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  1. Tyler Maryak

    2 Club Seats For Incarnate Word Game

    Selling or exemplifying the gracious spirit of our lord and savior?
  2. Tyler Maryak

    Jeffery Wilson and the 49ers

    Looks like he came up with the tackle, at least. As always, making the most of the opportunity.
  3. Tyler Maryak

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    Also, can we talk about Giant @Ryan Munthe here?
  4. I was gonna say - if nothing else, this pre-season has been great for showing me just how many awards must be going around out there.
  5. Tyler Maryak

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    In the event of mass injury, fortune turning against us, or collusion, I can see us going 6-6. It would leave me incredibly disappointed but not entirely shocked. I cannot imagine any circumstance where the team has a 4-8 or 5-7 season, however.
  6. Tyler Maryak

    G5's in a P5 controlled Market

    Q: What should you say to comfort a grammar nazi? A: “There, their, they’re.”
  7. Tyler Maryak

    North Texas Season Preview

    Reading this, I'm thinking things like: *Man, I hope we don't miss Trevor Moore too much. *Man, I hope English and Mayfield can play. *Man, I hope Fine can find a way to improve even the slightest bit. Then it occurred to me...I just hate variables.
  8. Tyler Maryak

    New MeanGreenSports.com Series

    http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/062018aaa.html If you're interested, this was actually the first installment. I mean, how could it not be?
  9. Tyler Maryak


    This. It's being noted more and more that we are offering guys early and then other schools take note and they end up getting a P5 offer or something.
  10. Tyler Maryak


  11. Tyler Maryak

    Dude Perfect at the Super Pit

    You should see the outtakes first!
  12. Tyler Maryak

    K. McClain - Houston Texans camp workout

    Yesss. Nothing would make me happier.
  13. I'm just glad we have a guy like Kelvin Smith at right end...wherever that is.
  14. Tyler Maryak

    Antonio Johnson update

    PSA: This is a name for a real currency. I Google'd it moments before I used the laughing emoticon response. I am now infinitely happier having this knoweldge.
  15. Man...i didn't realize how many seniors were in the defense...