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  1. Lets see how he feels once he signs a starting forward one day that makes 4 times the money he does.... I mean seriously...We all know the issues that will happen with this movement going forward, and it's going to be funny when people act like "well I cant believe we didnt see this coming..." But what happens when you have a kid making 3 million from endorsements (and no, the school isnt paying that money, but you KNOW they're going to help broker those deals with vendors to attract kids. So what happens when you get a 3 million dollar kid with an attitude saying he refuses to play because Coach isnt giving him the ball enough? Who gets pressure to bear from the vendor? The kid? The School?
  2. Good for him. But I can’t help but wonder if he ever tried talk them outta hats with camp logo on them, and insist the entire name of the camp is spelled out. ok, I’m done. I saw a window and had to jump through it .
  3. Somebody please post a picture of that make-shift wood platform/gallows "beer-garden" area in the seats a couple years back, BECAUSE they obviously thought it would offset empty seats, and make it look fuller. I used to have that photo but cant find it. Ring a bell anyone? P.S. I found it. And this section is gone now...but still...Are you ready to expand your stadium when you had to do this a couple seasons ago? Listen to all the positivity of the narrator. When he really should be saying stuff like "Fans are getting excited about this Hail Mary of a desperate idea, to keep out stands from looking so empty. As an added bonus, by extending the platform outward towards the field, it completely cuts off the viewing angle of fans sitting behind it..." And, if you went to the game earlier this year, I dont think 150 mil could fix their concession wait time and queing. AWFUL.
  4. WOW...Orignally, when I heard he signed on with Canadian Football, I immdiately thought..."oh, do they not penalize you for holding in the CFL? Cause if not, he's perfect!" But I digress...Good for Jordan, Best of Luck to him!
  5. If he stays, he's still gotta win the starting job...If he wins the job, they really need to re-think how the offense works, because his passing game just lacks...Yes, now and again, he'll connect on an exciting pass, but everyone does...I just dont see it suddenly late-blooming for him. "Ya know, I used to be a mediocre passer...but one day, late in my career, when I turned 29, it all came together for me, and we won our conference" (Said No One, ever...) He strengths are, he's a veteran, should be able to read defenses, and he's crazy fast...And I might add, he's got a great delivery/pass on short burst/quick slant type stuff, he just never seemed to do it much...The passes that exceed 20 yards are just too inconsistent....
  6. I disagree on all this, I DO think it's VERY relevant! I mean, just look at the Sharks Team....Next Season they open against the Jets... Oh boy...I think I've said too much...DANCE FIGHT!!!!!! (dammit...)
  7. What was the attendance?
  8. Thanks for the tip about going directly to http://meangreentickets.com/ (Not sure why I didnt go there in the first place...) Much better. Just bought 6...
  9. Wish I could say it's going smoothly....I've enabled all cookies, but still keep getting this....Anyone else having trouble?
  10. Like many of your, I pull what little hair I have left out while watching Aune at times. But, honestly, 10-ish years ago, anyone that sat near me can recall me screaming "OMG THOMPSON WHAT ARE YOU DOING???????", before his senior season... Aune, in a way, reminds me of Thompson going into his senior season. I recall his junior year, I think Thompson threw 15 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions, +/-.....Going into his senior season, the writing was kinda on the wall for Derek. He'd played 3 seasons, and it might be time to start working in a younger kid to learn the system. A lesser QB might have just rolled over, but I recall Derek (even in some write ups/interviews...) saying he was going to work as hard as ever to win that starting job his senior season, which he did.... Thompson wasn't the greatest QB in the world, but the guy was a LEADER, and really great at managing the game and making good/consistent decisions. If Aune puts in the time during offseason, fights for the job, and we have a good QB coach,, coupled with great depth at RB, the backfield will be very tough. It doesn't have to be Heisman-worthy, just consistent, well managed, minimize mistakes, have a sense of urgency...
  11. Hey, you forgot to add "and could possibly pass our program by/beat us..."
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