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  1. This has been a busy stretch of games. Hopefully our legs can get us one more W and then take advantage of a full week off.
  2. Thanks. That’s a pretty generic explanation. Hopefully she is back soon.
  3. Well unfortunately you can’t play UTSA every week.
  4. They need to just get rid of the “how many people are watching” graphic.
  5. Jackson for UTSA is fun to watch. It was also nice seeing him get called for a travel after the officiating disaster down there last year.
  6. Uh oh. The albino squirrel is here.
  7. This was our 5th game without Destinee McDowell. Her play has been up and down this year, but I think we are missing her presence. She is apparently out indefinitely according to the radio broadcast. Not sure if @Brett Vito has reported on it or not.
  8. If we hadn’t blown a huge lead in that game people would not be complaining about it in the same manner. Don’t be intentionally obtuse.
  9. This game is a hot topic on here.
  10. Are you on the same device you made the purchase on? I’ve been had a lot of trouble in the past getting it to work across devices.
  11. Only because of how it happened.
  12. It also looks like Hamlet’s dad came running around the end of the bench and wanted to join in on the celebration before a La Tech staffer stopped him. SO cool for his parents to be there for that!
  13. If you watch the replay of the final shot that NT basketball posted, take a look at J Simmons on the bench. He’s the only one that was like “That was really close, I am going to wait for the review to celebrate”.
  14. Fox 4 didn’t bother showing the play or even mentioning the game this morning with all of the other college basketball highlights. They need some emails.
  15. Yep. If you have to look at a replay for 10 minutes there’s not indisputable video evidence.
  16. Blew a late lead but managed to win in OT. Hopefully this gets them back on track.
  17. Where do we get a 5 star recruit that doesn’t care about never being able to play for a national championship?
  18. This board needs to start having a bunch of kids, turn them into 5 star recruits, and we will be really good in a couple of decades.
  19. North Texas’s own Ben Baby. Did some great work for the NT Daily back in the day.
  20. Fan support is a big part of it. Best fan base in FCS and better than probably 30-40% of FBS.
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