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  1. I might have misread a different article, but I believe ODU already has the expansion to 30,000 scheduled, they just couldn’t get it all done in one offseason. Edit: I stand corrected. looks like they don’t have the expansion scheduled yet.
  2. In some ways it’s a little embarrassing for us we typically don’t fill more of their stadium. We should have 15,000 people there. Maybe we will this time.
  3. This game should be part of OUR season ticket package.
  4. 2017 was the most recent I could find quickly (I didn’t look that hard, so it’s quite possible 2018 is our there somewhere). The report produced by the NCAA is not nearly as all encompassing as it is for football. Only the top 50 are listed. Here are the Texas, CUSA, SBC, and AAC schools in the top 50 as of 2017. LSU was #1 at 10,725, more than 2,000 higher than anyone else 7. TAMU - 5,152 8. Texas - 5,053 9. UL-Laffy - 4,917 10. TCU - 4,786 13. Texas Tech - 4,163 16. Southern Miss - 3,369 20. East Carolina - 3,041 29. Rice - 2,454 32. Baylor - 2,291 35. Tulane - 2,003 40. Coastal Carolina - 1,854 42. Houston - 1,839 46. La Tech - 1,706 48. South Alabama - 1,659
  5. I bet there would be a negligible difference in interest.
  6. Correct. Men's soccer would be cheaper (most notably because the stadium already exists), it is far and away the more exciting sport, incredible hotbed of talent with very few D1 programs in the state. I think it might actually just be SMU.
  7. To be fair we have a division championship in football, regular season championships in volleyball and softball, (I think) a cross country championship, and of course the plethora of hardware procured by the womens soccer program.
  8. Yep. And CUSA is actually a very good men's soccer conference. Kentucky (yes, that Kentucky...the SEC does not sponsor men's soccer) finished ranked #3 nationally. Charlotte finished the year ranked #14, and ODU finished in the receiving votes category.
  9. Driving home the other day, I saw a convertible with its top down. Big Razorbacks logo on the back and a vanity license plate "SOOIE". I was going to give them a "Go Mean Green" at the red light, but when the cars stacked up was not close enough.
  10. I don't recall if this was posted on here last year, but on a bit of a random whim I decided to go back and try and find an archive of the Arkansas Radio Network broadcast of the game against North Texas. The best I could find was the episode of On Air with Chad Morris the following week. I decided to listen to it. The game against North Texas was discussed VERY generically. Amazingly, unless I missed it, not only did they only vaguely discuss the game, North Texas (nor any of our players) were even mentioned by name. I quit listening when they started previewing the Auburn game the following week (which was about 40 minutes in...they spent a lot of time talking about ANYTHING but getting blown out by North Texas). Go Mean Green! https://tunein.com/radio/Razorback-Sports-Network-from-IMG-s230301/?utm_content=s230301&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tiEmbed
  11. Carlos missed the cut this week, but out other PGA golfer Sebastian Munoz had a decent showing. Tied for 37th. $24,000 pay day.
  12. If we are going to add a sport it should be men’s soccer. I’ve expressed this opinion a few times, always to a collective eye roll, but the program would be nationally relevant almost immediately.
  13. What a relief! I was worried for a minute there. These 100% truthful and not at all carefully crafted statements sure are comforting.
  14. Absolutely shocking. Never could have seen this coming.
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