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  1. I wish him well. He is a hell of an athlete but could be wildly inaccurate at times. I think we will be just fine with Aune and a stable of younger guys in the wing.
  2. 100% agreed. No one wants to watch a bad team not matter the market. We should have picked up App St. instead of Charlotte. Sadly, the Sun Belt is a better brand of football at the current moment. CUSA can change that though. We have some teams with historical success. But the conference as whole needs to step it up.
  3. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/Article/Ole-Miss-football-Kade-Renfro-quarterback-enters-transfer-portal-155863578/ Do you think Littrell has any interest in (re)pursuing Renfro?
  4. I just now tuned in mid 3rd quarter. The way UAB's o-line moved Miami around, I'm afraid we may not stand a chance stopping their run attack. They have some big bodies up front. We didn't get to see how our defense would hold up against the run vs. HB, but I don't hold a lot of confidence in our 3-3-5 scheme stopping the run. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. I must be missing something but we are only favored by 3.5 points. I would have thought we would be double digit favorites. Sounds like Vegas has finally caught on that our defense isn't going to get any better. But I'd take us -3.5 all day. I just don't think Charlotte is any good, at all. UNT 38 / Charlotte 24
  6. Is the worst in college football. They can't cover, can't tackle, take terrible angles to the ball. I've lost count on how many long down and distance plays USM has had guys screaming ass open. This is a total $#!+ show.
  7. Sounds like Jerick McKinnon is headed to the the IR which can only help Wilson's chances of making the roster. We will know for sure before too long but I thought Wilson impressed last year when given the chance. https://ninernoise.com/2019/08/30/49ers-jerick-mckinnon-ir-jeff-wilson-roster/
  8. Apogee coming in at #2 behind Joan C. Edwards Stadium (Marshall). https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2019/6/6/18536105/c-usa-football-stadiums-ranked-1-13-fiu-football-uab-utep-marshall-fau-la-tech-utsa
  9. Eric Wolford - OL @ South Carolina
  10. You mean to run a different play other than running it right up the gut? Genius!
  11. Here is Eastern Washington's stat card from last season. They were #3 in total offense and # 4 in scoring offense while staying balanced (#10 in rushing and #20 in passing offense). The only (minor) downside is TOP, where they ranked 117th out of 124. But I'm OK with this if teams are constantly chasing you from behind. Furthermore, you're never really out of a game if you can strike quickly. Should be an exciting season.
  12. Where is this information coming from? I have mixed emotions about this. While I have zero doubt he'll be a great play caller, it does have side effects elsewhere as a head coach. For one, he must have complete and total faith in Reffett to run that side of the ball.
  13. FIU's Phillips played all season despite warrant https://es.pn/2PDwmyz
  14. I just saw this has been posted elsewhere on another thread. I found Wolford's name interesting though. I seriously doubt he'll be offered the job.
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