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DFW tourney?


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SMU, TCU, North Texas and UT-Arlington have a combined 340,000 alumni living in North Texas. Factor in the students and the corporate influence, and I find it hard to believe this town couldn't generate a couple of crowds of 20,000 in downtown Dallas in November or December for a college basketball hug.

"I think it would be great for the community," UT-Arlington athletic director Jim Baker said. "It would be great for college basketball. It would be great for our fan bases to build up some rivalries. Plus everyone is looking at their budgets. There's no travel costs and no missed school. What's the downside?"

College basketball is on the upswing locally. Why not celebrate it? It works in Boston, Detroit and Philadelphia. It can work in Dallas, too.


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This idea has been around for ever, and maybe with SMU having the upper hand; it could happen. What I would like to see is an eight team big time tournament with each metromess school playing an outside opponent in the first game.  Tournament could alternate between schools unless it grows enough to be viable at Maverick or Cowboys ventues.  

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Well perhaps the cities of FW and Dallas should step up and take a leadership role.  This could be beneficial to everyone involved including DFW.  SMU markets Dallas and DFW as an attraction to applying.  Why shouldn't Dallas hold their feet to the fire to return the favor?

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The non-power schools in the state of Texas ought to have a showcase that involved  UNT, UTEP, Rice, UTSA, UTA, SFA, SHSU, Lamar, Texas A&M-CC and Texas State. Because there are 4 CUSA schools and 5 Southland schools and 1 SBC school, you could always have them face off without running into a conference foe playing. I'd revolve the venues to each section of the state in smaller cities that would come out and support this, places like Midland/Odessa in the west, Wichita Falls in the north, Tyler/Longview in the east, and a place like Galveston in the south. I'd do it in December, when the students are gone, when none of these school see anyone at their games of major note. It would be a five game extravaganza and it would pretty fun. The Power schools will never participate, but you could get 10 teams in Texas that are mid-majors to help each other on a lot of fronts.

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Great idea.  Would love to see this happen.  Certainly the idea has been around awhile, but now might just be the time for it to actually happen.  Why not?  Team and program fortunes ebb and flow.  We may be down now and SMU may be up, but things change over time.  He prospects for this being a big deal localywithin the metroplex are very good.  Why not put differences and egos aside and get this going?  What a great weekend that would be for local basketball fans.

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