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  1. Are we totally sure the future of the program wasn’t decided about 15 years ago?
  2. Tan back to even through 8. In other interesting news, the #1 seed after stroke play is 1 down through 17.
  3. I know it’s been mentioned here many times, but the NT, TCU, UTA, SMU metroplex mini tournament should happen every year.
  4. Combining the men’s and women’s final fours is an awesome idea.
  5. This is awesome. She will be an underdog in her round of 64 match tomorrow but anything can happen.
  6. We do have one US rep alum in Burgess but I can’t recall him ever doing anything terribly supportive.
  7. Exactly. It has what, 5,000 seats. Our stadium would actually look pretty full most game days at 25,000.
  8. Only sport we’ve ever had legitimate, division 1 success. Tied for 5th most NCAA golf titles behind Houston, Oklahoma State, Stanford and LSU.
  9. Unfortunately, yes. A game in which we absorbed pressure for 110 minutes while hardly (with a couple exceptions) threatening to score and almost made it to PKs.
  10. I didn’t go back to look but I’m almost certain we lost that game 1-0 in overtime with TAMU scoring with a couple of minutes left before PKs would have happened. We did, I believe hot a cross bar in OT which would have one it if it’d have gone in.
  11. Yes X & Os. @Travisis the one that really swayed me on this. I’m not referring to changing style for one opponent. I’m talking about changing style for all opponents and being more competitive in the long run. This team is unfortunately schemed to win CUSA and CUSA only.
  12. First of all, we do play a pretty open style right now. Most of the time I think I see them in a 4-4-3. But there is no real rhyme or reason to it. We, generally, just blast the ball forward and let our players run onto it. This works when you play against inferior competition. It’s the equivalent of throwing a Hail Mary every time. When you have receivers a foot taller than the cornerbacks, you are going to win more than you lose. we have talented soccer players. But he doesn’t take advantage of it by teaching them tactical soccer. The excuse that we are playing top teams is tired. We have the same draw when we get to the tournament in men’s basketball and I don’t recall that being an overarching excuse for being generally non competitive. As to your last paragraph, and I used to be on your side of it but am no longer, the fact that he’s successful is irrelevant. He has raised his own bar for the program. And he’s been stalled for about 15 years.
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