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  1. There are zero consequences to eligibility, right? We need to use the rest of this season to get game experience for everyone. Including our stable of QBs.
  2. We are already 0-2 in conference. Little but bigger of a hole. Love the optimism though!
  3. I bet you the women’s soccer team has at least a few players that could consistently hit 45 yard field goals.
  4. Seth also has had success here. We haven’t won any trophies but Benford never even topped .500. edit: I guess we technically won a division title. Not sure if we got a trophy for that.
  5. I’m not sure SMU is even going to turn out that good this year. Which is very concerning for our prospects.
  6. Munoz having a great year. T33 after round two. Unless I’m forgetting one I believe this is his first made cut at a major.
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