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  1. Correct, we should hide our games behind a paywall with limited subscriber numbers. That'll be big time.
  2. Looks like they are saying it will be open this summer. https://meangreensports.com/facilities/?id=31
  3. I was just pointing out that the highest level P5 programs DO actually hire directly from G5s for head coaches. I don't know that Seth has achieved enough here to make that leap, but it can happen.
  4. Yes, those coaches all had good records, but SL has a pretty impressive record, even without the bowl wins and conference championships. Those examples were just the quick ones I came up with, there are likely other examples that I just don't have recall power on. Those same programs have hired coordinators direct with no HC experience (OU notably and recently). I think that many here are overestimating an AD at any program to go and get a guy they think can win for them.
  5. Those programs do exactly what you are describing. Urban Meyer went to Florida from a G5 (Utah was G5 at the time), UT hired Herman direct from Houston. A&M has done the same. Nebraska hired Scott Frost direct from UCF and Michigan hired Brady Hoke from SDSU. Jim Tressel went to OSU from Youngstown State. It doesn't seem to be all that unlikely to me.
  6. First, I doubt that a new arena would cost more than $200M, probably not even over $150M. Second, what you describe is likely fairly costly, possibly as much as building a new arena. The concrete mammoth that is the Super Pit would likely require a lot of additional support during excavation and build in the surrounding areas to avoid structural damage. It isn't just a matter of digging and putting in some new concrete, it was designed to use the earth around it as part of the support. It would be a long process to ensure that there is not damage to the structure. Also, blowing out some walls is likely another costly item. A building of that size requires support to bear the load of the building. I would imagine that most of the walls under the Pit are load bearing, so just bashing a hole in the wall may not be a great idea.
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