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  1. 5 teams ranked below all 120+ FBS schools, and additional FCS schools.
  2. 11-3, losses to U of H, S Miss/La Tech (one of them), and one random, unexplainable loss (maybe the other of S Miss/La Tech).
  3. Oh I see. The little sculpture looking things in the brick wall. Got it.
  4. Am I the only one that doesn't know what "reliefs" are?
  5. I'll just point out that we're doing a better job of bringing P5s to Apogee, but geeze, looking at 2023 SFA, @SMU, Memphis and Wyoming) ain't that great. Even if we get 7 home games that year.
  6. Same can be said for a rivalry with SMU
  7. You think we're going 4-4 in conference? Please tell me where 4 losses come from. At MOST with a collapse of the defense and Fine going down, I see 3 losses
  8. What we really need is some UNT students pulling a prank during game week against SMU. Paint their admin building doors green. Something like that. Where are the bored college kids with nothing better to do than engage in a little fun vandalism that doesn't harm anyone?
  9. I agree. I hope they do what a lot of places do and make some markers on the pavement that outline where the field was.
  10. I mean, it can't be bad news for C-USA.
  11. C-USA made the right decision here. How do you not give it to the most dominant school in the sport, and with the newest (and probably best) facility in the league?
  12. Well deserved. We all know he's a really good player, and basically saved our season last year.
  13. As an Austin resident, I can tell you the Longhorns are a team that does not underestimate G5 opponents and has a reputation for never losing one of those games. They have a good team this year, and a win by La Tech just isn't going to happen. Especially in Austin.
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