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  1. Cal had to have a big stop to “survive” vs UNLV, I think next week could be pretty close to the SMU game unfortunately.
  2. Manase, pulls an annexation of Puerto Rico. Helps him for the Outland Trophy later.
  3. I agree, one thing that stood out was Jeff Traylor saying Frank Harris has had the biggest improvement in a player he has ever coached. That happened to Aune as well!
  4. So they got Quinn Ewers who was the #1 recruit a few years back and now Manning…that’s quite the payroll.
  5. Would this be in the division or even conference as Deions team? Anyone know?
  6. That made me laugh, well played!
  7. Right, so we just say Go and then our Team name. Seems like we could do better.
  8. I feel as if I know most other schools “saying” in Texas Texas- hook’em horns Baylor- Sic’em Aggies- Gig’em Tech- Wreck’em So what is UNTs?
  9. This is very cool, definitely brings a little excitement (attention) to the game. It would be another level if they were both available to be part of the coin toss as honorary captains.
  10. Yeah it makes me feel better about our year having played some of these teams how they are performing in these bowls against ranked or prev.ranked teams
  11. Also of note, Zappe just broke Joe Burrows single season TD record of 60, I think he ended with 62 on the year.
  12. Would it be possible to bring Morris in as a OC/QB coach? He either sees the talent nobody else does or knows how to develop them…
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