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  1. I know, so did Seth before he got his extension and was courted by KU. That's my point.
  2. Let's hope the outcome to that isn't the same as Seth's....
  3. @Big Z and I will be there about 3:45. What area are you guys going to be in?
  4. Along this same vein, Mark Fo will be there he tweeted.
  5. It's funny, I looked at this before the tournament started. Round trip per person was around $200.
  6. Guess they feel it's about ratings and maybe one of the teams would be better for ratings on a Sat primetime. Completely guessing here.
  7. Oh man, that could really make things interesting.
  8. We will see the outcome on both sides. If we exit early, you can gloat. If we end up winning and you guys exit, even second round, I would be happier. Now even a more awesome scenario if you guys get bounced by a CUSA team in the first round.
  9. Haha. Yeah, I think we will get much more viewership on our second round game.
  10. Oh well, I will be there, so it doesn't really matter. We are used to ESPN+ by now. Difference is we will get ESPN announcers. Nothing against Hank, I love our homer announcers. They are actually pretty good.
  11. The graphic on the Mean Green site says ESPN+
  12. Awesome! I was getting worried we might have to play another 11am game. Only issue is I think this will be on ESPN+.
  13. They flashed the TV schedule on the screen and I didn't get a chance to rewind, but it didn't look like we got a prime time game. In looking at the TV schedule on ESPNs website, it looks like some of the first round games are going to be at 8am and 11am. I really hope we don't get one of those times.
  14. I will say they haven't spent much time on us at all, but I am just a homer.
  15. Yes, they said the seeded teams host the first round.
  16. Ok, I agree. 2 seed is good and that's what we got!! Awesome!
  17. Still don't get any respect even in NIT. Kinda used to it. We are going to have to earn it.
  18. I think this will actually allow us to go to more games. I think that is the bright spot here.
  19. This is a pretty good article to put it in perspective. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehuskyhaul.com/2012/03/23/where-would-an-nit-championship-rank-compared-to-the-ncaa-tournament/amp/
  20. Wyoming was a dumb play in. That was the one I thought we should jump.
  21. And how does Baylor essentially get a home game??? Ft. Worth.
  22. We should just have Joe Lunardi do the brackets. Why even have a committee? They just tow the line.
  23. That's why I think it should just be based on NET for the at-large. As much as they say it isn't a popularity contest. We know it is.
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