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  1. Yes, please take it down. I’m tired of seeing Jimbo’s face. Guaranteed that our players look at this page and are seeing it to. Doesn’t help at all.
  2. https://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/win-totals/ Vegas has us at 6.5 wins on the season. I’ll take the over all day. Phil Bennett in year two, young / improved talent coming back, a stable of horses at RB under the direction P. Cobbs, healthy / improved WR corp, and a potential upgrade at QB. Sign me up!
  3. So many people were hating on Littrell for not landing big recruits early in recruiting and on (traditional)signing day. But as we all know, these are different times and they call for new ways of doing things. I think Littrell’s patience is paying off. He knew kids would go through spring ball only to find themselves down the depth chart and wanting to move on. Now with scholarships still open, we’re waiting with open arms for kids wanting a fresh start and looking to be on top of the depth chart. I hope this strategy continues to pay dividends and we can continue to land some upgraded talent.
  4. Aaron Scott could be a dangerous #3. One thing that I wished we did a better job of this season was attack the rim. If Scott is paired vs. a true guard, he could do just that if our opponent has to tie up their big men vs. Ousmane and Martinez. And he's athletic enough to defend a guard on the defensive end. His jump shot was lacking this season but he could improve there. But I certainly don't mind the idea of this line up. Even so, I would still like for us to find a slasher that can make their way to the bucket.
  5. We went 29 for 58 from the free throw line on this road trip. That’ll get us beat every game from here on out. We’re good but we cannot make up that many points vs quality opponents. Especially when we limit possessions the way we do.
  6. The more I watch him play, the more I realize what a find he’s been for this team. He’s freaky athletic and plays his tail off, every play. He’s grown so much this season already. And I’m even more excited to watch him in the years to come.
  7. Scott Drew said the same thing when her arrived in Waco after the Dave Bliss debacle and the world laughed. And Mac learned a thing or two from Drew during his time in Waco. While we don’t have the resources that Baylor does, I believe that Mac can build a sustainable, nationally competitive program here in Denton, if we can keep him. As I’ve stated before, our best advantage to keep Mac is the fact that he’s a DFW native and can be a living legend with the most job stability in the country.
  8. One, my hope is he wouldn't leave UNT as long as McCasland is here given the fact the McCasland was about the only one willing to take a chance on him. And it has paid huge dividends for both sides. And two, Ousmane better be get ready for tomorrow night. WKU has a 7'5" big man that can move. Tomorrow night is another big test for this team.
  9. I watched him come off of the bench vs. UMass and was immediately impressed with his length and athleticism. Give him some more time with McCasland and he could become dangerous.
  10. #packthepit needs to be promoted from here on out. I don't care how we do it, we need to get as many people in the stands for every home game. This team has the potential to be the best in UNT history and they need to know that from our fanbase.
  11. I'm going to take off my green glasses for a moment and be real for a minute. And I will preface by saying I am with everyone else in the desire to have a more successful football program. BUT, we have to be honest about UNT football, who we are, and how deep of a hole we're climbing out of. Dating back to 1980, UNT has had 7 winning seasons. SEVEN in FORTY years. In 12 of those seasons, we won three games or less. So outside of Dickey's run in the early 2000's, this program has been at the bottom of the barrel for four decades. You can't argue that. The proof is in pudding. Yes, Littrell has been .500 coach in his six years since coming to Denton. But, this has been against the highest level of competition we have faced year in and year out when compared to our previous conferences. Littrell has helped solidify this program in a better position than we've been in for four decades. With all of the said, it is now time to "take the next step" and move up the ladder. And it is my opinion that Littrell has earned that right for at least another season. I also believe many of you will surprised at what this team will accomplish next season. But even if Littrell is gone after next season, it's hard to argue that he hasn't at a minimum moved our program forward out of the ditches.
  12. Where is the info coming from that the game has been cancelled? I'm not tracking this on the interwebs.......
  13. I hope the public at large and especially the folks in Denton (students and general public) start to realize how special this team is. This is a legit, competitive D-1 basketball team, the best I’ve watched at UNT in 20 + years and they deserve that level of support in the stands. I always drink the Green Kool-Aid but that’s real talk. The way we play defense allows us to be in any and every game. Coach Mac is a gem and my greatest hope in us keeping him is that (a) he’s a DFW native and wants to stay here and (b) he wants to be the man who built a lasting legacy on this program. We’re about 5 minutes of basketball away from being 9-1 this season with our only loss to Kansas. And the way Mac coaches and builds our players as the season progresses, we’re just now getting started.
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