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  1. Well that’s nice company to be a part of...all power 5 schools. I’m not sure of the QB situation at those schools.
  2. I actually think that while they were not drafted. These teams fit each of these players.
  3. I saw an article that projects Nate Brooks to the Giants in Round 7
  4. My question to everyone and my concern is can our defense make adjustments this game to deal with the tempo of Briles offense. They don’t really give you a chance to rotate players, which allows for a guy like Singletary to wear you down.
  5. Just out of curiosity, if FIU best then in 2 weeks and then we win the rest of our conference games as well as FAU. Would this change the location of the conference championship?
  6. Did anyone else commit this weekend or are they still holding out?!
  7. It’s not in Denton but we do have a UNT alum that owns a brewery in Dallas called Noble Rey. He also opened up a secondary location in the farmers market. Should check it out if you like craft beer or want to support a fellow alum.
  8. Every team has there day. Today was not ours. Even ##11 USC is getting beat 28-0 in the first half
  9. I mean all the great teams lose at some point, even the Patriots.
  10. I also think that is a great matchup! I would also love for us to play Houston. I think if our team continues to play well that would be a fun game to watch. See our boys go up against Ed Oliver.
  11. I’ve been able to vote multiple times from my cell. I just close the window from voting click on the link again and repeats. It’s gone up every time after too.
  12. Ok I was driving during that, thank you for the clarification
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