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  1. NT hosting again in the quarterfinals. The crowd for the first game was not good. Once again we really need to make a conscious effort as a fan base to show up for these games to support 1) our team 2) Jalie Mitchell who is an alum just like us and 3) the athletic department who is putting forth the effort and resources to not only to play in this but also host these games. This first one was on very short notice. The next one (not until next Tuesday) is not. Please make an effort to be there.
  2. We need to support this as a fan base.
  3. Need to get the sweep tomorrow. UTEP is a bottom of the conference team.
  4. Are we going to be better next year?
  5. I’m so tired of losing to WKU. We need to fight back into this game.
  6. Same halftime deficit as last time.
  7. We are very close to digging a whole too deep to get out of.
  8. The WKU women played earlier and I took a look at the crowd. Western has a smaller than usual crowd here. Will be overwhelmingly green.
  9. Not surprising. Rice hasn’t lost since mid December.
  10. Down 11 going into the fourth. Going to take a semi miracle at this point. We are playing hard.
  11. 11am Thursday. Big opportunity. Rice is very, very good.
  12. Quoting myself here. Looks like it was more like the last 1.5 quarters we were throughly dominated.
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