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  1. The demise of the Pit Crew, for whatever reason it happened, was really what seemed to coincide with the decline in attendance. The Pit Crew was student run (SGA helped a lot with the organizing) and had major buy in from the Athletic Department. Bringing that back would be worth a try, but have no idea what appetite any of the above groups would have for it these days.
  2. Yes, but the number coming out of Villanova makes a lot more sense than the number coming out of Gonzaga.
  3. Should have, yes. But we don’t even have students show up to games anymore. Pre-pandemic. Student attendance has never even come close to reaching what it was in the last couple years of the Jones era.
  4. We were way ahead of the game on social distancing at sporting events.
  5. Allen ISD test scores are almost identical to Frisco which took the complete opposite approach.
  6. I’m an outsider to Allen ISD, but they have a great reputation and are a desired school district. They made a choice that not many other districts have made, and that is to keep just the one high school despite massive size. If the residents disagreed with that decision they either would have 1) moved away, and maybe some have or 2) elected a school board with a different vision.
  7. The reality is that Mac is our coach until he isn’t. Unless you are June Jones, that’s how things are done. I wouldn’t read too much into anything.
  8. Mccasland may be somewhat close, but I’ve never seen a coach at NT that hates losing as much as Karen Aston. In any sport. I think Mitchell has things headed in the right direction, and we need to be supporting her (a fellow alum) and her team as much as we can. With that said if the NT job happened to be open because Jalie moved on or otherwise, Aston would be my first call. She wasn’t even unsuccessful at Texas. 93-51 record in Big 12 play.
  9. The unfortunate thing about this is it makes Purdue look like a fluke. Which it wasn’t. We very much needed to be competitive today.
  10. We never had it because of Oral Roberts by that logic.
  11. Does anyone else run into big time technical difficulties with Tune In on a computer?
  12. So...UNLV played at the Snake Pit on 12/22/69. Was a 98-91 North Texas win. Edit: Does it count if the matchup was before their national championship?
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