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  1. Maybe Harry should make "Ray" the "Tune" and just retool everything
  2. Oh I was reading the original post backwards RE: home and away games.
  3. Rankings are rankings. Doesn't matter who it comes from unless it's bad for us. Then screw that publications. Obviously.
  4. Either I accidentally muted $MU $WAG or he blocked me. I'm not seeing his posts, and I'm not particularly upset about it
  5. I'll just point out, it's not easy being a fan of any other university when you're stuck in Austin. It'd be great if this board would've immediately gone to "hey, that's awesome! I hope it turns out great!" But that's not what happened. Dudes, if you can't even be cool with your own fans when they're trying to support the university you very clearly love (because you're on this board) then you need to check yourself. All others that thought it was cool, thanks! Wish we could see you there if you're not at the game!
  6. It was basically the Tre Siggers show. I'd like to see more of him, and it helps me think we might be okay after MF leaves because of the run game. Of course, we'll have to see what happens with Littrell before being certain.
  7. Maybe just not for this game.... How about the Southern Miss game. Let's do that one.
  8. Good choice to use Easly there. Torrey is having trouble and Siggers needs a breather. #GMG!!!!! Bring it back!!
  9. Really was a missed block. He let up thinking it was a given that the handoff happened.
  10. Mason is not throwing well at all. The SMU D is giving him fits and it might be a long day.
  11. I'd buy a shirt with this logo.
  12. I hate all of you like a sibling hates his brother. So, there's respect there, but I still hate you.
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