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  1. forevereagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Really more curious what could have been done with the #BO08S recruits.
  2. forevereagle

    7 FT ODU Transfer

  3. How many times has an unsourced quote been applied to a picture turned out to be false?
  4. forevereagle

    Mean Green Ditches Ticketmaster, Moves to Paciolan

    For you, unlikely.
  5. forevereagle

    Chase Griffin

    Pretty sure that Chip has a football plan, though.
  6. forevereagle

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    I am a little confused here. Brett is just doing on Twitter what happens on here. When we offer a player, a new thread is started. When that player commits somewhere else, it gets posted on the thread. Brett just puts it on Twitter for the followers he has there. His job is to report on happenings around the program, and he is doing that. Not sure why he is getting nailed for doing his job. I understand that we don't enjoy seeing the news that we missed a guy multiple times, but he is just reporting things that happen.
  7. forevereagle

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    I have been on here plenty long, not that it matters. As for to suggesting that you don't belong, I never said that. Please reread. I asked why you are spending your time on here if you no longer support the program. You sure spend a lot of time on something you profess to no longer care about. As I stated in my post, just want to understand. Also, just because you say something "respectfully" doesn't make what follows respectful.
  8. forevereagle

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    Then why are you here? This site, especially this particular forum, is dedicated to athletics. If you no longer support athletics because of this, then why are you here constantly bringing it up?
  9. forevereagle

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    So your hate for Liberty is greater than your love for your university? You are willing to give up on the program because you don't like playing a team twice? Just want to understand the logic here.
  10. forevereagle

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    The idea that this is a national broadcast is laughable. CBSSN is not included in a lot of cable packages. The coverage of the network may actually be less than ESPN3 which has long been derided on here as not a national broadcast.
  11. forevereagle

    Could Mason Fine join the 5,000 yard Club?

    That seems pretty exclusive. There are 100+ QBs that play every year for the past 100 years and it has only happened 12 times in over 10k attempts.
  12. forevereagle

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    A little taste of what the MWC schedule might look like, but at home. It wouldn't be so bad if kickoff was at 7 or 7:30.
  13. forevereagle


    Those scholarships have more stringent academic standards that are reviewed by people not in the athletic department and also typically have grade requirements. If a player does not meet, and continue to meet, those requirements, it is not an available option for them. Also, many of those do not cover a full ride (as is the case here), so it is not attractive to a player. Plus, telling a player that you are being recruited as a "walk on" that will be awarded an academic scholarship which will require they maintain higher grades is not likely to be enticing to a player when competing offers will not have this requirement. College athletics are challenging enough just to get passing grades, let alone the added pressure of maintaining a high GPA just so you can continue to have your school paid for. All this in addition to the risk that the NCAA finds out and comes down on you with sanctions.
  14. I heard in July sometime, but nothing firm was given.