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  1. Tyler Maryak

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I appreciate seeing the "Littrell is staying" tweet just above this thread. Well played, admin.
  2. Tyler Maryak

    $60? Student bus trip to the NM Bowl

    That’s legit! Yeah, what if I’m auditing some classes..?
  3. Tyler Maryak

    Everyone needs to calm down.

    For me (and I assumed for others), these are connected. I don’t want him to stick around because I think we NEED him, I want him to stay because I think the formula we have now will get us 10 wins, a conference championship, and the #1 conference recruiting class next year. I’d rather not change the recipe yet. Disclaimer: although I feel this way, I’m not getting my undies in a bind and tweeting at Coach or TheWren in a misguided belief that my whining will somehow help anything.
  4. Tyler Maryak

    DRC: UNT bowl projections roundup

    I don't know if they'll let us play two bowl games in the same season...
  5. Tyler Maryak

    Attendance Record?

    Speaking of the CBS broadcast, what did the commentators have to say about the "roughing the passer" call on Fine when he went down?
  6. Little late, but if anyone was on the fence about going to tonight's UNT game, I've got two free tickets near the 50 that you can have.
  7. Tyler Maryak

    4 tickets and parking pass for homecoming game

    I'll be coming from Granbury and will be in Denton around 1245. I can go about anywhere.
  8. Tyler Maryak

    4 tickets and parking pass for homecoming game

    How much could i take the parking pass off your hands for?
  9. Tyler Maryak

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    Had to come see how long these threads are. Ended up reading everything and now I'm almost out of upvotes. Oh well...
  10. Tyler Maryak

    And So It Begins

  11. Tyler Maryak

    UTSA Banner Controversy

  12. Tyler Maryak

    Celine makes the punt return even better!

    Oh man, I really want someone to overlay the guy going "Come owwwn, Breelan!" with this video...
  13. Tyler Maryak

    Welcome party at Apogee?

    https://giphy.com/gifs/agree-futurama-7LAqMVFxOGPAc?utm_source=media-link&utm_medium=landing&utm_campaign=Media Links&utm_term=https://www.google.com/