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  1. Not as worried about CB as I am LB (maybe I should be). Ozougwu is going to need to do his best EJ impersonation. And then there's the DL. Wait how many things do I get to worry about for next year?
  2. Eagle71

    ‘19 WR Damon Smith - Keller (PWO)

    6'2" 175lbs. 4.6 with some nice moves and awareness of the bigger picture on the field. Hope he'll give us some thought. https://www.hudl.com/profile/6042420/Damon-Smith
  3. Eagle71


    If Marvin Gaye was on GoMeanGreen.com football forum: I bet you're wonderin' how we knew 'Bout your plans to make us blue With some other school you knew before Between the two of us You know we love you more It took us by surprise we must say When we found out yesterday Don't you know that we heard it over in Grapevine Not much longer would you be with Fine Oh we heard it over in Grapevine Oh we’re just about to lose our minds Honey, honey yeah We heard it over in Grapevine Yeah, yeah We Heard it over in Grapevine....
  4. Here is the write-up for NTSU in the 1965 issue of Texas Football magazine. We followed 5 pages about the Houston Cougars and a sophomore flanker named, Warren McVea and we were right after Abilene Christian and right before Austin College. We've come a long way since those days and I'm thinking that the 2019 issue of DCTF should have Mason on the cover. I know, the results of the Sugar Bowl probably negated that possibility, but I'll be writing to them anyway.
  5. Eagle71

    Southern Mississippi (1/5/19)

    I'm still waiting to see a foul by us! What a bunch of touchy-feely calls.
  6. Eagle71


    Fall of 1967. My freshman year home away from home. Apparently, the girls stopped coming to the pool at some point before my time there.
  7. Eagle71


    Agreed. I married one of them nearly 49 years ago. She and her roommates had the premier room, #201, right above the front door. It was the best viewing spot for keeping up with the various "goins on".
  8. Eagle71


    Had to share your comment with my wife. 2505 Louise. 2nd place that my wife and I lived (early '70s) after we got married out Jr. year. Dyed blue shag carpet, paper thin walls, meanest landlord ever, and you didn't dare leave anything outside. Memories....not good ones...but it built character. Then we moved to 910 Eagle and never had it so good.
  9. Eagle71

    Happy New Year Mean Green!

    Happy New Year to everyone in our "Mean Green Family". Let's all "Fly Like An Eagle" in 2019!
  10. Eagle71

    Short Yardage Situations

    Agreed! It would be another nice wrinkle that the defense would have to be aware of. "I want our offense to confuse and frustrate our opponent. If you can get a football player on the football field and have him not know for sure what he is supposed to be doing, then you have created a big advantage." Hank Stram, KC Chiefs
  11. WOW!!!! HUGE GET for the Mean Green!!!!! Beat out TT, Indiana, Kansas, Utah and 14 others! Khatib Lyles WR 6'2" - 6'3", 190 - 200lbs, 4.59 .8463!!! ***
  12. Now that's MEAN GREEN! Fly Like An Eagle!
  13. Eagle71

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    Updated look at the 2019 class.
  14. Now 3 star at .8019 5'10" 190 4.54 We might have stolen one here.