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  1. Forgive me if this has already been posted...but has anyone seen this yet? https://greenbrigade.music.unt.edu/trip/home
  2. Now, if they did a Beatles Tribute show, that would be amazing!
  3. Dollars to Donuts, the bookstore or Voertman's is still selling it...
  4. Not to be distrusting, but can someone post a link about the game/start time, etc? I'm probably looking right at it, but cant find anything....Is it on FB or Twitter or something?
  5. Littrell needs to give the football version of this speech...
  6. Very talented. Why hasnt he entered the portal? : )
  7. Not everyone that tried out for UNT Dancers made the cut....Look Carefully..See if you can pick the ones that didnt make the final cut. Better luck next year...
  8. Unfortunately, (and I HATE this answer...) but this is the world we live in now. You HAVE to have sexy facilities. Remember, you're trying to "woo" a 17 year old kid to come play ball here. And those facilities don't provide the promise of greatness, that leads to wins....The facilities, unfortunately, just keep you in the running for a kid, even if he's just average, to even consider you...Is that the smart decision/criteria for a kid to make a decision where he will get an education that could be the moral compass for the rest of their life? No, probably not.. But remember, he's 17... The facilities are part of the bait....I'm not saying they're not valuable in the development of the athlete, they really are. But early on, you're throwing bait out there, and trying to set the hook. Still need coaching... This discussion always reminds me of something.. (Bear with me...) I work in architecture, and I've done alot of national brand facilities, restaurants, health clubs, etc. Certainly nothing like a Stadium or practice facility . But years ago, I did alot of Health Clubs ( I wont use names, but you can probably figure it out...) We did numerous locations all over the country. And we ALWAYS put in Basketball Court...Always... And well over half of the locations we did were retro-fits, not necessarily brand-new buildings. Could be a old grocery store, or warehouse, etc. and we'd have to design how to lay it all out. And a BBall court never fits into any existing building. Existing columns are always in the way, the roof structure was too low, etc. etc. So, it was a major engineering overhaul to get a BBall court into an existing building. Major surgery to the structure. So if you think about what the owner is paying per Square foot for a Giant Room with goals at each end, it doesn't make sense on paper at all... I'd visit these locations and always see 5 or 6 guys playing BBall in there, or maybe, on rare occasion a Hoops tourney going on. So I ultimately had to ask the question to the client "Are these Giant A$$ courts REALLY worth spending all the money you put into them? NOBODY uses these damn things!!!!!" They said "Absolutely...The court is nothing more than eye candy that makes people sign up for memberships" 98% of the people that visit the club see the court and say "Wow they even have a BBall Court!!!". Only 2% ever step inside and use it. Without that court, they'd lose alot of average people signing up for memberships...
  9. im not confident we can beat either of those teams...
  10. I for one thought DT showed solid progression...No, he wasnt a Heisman candidate, but the guy was a leader and did a great job at managing the offense, and reading a defense. Thats my opinion, Im sure there are those out there shaking their heads and will downvote...fine. But to be fair, I dont think Chico should be judged on DT alone..DT DID progress and remember that winning season was 2013...Alot of us learn in our jobs in 7 years... I'm simply saying given some of the coaching choices we've had run through here in recent years, I think Chico should at least be considered a candidate and granted an interview...
  11. App State 49 (By halftime) Final Score....App State 56, UNT 17
  12. I sure hope so....We might have a fighting chance!
  13. Remember, those fans are 8-3....I'd do a lil meth to get to an 8-3 season...
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