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  1. Completely agree. The Cal fans were awesome today. Before, during and after.
  2. Bassey is good but I never got a 1st team all American vibe watching him. But good for WKU.
  3. If we don’t win 6 in this conference things are even worse than they seem. As bad as we look this team should win cusa.
  4. We can’t try one play to gain yardage to kick a field goal or Hail Mary?? It’s not like we need points or anything.
  5. It’s a game about 45 minutes from our campus. We have a lot of fans that actually live closer to that stadium than Apogee. We have a couple hundred thousand alumni in this area. There should not have been an empty seat.
  6. The conference is absolutely terrible. At this point we need to just continue hoping we are good enough to win it.
  7. We can either be realistic about his performance or not. I love mason. But his play was a big part of why we lost so badly. I would not be shocked at all if he comes back and has an all conference season.
  8. A lot of things were bad for us last night INCLUDING Mason’s play. SMU played good defense but he missed a lot of throws you just can’t miss in a game like that.
  9. To your point, Arkansas hired Morris after him accomplishing nothing of significance at SMU. I very much like Littrell and hope he stays here a long time. I do find some of the “at least we have winning seasons now” or “hey he’s better than the last few coaches” comments to be frustrating. It is possible to be both thankful for what he’s done here and express concern about the fact that we don’t seem to win big games.
  10. Gotcha. Looks like I misread your post. That’s my bad.
  11. Ok. Basketball has had some late year struggles, but I’d hardly say the program is on a downward trend.
  12. We also have a bad habit of laying complete eggs in front of big crowds (whether it be at home or large traveling crowds).
  13. Yeah. The pace of our offense seemed very very slow. Even at times when there needed to be more urgency than normal.
  14. Given how terrible CUSA is we are probably still capable of winning the conference. But it looks highly doubtful we win another non-conference game.
  15. I don’t disagree with your overall point at all. But I do think our goals should be higher than winning 7-9 games every year and playing in bowl games. It’s been 15 years since even a conference championship.
  16. SMU definitely has more talent this year but we are better than what showed tonight. We looked entirely unprepared to play. And that is the most disappointing thing for me.
  17. Mentioning downvotes never ends well. Oh crap.
  18. I’m torn on this. On the one hand, optically I would much prefer this be done for the Cal (or literally any other away) game. This seems to reinforce the “away games are too hard” mentality that seems to still be sticking around (that does not mean we haven’t improved) in our fan base. We should literally, and I mean literally, have over 20k people in Dallas. It’s that easy and close. We won’t. On the other hand, I highly doubt anyone (or any material number of people) even contemplating going to the game is going to opt out because of this. Hopefully lots of people that just happen to be in the square see this and it peaks their interest.
  19. Still hoping they post that in stadium intro video.
  20. I admittedly did not see the game but I have a feeling Kade is going to be just fine.
  21. Way easier to just announce actual attendance times 5.
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