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  1. So UTA has an opportunity to play in the Tournament...
  2. So what’s your take on the AAF? I don’t know much about it. Is it a league whereby the likes of Guyton for example can prove they can play at the next level? The Canadians play a weird version of football with lots of moving parts and an extra down - how weird is that? Or is it one less down? I believe they also have three quarters, not four... What does all this mean for college football? Is the AAF the G5 of the NFL?
  3. This brings up a topic - in the Utah St bowl loss or in any of our losses, was Fine either hurried / hit or sacked more so than in games we won? As I re-watched the Arkansas win, Fine was often hurried and hit and sacked, as well as his throws being tipped or blocked...I guess what I’m trying to say is was the tackle play as good as this article says? My thought throughout the season was keep Fine healthy, the whole offense revolves around him staying injury-free, so every time he got hit or sacked, I was a glass-half-empty kind of guy. So is 28 sacks per season a good stat, meaning if we keep that number around there, will we be good? Obviously less is better...I always thought we had way too many. This is a key question for sure. Just answering my own post I guess...
  4. So if a guy cheats on his wife he has to resign from his job? How screwed up is that? It’s not VTech’s fault...Chris Rock said it best - a man’s only as faithful as his options - tired of this #metoo crap...pendulum swingin way too far the wrong way...maybe said wife was also to blame? Maybe said husband had a part in it? You get the picture...
  5. A pool at Apogee? UNT Dancers in bikinis? Splish splash and all that, count me in.
  6. Epic collapse it was. What an absolute disappointment. Looks like something went wrong between game 17 and game whatever-it-turned-out-to-be. Too bad MacCasland and company couldn’t figure out how to right the ship. Need to close the books on this season.
  7. This is a video of Sunny Dykes bending over with his hands on his knees like he’s going t vomit on TV during the SMU game last season, after which he rubs his forehead and closes his eyes as if he has a migraine...makes me giggle every time I see it...if you guys can’t see this I need to convert (?) it to gif format...really hilarious...the broadcasters are like this is not how Dykes would like his season to begin or some such crap...really funny. F38FD9C4-AB44-42B8-B369-A3543FCD84A9.MOV
  8. For sure, I agree. Too many losses down the stretch. Let’s call it a night on this season. Sounds like too many injuries, need to get these guys in the Cryo chamber and rest em up, get em healthy. Great start, disappointing finish. Leave it at that.
  9. Hate to say it, but we would have collapsed playing Duke and Virginia, whenever we would have played them...
  10. Tough loss tonight. Tougher that we lost so many games down the stretch. Sounded like we didn’t play up to our potential. Hope McCasland can turn things around next season. When a casual glance shows a 20 win Mean Green team headed into March, it gets one excited...then to have a seven or eight loss stretch...deflating...really hoping (like we all were) for more, I envisioned a Tournament birth (still remember the last loss against LSU) and a potential upset of a big-name team...here’s to next season. GMG
  11. If all I’d been doin is hand holdin and lite pettin...got to be the best post I’ve seen on this board in a long long long time...that and Archer’s comment about a certain hashtag...I need to check into that apparently...
  12. Re-watching this great win over the past few nights. So much I could say about the game...first two quarters the Razorbacks shot them selves in the foot...our offense struggled at times...defense and special teams really stepped up, and I’m not talking about the fake fair catch - Arkansas ‘ starting field position and penalty after penalty really took their toll...both teams committed too much penalties. But In the 3rd we settled in and really took it to them. Our offense began to impose its will on the Razorbacks defense...several great receptions for long yardage...also some great rushes. What a quality win. SEC wins are hard to come by for the Mean Green historically. Watching the game again I see how fantastic this win was for our program, regardless of Arkansas’ record at the end of the season. Remember this win. Special season and team for our Mean Green. Sometimes I forget how awesome this win was for us...9 wins is such a great accomplishment, especially wins over Arkansas and SMU - certainly Arkansas who would’ve gladly used us as a primer a few years ago for their “real” schedule. Someone pointed out on another thread how our non-conference shedule in the past was so much more difficult, and I agree. It’s what makes this win so special. Really proud of these young men and the coaches. Screw the hogs. Great to see our Mean Green beat em down. Great to re-watch it again. And again. Go Mean Green.
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