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  1. Jason Howeth

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    That's not quite right... ESPN math...
  2. Jason Howeth

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Because I'm done. giphy.webp
  3. Jason Howeth

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Mose needs a stiff talking to on the sideline about his snaps.
  4. Lol @ everyone who down-voted my last post here. NYT is garbage, you gotta stay woke.
  5. The NYT is way overrated as an accurate news source (further evidence with this article), but it does have a huge following. Great news for the team and Fine.
  6. Jason Howeth

    Dallas Observer Showing Love for the Mean Green

    We had a legitimate 10-win season in 1947, as well.
  7. Jason Howeth

    2019 Conference games announced

    Their QB is coming back next season, and, along with MF, he was named as one of the top returning QBs in all of NCAAF next season. s/o to Bleacher Report.
  8. Jason Howeth

    2019 Conference games announced

    I was curious why everything thought we could get 10 wins on the schedule with Houston, Cal and UAB. Plus, even if we win one of the above, there's always a random loss that shouldn't happen (e.g. ODU, 2018)
  9. Jason Howeth

    DRC bowl special section coming tomorrow

    Also written for the DMN?
  10. Jason Howeth

    2019 Conference games announced

    ACU, UTSA, UTEP, MTSU, SMU, Rice, SoMiss, Charlotte i see an 8-4 season, losing to UAB as well
  11. Jason Howeth

    Leaked Footage from Littrell's Players' Meeting

    Players' reactions
  12. Jason Howeth

    Oct 2004, last time we played Utah State

    Yeah that was a conservative estimate on the fumble return. At least 109 1/4 yds.
  13. Jason Howeth

    SL Press Conference -Skip to 6:18 mark

    Sure, but I think, especially to Jones, and most likely to SL, there are more things than money. It may not be a good career move overall, but you can't boil everything down to a business decision in these scenarios. Careers aren't like normal investments, where you take the most profitable option if for no other reason than it's direct dealing of your own life. Trust me, when I invest, it's in the most profitable businesses/ventures (hello real estate!). But my career is different. I care about the people I work with, the vision I have for myself, location, family, etc. (not necessarily in that order). I believe these things mattered more to Jones, and matter more to SL. Especially if the report re: SL bringing over his whole staff or no-go is true.
  14. Jason Howeth

    Andy Katz

    Wouldn't a 14-seed be our best seed in program history?
  15. Jason Howeth

    E.J. Ejiya