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  1. Is Norvil a close resemblance to Kennedy? Looked like the 3-4 there to me...
  2. One of my earliest Mean Green football memories is while watching a game at Fouts Field hearing some old guy yell “Holdem Eagles Holdem!” on a crucial third or fourth down defensive stand, way back behind me in the stands above... Lets holdem Eagles. Holdem.
  3. So does anyone have a subscription to the paper so five key thoughts can be viewed here?
  4. The Mean Green should opt out of this season like Houston players last season. The whole team. Everyone take a redshirt.
  5. And you mean to tell me the Rajin’ Cajun’s of Louisiana are ranked #19? I mean, come on, man...the same Cajun’s the Mean Green owned in SBC play for seasons?
  6. Gives the Mean Green a 30% chance of winning today.
  7. Really? Since when was the last time you just happened to hear what a girl said about you and whether or not it was true? What evidence did they have against ya? Come on now, you know you kinda enjoyed it right?
  8. Tim Jones from Southern Miss is a great athlete, what a catch
  9. So far the Jags of South Alabama have jumped on top of Southern Miss.
  10. The real question should be how does the North Texas Dancers uniforms look this season?
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