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  1. Looks like reppin my UNT gear around Wylie is paying off! - Seriously though, a huge addition for this team.
  2. Paging @GMG24, what’s the word with this guy?
  3. I didn’t realize that Gaddie had burned his redshirt.
  4. Are we sure Bussey comes back next year? I’m not saying he leaves for another college team but maybe he rehabs hard and gets back in time for a great pro day? I think Clinton Portis did something similar after his knee injury in the National Championship.
  5. Maybe we have held him and Gaddie back just for these last few games to preserve the redshirt and put even extra ball players out there that these teams aren’t familiar with? -not likely, just spitballing
  6. I literally tuned in to watch him and then just saw him congratulate Brieda after a TD in street clothes. 😡
  7. Brian Waters is getting inducted into Chiefs Ring of Honor, doing opening drum for them.
  8. UNT>Arkansas>A&M 🤷‍♂️
  9. So, this may have been said elsewhere, I also do not know if it’s possible but could Mason redshirt this year? Make him available next year, possibly do the same for Rico? I’m not saying I want this but could it in theory be done?
  10. So if we win, do people (recruits ) look at this later and say oh well they only beat them bc King wasn’t there or do they say, North Texas best Houston and lost to 2 nationally ranked teams?
  11. So what did end up happening to Frank Harris? Like Watson, I didn’t see anything that seemed out of the ordinary.
  12. Is there any type if excitement on campus for the game tomorrow? It was exciting to see the line someone posted for the Whiteout game. Any current students or parents of students that can share?
  13. So what I saw in that video is that #80 is a top target. Shut him down and then we are in a better spot.
  14. What is this bowl game? How many elite players are selected to this? Does this mean that these 2 are elite?
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