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  1. trud1966

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    When we finally got approval to build Apogee, I went out and took photos of the reliefs, and framed them. Knew that might not ever see them again.
  2. trud1966

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    I think this is a great idea!
  3. trud1966

    For a Good nUTSAck Laugh

    i thought he was gonna be the next coach of LSU?
  4. trud1966

    Official Rice Game Score Prediction Thread

    We win, but all our points scored in first half...
  5. trud1966

    Littrell post UAB game video

    Hed Coach? Man, in the second half, this team sure looked Ded.
  6. trud1966

    A game not even Vegas can get a handle on

    I keep seeing bits and pieces and about UAB has a great defense and how they've stepped up....But has UAB faced an offense this year, that has the potential to use up to 12-14 different receivers in a single game?
  7. Hey, Remember the time Boomer backfired and the cannon ball hit Dr. S right in the nards?
  8. Wow.... so I figured it out... UTSA wanted a cannon. Surely they looked at ours, or several other schools that fire muzzle loaded guns. But here's the catch with them. They don't own the Alamodome. So I'm betting Alamodome ( which I assume is owned by City of San Antonio...) said "No Way" to a muzzle loading replica in their house. But, they probably would allow a controlled pyrotechnic type of device. (aka "the box") And I'm guessing that the wire and "cork" in the muzzle is a small connected charge that's supposed to flash when the main charge goes off, so they get a little bit of flame/smoke out the muzzle. But, alas, misfire... The Cannon... Really UTSA? You're not even trying. It's 4 picnic tabletops for wheels and about 50 pressure treated 4x4s. It's made of wood, but holy crap it probably weighs more than Boomer. And since the barrel isn't functional, I'm guessing it's just faux looking, like made out of paper mache or something. I mean , can't you at least paint the barrel black?.. Scrap the cannon. Just have the "touchdown box" that goes Boom. Seems like a lot of trouble for something, that literally does, well, nothing.
  9. trud1966

    IT'S GAME DAY!!!

  10. Simply put, Programs hat have their star on the rise, same-ish type difficulty of schedule, roughly same size school. Not National "Powerhouse" programs....
  11. Take a look at the remaining undefeated teams in FBS....The ones that are similar to UNT all have games that are a toss up...Nothing is a gimme for sure, but it could be an interesting weekend.
  12. trud1966

    Don't know if this has been posted yet

    Photoshop is an amazing tool! : )
  13. trud1966

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    gonna be a wet one for sure....thin crowd...I know we'll end up looking for empty seats under the overhang and moving up...
  14. It's not even the best stadium in San Antonio...Complete Dump...unsafe..