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  1. One could make the argument basketball is more important to the success of the Univ. I don’t see UNT taking away FB recruits from Texas, Aggy, TCU Baylor TTECH Houston even SMU maybe...I just don’t see it. How long have we recruited against these Texas schools and when will we see results? Same struggle year after year after year...but bball however...too bad we had some success overshadowed by Houston and Baylor and Oral Robert’s...if we can make the tournament more consistently is more important than playing in a bowl and getting beat.
  2. Never was a big Mean Green basketball fan...until these last few weeks. I’m locked in and loaded now, count me one of the Mean Green bball faithful. GMG.
  3. Hooters in Grapevine Sunday night. Wings, hooters, basketball...and hooters.
  4. I’ll be the one at the bar wearing green. Go Mean Green.
  5. The Mean Green out performed Purdue in every stat except two which ESPN records, which is great to read. Sky’s the limit now for this group of Seniors. Outstanding. GMG.
  6. He’s fun to watch. I was yelling his name all night. GMG.
  7. Great stuff Mr. Martinez. Thanks for all this juicy content. Can’t wait to get my popcorn ready!
  8. Projected per ESPN’s Joey “Brackets” Lundari
  9. So I read on ESPN That we’re facing West Virginia?
  10. But that one-for-thirteen field goal stretch in the 2nd half worried me, let’s hope some of these bench players pitch in. Read someone is predicting Virginia as next opponent in Indiana?
  11. I read on ESPN we’d face Creighton...? Region 1...
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