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  1. Tyler Maryak

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    Is it statistically plausible that we will get a 4* recruit this recruiting season?
  2. Tyler Maryak

    #OLDDENTON Is Alive And Well!

    Can you give an example of what you mean? I'm not challenging you (you're far from alone in feeling this way), I'm just wondering if I could start to spot it if you explained what you mean. I've given Vito a jab on numerous occasions for spelling and grammar errors, but with an appreciation of how quick the turnaround on articles has to be. I probably also have a subconscious bias in favor of him because he was giving me a consistent stream of UNT sports info before there were actually multiple journalists covering it.
  3. Tyler Maryak

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Start a petition to get Sub Hub a spot in a new building that UNT builds?
  4. Tyler Maryak

    Kody Fulp update

    Feels weird to talk down about a guy who got a scholarship and playing time somewhere when that is exactly our argument for why a borderline guy should come here instead of riding the pine at a P5.
  5. "not a guarantee to go in the first two days" sounds like "wouldn't be surprising if he is drafted in the later rounds" to me. Is that what anyone else read?
  6. Tyler Maryak


    Ugh...WHY did I open this?
  7. Tyler Maryak

    Too Many Bowl Games?

  8. Tyler Maryak

    UNT vs. New Mexico Video Highlights

    I got confused by the first basket by UNM because UNT dominated the whole first minute of the highlight reel and I thought it was put together by our athletic department.
  9. Tyler Maryak

    UNT Signs Star-Studded 2019 class

    Never thought I'd see North Texas beating out a list like this...love it.
  10. Tyler Maryak

    2019 Conference games announced

    Poll: Would you rather go undefeated with a weak(er) SoS or go 10-3 and hit a top 25 ranking at some point in the season?
  11. Tyler Maryak

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I appreciate seeing the "Littrell is staying" tweet just above this thread. Well played, admin.
  12. Tyler Maryak

    $60? Student bus trip to the NM Bowl

    That’s legit! Yeah, what if I’m auditing some classes..?
  13. Tyler Maryak

    Everyone needs to calm down.

    For me (and I assumed for others), these are connected. I don’t want him to stick around because I think we NEED him, I want him to stay because I think the formula we have now will get us 10 wins, a conference championship, and the #1 conference recruiting class next year. I’d rather not change the recipe yet. Disclaimer: although I feel this way, I’m not getting my undies in a bind and tweeting at Coach or TheWren in a misguided belief that my whining will somehow help anything.