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    Just watched Renfros hudl film and 2 things instantly stood out. 1) kid can really sling jt 2) he is all UNT, the music he chose for his highlight reel...Tobe Nwigwe
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    Starz has been showing Necessary Roughness! https://www.starz.com/movies/18532
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    You have to give La Tech all the credit in the world. Year after year, coach after coach they have solid teams and recruiting. Sort of knocks out the "Location" factor.
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    Can't take anything seriously written by a guy named 'hummer'...enough said.
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    The Conference USA benefits from a strong coaching base and a reasonably deep stable of contenders. Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss, UAB, Louisiana Tech and FIU will all have an argument to win the league this year.
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    looks like a lot of the same stuff, plus some stuff I’ve not seen for sale before, including chrome helmets.
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    They already think we have gone to the AAC.
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    Guess we're kicked out or moved to another conference or WTF!!!!
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    My kids... @Tyler Maryak @Christopher Walker I am so proud of the way you two have grown up from just wee lads. #prouddad
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    This. I know a couple of people that went there and despite Ruston being a S*it hole, people still end up there. I would take those 2 over Ruston any day of the week.
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    Would be really nice if they would offer items online for those who do not live close.
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    2002-2003 Freshman year Kerr hall tower B in Fall and Tower A in Spring 03-04 Jefferson Commons 04-05 Sigma Chi House 05-06 The Ridge (previously called Jefferson Commons, lived there with Fraternity brothers)
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    You’re just saying that because we’ve just about exhausted all the stupid off season topics. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
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    WTF we are a Ninja! We are not in the top 1/2 or bottom 1/2! Who is this moron?
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    I thought it just this year due to the winter classic being setup at the cotton bowl?
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    I have two North Texas football programs that I would gladly give to anyone who wants them, if they think that the program might have some significance to them or a family member. The first one is Sept 1, 1979 vs UTEP. It is Jerry Moore's first year as head coach and this was his first game. UNT (NTSU) won 35-0. On the cover it features Jerry Moore in his Hayden Fry era coaching outfit leaning on the railing at Fouts. That year North Texas was 5-6. The offensive starters for the Mean Green were listed as..... #2-Bruce Chambers-SE Defense #69- Jonathan Newton-LT #35- Bernard (Ali Baba) West- DE #61 Melvin Lark- LG #91- Charles Young- LT #54- Greg Davidson-C #93- Paul Kerestine- MG #71- Rudy Phillips-RG #98- Rick Hendrix- RT #72-Jim Lemming-RT #28- Jimmy Croft- RE #85- Ron Battle-TE #59- Mike Oliphant- SLB #8- Jordan Case-QB #87- Louis Haynes- WLB #16- Pete Harvey-WB #38- David Morris- SC #23- (the late and great)- Bernard Jackson-IB #45- Zac Cypert- SS #33- Lee English- FB...hmmm this name sounds familiar.....😎 #41- Marty Morrison-FS #47- Delano Thomas-WC The second one is the program for the 1982 UNT (NTSU) and University of New Mexico game on 10-30-82. It was Corkey Nelson's first year as head coach. It was an interesting year with some interesting back-against-the-wall coaching on Corky's part. We lost this game 17-20 on a last second hail mary in the end zone by NM. New Mexico ended up with a one loss season 10-1 and was anticipating a bowl invite. Starters for that game were, and the Defense #20, Marvin Richardson, SE, #84, Rayford Cooks, LT #76, Paul Schulze, #42, Milton Collins, NG #69, Dan Reeder, LG #73, James Wilson, RT #57, Toby Bowen, C #61, Ronnie Hickman, LB #77, Craig Agnew, RG #60, Lester Harper, LB #79, Zene Renfroe, RT #2, Mack Faggett, LB #83, Mark Witte, TE #44, Mike Hughes, LB #5, Greg Carter (5'9"X 167) QB #4, Phil Broadus, LC #26 Bobby Daniels, FB #12, Jack Ball, FS # 6, Carlen Charleston (5'6" X 161) RB #47, Efrem McGowan, SS #7, Marvin Walker, WB #3, Andre Mosely, RC The last game of this season was against Tulsa, who ended up #20 in the nation. They too were working for a Bowl Bid, and just about everyone expected a total blow out. I don't know if Greg Carer got hurt or if Corky decided Carter wasn't the ideal QB for his surprise game plan for Tulsa, but Rusty Hill started that last game. Mr Hill and #7 on your program, Marvin Walker, proceeded to make North Texas statistical history. The game plan was for Rusty Hill to do a Mason Fine imitation....Rusty Hill (doing his three step and throw routine) threw 61 times, completed 42, with 22 going to Marvin Walker. Tulsa was totally taken by surprise, and was back on their heels for most of the game, but eventually their two 1K rushers took their toll and the final score was 38-20. Some of the best coaching I've ever seen. PM me if you are interested in these game programs.
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    Surprise announcement forthcoming. Guess their move to Dallas helped our case after all haha
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    El Guapo. I miss that guy. Personally, I think we should fire Johnny Jones. Fire him today.
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    I miss some of the older gags we used to have on here. From El guapo to @Censored by Laurie‘s weekly round up that made fun of the posters on the board and beyond.
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    New Mexico isn't that bad tbh. We have a cabin in the woods there which probably makes me a bit biased, but give me desert over swamp any day of the week.
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    Remember when there was the good recruiter vs good scheme coach argument over Wilson and Littrell? I guess it turns out if you have the right Xs and Os, you eventually get the right Jimmys and Joes.
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    Really interesting deep dive into the cost of winning in CBB... The Cost of Winning: Measuring return on investment in D1 basketball "...The question I kept coming back to: Which schools are getting the best return on their investment? To figure this out, I took the EADA data from the ten most recent years available, spanning from 2008 to 2017. The reports are about two years behind, but I think there’s still much to be gleaned from them. Then, I used datasets made available by Sports-Reference to track total wins and winning percentage by year. In order to determine the relative return on investment, I looked at each school’s average wins over the ten-year span as a function of how much was spent on the program, measured in millions of dollars. To keep the numbers from being skewed by schools with low win totals and even lower investments, I adjusted the numbers to reflect winning percentage over the decade. The resultant number is what I call “adjusted return on expenses”, or ROE+. (I am using “expenses” instead of “investment” to differentiate between money spent by the universities and revenue earned.)..." Source: https://dieckhoff66.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/cost-winning-division-i/ Unfortunately, the scope of the review encompassed the entire Benford tenure and, as a result, North Texas came in at #143 in ROE+ School Years Avg. Exp. Avg. Wins ROE+ Win Cost E North Texas 10 $2,203,743.40 16.6 3.91 $132,755.63 Not sure there's much of a takeaway here, but found it an interesting study nonetheless.
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    Louisiana Tech has traditionally recruited well, and I am happy to see them help raise the talent level for CUSA. I have a feeling that the UTSA signing class is going to be decimated if/when Frank gets canned this season. Their higher recruits are committed to play for him, not UTSA. They will bolt instantly, especially the recruits from Louisiana.
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    You should see it now. Some other fraternity took it over, and it now sleeps something like 22 guys.
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    Mason has a lot in his favor. He has started a lot of games, his production will get him more than a seriously look, and the height of the last two Heisman winners/#1 overall picks helps as well. It also helps with the way QB contracts are that if a team can get someone in the third or fourth round to be a starter, they can allocate their money everywhere else. So teams may feel impulsed to role the dice on Fine fairly early in the draft instead of writing him off as an UDFA. Mason just needs to keep doing what he does.
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    January '08 thru May '08 - Maple Hall August '08 thru July '09- Uptown Apartments (right off 35, across the street from Texas Health Presbyterian) August '09 thru January '11- Sigma Phi Epsilon house (Corner of Maple and Welch) January '11 thru July '11- house way south on Teasley. Close to Denton Guyer.
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    I agree. He is one of, if not the, top receivers in Texas. He would start at any university in the state and we are lucky to have him. Love how this young man plays the game.
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    Kendall Hall for my freshman and sophomore years (1983-1985) College Inn for junior and senior years (1985-1987)
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    It would be great to win a bowl in SMU's own stadium LOL
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    Has anyone seen any writeups/podcasts that have way-too-early looks at our 2019-2020 team?
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    Seems like we’re getting closer. I am very curious to see how the #UNTAMED20 unfolds. Not just their contributions on the field, but they seem really engaged socially and ready to elevate our perception in the recruiting circles.
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    All we have to do is WIN to change this ranking!
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    Dallas. Used to love New Orleans but it is a crap hole now.
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    It was a very staged postcard. I don't remember the pool area ever looking that good.
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    He’s simply never seen Mason throw. Rick
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    No I think after this year it goes back to cotton bowl.
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    For us, the bowl in Dallas is the only one that appeals to me at this point. We have done NO and ABQ recently, while the others are not going to be well attended because of the distance and opponent in those venues. So the First Responders Bowl is really the only one on that list that appeals to me.
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    Ruston's pine forest, not swamp. It would be a nice place to live if it weren't so impoverished.
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    Change in technology i guess. New helmet that are safer for the player so they get rid of the old ones
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    I didn't realize Torrey had 18 TD's last season.....WOW!
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    People are so petty nowadays. Nike, Chik-fil-a, whatever... let these companies do what they think is best. Who cares?

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