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  1. Apogee coming in at #2 behind Joan C. Edwards Stadium (Marshall). https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2019/6/6/18536105/c-usa-football-stadiums-ranked-1-13-fiu-football-uab-utep-marshall-fau-la-tech-utsa
  2. Eric Wolford - OL @ South Carolina
  3. You mean to run a different play other than running it right up the gut? Genius!
  4. Here is Eastern Washington's stat card from last season. They were #3 in total offense and # 4 in scoring offense while staying balanced (#10 in rushing and #20 in passing offense). The only (minor) downside is TOP, where they ranked 117th out of 124. But I'm OK with this if teams are constantly chasing you from behind. Furthermore, you're never really out of a game if you can strike quickly. Should be an exciting season.
  5. Where is this information coming from? I have mixed emotions about this. While I have zero doubt he'll be a great play caller, it does have side effects elsewhere as a head coach. For one, he must have complete and total faith in Reffett to run that side of the ball.
  6. FIU's Phillips played all season despite warrant https://es.pn/2PDwmyz
  7. I just saw this has been posted elsewhere on another thread. I found Wolford's name interesting though. I seriously doubt he'll be offered the job.
  8. And another former UNT assistant's name mentioned for the job, Eric Wolford. "The top candidates for the Kansas State job are believed to be Littrell, Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables, Oregon defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt, North Dakota State coach Chris Klieman and South Carolina offensive line coach Eric Wolford, a former K-State offensive lineman ex-Youngstown State head coach. https://247sports.com/college/kansas-state/Article/Seth-Littrell-Kansas-State-coach-North-Texas-Gene-Taylor-125893707/
  9. "The time may come when he gets an offer that he can’t refuse,” Baker said. “When that happens I’m gonna tell him ‘Thank you’ for the contributions he’s made here and that I’m proud for him. But I would be disappointed, and I think he would be disappointed, to think that we’ve spent all this time building a program whose success was hinged on one person. I just don’t believe that’s where we are as a program.” https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2018/12/3/18124436/north-texas-ad-wren-baker-talks-about-rumors-of-seth-littrell-leaving-for-k-state
  10. We're the highest rated G5 match up according to this article. While the destination isn't as desirable, it's a solid match up. One we need to win. "Bowl season gets going with two really fun offenses, led by two lesser-known quarterbacks. North Texas’ Mason Fine has combined for 58 touchdown passes over the last two seasons while Utah State’s Jordan Love emerged as one of the Mountain West’s best. Utah State already lost coach Matt Wells to Texas Tech. Could UNT lose Seth Littrell to Kansas State?" https://sports.yahoo.com/ranking-2018-bowl-games-1-39-alabama-oklahoma-no-1-232758819.html
  11. ..........we will be 10-2 at the end of the year with our two losses to a 10-2 UAB team and a 9-3 LaTech. UAB will have lost @ A&M along with a bad early season loss. Meanwhile, LaTech's losses will be @ LSU, @ Miss. St. and vs. UAB. Yes, the two losses are tough to swallow, especially given we that we got off to great starts in both games. But at the end of the day, both of our losses are against quality opponents. And the better news? Next year will be even better with Fine entering his senior season. I anticipate a huge amount of media buzz before the start of the season next year given Fine's stat line this season. We have solid, competitive matchups in 2019 with games @ SMU, @ Cal, and U of H at home. We have begged for years to relevant at the state and national levels. That time is now upon us.
  12. The guy who was hungover and/or high and forgot to register for classes.
  13. Coach Littrell has clearly stated his goal is to win championships, plural. We on a trajectory to do just that. I think fans can be a little misguided in terms of how simple they think winning your conference can be. It's difficult. When you play the same teams year in and year out, rivalries grow between coaches. They begin to understand the others tendencies. I'm not making excuses, just stating facts. My personal belief is that Coach Littrell has the grit and determination to see it through that we win a conference championship. We are light years ahead of where we were three short years ago. Building a program, especially one like ours that has never been a consistent winner, takes time. But to hear some on this board, it's as though we should be undefeated and in the top 25 right now. But the fact that that was close to becoming a reality proves how far we've come under this regime.
  14. @emmitt01, this kind of my point. We've hired the first one. Now, when a new coach is looking for a head coaching job, UNT has become a desirable destination. They will be coming into a situation where they can sustain or enhance rather than rebuild.
  15. Now that everyone has had some time to take a deep breath and hopefully relax after Saturday's loss, I hope everyone can put into perspective the state of our football program. Don't get me wrong, I took the losses to LaTech and UAB just as hard as anyone. But I'm also a realist. Furthermore, I truly appreciate that the this fan base is genuinely upset that we are not going to win our division this season and have a shot at the conference title. With that being said, what a time it is to be a part of the Mean Green Nation. In just three seasons, Coach Littrell has taken a one win team, won 9 games last season and is on pace to meet or exceed that total again this year. We beat SMU and Arkansas by a combined 50 points, have set record crowds at home this year (twice), and have the #1 recruiting class in the conference. Yes, those losses hurt. But think how far we've come in such a short time. We made a great hire in Seth Littrell and we all know he's probably off to bigger and better things in the near future. But we can't make it as a continual winner until we hire the first one. We've done that. Let's relish a little in our new found success but not settle. And by reading this board, we won't settle. GO MEAN GREEN!!!!
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