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  1. 38 - 16 LaTech FGs for us, tough times in the red zone.
  2. The beginning of the Steve Ramsey era. "Sophomore quarterback Steve Ramsey led the Eagles in their opener by passing for three touchdowns and running for another. Fullback Vic Williams turned in 77 yards rushing on 11 carries....The Mean Green, led by Joe Greene and Johnny Mata, hobbled the Bulldogs and held them to 44 yards rushing and 72 passing while the Eagle offense rolled up a total of 333 yards." North Texas State University 31 - Drake 0 Freshman year. First time to Fouts. First date with future wife. Incredible game. Now that was a great day to be a fan of the Green and White!
  3. Looks like he is actually #18 rather than #28 which makes more sense to me.
  4. Why would you tell your opponents about an injury to one of your players? Let them practice like we are at full strength. As for those of us who bleed Green, well we'll find out on Saturday. Fly Like An Eagle!
  5. It was packed every game. It didn't matter what was happening in class the next day...you went to the game! Joe Hamilton...Crest Whitaker...Lee Wifield...Wendall Hart! Dang those were good times at NTSU!
  6. Thank goodness for the "MUTE" button or I would have lost my mind.
  7. Yes, because you learned how NOT to play defense. If you're coachable, Bennett will show you the right way to play the game and it will be an "eye-opening" experience.
  8. Dang that's a little rough seeing us behind Texas State!
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