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  1. Didn’t Brock Stickler play both football and run track? Or something in track& field?
  2. Great - use the photo where he's not a got a grip of the ball by the laces...haha
  3. Thats very happy news for you and your family. Congratualtions!
  4. Wow....Now, as bad as this season has hurt, and makes ALL of us judge as to the "program", and we're not as far along as we should/would/could/want to be, etc....Take a collective breath for a minute and think about this... Firing BOTH these guys Monday after the season ended terribly, and NOT giving the OC a 1 year "Grace Period", to me, is not only the right thing to do, but more importantly, it's a Big Program decision move. Years in the past, we've seen this thing/drama drag on for season after season, keeping our fingers crossed, hoping, waiting, compromising. I hate this season, but man, I'm BEAMING with pride how people are being held accountable, band-aids are ripped off and we're making an effort, with a sense of urgency, RIGHT F'ING NOW.... Being the boss is never easy, and leaders take the arrows first into battle. Good for Seth....Lets fix this... One thing I need to clarify is this. I’m never happy about someone losing their job. I’m not celebrating this changing in leadership in the program. What people have to remember is these guys weren’t shown the door and thrown out immediately because of records. It is much is respect to them to let them go as soon as possible, so they can find jobs quickly to provide for their family. When letting someone go, from any job, to keep your own integrity, And out of respect for them, it’s best to release them as soon as possible and not string them along. So to be clear I’m not thrilled or celebrating two men lost their jobs. I’m pleased that the program sees the need to be expeditious on all levels. I wish both of them the best of luck.
  5. yeah - thought the same thing? Why would you put that kinda surgery off?
  6. i would assume there's got to be some move....This isnt the Todd Dodge days where he's getting paid $150,000. Seth is paid pretty well and with that comes expectations. He'll get pressure AD, who gets pressure from the University, who gets pressure from boosters. For better - or - worse, alot of things have to change...Personnel is the easiest/first/smart one to do.
  7. well, unfortunately, if you think about it, Offseason has started.
  8. Rough, and heart breaking. Feel absolutely awful for him. It's certainly not how he thought his year would turn out. People should show up not only to support the team and thank the seniors like Mason, but it's a big pat on the the back to all of those player's parents too. Showing up, unconditionally is how WE thank their mom's and dad's for raising great kids that represent, not just the team, but the school and this program. (People have to remember, it's ALL THREE of those things, not just 100 guys in shoulder pads...) This has been a bad year...We might very well get killed on Saturday....But come anyway, see the band, shake your friends hand for the last time until next season, load up on hot dogs.. Go into with a positive attitude. Don't do math calculations in your head based on a record or how you "hate the DC," to justify thanking/supporting someone. I'm older now, been going to games for 30 years +. When I see those teams every year, and I can recognize parents in the stands, I don't think of the players as "their kids"....They're OUR kids.... You wouldnt/shouldnt bail on YOUR kid to "send a messege", right? Shut up, and SHOW UP.
  9. They’re 1-9, there’s more green in the stands, we brought our band, and coming off a Bye week. Someone needs to go.
  10. Well, come to think of it, absolutely nothing. But thanks for asking.
  11. Still gonna be fun. Going to that game! Flying out tomorrow, I’ll post pics.
  12. i dont even get mad at these stupid online critiques of EVERTHING nowadays. Why would a personal finance website "Moneywise" even perform such a survey. Yes, when I want up to date sports infomation, I turn to an online financial adviser. I love the part about bad parking. The parking against the stadium is nice....Any other parking is at Fouts or on campus..Yeah - i'm sorry you have to walk....Obviously the guy has never been to a football game before. I've been to numerous Notre Dame games, and we walked for what felt like an hour. That's part of college football.
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