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  1. I'm guessing it is football coach related. The X's indicate programs without a head coach and the one green check is because Charlotte has hired a replacement already.
  2. Don't the let the forecast scare you away. We should be in good shape by kickoff.
  3. I'm not overly concerned here, as I don't take much stock in these ranking systems. How many years running has UT had top 10 recruiting classes? I digress......
  4. Much of this will come down if we are healthy at RB, Shorter (haven't seen any updates on him), and which QB plays better. Haters are gonna hate but Aune has been solid the last many weeks. I'll take the Mean Green in a close one. UNT - 27 UAB - 24
  5. I can honestly say that I've watched about two quarters of mid-week MAC football this year. Just not overly exciting to watch.
  6. If we win @ UAB, we are all but assured a rematch in San Antonio, unless Rice wins @ WKU, vs. UTSA, and beats us in Denton. I don't think there is any lack of motivation for us playing full tilt towards that rematch in the C-USA championship. And you heard it here first, but when two teams are evenly matched, it always hard to beat someone twice in one season. A rematch with UTSA will undoubtedly be a heavy weight fight but it's one that I look forward to.
  7. This game on the road @ UAB will tell us what kind of team we have. You are right, UAB is still a tough opponent, especially on the road. I fully expect us to -7 underdogs going into this one. But we were -10 on our last two road trips and nearly beat UTSA and dominated WKU.
  8. I would say this team is very focused. This has been about as good of a five week stretch as we've seen in awhile. Big game next week in Birmingham. A win there and a Rice loss vs either WKU or UTSA, and you can book your hotel for San Antonio on 12/2.
  9. It appears Vegas has not given up on UAB yet (at least on their home turf). Vegas has the line at UTSA (-1). If UAB were to pull off the victory, it could open the door for us to host the championship game in Denton. This of course would require us to win out and UTSA slip up again. I understand that this is highly unlikely at this point, but hey, it's November in College Football Land. Crazier things have happened!
  10. I'll hold my reservation until after the Rice game. Until then, I'll cheer our team on for a victory in every game, like I always do. If he wins out and wins a conference championship, he'll be guilty of the very thing we've begged him to accomplish. Even then, I'm sure you'll still have reasons for him to be fired. Litrell has earned the right finish the season before he's judged.
  11. To hell with this train of thought. There's only one thing we can do. Keep pulling for this team and this program to win out and win a conference title. I'm tired of this "I hope we lose so Seth's gone" mentality. I get it that he's struggled in big games but let the hand play out and let the chips fall where they may. We'll settle up when the season's over. GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  12. I'm not sure this is as bad of a matchup as stated. Yes, they throw the ball well and our secondary can give up big chunks. But, I don't think they've seen a run game like ours (when we're clicking). I'm hoping last week was an anomaly and we get back on track running the ball this weekend. IF (big if) we can get the ground game going, we'll have a solid chance at winning this game.
  13. I think 10 points is too many but we'll see. Two major concerns are (1) they pass the ball well and (2) how do we respond and bounce back (or not) after a very tough loss.
  14. I was screaming for us to call a timeout just before they snapped the ball on the game winning play. We were in disarray and needed to regroup. One tackle inbounds and the game was over.
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