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  1. We didn’t win consistently in CUSA, the Sun Belt (except for 2001-2004), or the Big West. We haven’t won with relative consistency since the Southland.
  2. Well, Jim, I’m saying I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we ever win consistently in the AAC.
  3. Where are their new homes? The Big 12 very well may just stay at 12. The more they add the more they dilute the revenue share. Maybe the ACC, but that will probably require a couple of defectors from the ACC first.
  4. I didn’t read this whole thread, so it’s possible someone said this already, but if you guaranteed me we would win consistently in the AAC I would take that deal and not even ask you for the timeline.
  5. I’ll preface this with I think Memphis might leave the AAC. But it’s no guarantee. I don’t think SMU is going to have any serious takers until their own people take them seriously. Interestingly, we have the same problem. In any event, if those teams leave I would, my first choice would be staying at 12. My second choice would be adding Liberty (hate their politics all you want but they throw big boy money at their athletic program) and then look at all of the teams in CUSA and SBC and see who is least offensive.
  6. I think you could make a good argument the teams chosen by the AAC bring more than just TV markets.
  7. Are you sure Marshall wasn’t briefly ranked a few years ago….not that that would change your overall point.
  8. This is actually a really good fit for USM And Marshall. The Sun Belt is way better now than when we were in it.
  9. This. And the reality is that the basketball program gets deference almost every time. And it’s not like they need the SP to practice anymore.
  10. The Sun Belt schools don’t fit the AAC profile of big market teams. The teams may not dominate their markets. But they are there.
  11. How Dave Barnett stays engaged is a miraculous feat of broadcasting.
  12. I have to imagine it will pick up this year after the NCAA win. The athletic department abandoning the pit crew concept was not ideal, hopefully that starts up again. Even with that it took Johnny Jones the better part of a decade to build up the fan base. Unfortunately it took Benford about a month and a half to eviscerate it.
  13. It’s a winter sport. It should be as close to the main cluster of dorms as possible. And it currently is. And it’s fine. It’s actually better than fine. We shouldn’t be building things for the sake of building them.
  14. It felt like CUSA was brought to you by Ryan. Not specific events. The entire existence of the conference.
  15. Yet somehow they’ve managed to make scheduling work for the last 50 years with what? One hiccup where they played a random game at the Snake Pit. The basketball arena NEEDS to remain on the main side of campus. As good as our facilities are it stinks they are on the other side of the highway. I wish the new football stadium was on the old Fouts site as well.
  16. I’m sure one call to Brint Ryan and the exit fee is taken care of.
  17. The Super Pit is an amazing venue for basketball. Plus it is right by many dorms. Want to kill student attendance worse than it already is? Move the arena across the freaking highway.
  18. Not a popular opinion but the idea we need a new arena is so incredibly misguided and a waste of time and resources.
  19. The Sun Belt is almost certainly going to cherry pick who they want from CUSA.
  20. I’m always worried that even almost 20 years later Karl Benson is going to exact his revenge. The Sun Belt is actually a pretty good league. They added the right teams from FCS. If the AAC loses more teams they’ll be right there with us.
  21. Hoping this all happens quickly enough for this before the next round of musical chairs.
  22. Maybe this is just the NT fan in me, but I’m still worried the Sun Belt somehow ends up better than the AAC. They’re likely to take USM and Marshall, so CUSA is effectively finished. If the Big 12 is done expanding (or ultimately only takes Memphis) I think the AAC is better off, but I think the MWC is going to be a runaway for the best G5 league. Still hoping something happens last minute and we end up there with UTSA.
  23. Coastal, Appy, Liberty, and probably Lafayette.
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