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  1. Hahahahaha at this point it is funny! Where's my Seth lovers??
  2. That's the defense we need to play. Just have a team that commits more penalties.
  3. Should we take shots everytime Aune throws it into the ground?
  4. At least we won't hear play better in all 3 phases!
  5. He got on him before about posting his Twitter before asking.
  6. And we haven't even seen our wonderful QB yet!!
  7. This post makes me feel you haven't watched a lot of Seth Litrell for very long. What's the definition of insanity again?
  8. I agree with this in the previous years, but this year, they actually have spent the money on talent. We have 3 USMNT players on the roster.
  9. Do you really call our product right now College Football? Ok, maybe FCS football.
  10. Only going to scream that at the TV now.
  11. I mean....comon.... I will still watch the game, but I am in the "not going to another game with SL" camp.
  12. One game???? Where were you on ALL of our bowl games?? Had to edit for all of our SMU games.
  13. I know, so did Seth before he got his extension and was courted by KU. That's my point.
  14. Let's hope the outcome to that isn't the same as Seth's....
  15. @Big Z and I will be there about 3:45. What area are you guys going to be in?
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