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  1. Not to mention the QB coach brought in lead these guys gets charged with inappropriate behavior with a minor or some such...
  2. And Dickey’s Aggies look like they’re about to score again vs the Vols. Really great defensive recruiting from his staff during the Mean Green’s Sunbelt reign.
  3. UNT isn’t the only team using this 3-4 scheme, so with the poor defensive performances this season - why can’t Bowen and company get this ship righted? Damm the success that could be achieved if the defensive stats were similar to the offensive stats of this team
  4. So if I’m in Colleyville, where can I get a copy of these editions?
  5. New Illinois head coach Bret Bielema, 3-time Big Ten Champ. Though this was interesting, giving the not-so-Mean Green’s defensive performances lately. If it would work for Illinois...
  6. Let’s get some of them Lovejoy football player boys to commit to good ol North Texas
  7. Ain’t too Mean these days, just Green...and Black...and White. Tough inaugural season for Bowen, but there were some shiny spots right? Someone earlier above mentioned the faithful were praising Bowen earlier this season so...damn last though? Come on man, you had one job.
  8. Academically, athletically - if I had a choice I’m pretty sure I’d choose TCU over UNT.
  9. All schools the Mean Green have winning or split records against and which are all nationally ranked. And yet here we are...seems so much progress was made the last few seasons and this one has really stung, Covid or no. Would not want to play any of those opponents today. Glad the Mean Green didn’t travel to College Station or Houston - the season would have looked really grim. Here’s to finding some consistency in all aspects of our next game, which if it’s the UTEP Miners it may not happen - thanks again Covid. Off field issues and Covid have really taken there toll it seem
  10. And would that mean a probable championship game vs ranked Marshall?
  11. So is that the last game at home for the Mean Green in a screwed up ‘20?
  12. My thoughts exactly, interesting how the Belt’s seen some success recently, given we left for greener pastures. Used to own the Belt at one time. Go Mean Green
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