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  1. It was a blast on Saturday watching UTSA know exactly what we were going to do and be entirely unable to stop it.
  2. I guess my point is this new bowl will be no less relevant than the already completely irrelevant bowls we have spent our entire history playing in. This allows the NCAA to get Hawaii into that bowl, which is their preference. My position has always been that 6-6 teams should get the 13th game to end the year a relative winner or loser. Sometimes people act like the proliferation of bowls devalues the bowls. That’s incorrect. There are a few bowls that have value. And the rest largely don’t. How many get added to the second category doesn’t matter.
  3. Was really looking forward to this one. Nevada is a good program. I was sure we’d end up playing UNT Dallas but they are already booked.
  4. Added bonus is a home bowl game would force a bunch of our “fan base” to locate apogee stadium for the first time.
  5. No one pretends the vast majority of these bowls mean anything important. But it’s fun for fans and fun for the players. Who cares.
  6. Would be awesome if we travelled well to Vegas.
  7. [whispers] Our denial of the rivalry is part of the rivalry. See: SMU attitude toward North Texas.
  8. I don’t remember when the news about Myrtle Beach came out last year (and honestly didn’t bother to look), but I feel like that leaked out a few days early. Hopefully we get news in the next couple of days.
  9. Doesn't alter my opinion on whether I view Drake as a team we should be competitive with.
  10. I like it. Not exactly the same thing, but kind of feels like the Alabama has one loss, but that team beat Alabama, so it's a good loss argument.
  11. Yes but I think the expectations have shifted quite a bit. Quite frankly we shouldn’t have even been playing Drake, we should have been playing Alabama. Expectations dictate experience. So maybe I am underselling it. But despite their history and recent success I consider Drake a team we should be beating in basketball.
  12. We already kicked UTSAs rear ourselves. I don’t care if they are good as long as we are better. I don’t feel the need to root for against them when they are playing a team not coming with us to the AAC.
  13. I didn’t mean it wasn’t a good win. But they aren’t Purdue.
  14. I could be underselling it but I didn’t consider the basketball win over drake to be that significant.
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