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  1. The difference is Mccarney had no meaningful success (I don’t buy the “Iowa State” rationalization) and was 30 games under .500 when hired. Proven winner! I don’t disagree with your overall point, but there’s a massive resume difference between Mccarney and Sumlin.
  2. You can’t really get away with the $1 salary gimmick. His contract almost certainly has language for reasonableness built in. The game can be played, but not to that extent.
  3. They have to be an above average NAIA team.
  4. I’ll admit to only reading your topic title. But absolutely no one is writing that buyout check. Even if there was a desire to move on.
  5. Didn’t Wren fire him within a year after arriving? Or was it two years.
  6. We have plenty of time left. Just need a TD, a stop, another TD, defensive stop, then another TD, defensive stop, then TD and 2 pr conversation as time expires.
  7. I was also at the game. Not suggesting we would have won, but we would not have gotten annihilated like that if Mason had played the whole game.
  8. People love to bring up Utah State, but that game was always going to be a high scoring shootout. But we lost Mason relatively early and couldn’t hang.
  9. Unfortunately, it’s a long list to choose from. #1 has to be Portland State though.
  10. Do our coaches know we are allowed to make adjustments while the game is ongoing? Think of it as watching game film. It’s just the actual game.
  11. That’s two illegal formations today that have brought back good plays. One of them a huge one. Totally unacceptable.
  12. We are still in this. Unfortunately, history tells us we are about to give up a big play.
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