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  1. So what I saw in that video is that #80 is a top target. Shut him down and then we are in a better spot.
  2. What is this bowl game? How many elite players are selected to this? Does this mean that these 2 are elite?
  3. With all the amount of quarterbacks getting hurt this year, starters and backups, does this increase Masons chances of getting drafted higher? I still think he goes 2nd or 3rd round. What do you all think?
  4. That’s an old Mean Green logo up in the top left. Early 2000s if I remember correctly.
  5. I can’t make this game due to work schedule, is it televised at all?
  6. At least they have Hedlunds phone number
  7. Does Craig Robertson still play for the Saints? I haven’t seen his name mentioned in the last game or really at all for that matter.
  8. This!!! We have 4 -5 capable backs. Run it till they can stop it, then pass
  9. I wonder if we just run a bunch in the beginning to try and get some RPO out of it later? Especially having 4 very capable backs and maybe even 5 with Adaway. Just keep rotating and wear down the defensive front seven
  10. This is what I think will happen too.
  11. So, yes, SMU happened and it was gut wrenching to see our offense be shut down the way they were. Do you think that with all the award watchlist and Heisman talk for Mason that he put an extreme amount of pressure on himself to perform at a higher level? Therefore with this loss, do you think he recovers and just focuses on the game? I’m not saying that it DID get to his head but rather IF.
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