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  1. I wish we had Dez and Troy, so we could destroy!
  2. If I remember correctly, I think I saw against Melissa he had crazy good completion percentage’s too, with a few touchdowns but they lost by 20 or 30 points.
  3. Congratulations! Founding member of the Sigma Chi -Iota Phi chapter at North Texas as well.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to get some more information. I will say that Cash’s stats are quite impressive, I can only imagine what he could do with more talent at wide receiver.
  5. QB Cash McCollum (China Spring): 1-1 overall. W 35-13 vs. Lorena on 8/25. No stats. Lost 63-33 vs. Melissa on 9/1. 29 of 35 passing for 295 yards and 4 TD’s, ran for 1 TD. im trying to grasp how a quarterback has such a great game (from these stats) and loses 63-33
  6. When I read this, all I can see in my head is this clip. This is how SMU sees all UNT students/alum. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxdsPF9TK6qjfCJLl9FWsQZr01Sr7oGEP2?si=N8kI8O_R666nqTZk
  7. This is what I remember too, not sure why they moved away from this.
  8. This. I could not agree more with a thought process or coaching strategy for this game, and potentially open up some air raid late in the 4th as Cal is drained from the heat.
  9. Does this mean that Roger’s will be the scout team quarterback? If so, I think that would be a plus for our 1’s on defense to have that versatile and assuming accurate of a quarterback to face each week compared to perhaps in years past.
  10. It would be cool if they had this under the scoreboard and combined it with a beer garden like at Toyota stadium. Do like pkg deal of pizza, beer and a game ticket. All other drinks afterwards are extra
  11. Ok so, what does SMU offer that UNT doesn’t? Is it the money? Because what I’m seeing is we are a Tier 1 research university and SMU is Tier 2. We are both in the same “Dallas” market, but we have a larger student body and alumni to put eyes on the screen for games and easily cover the attendance that SMU could offer. Also, I don’t see how this really helps the cost of travel for the west coast teams. I mean if you are flying to New Orleans to play Tulane, what’s another 1-1/2 to Miami?
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