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  1. I think you are right @peanuts104 needs to provide more detail on why he feels that way. I agree with you 100%. 4-8 in a conference like CUSA is unacceptable given our resources.
  2. I read part of the reason that the P5 conferences don't want non conference games is it allows their conference to maintain a high level of testing and quarantine. I would fear that a school like HBU would not have the resources to adequately test and treat their covid players.
  3. With 8 conference games I am thinking 4-4 is realistic? Wins over UTSA UTEP MUTS and Charlotte? Losses against the good teams like La Tech UAB, Southern Miss and Rice.
  4. This is actually damn good news as it would allow us to get out of the body bag game with TAMU.
  5. That seemed like a very shotgun approach article. I do not think she made any main point other than they fact that the entire process is being affected greatly by Covid which is no big surprise. Also is Michael Traylor any relation to Jeff?
  6. Top area classes (total points) 1. Texas (223.88) 2. Oklahoma (207.88) 3. Baylor (190.13) 4. Texas A&M (185.36) 5. SMU (156.53) 👀 6. Oklahoma State (151.87) 7. Texas Tech (125.38) 8. TCU (90.26) 9. North Texas (79.07) North Texas - No. 90 class nationally in total points (79.07) - 6 commitments 6 three stars - 83.85 average rating - Top-rated recruit: Lubbock Estacado WR TJ Steele: Three stars (No. 590 nationally, 0.8681 rating) read more: https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/texas-longhorns/2020/07/07/area-recruiting-update-texas-has-national-top-10-class-but-oklahoma-continues-to-surge-smu-tops-tcu-texas-tech/
  7. Mike Ekeler, an excitable sort, often prefaces his football stories with phrases such as "Think about this" and "This is the greatest story of all time." In January, the 48-year-old native of David City was named special teams coordinator at North Texas. His Mean Green players soon will learn about Ekeler's storytelling prowess, if they haven't already. Think about this one: During the spring of 2010, when Ekeler coached Nebraska's linebackers, he recalls the Husker defense plodding through a terrible Friday practice. So, Ekeler had a message for his linebackers before a scrimmage the next morning. Not an official marathon, mind you. In this case, Ekeler had an NU football staff member drop him off on Interstate 80 about 27 miles from Memorial Stadium. It was 90 degrees. The good news: The wind was at his back. The bad news: It was all of 90 degrees. He made it to the 21-mile mark, but not the full 27. We'll get to what happened in a second. Read the rest of the story here: https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-the-story-of-mike-ekelers-aborted-27-mile-run-on-i-80/article_01d10c2f-8fd4-5bd3-8e00-56f72aa57ea7.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  8. Five-star senior Makur Maker announced his commitment to Howard on Friday morning, becoming the highest-ranked college basketball prospect to commit to a historically Black college or university since the ESPN recruiting database started in 2007. Maker chose the Bison over UCLA, although Kentucky and Memphis were also on his final list of four schools. "I was the 1st to announce my visit to Howard & other started to dream 'what if,'" Maker wrote on Twitter. "I need to make the HBCU movement real so that others will follow. I hope I inspire guys like Mikey Williams to join me on this journey. I am committing to Howard U & coach Kenny Blakeney." link: https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29403929/five-star-recruit-makur-maker-commits-howard-ucla?linkId=92752039
  9. DENTON – Senior wide receiver Jaelon Darden enters his final season in Denton with his name on several of the program's career leader charts and is expected to continue to climb. His tireless work ethic and energy spent in the film room is a big reason why one of the most dynamic receivers in the country has been so successful with the Mean Green. "I'm trying to take that next step to better myself as a teammate," Darden said. "I'm passing as much knowledge as I can to everybody in my room, and also to the DBs. I just want to be able to help everyone get better." He's taken a lot of the time in quarantine this offseason to focus on film. In addition to his own and film of opponents, Darden has spent a lot of time watching a trio of NFL receivers that he follows often – Davante Adams (Green Bay Packers), Doug Baldwin (Seattle Seahawks) and Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills). He uses their film to understand how they're defended, why they make the reads they do in certain situations and how he can apply that to his own game. "Those three guys are my favorite because of their ability to be able to create space at the line, which allows them to do what they do afterwards," Darden said. "That's more of my game, so I've been watching them so I can see how they put together different routes, and keep all of my routes and stems the same way, so you would think I'm doing more than what I really am. Making things easier for myself. "To be honest, that's mainly the most part I'm looking at to see how the DB is playing. Yeah it's cool to see the receiver get open and do this and that, but at the end of the day, I'm looking at the task and the task is what's in front of me with the DB, so I pay a lot of attention to that. "Say for instance, I line up two yards inside the hash, nine times out of 10 a DB is very anxious – feet are tapping, hands shaking, so I know they are likely in man coverage because there is no reason he would be so nervous if he's just dropping to a zone. Those kinds of things are going to help me take my game to the next level because at the end of the day it's all mental and not so much physical. You could put in all the work you want physically, but at the end of the day if you don't know football, and how it's played, then it's going to be hard for you." In addition to an increase in the amount of film he watches, Darden has grown a lot as a leader during his three-plus seasons in Denton. So much of his impact among his teammates comes from within. He says his leadership comes naturally and comes from a desire to motivate and hold himself and his teammates accountable. His teammates noticed right away. read more: https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/7/3/football-darden-on-his-grind.aspx
  10. This mainly applies to the assistants who typically have a year to year contract.
  11. Yeah the voluntary 5% deal isn't going to fly when you are asking students to pay full freight for tuition when all their classes are online.
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