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  1. That assistant from Baylor who went to coach TTU would’ve been a good one.
  2. When UNT moves to the American, will there be a season in which the Mean Green potentially faces the Bearcats? Or will they be gone by the time UNT gets there?
  3. I think Cinci will be beaten by Alabama soundly.
  4. So did I read correctly that out of the 14 total bowls the Mean Green have played, six of them will have been coached by Seth Littell?
  5. How does moving to the American change any of this? Higher ranked opponents should help bolster recruiting, would be good to have some stability at the HC position… GMG
  6. The Mean Green certainly can’t continue to perform as they are, otherwise the espn will relegate em to the bottom 10. Is it the system or the culture or the…what?
  7. Guess it’s officially a rivalry, so add another fifty seasons and it’ll be settled. GMG
  8. So no to blonde cheerleaders? We all have our preferences I guess. So how many can you have? Asking for a friend…
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