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  1. This is the "I have the receipts" of this conversation
  2. They have to be focused on the UNT side and the Murphy twins specifically, by now.
  3. Didn't know UNT had a state congressman. Also think he hurt the credibility of the idea by including TX State.
  4. Bruh, come on. Seth isn't the top candidate or even likely for every single coaching opening. Give it a rest until there's an actual story.
  5. I'm so bored without UNT playing a game for a week. Then we get another week after 2/5
  6. I've been to McNeese. It's a.... school. That I can say. Folks on this thread may remember, that's where Riley Dodge transferred to finish his career after Daddy was canned at UNT.
  7. 3 Brand-spanking new coordinators, and a new QB this upcoming season. This'll be something completely different.
  8. I don't mind having multiple OCs. I don't even REALLY mind having one be from high school. But because Seth is calling plays, and the other guys (including Mainord) have positions to coach, why still give all 3 the title of "co-OC"?
  9. Hate Baylor with a passion, so I don't hate to see him go right when they get "good" again. "good" being a highly subjective term.
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