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  1. trud1966

    A Special Message from AD Wren Baker

    How did he get that arrow to stick to his forehead????????
  2. trud1966

    Goodbye Fouts!

    It's gonna take a bigger machine than that to tear down the urinal wall!
  3. trud1966

    Goodbye Fouts!

    People keep asking about the pictographs/reliefs on the facade of the stadium. Well, I'd say if they're starting to chew away at the stadium with that monster,, then no effort is being made to keep them. They wouldve removed them first. A missed opportunity. Hell, I wouldve given them $500 bucks for one of them.
  4. trud1966

    New Head Coaches Hired

    EXACTLY what I'm saying...Thank you...
  5. trud1966

    New Head Coaches Hired

    Not at all what I'm saying....
  6. trud1966

    New Head Coaches Hired

    It's possible that SL goes to TT. But, I'm sure the guy, his agent, etc all have feelers out there. If he feels that Lincoln Riley might get plucked this year or next year by way of NFL rumors, then I'd say he'd hold out and stay put at UNT. And if he does, UNT needs to find a way to throw more money at him (yes, again...). But with more money comes the need for an increased buyout. Just need to keep protecting ourselves for the future.
  7. Agreed 100% This type of statement breeds discontent...And I have to admit, selfishly, it kinda pissed me off. I know he's got to keep his options open for his future. Hell, we ALL do...But also believe if you're THAT good, it wont matter where you went to school. He wont get passed up because some NFL team will say "Oh, I never considered that kid at UNT". I assure you, in this day in age, every NFL scout that's looking for QBs, whether they've every heard of UNT or not, has heard of Mason Fine and he's on a lot of radars. The kid is good...DAMN good...But, if he goes to a P5 and plays 12 games, do you think he'll put up the same kinda numbers he does here? And ultimately, don't you want GIANT numbers heading into a draft? He's going to have bigger numbers here, and add more records broken here. No reason he should've even brought it up... Discretion is the better part of Valor... I tell my employees, Loyalty is huge, and finish what you start...
  8. trud1966

    Well well well

    I think there should be a ceremony as a last goodbye. Have Joe Greene fire Boomer at the side of Fouts to mark the beginning of the end. As soon as the cannonball makes contact, Green Fireworks behind the stands shoot off. Do the entire thing at night. Something outta Vegas.
  9. ha - the nutcase from Abilene Christian. Had one amazing night, and then got cocky the rest of the season...Heard Roger wanted to take a swing at him a couple of times.
  10. HA! I love it...I forgot all about Gary Hogeboom...Perfect example!
  11. I've never been one of those guys that always in the background that insists the back up quarterback is better than our starter. There was always some idiot that would say 'Well you know Danny White is actually better than Roger..." We all knew a guy like that... And I dont think that about Shambour either. But he ALWAYS made me take notice of his skills in Spring ball and the Spring Game. The guy has a cannon and can run like a deer. I just always wondered if he couldve been used sucessfully in a Wildcat kinda scenario.. Thoughts?
  12. trud1966

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    When we finally got approval to build Apogee, I went out and took photos of the reliefs, and framed them. Knew that might not ever see them again.
  13. trud1966

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    I think this is a great idea!
  14. trud1966

    For a Good nUTSAck Laugh

    i thought he was gonna be the next coach of LSU?