook feed, came someone post a link if they see something? I check this site more than anything else. Thanks for the help.
  3. If we don’t get many things fixed, and continue to play like we did Saturday, we’ll be lucky to win 7.
  4. trud1966


    I think Seth needs to make him an offer as an assistant. We could use his knowledge.
  5. SMU did EVERYTHING right, UNT looked like they went into this went into this not seeing the value of this win, across the board, for the program, school, Denton, DFW , ...You know how someone always posts, at the beginning of the year; “Would rather rather lose to SMU -or- not win the conference and still go to a bowl game?” (Or some variation of that question, etc...). Interesting to think about how you answer those questions before the season, then after a loss like last night. . SMU’s transfers, made a difference, we were out coached, and they studied film. They knew if they shut down Bussey and pressure Fine, that eliminates at 75% of the threat we bring. We have got to be deeper than that. Defense. Wow... awful...like Todd Dodge vs OU awful. Shows just how inexperienced we are. And Geez, what happened to the whole “We’re gonna really start incorporating the Tight End” thing? Tire Fire My concern is we really showed our cards last night. Every opponent we have this season will watch the SMU game to figure out how to beat UNT. And, it was HOT out. I’m just grumpy cause of this damn heat. There’s only one person to blame for that, and that’s RV.. (cause I blame him for everything...even at work)
  6. Don't get me wrong, I hate SMU more than George Dunham does....And I remember all too well when SMU came crashing down. By that time I was at UNT and bleeding green. But in my teenage years, yeah - I was on board with the entire Pony Express campaign. It was a huge draw in town, alot of excitement....Honestly, now when I see "Pony Excess" on ESPN 30 for 30, I really do kinda say to myself "geez, enough is enough, it's over...." And the reason I say that is to Plumm's original post. If that had happened to UNT, and dragged on for over 30 years, it would start get really old....Some of the players on that team have grandkids now. My point is, it was a long time ago, and it was a reason for a decline in their program....WAS....What I dont agree with now is when people out there say it's STILL the reason they're not continuously successful, nobody comes to the games, dont get the play with the big boys, whaaa whaaa whaa... When is SMU going to stop using that excuse and take a hard look at their program, attendance, wins, etc and really clean house? They can bash UNT all they want...And sure, we're not in the Big 12...But we've stayed the course for many years and always keep trying to climb the ladder and improve the program, even with a few steps backwards at times. Some of us get impatient and always want more, but holy cow, when I think about where we were 20 years ago, compared to now....We're getting there... Keep climbing....
  7. Fantastic Idea to FINALLY get City of Denton involved. Free parking in front of RV's sushi restaurant - park on his lawn, i'm sure it's fine...
  8. Agreed - I hate those guys, but i actually laughed....I'll give him points for style, not accuracy.
  9. Really enjoyed PreGame! You could tell the new director’s “Big 10” influence when GB played that UNT type of “fanfare” song. All Big 10 bands and Norte Dame do the same kinda thing. Something custom written just for UNT. Impressive! And holy crap, the fireworks when the team ran on? Thought the place was gonna catch fire!!!! It was crazy and seemed to ijust never end. Hope that’s the norm every game!
  10. I’ve dug around, by can’t find it. Can someone post it? Loved how UNT has stepped up with the “we’re gonna be the metroplexes team!” Good pics of our longtime fans too Plase post if you find it!!!!!
  11. Every year we make a big deal out of College Colors Day at our office. We decorate up the tables, Hang flags, cater in wings for lunch, And the employees bring side dishes. Prizes are given for different food catagories In addition, this entire week we have a single elimination corn hole tournament. So tomorrow, the championship game is played during the lunch in front of the entire office, about 75 people. It actually gets pretty nerve-racking in front of that many people. Here’s a photo of our studio after we finished decorating tonight Anybody else’s office do anything Tomorrow?
  12. If you zoom in REALLY close to the arrow, there’s a Direct TV dish. It connects directly to RV’s living room.
  13. Holy IRELAND that looks green when it's against a white background....Looking good!
  14. Probably says “2018 New Mexico Bowl Champions” on the back.
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