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  1. Mean Green Matt


    This will easily be our second hardest OOC game if not the hardest. The team needs to forget about Arkansas and the punt return immediately and put their focus on getting back home at 4-0. I’m confident they will do that but this game will NOT be easy at all
  2. Mean Green Matt

    Ticket Availability for La Tech

    Would be nice if La Tech could take down LSU this weekend.
  3. Mean Green Matt

    Down goes the piggies

    They were going to be ready regardless. Morris knows us well. We were rolling in 2-0 and even if Arkansas has squeaked our a victory against CSU the impact on their motivation would have been the same. It’s going to be a different animal playing them in Fayettville vs. CSU getting them in Fort Collins.
  4. Mean Green Matt


    They would be angry even if they had just barely scraped out a win. Playing angry also doesn’t always equal playing better.
  5. Mean Green Matt


    Well if we do manage to win CUSA it will be pretty important as we fight with the other G5 teams for the New Years six spot.
  6. Mean Green Matt

    Student Bus Trip and Tickets to Arkansas for $20

    Anyone heard how NT is doing selling it’s allottment?
  7. Mean Green Matt

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Oh I don’t think they WILL hire a defensive coach. I just HOPE they do.
  8. Mean Green Matt

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I think this is our best hope. That the tech administration pivots in a more defensive direction for head coach. Our other hope is that Kingsbury starts winning games, but I think we all know that’s not going to happen.
  9. Mean Green Matt

    How Loud Was Apogee?

    I could definitely be wrong, but that first touchdown in the stadium I think is the loudest it’s been. That day the crowd was just another level of amped up (until the game got away from us). As for the SMU game, my money would be on the pick 6.
  10. Mean Green Matt

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    There’s that also. It’s one thing to get students to walk across the highway 6 times a year for football. Basketball is something else entirely. If a new arena is built it needs to be on the main campus side of the highway.
  11. Mean Green Matt

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    I’m hoping they pivot on the basketball arena. The super pit is fine. Moving the arena further from the dorms would be a mistake.
  12. Mean Green Matt

    North Texas soccer dominates Pittsburgh 4-1

    37th in the coaches poll this week.
  13. Mean Green Matt

    Avoid Fan Letdown

    Chance of rain as well.
  14. Mean Green Matt

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    We don’t need to sell out every game before expanding. We prob need to sell out at least one though...let’s tap the brakes on the expansion until we are at least averaging close to a sell out with some games having considerably higher demand than capacity. The last thing our atmosphere needs right now is 10,000 more empty seats.
  15. Mean Green Matt

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Neither of the last two coaches OU has hired had head coaching experience.