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    It’s GAME DAY!!!

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    Dave Campbell's Texas Football Live

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    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Voted. Mason is #2: 302-300. Be sure you vote every day!!!
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    North Texas St vs Arkansas 1968

    I think you meant to say "Memphis State" rather than Tulsa. 1967 20-29 L 1968 12-30 L 1969 13-15 L 22-6-1 ('67-'69) and I still hate Memphis State to this day!
  5. Eagle71

    First Team to Fly

    I'm sure that all the college football historians out there already know this story, but I didn't. This is an article from the Arkansas vs North Texas State program from October 26, 1968. Let's Fly Like an Eagle Saturday!!! GMG
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    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Voted again. Mason 185 (42%) - 114 (26%)
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    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Mason is back at #1 with 140 votes (38%).
  8. 50 years ago. 17-15. Looking back I guess I've forgotten more final scores of NT games than I remember. But there is one that I have never forgotten and that's the final score of our game against the Razorbacks in 1968. The "oh, so close" game. The "almost" game. The "if only" game. Our chance to make all of them sit up and take notice game. What a team we had and I've waited for 50 years for us to go back to Arkansas and get revenge!!!! Watching the guys on the SEC channel play down UNT, I hope this great group of young men who make up our 2018 team will dig down for something deeper inside themselves and bring home a victory for those guys on the '68 team, those of us who have waited so long, and for the glory of North Texas. GoMeanGreen. Fly Like An Eagle! From the 1968-69 Yucca: “Eagles put Razorbacks on the ropes; Scare Pigs before bowing out by two It was a perfect night for football at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Ark. The Eagles poured onto the field and looked at the crowd of 45,000, the biggest they had ever seen. They looked across the field at the Arkansas Razorbacks as they warmed up. They must have wondered if they were in the right place; a stadium full of screaming fans, a nationally ranked, big-name team facing them. This indeed was the Big Time. However, when it was all over the fans were silent and somehow the men of the Ozarks didn’t look quite so big. NT had met the Hogs and had stunned them before bowing out on the short end of a 17-15 score. The Mean Green held on through three quarters by keeping Arkansas from making the big plays and trailed by a 17-3 score. Then havoc broke loose as NT squelched the Razorback offense and exploded for two touchdowns. A third, game-winning score was called back by a pass trapping call. Quarterback Steve Ramsey had one of his finer nights as he completed his first nine passes and went on to hit 21 of 35 for 240 yards. Sophomore Leo Taylor bulled his way upfield for 111 yards and one touchdown. Barry Moore gathered in 10 passes for 155 yards and a TD. But the total feeling was one of frustration for NT as they missed scoring opportunities twice on the one-yard line. All in all, it wasn’t a bad showing for the Eagles, as the game billed as a breather for the Razorbacks, left the Hogs themselves breathing hardest.”
  9. Eagle71

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Voted. Mason in first with 24% of the votes.