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  1. Do big things, playing a big part in the new Netflix series Mo. check it out
  2. UT was looking at him as a late class addition as well
  3. Yeah, but last year was a free year so they’d be back next season as seniors still
  4. No DC is wanting to join this sinking ship. It’s a one and done deal
  5. Crazy play at the end of the game!! CC trying to let Liberty score, so Liberty tries to run out the clock. CC starts pulling the RB into the end zone to force him to score, the Liberty RB basically drops the ball at the 1 inch line to not cross the goal line and CC recovers
  6. Exciting game between 2 good teams
  7. We need to hit it and hit it hard. That simple. We are not a good team.
  8. There's 0 reason for us to not bring a QB via the portal
  9. **3,300 is the figure worldwide, not here in the US.
  10. Why wasn’t this game canceled with that many players out?!?!
  11. Well F**K. Was really excited about him. With Covid and the lack of visits coupled with kids hopping on offers early I expect to see more of this.
  12. If you have 2 quarterbacks then you really have none
  13. Agree...there should be a ton of grad transfer options after this season and we need to take full advantage of it. In regards to numbers the NCAA will 100% change the team scholly totals for the next several years
  14. If he succeeds he's gone after 2 years, if he doesn't then he's there 2 years before he tires of it and goes back to joining the media. I'm not sure if he's ready for the grind that it takes to be a CFB coach, especially at somewhere like Jackson St.
  15. So they win and then get on a party bus?!? Brilliant
  16. Jesus...yall are still arguing this? Violation or not the NCAA doesn't give two s***s if you tweet at a recruit.
  17. To this day I still feel like Dodge would’ve worked if he would’ve had legit coordinators
  18. I always heard that Dodge said “if you want me I’m bringing my entire SLC staff”
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