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  1. forevereagle

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    You can't hire scared. If you hire people that you don't think anyone else wants or will want, why are you hiring them?
  2. forevereagle

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    I hear he is a mean one, a real heel.
  3. NFL teams love measurables, and he has them. If he gets a combine invite, then he has a chance to show those off and improve his draft stock. I wish him the best and hope he gets drafted. Hard to tell a guy who has graduated from school that he shouldn't go out and start earning a living.
  4. Given the game last night, not sure that this has aged well...
  5. forevereagle

    Super Pit thoughts

    Volleyball could be hosted in a new arena once it was built with the old gym mainly being a practice facility.
  6. Because Milton blew out his knee and his future ability to play is in question.
  7. forevereagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    When you make that many hires so close together, the odds that one doesn't work start to go up. Not to mention what that kind of turnover can do to recruiting. Getting our coaches poached is part of life for us, but we don't have to make it harder on ourselves. Also to note, why would Brown want to take this job? He is already on the radar for P5s and switching jobs may make it tougher for him to succeed. I don't see him leaving Troy except to take a P5 job.
  8. forevereagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Everyone keeps saying this, but I am not a fan of the idea of bringing Brown here. He is good, but I don't think he is what we need right now. Do we really want to do this again this time next year? He is already on the radar for P5 jobs, so we would likely see him get that kind of offer after next year. We should try to find someone who is likely to stay for more than one season.
  9. forevereagle

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I don't think the payout matters. I believe the conference gets the payout and covers costs for the bowl team first, then distributes the remainder.
  10. forevereagle

    Some down time now, so what do think of next years team

    If Chad Morris can get a P5 job with a losing record, then Seth could get a P5 job with an overall winning record. Also, the schedule looks harder, but still looks like a winning record.
  11. forevereagle

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    I don't think the city is invested in it anymore. Also, hard to have weekend fans on a Wednesday. The date of the game makes travel from out of town fans difficult and the 12:30 kickoff isn't doing them any favors. Look for this bowl to try and go with teams with local fan bases whenever possible.
  12. I don't think that Russell Wilson was fighting to be a starter at NCST. And Mayfield was the only reason that Tech was remotely successful that season and had earned the starting job. He really only left because Kingsbury wouldn't give him a scholarship as a reward for his success. Just because Fine would have become the first two time offensive player of the year doesn't mean that it would be totally unprecedented.
  13. And he said that he wasn't going to join a list, so like I said, non story. There are QBs that have jumped from one team to another, and that list will grow after this season. Russell Wilson and Baker Mayfield both moved teams after being successful. Bryant from Clemson has already announced his transfer and Hurd from Alabama is a likely candidate to transfer as well. Fine wouldn't be the first QB from a G5 to P5 using the grad transfer rule as Minshew at Washington State via ECU has that honor already sewn up (though I doubt he is the first one to do it). This is going to become mush more common and we may have to just accept it if we continue to be successful.
  14. MG Fans: "I want to be good at football, I don't care what it costs!" Also MG Fans: "My successful coach and QB might maybe possibly use their success here to go elsewhere. I AM NOW VERY ANGRY AND DO NOT APPROVE!" Sometime success has side effects that may not be fun, but we have to deal with it. Still, this seems like a non story to me.
  15. forevereagle

    Next year's home schedule

    Your right, two quotes next to each other without context. I don't think it would be awful to have a later kickoff, but to say that the AD is basically giving a middle finger to fans because they choose an earlier kickoff seems to be a little harsh as there are several ways to look at it. I would also argue that "no access to shade" is not an accurate assessment of the stadium at 6 pm as there is plenty of shade in the stadium at that time of day.