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  1. That’s because the SEC doesn’t sponsor men’s soccer.
  2. That would make sense for a home course, but the on campus practice faculty was a must.
  3. It’s a pretty solid men’s soccer conference.
  4. Yes and no. The idea that a talent gap isn’t a part of this is completely ignoring reality. I’m not saying that as an excuse, but it was on display last night and was against TAMU last year as wel We are pretty frequently in the top 50 or so in RPI with the style we play. We dismantled a top 30 RPI FAU team in the conference championship game. Do I still wish we would transition to a more possession style of play? Sure.
  5. Unfortunately yes. FAU really should have been at at large. They had an RPI of 28 when we beat them in the championship. They dropped to 32. They were the only team on the top 36 not to get in. The other amazing thing is we have no business getting put against these top 10 teams. Sure. There are regional considerations to be taken into account, but our RPI was 47 this year. It was 30 last year. We aren’t going into these tournaments as the some nobody that deserves to play a top 4 seed.
  6. I have to think it is going to be fenced off. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. I don't necessarily disagree with your overall point. But if we are holding all of our coaches to the same expectations what does that mean for the many that haven't even won a conference title?
  8. If you're looking to hold our coaches accountable, you may want to start somewhere other than the one program that consistently wins conference championships.
  9. You're right LIfer. Our game plan was to go in there and not shoot.
  10. Interestingly Vegas seems to like us in this one.
  11. Once again. The reality is we are a little overmatched here. Does that mean we can’t win? No. But if you are watching you can clearly see we aren’t just passing up opportunities to shoot.
  12. We do appear a little overmatched but are hanging tough. We had a couple attacks that looked promising.
  13. Well done. Love hearing stories like this.
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