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  1. So coaches that are happy where they are and are not looking for a change don't mind a few losing seasons?
  2. Have to admit that, seeing this, all I could think about was that we could still practice through all of it.
  3. Engagements end all the time before marriage. So basically he is saying that it is the same as it is today, just with different words.
  4. There was at least one of the P5 conferences on Fox and another on CBS.
  5. They went to the WAC straight from the Big West, then to the MWC.
  6. There may be some serious knee pain going on with a lot of our fan base.
  7. You do mention Kansas at a high rate relative to your post count.
  8. Was it beneficial to UNT to make an offer to you when they did? The shot offered by UNT was the same, just with different timing. Also, does this suggest that it will somehow be bad for him to go to Gonzaga and potentially get a masters and NBA scouts looking at him? He is benefiting from this new relationship as well. Did he tear up his UNT degree? Does he leave it off of his resume? Would it be wrong for anyone else to get an undergrad from UNT and then a masters elsewhere? Why is one wrong and the other not? Why are athletes not able to pursue their own path without enduring criticism of every choice they make? Why do we allow our passions to take control and use them to justify this overly critical behavior?
  9. This thread is a case study in subjectivity.
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