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  1. I think historically the Mean Green are a .500 program so…
  2. I think the Mean Green left several points on the field, I agree. That was a great opportunity…if the offense does begin to click it should be fun to watch.
  3. I agree. Let’s see a Dickey-esque conference run and then talk about the future. That would help answer any questions. A .500 team that’s where they’ve plateaued historically so unless we see a few good conference wins it’ll be the same ol’ story.
  4. A win in Dallas tonight would certainly help make the case for the Mean Green.
  5. Coach doesn't sound like they were outclassed...
  6. A few seasons ago I thought there was a shuttle system that would take fans from the downtown Denton square to the game and back. Does anyone know if that's still a thing? Looking online, don't see anything.
  7. Wife and I will be wandering through let us know what we can bring I’ll grab waters and some brews for sure
  8. Georgia vs Clemson play at Charlotte, NC tomorrow. Two uni’s in the same town?
  9. Phil’s gotta come through. Improve from last in football to not-last and I bet the Mean Green win more than they lose.
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