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  1. Jason Howeth

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    I'm excited for this kid because our offense is dependent on WR, but with that a few notes: It looks like he doesn't have the blinding speed you'd want from an outside WR, but his down-field sight is really good. He's got a great ability to slip past defenders after the catch. That being said, a lot of his highlights in the reel are due to significant breakdowns in coverage. I'd like to see more of him.
  2. Jason Howeth

    2019 Season Tix Renewal

    @kj86 props for the Foreigner album cover as your photo.
  3. Jason Howeth

    Update to 247Sports composite score formula

    This is a hilarious story. Doesn't only happen in football either. Remember Tony Mitchell? Rated like a 93 by all the major recruiting media as a Mizzou recruit. Suddenly his highschool papers don't check out, he commits to UNT and he's *GASP* an 82?! Go figure amirite?
  4. Jason Howeth

    FAU (2/14/19)

    Yup, it happened again. I hosted a trivia show last night. I think I'm a curse and I just simply have to take off of hosting trivia for the CUSA Tournament and whatever postseason we go to.
  5. Jason Howeth

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    What coaching position did he hold?
  6. Jason Howeth

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Army is forced to run it. We're not forced to run it. Ever catch the Army/Navy game each year? It is without a doubt the single boring-est game played each year, bar none. Also, ya know what Army doesn't do? Win consistently. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/army/index.html I can get on board with a play or two to switch up the looks that the defense has to remember. That's fine Totally serious. Reference my Army/Navy comment above. Why can't it be both? Listen, ya know what drives football ticket sales, and gets fans in seats? Winning, and good football. Ya know what isn't good football and is boring as S***? The triple option. We're not Army or Navy with a fan base that will show up regardless. Final point: ya know who doesn't run the triple option? Bama, Clemson, OU, and Ohio State. UCF either, because they recognize that you have to light up the stat sheets and highlight reels to be relevant as a G5.
  7. Jason Howeth

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    No. No. No. No. Absolutely not. The triple option is the worst offensive scheme ever invented and is reserved for teams who can't develop larger linemen. It needs to be dropped and banned. God, I hate the triple option. EDIT: I know I'm going to catch flak for this, but I don't really care. Sometimes you just gotta voice your opinion, man.
  8. Jason Howeth

    2019 NCAA Coaches Poll *UPDATED WEEKLY*

    Through Games FEB. 10, 2019 RANK SCHOOL RECORD POINTS PREVIOUS 1 Tennessee (30) 22-1 798 1 2 Duke (2) 21-2 768 2 3 Gonzaga 23-2 734 4 4 Virginia 20-2 689 3 5 Kentucky 20-3 667 5 6 Nevada 23-1 609 6 7 Michigan 22-2 607 7 8 North Carolina 19-4 583 8 9 Houston 23-1 517 12 10 Marquette 20-4 488 9 11 Purdue 17-6 430 15 12 Michigan State 19-5 420 11 13 Villanova 19-5 411 13 14 Kansas 18-6 320 14 15 Texas Tech 19-5 305 18 16 Virginia Tech 18-5 266 10 17 Iowa 19-5 250 20 18 Kansas State 18-5 233 NR 19 Florida State 18-5 211 24 20 Louisville 17-7 207 17 21 Louisiana State 19-4 200 22 22 Iowa State 18-6 194 16 23 Wisconsin 17-7 174 19 24 Buffalo 20-3 86 25 25 Maryland 18-6 65 NR Dropped out: No. 21 Mississippi State, No. 23 Cincinnati. Others receiving votes: KCincinnati 45; Mississippi State 22; Auburn 20; Washington 16; Furman 13; Wofford 13; Arizona State 8; North Texas 7; Texas 6; Hofstra 6; North Carolina State 5; Mississippi 4; Syracuse 2; Toledo 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welp, it seems like coaches find a loss here and there understandable. Still at 7 votes.
  9. Jason Howeth

    Bill Connally has UNT FB ranked at #84

    Not a good showing for CUSA in the rankings, but that's not anything new to folks around this board...
  10. Jason Howeth

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    I mean, finally Rockin' Rodeo will be shut down.
  11. Jason Howeth

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    When I was in school, they had another location off 288 near the Kroger. Not sure if it's still there, but I used to go there at least once a week since I lived in the Waterford apartments behind ULTA.
  12. Jason Howeth

    Stopped by the New Soccer/Track Facility

    It'd be nice to see the inside of the facilities. I'd love to see what our ladies (and hopefully men, at some point) have in terms of a locker room.
  13. Jason Howeth

    Marshall (2/7/19)

    All 4 losses prior to the Marshall game coincided with nights that I hosted a trivia show. The Marshall game changed that streak, thankfully!
  14. Jason Howeth

    Marshall (2/7/19)

    Just as an FYI, if you saw my post in the ODU thread, I have a trivia show tonight. That starts when this game starts. My sincerest apologies in advance. Also be on the lookout for the FAU game because I have one then, too.