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  1. Tyler Maryak

    4 tickets and parking pass for homecoming game

    I'll be coming from Granbury and will be in Denton around 1245. I can go about anywhere.
  2. Tyler Maryak

    4 tickets and parking pass for homecoming game

    How much could i take the parking pass off your hands for?
  3. Tyler Maryak

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    Had to come see how long these threads are. Ended up reading everything and now I'm almost out of upvotes. Oh well...
  4. Tyler Maryak

    And So It Begins

  5. Tyler Maryak

    UTSA Banner Controversy

  6. Tyler Maryak

    Celine makes the punt return even better!

    Oh man, I really want someone to overlay the guy going "Come owwwn, Breelan!" with this video...
  7. Tyler Maryak

    Welcome party at Apogee?

    https://giphy.com/gifs/agree-futurama-7LAqMVFxOGPAc?utm_source=media-link&utm_medium=landing&utm_campaign=Media Links&utm_term=https://www.google.com/
  8. Tyler Maryak

    Randomly Found A UNT Alumn

    I was wasting time and looking forward to next year's schedule (looking at how Cal has been doing to see how we might fare against that P5 in 2019). Noticed ACU and got curious about our all-time record against them. Down the rabbit hole, I found this article by a UNT alumn now in Abilene: https://www.reporternews.com/story/sports/college/acu/football/2018/08/24/acu-fans-should-get-used-playing-baylor-m-football/1029724002/. Quick and fun little history lesson and an interesting perspective.
  9. That line bothered me too.
  10. A lot of teams have thought they were prepared for North Texas, my friend...
  11. Tyler Maryak

    Announcement from Wren Baker

    That was an option being explored when the old administration was in place. I believe Wren went a different route.
  12. Tyler Maryak

    Violations at TAMU?

    Man, I feel for that kid. If that's all accurate, that's a rough shake for him.
  13. Tyler Maryak

    How LA Tech Fans See C-USA

  14. Tyler Maryak

    2 Club Seats For Incarnate Word Game

    Selling or exemplifying the gracious spirit of our lord and savior?
  15. Tyler Maryak

    Jeffery Wilson and the 49ers

    Looks like he came up with the tackle, at least. As always, making the most of the opportunity.