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  1. Reviewing CBS Sports app stats shows the Mean Green are gaining more offensive yards than opponents, scoring the same amount of points, and rushing a 1/3 more yards than their opponents to-date. Twice as many interceptions committed vs opponents, and only half the touchdowns achieved. Mean Green have more first downs than their opponents and a better 3rd down conversion percentage. Penalties and takeaways are even. Passing completion is less than 52% vs opponents almost 60%. Under 200 passing yards per game average, twice as many interceptions and only half the touchdowns when passing vs opponents. Better QB play could improve the outcome of these games… GMG
  2. Too many penalties for sure, shot themselves in the foot several times. Decent crowd. Let’s get a win this weekend and reassess. Stay healthy for conference play. GMG
  3. And with a new head coach and some staff to boot…
  4. I noticed a few opportunities Aune missed that coild have opened up the scoring for the Mean Green earlier against UTEP so it could end up being as close as Mr. Vito suggestes. UNT seemed to control the tempo more so I thought. Go Mean Green
  5. ESPN says the Mean Green have over a 35% chance to defeat SMUt. Not great but good odds. So if they played 100 times, UNT would win 35 of those contests, I guess…better odds than I thought…wish the secondary wasn’t banged up we need all hands on deck.
  6. How about anywhere in the Grapevine Colleyville Southlake area?
  7. ESPN says the Mean Green have a 60% chance of winning vs UTEP.
  8. ESPN has the Mean Green ranked #88, well below foes such as SMU, UTSA and UAB - but ahead of most other opponents. Compares returning production, recent recruiting success and recent history. Predicts 4 conference wins, 6.5 total wins. Sounds par for the course. Here’s to making a splash and bucking some trends. GMG
  9. So I have DirecTV and AT&T for satalitte. Does anyone know what channel this game will be broadcast? ESPN+? The Ocho?
  10. I hear Aune will miss the UTEP contest due to his daughter starting kindergarten that week. Any one else hear this? Back-to-school time at the Aune home, here’s to wishing her a great start to the school year! Daddy daughter dance is in October too so Gunnell or someone else will have to step up…family first and all…
  11. Looks like some time with Pelaton Jen wouldn’t hurt Herman either. Should maybe broadcast standing up, do some squats, run-in-place while he’s at it.
  12. No, but if the Mean Green go 13-0 this season and then next season, ranked opponents could be scheduled..
  13. It really comes down to revenue via TV, right? Power, Group Of, whatever…the TV revenue agreements will be key. Negotiating these agreements also…
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