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  1. Despite our recent success, historically we’re a .500 team...going undefeated, as Brett states, will be extremely difficult, but that’s what it takes in a G5 world we find ourselves in...need to go undefeated or damn near for a few seasons to have a shot at a New Years Six game... Glad Houston’s coming here. Need to travel well to SMU and pack the house for conference home games. With Fine in his senior season, best time as any to “get ‘er done”. Speaking of - need to cut the grass before it gets too hot this morning. GMG
  2. If we can take care of business the first two weeks, this one looks to be another defining game for the Mean Green. Doing some research, it appears their defense is their strength. How we move the ball and protect Fine in Reeder’s new offense will obviously be key. Your thoughts on how we win this one?
  3. Lacrosse is a great sport, a great Native American tradition for northeastern tribes, part of their religion. Tribes like the Cherokees...and the Iroquois. Granted it will never have the success of the NFL or NBA or whatever, but it’s a great sport.
  4. According to Wikipedia, the TCU - SMU rivalry was first played in 1915, they have met 98 times, with TCU leading the series 51-40-7 and with TCU winning the last 7 games. We need a rivalry. Army was a great series, so was Navy. MTSU.
  5. 85-23 versus 14-13. Math’s too fuzzy for me yet this morning. Fisher’s record vs. Littrell’s. $7.5M vs. $1.4M. Who’s going to take over Reeder’s offense when we travel to College Station next September in ‘20? Does Fine have another year of eligibility?
  6. Of course moving to AAC. Does a Bear sh&t in the woods?
  7. We need a solid backup qb In case Fine does go down again with an injury...
  8. Here’s to hoping the strength coach has these guys working overtime this summer...reduce those injuries
  9. We play washers with similar boards, those look great. Different approach in that only one player or team can score at a time, and the winning score is 21 AND you can bust if you go over.
  10. I was deadlifting close to that and he’s throwing it up...form could have been better if he’d drop the weight a few pounds but what could I say to him? Good guy, working in the medical device sales business now.
  11. In the house...LifeTime Colleyville...power cleaning, dunno, must’ve been close to 300#... Woo Woo! GMG
  12. So UTA has an opportunity to play in the Tournament...
  13. So what’s your take on the AAF? I don’t know much about it. Is it a league whereby the likes of Guyton for example can prove they can play at the next level? The Canadians play a weird version of football with lots of moving parts and an extra down - how weird is that? Or is it one less down? I believe they also have three quarters, not four... What does all this mean for college football? Is the AAF the G5 of the NFL?
  14. This brings up a topic - in the Utah St bowl loss or in any of our losses, was Fine either hurried / hit or sacked more so than in games we won? As I re-watched the Arkansas win, Fine was often hurried and hit and sacked, as well as his throws being tipped or blocked...I guess what I’m trying to say is was the tackle play as good as this article says? My thought throughout the season was keep Fine healthy, the whole offense revolves around him staying injury-free, so every time he got hit or sacked, I was a glass-half-empty kind of guy. So is 28 sacks per season a good stat, meaning if we keep that number around there, will we be good? Obviously less is better...I always thought we had way too many. This is a key question for sure. Just answering my own post I guess...
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