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  1. I find it interesting that he tags Jaelon Darden in his tweet. Jaelon getting drafted has so much upside in recruiting for UNT.
  2. What was his shuttle time in comparison to others?
  3. I’ve read articles that see him going as early as pick 74 up to 222. I’m feeling more and more confident he gets drafted
  4. Can you explain to those who don’t understand these things fully, how he has 4 years left after 3 in NC?
  5. If it was his rookie card then most, at least since the late 90s are that way bc they are released before the season starts. I used to collect them and I have several Randy Moss cards with him in his Marshall uniform.
  6. Is that Kelvin Smiths high school that he just recruited?
  7. I wonder where he’s leaving and what his contracts are...my brother in law and his family live in San Francisco and are renting a house for $3500 a month. Life isn’t cheap in that city
  8. @GMG24 wasn’t this your boy from TC? Have any insight as to what’s happening?
  9. Or maybe the big interview question is, how would you stop a player like Jaelon Darden?
  10. So a first team -all American, from 2 different sources. That’s outstanding!
  11. That one guy committing to Alabama might have the best name!
  12. I think if anything it’s another opportunity for Darden to help his draft potential.
  13. He’s been bounced around quite a bit, and every team he has been to is a performing really well this year or last. I think it’s Arizona, New England, Miami and now Baltimore
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