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  1. Since ‘17, Blazers are 43-20, five bowl games and three division titles.
  2. I wonder about the energy it takes to play defensively like that and then pivot to focus offensively - it seems it’s a give -and-take…
  3. I honestly don’t think baseball is the answer. Seems to me a mens 1A soccer program would be more appealing - anything really. Is baseball really a sport? I mean let’s take your typical athletes from football, futbol, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Which athlete would be the most athletic? Could a football player play baseball? Futbol player attempt hockey? Basketball? Could a baseball player play basketball or football? On average? And how come every season professional baseball players go on strike? And who’s paying them all that dough? I mean, rank the professional sports in polpularity and/or revenue- football (futbol nationally), basketball, hockey, UFC…then there’s cornhole, spikeball…then there’s baseball. Who is even watching these baseball games? Too damn hot in Texas for baseball…someone on here said they’d watch two teams of dogs chase a frisbee around or something like that…I’d definitely watch that over baseball…but then again nobody asked me… GMG
  4. That being a different March Madness, not the real March Madness…the wee march madness
  5. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/insider/story/_/id/33209419/ncaa-tournament-2022-bubble-watch-brace-month-march-madness-bracket-selection-drama “…if the committee are of the mind to voice its independence from the mock-bracket chorus, who knows…North Texas could be the beneficiary.”
  6. ESPN: Does North Texas have a chance? “…as much as some want to see mid- major champions over middle of the pack power conference teams, it’s unlikely to happen this year with UNT…likely doesn’t have enough on the resume to get a bid…just one Quadrant 1win all season…suffered a suprising loss in the conference tournament…”
  7. You forgot about the money…and the conference affiliation…and the money. Looking at it realistically, but would want McCasland to stay in Denton - of course. Just think if there’s an increase in both, would be hard for any coach… GMG
  8. We can’t have it both ways, though. Want to join the Big Dance? Win your conference - just like how it should be in football…but if your team is 26% from the floor and goes 4-21 on 3’s maybe you shouldn’t be included, scoring less than 35 points in a game…
  9. 26% from the field…is that a low record for the season? What about historically? Seems extremely low… GMG
  10. I saw one stat that said the Mean Green we’re 2 for 14 from downtown…couldn’t buy a 3 pointer until it was too late…. GMG
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