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  1. Do we have a commit from his high school or is that another of the many schools in Frisco
  2. As well as things that Coach Littrell likes and doesn’t like etc.
  3. The Crystal Balls show him to Oklahoma but maybe Littrell has been in his ear all this time...
  4. Sorry, but who recruited him in 2016?
  5. This dude looks beastly!! I’m glad we got this commit
  6. Is that for real? We are in the top 4 with the Big 12 school, SEC school and PAC-12? Someone is doing an excellent job
  7. You are most likely correct, however I am choosing to believe that they will do something about it
  8. So, can someone send this to Wren? I don’t have twitter or Facebook etc, otherwise I would
  9. This is true, I wasn’t there to speak to the player but that is what he said. Also he was asked about what the Coach was saying to the players about the season, he said be ready physically but at any moment the season could be canceled.
  10. I don’t think it’s him bc he also shared that he went to Coppell High
  11. Maybe, I was hoping someone might know. He didn’t catch the name but said he literally just transferred in from Kansas, plays DL and will be #18
  12. No he said he literally just transferred in, I thought Jordan Booker Brown but he didn’t go to Coppell
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