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  1. He holds offers from TCU, SMU, and UNT. He is 5'9 170 pounds and ran a 4.38 at TCU and a 4.41 at SMU. He also returns kicks and punts and was the 14-5A 2 way Player of the Year. IMO he was the district MVP but they gave that award to seniors this year... don't get me started! He he is being recruited as an ATH by all the schools who have offered but most like him the best at WR. He will play slot for us this year as well as RB and maybe some Wildcat QB who knows. The kid is electric with the ball in his hands.
  2. GMG24

    Reaming Scholarships?

    Currently you just lose the ship when they transfer.. ncaa going to have to look at revamping that rule if they’re gunna turn it into the Wild West with transfers
  3. GMG24

    Rice (1/19/19)

    That’s on par for every game I attended so far. Game day in game experience has to get better very sub par performance from staff and cheerleaders to keep crowd motivated and engaged. Obviously poor play from our team isn’t helping along with the close to 40 first half fouls called
  4. GMG24

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Attendance? ESPN broadcast is brutal, sounds like announcers are talking with the microphone in their mouths crowd noise is not much, and the lighting is absolutely awful. These refs only know three calls, carrying, pushing on offensive rebounds, and blocks. Sheesh CUSA get it together
  5. GMG24

    The Rams made my point

    Especially when they knew where twists were coming from based on alignment and what hand was down. There was an article floating around talking about it with one of their OL.
  6. GMG24

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    Yup, probably someone who has been here more than one season
  7. UMMMM no thanks, I'll take the best offensive mind I can get, that can connect with players, and recruit. Skin tone doesnt make a S******************* when hiring this spot.
  8. GMG24

    Southern Mississippi (1/5/19)

    Thanks for posting that Marty! Hope you are doing well
  9. GMG24

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    I am working up an email to Wren as we speak. I have always gotten a response from him whether the issues were addressed or not he has acknowledged the things I had to say. I'll let ya know what I hear.
  10. GMG24

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    You know what else bothers me, our cheerleaders didn’t start a defense chant until 12 minutes left in the game. And every timeout instead of continuing to keep crowd energy up it seemed as though our own in game people killed the crowd. Granted the crap play for the last 5 minutes of 1st half and first 12 minutes of the 2nd half didn’t help either but man those are the times you bring your A game as the entertainer crowd hype people etc. Would love to see that part of the game experience improve.
  11. GMG24

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    Wool ridge just needs to be stronger in the air. Think he flops some trying to get calls. I’d like to see more Jahmiah Simmons. He plays well in the minutes he gets and can finish well around the rim. Really like him and Miller on floor together but it seems like McCasland likes alternating them during the game as they both offer similar ability defensively. I think Miller shoots it a little better from deep,. Oh and Miller is dirty when he gets to the rim because he can finish with either hand and the defender doesn’t know which one he is going to use. He caught me a few times last night looked like he was going to use his right then switched to his left when he knew it was going to get blocked.
  12. GMG24

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    He had some brutal turnovers as well.
  13. GMG24

    Something I really dislike

    Yah, pretty naive. Bet if your kid or grandkid was a 1st or 2nd round grade and had guaranteed $$ on the table your tune would be a little different. Seen too many kids that were those high grades get hurt playing in the potandteakettle bowl that meant nothing and lost everything. If college football could figure out a way to expand to 16/32 team playoff then you’d see less of this IMO, but the pointless bowls will continue to produce guys that sit out because they don’t want to possibly impact a family changing amount of $.
  14. GMG24

    UNT a Future Powerhouse

    Everyone here is with you but man, it ain’t Like Boise and TCU just immediately rose to prominence. Neither of them came from Scholly hell either.
  15. GMG24

    Patrick Cobbs

    How do you figure??? Some of the most well paid asst Hs coaches dont make 70 a year.... he’d be close to doubling his pay as RB coach here.
  16. GMG24

    Patrick Cobbs

    Depends who you work for in HS. But pay is much more for position coaches... it’d be worth it for him
  17. Believe campus principal has final say on who comes back on campus. Depending on severity of crime. Everyone is entitled to an education, just depends where they’ll receive it.
  19. GMG24

    Blake Patterson Transfers

    Found a D2 and finished his last year. Can’t rememver where.
  20. GMG24

    After sleeping on it

    This is what’s wrong with that argument... their OC who called plays all year long and guided them to be a top 15 offense in just about every statistical category, was calling plays Saturday. He’s a damn good OC and made us look silly.
  21. I am probably the biggest English supporter there is, but I don't see him playing next season. I believe he had another surgery on his foot and with the history there I can't imagine it lasting long. Sad day for me, but I think I am starting to move on. The sad part was when he was healthy and in shape dude could not be blocked and demanded a double team.