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  1. We probably were more conditioned...but that was Pre-Indoor Practice facility! : P
  2. Everybody I know had sunburned knees from sitting there with the sun directly overhead. 11:00am Kickoff...In Late August...In Texas...Brilliant...
  3. If he's got to go, I get it....JUST FINISH THIS AND GIVE US A TROPHY TO PUT IN THE CASE!!!!! Is that so hard? : )
  4. I say let fans on the field, bring back After Game Fireworks shows, like they used to do at Fouts, years ago... And please, DONT start up with "it doesnt make sense when we lose to have a Fireworks show, it's like we're celebrating a loss..." Frisco Roughriders always used to have a fireworks show after Friday home games, I think? Maybe still do?
  5. With this group? No it's not too soon. Everyone is too senstive. It's business. Now...We need a coach....So eyes on me....I'm gonna say it...Everyone's thinking it....But I have the guts to name the best man for the job... Riley Dodge... (Making a run for the exit after that gag...)
  6. Seriously you guys, abandon this bitch-fest. Everyone wanted to run him out of town with torches and pitchforks, and now people are crying "why didnt he turn around with tears in his eyes and say goodbye when he got to the edge of town????" The whole thing reeks of High-School when your girlfriend dumps you because she thinks she can do better, and when you ask someone else to prom, she's pissed that you're happy. You ever consider maybe Litrell said something PRIVATELY to the team? Sent them a group text? Maybe sent them individual texts? Let...It...Gooooooooooooooooooooo. We'll be fine... The players will be fine... Litrell will be fine... Put that energy into finding a new coach and AD.
  7. I thought the same thing as you. Recycle Bins at the end... Also, have a requirements for the float entries that any decor (which, lets be honest, the decor is becoming less and less..) be made out of a minimum percentage of recycled/up-cycled material. There's a dozen ways to do a "work-around" for this problem, and some could really end up as some positive press...Don't just shut down the entire thing and quit. What message is that sending?
  8. Normally, and I sincerely mean this...In the past, I'm right there with you...There is absolutely NO reason we cant beat SMU, none...I get it... And your'e correct in all that math = "they ain't all that..." Agreed agreed agreed..... We can all cite these types of numbers, statistics, who they played the week before, the week after, how much they won by, etc etc....God knows I've done that EXACT same thing since I graduated in 1989... But, to be clear, and I believe this....SMU is not beating UNT....UNT is losing to SMU, and there's a big difference. Are we capable of having more points on the scoreboard when the clock hits zero? Absolutely. But can we? Where I sit, watching the coaching stuff/admin seem to prepare and game-plan against SMU, I wouldn't bet on it. We mostly seem to look unprepared, coupled with poor play calling...(And before anyone chimes in, yes, I'm completely aware, and have attend some of the handful of games where we won...) Still, 6 times in 100 years....Over 100 years, that's copious amounts of different players, coaches, assistant coaches, Admin, stadiums, guys that pick up jock-straps...The constant in life is change...It's really never the same team year after year is it?, Yet, UNT loses, C O N S I S T A N T L Y. Here's a dose of reality...Isn't it great the few times you can recall that we beat them? Brace yourself for this....Imagine....Justtttttttttttttttttttttttttttt imagine, if we actually did that...Two years in a row...Yes, I know, all crazy talk, that would take unicorns and voo-doo to pull off....The truth is, winning a game shouldn't be that hard...Winning 2 years in a row, we'd feel like we wont the lottery, but it STILL shouldn't be this impossible. 6 wins in 100 years = They're not beating us...We're losing to them. And until someone at UNT steps up, takes ownership of what this COULD mean to us, in the metroplex, with image and God forbid, not to mention RECRUITING, then I say don't play them. Don't talk about Billboards, dont talk about the "Safeway Bowl", none of that BS. STOP LOSING TO THEM...I know we're all in the AAC next year, but we didnt know that back when we scheduled a series with SMU a few years back that was supposed to last through 2026 +/-. Why would we sign up for something that long term that we're not going to take VERY seriously? And start with the down-votes, I can take it...
  9. Lets see how he feels once he signs a starting forward one day that makes 4 times the money he does.... I mean seriously...We all know the issues that will happen with this movement going forward, and it's going to be funny when people act like "well I cant believe we didnt see this coming..." But what happens when you have a kid making 3 million from endorsements (and no, the school isnt paying that money, but you KNOW they're going to help broker those deals with vendors to attract kids. So what happens when you get a 3 million dollar kid with an attitude saying he refuses to play because Coach isnt giving him the ball enough? Who gets pressure to bear from the vendor? The kid? The School?
  10. Good for him. But I can’t help but wonder if he ever tried talk them outta hats with camp logo on them, and insist the entire name of the camp is spelled out. ok, I’m done. I saw a window and had to jump through it .
  11. Somebody please post a picture of that make-shift wood platform/gallows "beer-garden" area in the seats a couple years back, BECAUSE they obviously thought it would offset empty seats, and make it look fuller. I used to have that photo but cant find it. Ring a bell anyone? P.S. I found it. And this section is gone now...but still...Are you ready to expand your stadium when you had to do this a couple seasons ago? Listen to all the positivity of the narrator. When he really should be saying stuff like "Fans are getting excited about this Hail Mary of a desperate idea, to keep out stands from looking so empty. As an added bonus, by extending the platform outward towards the field, it completely cuts off the viewing angle of fans sitting behind it..." And, if you went to the game earlier this year, I dont think 150 mil could fix their concession wait time and queing. AWFUL.
  12. WOW...Orignally, when I heard he signed on with Canadian Football, I immdiately thought..."oh, do they not penalize you for holding in the CFL? Cause if not, he's perfect!" But I digress...Good for Jordan, Best of Luck to him!
  13. If he stays, he's still gotta win the starting job...If he wins the job, they really need to re-think how the offense works, because his passing game just lacks...Yes, now and again, he'll connect on an exciting pass, but everyone does...I just dont see it suddenly late-blooming for him. "Ya know, I used to be a mediocre passer...but one day, late in my career, when I turned 29, it all came together for me, and we won our conference" (Said No One, ever...) He strengths are, he's a veteran, should be able to read defenses, and he's crazy fast...And I might add, he's got a great delivery/pass on short burst/quick slant type stuff, he just never seemed to do it much...The passes that exceed 20 yards are just too inconsistent....
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