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  1. This team needs Bell to do a LOT more than he has so far.
  2. NO COACH is ever done trying to improve his team no matter what the position and nobody, and that includes the coaches, is guaranteed a starting position for the Mean Green in 2022.
  3. What I know is that we better find a better than average D1 QB or two pretty soon or we're going to be looking back and saying "remember that year we won six games, wasn't it great?" when we join the AAC. If they aren't afraid of your passing game (as we saw again today) they will kick your ass in the running game (also as we saw today).
  4. He gets another year, but he better come up with a QB real quick or it will be his last season at NT.
  5. Like Farrar, Medlock is one of the Top 30 RBs in the state . "Medlock is a power back who grinds on a defense. He is a battering ram, but also has a quick burst to explode through the hole with the power to break tackles. He makes getting the tough yards look easy, and he gets better later in games.: DCTxFB Rising Recruiting Guide I don't know about his grades or his speed, but he sounds like the Mean Green running game to me. I'm thinking that I sure would like to see this young man in our backfield.
  6. If your name is "Savage" and you play defense, I'm going to give you a shot to live up to your name. Maclin and Head will up the competition. I still think that we're still a QB away. We need to win this bowl game.
  7. https://247sports.com/player/malachi-medlock-46110471/
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