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  1. Id say yes for sure. The change not only mitigated a new coach, but it was eye opening that we needed a completely new culture. I know RV wasnt officially "shown the door", but I think there were conversations where the exit sign was pointed out...After that, everything changed. I know we'll always have that asterisk next to our name for that game, but meh, I dont care. UNT has turned it around so much, that I have HONESTLY forgotten about that game until someone brings it up. I'm more inclined to think about other loses first...
  2. I'll defer my answer until AFTER I watch the Spring game on Saturday. 😀
  3. Dollar General....The Retail Equivalent to G5....Hoping we can improve enough to one day get an invite to Five Below...
  4. Took the thoughts right out of my head. The first one I thought of was Texas Pickup. If I ever had a bad week at school, Texas Pickup with it’s gigantic Chicken Fried Steak would make me feel better. And it was cheap ! Really miss all these places, but that’s development and progress. Glad I have the memories.
  5. Unfortunately, I agree.. My gut says it wont be good...I'm pretty sure SL has dismissed players from the team for doing much less
  6. What people have to remember is, again, it's not about the racoon, and iif its a worthy animal or living or dying (we're all going to have opinions and legislate it to death. So agree to disagree, and lets drop that part... And it's not JUST the University's Code of Conduct. Littrell has made it clear numerous times about the second you screw around with social media, again, whether youre directly involved, indirectly involved, bystander or whatever, you include the team and the university in your actions. a. So you hate Racoons and its no big deal to kill one in your eyes? Fine... b.But does the entire world feel this way? No.. c. Do you think you YOU can convince planet Earth that its not a big deal to kill a Racoon? eehhhh I'm gonna guess not... So, based on the last of the three above questions, if the answer is "no" and remembering that you've been warned by the coaches numerous times about stupid decisions regarding social media, you should not be near it, or film it, or upload it, because you'll be guilty by association. I know it's one event, but there's 3 chances that he ignored consequences and moved forward. So Litrell is going to likely light up KM for doing this, and when KM says "Im sorry about the Racoon, Coach" Litrell is going to reply "it's NOT about the racoon...It's about How I tell you guys to think about your representation to the school, and how I constantly tell you to be cautious about social media!" So, because he CANT sway everyone's opinion on this animal or that animal, THATS the issue people...Did KM take those things into consideration; School, himself, image and team? Littrell wants those kids to stop and always ask themselves, "ok, is this a good idea?" I might be old-school, but I'm a big believer when a kid questions why I'm mad about something he did wrong, all I have to answer with is "BECAUSE I TOLD YOU NUMEROUS TIMES NOT TO!!" Littrell needs to be looking for new assistant coaches and thinking about Spring Practice...Now he's spending a percentage of the time doing discipline and PR Damage control and likely answering dozens of emails from Boards, Press, Fans, Humane Society on and on.... Someone tell me how any of that helps us win next season? The kid needed think first and put the phone away, period. You might say "It's Just a Racoon..." Well, now it's a hornets nest/sh*t storm of bad press and distraction to the team. It would be easier to just leave you phone in you pocket...That's a lesson for all kids...
  7. trud1966


    well, that hardly looks indoors to me...I blame RV!
  8. Everyone has an opinion, but "I f'in cant stand Racoons" isnt a good reason...Seriously? Dont use the argument that because it's a Racoon, it somehow had this comin... No, I'm not stating this because I love animals. I mean, if some racoon like kicked your ass back in the 5th grade or ate your grandmother, and finally, you feel vindicated, well, I'm happy for you....But my experience with Racoons is that I see them now and again, and they've gotten into my garbage cans. So have numerous dogs and cats in my neighborhood. Kinda pissed me off, but I dont think the dogs, cat, or racoons and the like, deserves to mauled to death after being held captive... And more importantly, the issue isnt about the racoon, people...It's about the player's decision to do this...His decision to film this...And his decision to upload this....You hate racoons? Fine...But the question is, was this a good decision to do, for the team? I'm guessing not or we wouldnt be having this discussion or reading the DRC about it. it's distracting, and shows that someone doesnt think about others before acting....
  9. Well we know Seth’s terms. Wants to bring his entire staff if he’s gotta rebuild. So is Baylor will to clean house?
  10. Agreed. This was maddening. We didn't have the line and our QB and RB, albeit very tough, they're small. So if we cant have power, lets at least build up some speed before jumping on the On-Ramp. I would scream SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!" on these plays, but nope, always up the gut into a brick wall, rarely punching through...
  11. How did he get that arrow to stick to his forehead????????
  12. It's gonna take a bigger machine than that to tear down the urinal wall!
  13. People keep asking about the pictographs/reliefs on the facade of the stadium. Well, I'd say if they're starting to chew away at the stadium with that monster,, then no effort is being made to keep them. They wouldve removed them first. A missed opportunity. Hell, I wouldve given them $500 bucks for one of them.
  14. EXACTLY what I'm saying...Thank you...
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