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  1. Anyone know how much game tickets are? My brother in law lives in San Francisco so my family has a place to stay. I found flights on Alaska Airlines for $226 round trip Friday-Sunday. My birthday is the weekend before this game, so it’s my gift to myself.
  2. I thought I heard on the Media Day interview that Littrell said Aug 1st.
  3. Anyone get to watch this, that could share some highlights? Thanks in advance
  4. Rockwall? Will have a 1 yr old, so it will be hard to go out for a few hours as is.
  5. First Responder, then Gasparilla bc of a possible AAC opponent
  6. 2002-2003 Freshman year Kerr hall tower B in Fall and Tower A in Spring 03-04 Jefferson Commons 04-05 Sigma Chi House 05-06 The Ridge (previously called Jefferson Commons, lived there with Fraternity brothers)
  7. So if a FSU fan is reaching out and telling him to go to FSU. Does that mean he got offered? Otherwise why would he care?
  8. @GMG24 how does that make you feel towards OSU now and perhaps some of the other players on your team?
  9. Do we have a shot with this guy still? 247 is showing him pretty interested in us and a few others. Would be our top or one of the higher rated commits if so.
  10. So I take Christian is going out of state too @GMG24
  11. Man, he looks tiny. It’s probably a good thing he’s at the weight room bulking up. Then again I couldn’t gain any weight in high school either.
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