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  1. The AD leaving is big news, but it's not like these guys won't be focused on football during practice or a game because of it. All the coaches that call plays are still on the sideline with them.
  2. This guy is a smooth operator. He got a 300K damn near half a million dollar raise,... Fixed it for you.
  3. What a bummer for us. Baker was an incredibly kind and caring individual who really wanted to see the students grow and be better people, not just athletes. @meanJewGreen and I went to the women's soccer NCAA tourney at UT a few years back, and Wren, out of the probably 500 UNT fans there and not knowing either of us, spent 30+ minutes just sitting with us and chatting about the athletic programs, the direction of the school, his own life, etc. Great person, great leader, great AD. He'll be missed for sure. Also, I guess I have to change my signature now...
  4. We're going to have to pay attention to FAU as well. https://gatorswire.usatoday.com/gallery/florida-basketball-fau-owls-highlights/
  5. I think we can all dispense with the "IMO Seth should be fired" business because OBVIOUSLY damn near everyone on this forum thinks so.
  6. I'm gonna go a bit contrarian. Rice over WKU; Charlotte over MTSU; North Texas over UAB; and FAU over FIU
  7. "Texas: Houston Cougars State of the state: The Lone Star State has a basketball pedigree that still doesn't get its due. Houston, Baylor, Texas, TCU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and North Texas will all earn NCAA Tournament bids this season if they play up to assumptions from the media and even the coaches in those leagues. The best of the bunch — narrowly — is Houston, which has elevated to a status of national title contender. Considering what the program was through the 1990s, 2000s and the first half of the 2010s, it's a miraculous thing Kelvin Sampson's pulled off. Baylor is my pick to win the Big 12, and I think Texas edges Kansas for second. TCU's never been ranked so highly in the preseason, while Texas A&M was the best team to miss the NCAAs last season. Texas Tech is coming off a Sweet 16 appearance, and North Texas could take C-USA." https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/united-states-of-college-basketball-predicting-the-best-team-in-each-state-for-the-2022-23-season/
  8. I remember watching the start of the 2020 tournament and seeing a split court in a relatively small venue, so percentage wise, I'd be it's well attended. Otherwise, think of the other teams/coaches/staff/band/cheerleaders and traveling fans that would also make it. When I went to the Sun Belt tourney in 2010 (2010?!) I remember the stadium being quite packed, and that was a bad venue for our traveling fans. Just one man's thoughts on it. But again, win as many as possible. Don't play for seeding.
  9. So then we likely draw WKU or UAB (whichever is the 2 seed) in the Game 9? No thank you. Win every game you can. Rather see wins than an extra 150 people watching. Plus it's the tournament. Tons of people besides just the fans of the schools that are playing will be watching/attending.
  10. It's just not his job to be a cheerleader for the school. Despite what many national media news outlets have turned to in the form of "journalism," (i.e. biased reporting with targeted omissions or flat out falsehoods), BV's job is to report the goings-on around the school athletics, their performances, and the impact of it all on the rest of the school and conference. It's why he's won several awards for his work in the last few years for writing the articles and blogs that he does. What you want is a more fan-driven site like underdogdynasty or, really, a dedicated SB Nation site like Syracuse has in www.nunesmagician.com. I get that you don't mean any disrespect, but you have to at least respect the job he's doing and what his mission is at the Denton RC. I'm all for having both!
  11. Also anyone with Samsung TV Plus gets stadium for free with great reception. It's pre-installed and free on all samsung TVs sold these days
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