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  1. That kid is football fast! He was dynamite on film. Phenomenal effort on every play. He'll be good here, and I got to watch game tape as a coach not just highlights where everyone looks good.
  2. Why not? If local instate guys that are highly recruited don't want to stay because its Little ole UNT, I am all for going out of state to get kids. They may see it as a destination parents can fly into DFW be at the game in 30 minutes. I don't mind it one bit so long as they continue to hammer the streets of Texas. Specifically Houston area.
  3. Says the guy in charge of the cash cow.... I will believe it when I see it. Allowing 30,40, to 100,000 people in the same area sitting on top of each other screaming and yelling doesn't seem like the most brilliant idea right now. Let this thing see where it goes before we start making some kind of "if we don't then the world ends bs about sports". You see where Boise St is already furloughing their football coaches??
  4. They offered his OT teammate imagine they knew that was happening
  5. He gets a locker room and facilities upgrade to boot. 😛
  6. Yes you do, kids always post their offers even after committing. This year will look alot different in the recruiting world. Kids are having to commit to secure a spot before ever being able to be on campus, take a visit, or attend a camp. This year more than ever we should expect change etc all the way to signing day. These are KIDS trying to make the best decision, in a time of complete uncertainty. I really hope the adults on this board and in this world extend a little grace to these kids as they try and figure all this out.
  7. Coached against him last year, lets just say I was glad he didn't touch the ball more. This kid has the chance to go to the house every time he touches the rock.
  8. I believe he will stay in that range. If he would be able to attend camps this summer he'd be rated higher and pile up offers. Checked out some of his times that were Opening verified which uses same laser system as NFL to time athletes. He ran a 4.62 40 a YEAR AGO!! This is a huge pick up. Now lets hang on and build a monster around him!! FORTY 4.62 SECONDSTHE OPENING REGIONAL03/02/19 SHUTTLE 4.63 SECONDSTHE OPENING REGIONAL03/02/19 VERTICAL 32.50 INCHESTHE OPENING REGIONAL03/02/19 WEIGHT 191.00 POUNDSTHE OPENING REGIONAL03/02/19 HEIGHT 6-3 FEETTHE OPENING REGIONAL03/02/19
  10. Thank you for posting the screen shot, so now as these guys get more offers you can see how silly the ranking system really is. Currently 0 stars and no ranking
  11. Believe we are the only school to offer him in both. In this case, he counts against our football scholarships but not our basketball scholarships.
  12. I like it in particular if WKU wins, they're playing essentially 6 players. Where our depth may keep our legs more fresh (outside of Hamlet) hoping our offense can get going and he can get some valuable rest during those games.
  13. That sucks... MUTS, New Mexico... wonder if we moved on???
  14. Not disagreeing, I graduated 7 years ago, and still have about 8 grand left to pay off.
  15. Eh, you probably have a fair argument, but I would argue most places really don't care where your degree is from.
  16. San Angelo State, Tarleton State, UTA, A&M Commerce, A&M Corpus Christi, Midwestern State University I can keep going.
  17. No, colleges can’t contact student athletes until they’re in the portal.
  18. recruiting for Georgia Tech which is why you saw all the Georgia Tech offers flying out all over DFW yesterday
  19. I'd take him in a heart beat. Especially knowing that P5 HC/DCs wanted him bad enough to extend an offer even though you and I know that doesn't mean much until they get their official offer letter. I'd rather have him than the prep school DL.
  20. Tisdale stayed after they announced who they hired
  21. And he could have been signed sealed and delivered. Coaches need to trust their evaluations... this kid blew up because he locked down every WR he covered. He would have signed with us in December and never received any of this attention (if he chose to sign early) which by the looks of it that’s a theme with this staff. Hmmm.... hard pill to swallow guess I’ll move on.
  22. Said Talented HS DT may not be nearly as talented as a guy from Portal or JUCO. Look at SMU and UH rosters. Littered with P5 kids they never had a chance in hell to land out of HS, now on their roster. I'm not saying it is a guarantee way to work, but I like getting more talented kids than we could normally land and seeing how they do. I agree passing on a guy who could help you for 3/4 years possibly for one that can help for maybe 2 is a big gamble.
  23. It is my understanding we are only getting JUCO/Transfer portal guys with the remaining scholarships.
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