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  1. There has got to be a trophy for this game, as much as anyone can say it is or isn’t a rivalry, it seems to mean a lot for both teams. They ruined our chances at a conference championship, and we ruined there perfect season. I don’t know a good name…Battle of the Birds is all I got, but it needs and should happen.
  2. Bowl Projections are starting to roll in. This is the first one I saw…would bring a huge crowd. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Bowl-projections-College-Football-Playoff-coming-into-focus-New-Years-Six-locks-176378327/Amp/
  3. I think the same was said about Seth when he came here. I do like Graham Harrell, just not as the next head coach.
  4. A The game between UAB vs UTSA tells us a lot. I would expect SL to take full control of the offense against UTSA to try and go out on top and save face for his next interview. I believe that while winning out (including a bowl win) is great, it’s to late. Don’t get caught up in the last few weeks, look at the scope of his work in 6 years. He is leaving us with more talent than when we started but we don’t want him back.
  5. That’s what I thought too, but then I thought maybe bc UTEP has a god amount of alumni in dfw and they will fill the other half of attendance ….
  6. What about UTSA and SMU? Aren’t they both ranked?
  7. I think we also best USM and FIU, what’s going to be interesting is the UAB vs UTSA game the week before ours against the Runners, bc that game potentially decides who wins the division.
  8. This may not be a fan favorite but what about men’s soccer? We already have the field, it’s cheap in terms of what the players would need, and we would also have SMU fielding a team down the road. The DFW metroplex is a very talent rich area. My personal belief is that soccer will surpass baseball as a favorite sport in the US in the near future.
  9. Darden inactive today vs Falcons
  10. Tech up early with a big play action.
  11. I always hear that we would have these top classes if players in Denton stayed. I’m curious, because I honestly do not know, how many of these guys actually perform to there rankings once in college?
  12. Not just the hit, but that he helps keep another player from tackling him before the endzone
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