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  1. And I'm glad to be old enough to have seen the Top 5 NT SRS teams. Welcome to "The Pit!"
  2. What a ride it was! Congratulations to the Mean Green on a great season and to 18th ranked Villanova who was on fire tonight. We can play some defense and those Villanova shooting stats for tonight are amazing!
  3. So who did we beat in '71?
  4. "You don't got to play, you go to win." - Coach Grant McCasland
  5. Is there a limit on how many times you can watch a video!!!! Fly Like An Eagle!!!!
  6. One of the all-time great "gut check wins" in program history!
  7. 7 points in the entire 2nd half
  8. Anything left in the tanks?
  9. 1 for last 17. Haven't scored in 7:44.
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