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  1. Much needed 11-2 run to close out the half.
  2. Not a huge crowd but definitely an influx of people in last 5 minutes.
  3. This crowd is looking like a worst case scenario right now. Maybe 1,000 people here.
  4. I keep leaning back and forth on this honestly. On the one hand, yeah, we just need to take care of ourselves and win. On the other hand, we are going after a list of pretty good recruits that don’t want to play in front of 2,000 people. I think, an NCAA tournament appearance would boost things considerably the following year, but whether we talk about it or not, it is relevant. We could easily make up for what we lack in conference affiliation with fan support.
  5. The women are officially into the CUSA tourney with the losses by FIU and UTSA today. We are currently the 11 seed (have the head to head tiebreak over La Tech. We were an 11 seed when we made the semifinal two years ago.
  6. Curious why he pulled Trautwein when we were up 5-3. Seems that’s a time to keep her in unless there were concerns over pitch count.
  7. Got one back. 9-6 OU heading to bottom 5. Still in this. Need to shut down the OU bats though
  8. OU battles all the way back. Tied up at 5. Bottom 4 still.
  9. Looks like we get to turn around and play OU again. Figured we would get Abilene Christian again.
  10. So is Delong just giving our other pitchers big game experience? would love to have another shot at Northwestern. We will either see them or OU again this afternoon or tomorrow.
  11. Close call. But at least they held on. They have a legitimate shot at making it up to the 11 seed. Should just need to beat UTEP at home next Saturday.
  12. Up 20 going into the 4th. We’ve had some bad 4th quarters though. If we can hold on that should get us into the tourney.
  13. If we had beaten La Tech and La Tech had beaten WKU we would have clinched.
  14. What do you mean? It ALWAYS ends well when we play the toppers in meaningful basketball games.
  15. Hmm. For some reason I always thought those Southland tournaments were somewhere else. Weird.
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