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  1. trud1966

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    Wow. Seriously, someone should lose their job over that idea.
  2. Ha. That stuff doesn’t bother me, he can exclude us all he wants. A. The guy is Obviously a homer. His list is just Big 12 schools and SMU. A pathetic transparent message. Keep dreaming dude, it’s never gonna happen B. Out of all the schools, SMU’s graphics looks the worst. Social Media outlets moves much faster than a newspaper. Even if it’s online articles. I wouldn’t waste my time getting mad at him. When he continues to completely ignore UNT, while they’re trending upwards, eventually someone in his organization will question his methods.
  3. trud1966

    10 Hottest Seats

    I’d bet it’s not as a secure job as this implies. I’m not saying he’s got to win the B12, but I think a school like Tech wants to see at least a contention for this after someone has had the job for a awhile. I don’t think they’ll just sit happy barely (6-7 wins) getting to some lower level bowl year after year.
  4. trud1966

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    UTSA? The Alamodome??????? Seriously? That place is only bigger, not better. It's a little over 20 years old, but from the state of repair and maintenance, you'd think it's 50 years old. Seriously, the concourse areas are FILTHY....Went to a game there a couple season ago to see Notre Dame vs. Army...We sat in the corner of the end zone, and part of the steel deck we were on was literally repaired with Duct Tape...I'm not kidding....DUCT TAPE...It's dark and dungeon-like under the stands....Honestly dont feel that secure/safe walking inside or around the stadium.
  5. i love how traditions at this school get everyone’s feathers ruffled. No pun intended. Many schools have a ring tradition of putting it in booze. My guess is that someone probably considered the possibility that there’s always going to be a number of people who don’t drink (yes, even if they are in college...) So, the simple answer would be to still “submerge” the ring. And what better place to do than at a body of water in the middle of campus = everyone dunks at once, so no private parties and makes for a good photo.
  6. Last year when that rumor was flying around, alot of the Tech Fans said "mehhh, SL needs to get more experience, he's not ready for a big-time program like ours" etc. I LOVE SL.. And as much as i hate to admit it, i think Vito is correct... Tech might think they're a big-time program, and SL wasnt ready last year, but if KK takes a nose-dive early, Tech fans will be ravenous and immediately be calling for SL. All we know is what we see in the media, that KK has been given another chance, Tech loves him, etc... In reality, KK was likely pulled into the AD's office and told "This is your final chance...You HAVE to win at least X-number of games next year, in fact, you HAVE to win the first 6 or 7 straight, or we gotta break ties..." If KK doesnt win his first 6 in a row, SL's phone will light up...KK could be dismissed before the end of the season, and some Assistant takes over until the end of the year....Bank on it....I hate it, but that's how it's gonna play out...
  7. trud1966

    Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    Agree it seems pretty pricey for something that’s in need of alot of repair. Don’t get me wrong, I know motor coaches get way up there in price. But this thing doesn’t have a sleeper area does it ? Kitchen? Pop outs? It’s really just a very nice customized bus with some club chairs. If they wanna flip something, the UNT should strip the decals, repaint it, get it tuned up/repaired.
  8. Yes, unfortunately, we all do....DAMMIT RV!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Maybe the AD is taking the term "Battle Flag" a bit too literally....ok, it doesnt have to ACTUALLY look like it's been IN a battle...
  10. trud1966

    Football Banquet?

    I don't get it, it was a lot of fun back in the day...Because especially after a really successful year, they could EASILY sell out tickets/tables @ $75 per ticket and get 400 people on the floor of the colosseum = $30K Gross. Seems like an easy fundraiser...
  11. trud1966

    Football Banquet?

    Doe UNT still have these? I went years ago back when Dodge was coach, but havent seen anything about this season's banquet, if tickets are available to the public, etc. Anyone know anything?
  12. trud1966

    Home Opener Against SMU

    Yeah It was. I remember so many people had the top of their knees sunburned that day. 1:00 kickoff in September, against a school that could drive home in 45 mins, in100 degrees. Thank you RV, brillant idea. 🙄
  13. trud1966

    FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    FAU must be proud to have this jackass representing their program on National TV
  14. trud1966

    How does attendance look on TV?

    Not clear If we had a choice, but if we did, we picked the wrong bowl to go to. Poor crowd, outplayed by a clearly better team. Hope the team had fun in the Big Easy.
  15. trud1966

    Greetings from the 118th Army Navy Game