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Does North Texas have a chance?

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ESPN: Does North Texas have a chance?

“…as much as some want to see mid- major champions over middle of the pack power conference teams, it’s unlikely to happen this year with UNT…likely doesn’t have enough on the resume to get a bid…just one Quadrant 1win all season…suffered a suprising loss in the conference tournament…”

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6 minutes ago, Andrew said:

Broken record but we beat Buffalo and UTEP and we are in. Would have stayed in the top 40 net. 

Crazy our first D1 game of the regular season and last D1 game of the regular season caused the tilt. 

Ehh maybe. I think if we hold on to that Miami game and still dropped the Buffalo/UTEP games, we’re in. But you never know. My mind has shifted from getting in the NCAA tourney to trying to win the NIT. 

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1 minute ago, Mean Green Matt said:

I don’t think we get in, but you never know. We are in the conversation and have the win over Purdue last year in recent memory. At the very least we should be set up well to make a deep run in the NIT. A potential matchup with SMU for a trip to MSG is tasty. 

I’d love to go to MSG, but you gotta win 3 games first to get there. Always tough, but a few years ago Western did it.

Wherever we land, I have faith that we make noise.

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Stranger things have happened. But not frequently. If the committee had something really weird in their breakfast and it would lead them to want to, they would find a decent enough argument to defend NTs inclusion. However, it is unlikely that their breakfast will be that out of the ordinary

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“…if the committee are of the mind to voice its independence from the mock-bracket chorus, who knows…North Texas could be the beneficiary.”

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1 hour ago, NT80 said:

This.  There are too many P5's with marginal records getting in just because of what conference they are in or past accomplishments.

100% this. And it's BS. 

Tired of seeing 18-13 "major conference" teams steal spots as 10-13 seeds just to get bounced early. 

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