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  1. Looks like Matress Mack could set a record for one of the biggest sports betting wins with the bet he placed on the Astros. All this to say, he could have some extra cash available to fund a certain buy out.... https://nypost.com/2021/10/24/houston-furniture-tycoon-jim-mcingvale-could-win-36-million-on-world-series/
  2. This guy makes a lot of good points about why CUSA didn't do well. It is from 2020, but still relevant. Most of what he is talking about could be traced back to one person.... the commish. https://www.underdogdynasty.com/platform/amp/conference-usa/2020/12/31/22206936/conference-usa-hit-rock-bottom-in-2020-cusa-sun-belt-coaching-hires-realignment-tv-contract
  3. I am no SMU fan, but I wonder how he can say that when they are undefeated? Is it strength of schedule?
  4. Oh man, if this happens, we are in for a season and a half of torture. I really hope they pull the trigger. We really need to make the move ASAP so that we can start moving that direction and the new coach can have time to build before the first year of AAC play. Puts on tinfoil hat Another thought, what if Wren knew about this a little sooner than he is letting on and that's why he wanted to hold SL around. He wanted to get through this with all the work he had to put into it before adding another big task to his plate. Takes off tinfoil hat
  5. Funny, not many mentions of the football program. I feel like there were some subtle hints at change there at some point. Might be pretty obvious.
  6. Please remember that Wren has done a great job with athletics as a whole. We have a basketball program that is one of the best we have seen. I agree, Seth needs to go, but Wren is going too far.
  7. Wow, I am not sure what this world is coming to. UTEP is 5-1 and UTSA is 6-0. How have we started like that in a while? These programs have half the resources we do.
  8. I bet I can guess the play call on this next drive. Up the middle
  9. 16 total yards. How does that keep a coach here???? I really do not give a flying F if we win another game, but show that we are making a change!!!!
  10. Honestly, Phil Bennett is trying. He is COACHING. SL is pacing as usual. This starts at the top. FIRE SL!!!!!!
  11. Marshall here with more points in the 1st qtr. than they had all of last week in regulation....
  12. The announcers even see it. They said, SLs team needs to have more composure.
  13. Yes, completely agree. There are high school teams that play more disciplined.
  14. Because he was drunk for most of it.
  15. Hahaha, really?? Aune leading them back? Vito has officially put on the green glasses.
  16. At this point, please let him go. What good does it do to keep him?
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