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  1. Our jealous girlfriend look is showing. We've been hurt too many times, man!! Now our new beau is over there talking to the girl at the movie ticket kiosk. haha
  2. Someone @ Coach Littrell about getting a top 25 ranking this season and this is how Kade responded. Audacious...and I like it.
  3. Question - if I were Judy, what would I need to do for y'all to decide I'm doing a good job? DISCLAIMER: I'm not defending her, I'm just bored at work and got curious.
  4. Interesting that the two games on NFL Network will [probably] be shellackings. CUSA only has 10 games on NFL Network this year, right? So we got 20% of the conference's market share?
  5. I seem to have missed something. Why does Fine have a cast on his non-throwing hand?
  6. Is it statistically plausible that we will get a 4* recruit this recruiting season?
  7. Can you give an example of what you mean? I'm not challenging you (you're far from alone in feeling this way), I'm just wondering if I could start to spot it if you explained what you mean. I've given Vito a jab on numerous occasions for spelling and grammar errors, but with an appreciation of how quick the turnaround on articles has to be. I probably also have a subconscious bias in favor of him because he was giving me a consistent stream of UNT sports info before there were actually multiple journalists covering it.
  8. Start a petition to get Sub Hub a spot in a new building that UNT builds?
  9. Feels weird to talk down about a guy who got a scholarship and playing time somewhere when that is exactly our argument for why a borderline guy should come here instead of riding the pine at a P5.
  10. "not a guarantee to go in the first two days" sounds like "wouldn't be surprising if he is drafted in the later rounds" to me. Is that what anyone else read?
  11. Ugh...WHY did I open this?
  12. I got confused by the first basket by UNM because UNT dominated the whole first minute of the highlight reel and I thought it was put together by our athletic department.
  13. Never thought I'd see North Texas beating out a list like this...love it.
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