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  1. When Abbott’s order was still at 25% capacity a buddy texted me and said “at least North Texas won’t lose any revenue”. 😡
  2. How cool would it be to see NT play at Fenway?
  3. I’m a big soccer fan, but I’m the outlier American that really only follows MLS. Not Europe. Sure, I have the EPL or Bundesliga on TV for weekend mornings, but have no idea what the standings are or who’s been promoted/relegated. So I actually had no idea what was going to happen. That made it more fun. Ultimately, my takeaway is that Sunderland fans are basically NT fans wearing red/white and with British accents. Very similar experience.
  4. We really don’t need more capacity, unfortunately. We would if the team received as much support from our fan base as they deserve. But they don’t.
  5. Real dugouts instead of the above ground ones that cut off field views from much of the bleachers.
  6. Bummer. Would have been a game changer for Benfords legacy here.
  7. What they need is a new facility entirely.
  8. Exactly what Louisiana Tech did to us when they blocked that field goal in 2018.
  9. We have utilized GKs elsewhere in the past. Wonder if this is that kind of situation.
  10. Probably not popular to point out, but she’s actually a TCU alum...
  11. If you had asked me whether Florida Tech had a football program or not, my answer would have been a complete guess.
  12. How about for this one season we just do a Texas Conference. North Texas, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, and UTEP in the North. Texas, TAMU, UTSA, Texas State, Houston, and Rice in the south.
  13. Much needed 11-2 run to close out the half.
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