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  1. For anyone who is wondering why this is funny, I believe the OP was looking for the term "parity".
  2. I'm not sure you know how Tinder works... I kid, I kid...
  3. Great block from Kelvo around 2:20 giving the receiver room for another 15 yards. ETA: I know this was an SEC team but man, I hope our O-line has improved. I wonder how many of those drops/incompletions might have been completions if Fine had just a fraction of a second more time on the throw.
  4. I have a feeling that some of y'all weren't in the student section the first two times that UTSA played at Apogee. If you were, you'd probably better understand why I, and many people I know, do circle that game on the calendar. Polling regular visitors of GMG.com isn't exactly a conclusive sample size for determining who our rival is or is not.
  5. And like a proud parent, also glad that we eventually moved out!
  6. I believe they said October-November window recently.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. I'd say he has. And again, he was just the guy holding the camera (as far was we know). Even so, it's interesting to select someone who was tied up in that as a representation of the team.
  8. 2009 - 2010: Mozart Square (pretty nice. much better than the barracks at the military academy prep school I transferred from) 2010 - 2011: Student apartments off of Bonnie Brae. honestly can't remember what they were called then. 2011 - 2012: Tiny apartment (500 sq ft +/-) off of Oak now called "The Renaissance"
  9. I didn't get a picture for each of the locations my wife and I visited (there were a lot!), but a UNT hat, beanie, or polo made an appearance in four foreign countries and seven U.S. states over the last three weeks. Some highlights include: Ann Arbor, Michigan Niagara Falls, New York Louisville, Kentucky Cincinnati, Ohio Toronto, Canada The Scottish Highlands Dublin, Ireland Reykjavik, Iceland Just doin' my part, don't ya know? Thought y'all might enjoy that!
  10. ‘Tis a joke, my friend. Results with our sample are pretty predictable.
  11. The vast majority of UNT fans think UNT is the best option for a better conference!?
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