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    UNT was a lot of the UNTamed20’s 1st choice. I definitely know it was Christian’s 1st choice even though he was getting P5 looks at LB. He probably would of had several more offers if he wouldn’t of committed so early because of his Senior season stats. However, he knew as soon as he was on campus this was the school he wanted to be at and got on the recruiting trail as hard as the coaches. In his heart he knows he is a P5 talent and wanted to come to UNT along with all of the other commits to push this program to a new level. If we all could get on board with Coach Trice, former mean green player, we can shock the NCAA. We have been around to these other schools in our area and there is a difference with our coaching staff. All the pieces are coming together. Stay the course, trust in our coaches, and most of all fill the stands on Saturday. We are the 67th ranked team in NCAA with this recruiting class and #1 in Conference USA. Things are about to blow up!!! My 2cents.
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    One of our greatest and longest-suffering fans on GMG.com could use some positive thoughts and prayers from us today. Jack Fincher, aka @GrayEagle had to have surgery and is recovering.. I’m hoping and praying for a quick recovery Mr. Fincher.. Hope to see you back in the Ap soon. Rick
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    Yes he was, he was intended to be a receiver because his arm had an ulnar nerve injury that never fully healed from high school. When Vizza left he filled in but his last year with us (2010), he was not even on the qb depth chart yet he was thrust into the starting role after Nathan Tune and Derek Thompson were injured and the only other semi-qb on roster was walk-on receiver Chase Baine. Say what you want about Todd Dodge but don’t give me that coach’s son bullsh, that kid poured his heart and soul into this team and his body just couldn’t take the punishment. He is our highest rated recruit ever, period, and he’d never have set foot on our campus if he weren’t the “coach’s son”. You may not know this but Mason is second on North Texas’ all time completion percentage list. Our all-time leader? Riley Dodge. So go spit your crybaby bull somewhere else Mrs Vizza. Rag on the coach all you want but Riley did nothing wrong other than play his heart out for this team.
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    Back in the 90s and early 2000s when I went to a lot of away games I would meet those home fans and pick their brains about giving back to their university. The overwhelming sentiment of those under 30 (and maybe even 35) was hell no. Especially Sun Belt schools but even at places like LSU and OU most younger alumni laughed at giving money to the school they just shelled out a lot of money to. I would think with how much tuition is today, that sentiment is even stronger. Not everybody is rah rah about their school, they just want the piece of paper and to be done with it. I work with a mid-forties guy who went to Idaho and follows Idaho sports. When he found out I donated money to UNT he kept asking me why and what for. To him, only rich people with extra money give to universities. He doesn't even make that connection to donate to Idaho. Good news is the school is reaching out to people. They can't say no if you don't ask.
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    I’m starting to care less and less about the crowd size. We’re homing in on close to 50 years of Super Pit-ness. I’ve seen the roller coaster of attendance too many times the past 34 years. We know what has to happen to get a raging loud-ass crowd in there....WINS and notoriety(DFW news coverage).. When we win enough to gain both we’ll have the CBI Championship vs San Fran crowd again. Till that happens there’s no reason to worry about it. Just worry about yourself and enjoy the ride. Rick
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    We should always have a top recruiting class! Special thanks to all that contributed to the School and the IPF. Facilities matter and the IPF is very impressive! Gmg
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    Proud Dad Moment Here. Ready to See him on the field at Apogee. This class is special and we are so glad to be apart of it. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-Mean-Green-football-five-incoming-freshmen-with-the-most-potential-Christian-lee-Erik-Williams--143493517/
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    Every night when I roll over and look at my wife I think “I know she’s beautiful, but I wasn’t her first boyfriend damnit!!”
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    I am more in favor of giving Apogee appreciation for their support, than trying to break a contract. I doubt there are a lot of entities willing to spend millions for naming rights of a G5 stadium.
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    My Prediction for National Signing Day https://247sports.com/Player/Branard-Wright-46037340/ https://247sports.com/Player/Jonathan-Pickett-46047150/ Juco OT (We have one visiting this weekend) I will announce name when I get the go ahead. We are going head to head with Conference Mate. If we sign those 3 we will move to first in 247 Conference rankings I don't think we will sign one on NSD. But a JUCO or Transfer QB will be added as well. I would think this would be a successful NSD
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    If we get a whole class of "rebounds" with the talent of this kid that's cool with me.
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    Wish he cared about us as much as we cared about him.
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    Hi fellow Mean Green Nation. I wanted to share this about former player Jordan Murray. My children go to St. Monica Catholic school in Dallas. Jordan Murray was hired at the school to help with at athletics and other school responsibilities. The school has embraced him and the kids LOVE him! I see him just about every day at pickup. Tragically, Jordan lost his mother and has devastated his family. Our school posted his go fund me page to help with the funeral. They have reached their goal, but Jordan and his family are going to need any extra support they can get. St. Monica is lucky to have him. I coach strength and conditioning for the football team as a Dad volunteer and can’t help to work with him and the players in the fall. I’m so proud to see Jordan helping our kids. He’s so polite, helpful and is our gentle giant. Go Mean Green. GoFundMePage
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    Man, there's a lot of people on this board with low basketball IQ. That was a HIGH level game between two really good teams. Every analytics program out there predicted this to be a tossup. We came into the day 12-2 in conference play. We've never been 12-2 in any conference. And for those of you only bitching about 3s, the reason we were 12-2 was we shoot really good from 3. We're top 10 in the country shooting 3s. The two by Zach and Deng were bad (even though wide open) but most of the others were good looks. We hit even 1 and we win. La Tech is an experienced team with something to prove. It's the two best teams in the league in my opinion. If we played 10 times, we'd be 5-5. There's a reason La Tech won at Miss State. We still shot over 50% from the field overall which is really good. We're 12-3 with a 1 game league on the two teams tied for 2nd. We control on our own destiny. Bracey made some incredible shots with defenders in his jock strap. Last time we played he was 2-15. Chill out and help the team win a damn trophy.
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    Scatter shooting from west Texas. 1. The court and SP look great on television. I may be a bit biased, but we have the best looking court in college basketball. 2. Our balance is a thing of beauty. I don’t think Zach scored today and he was sloppy with the ball but he played good defense and worked the boards. 3. The announcers loved Hamlet. One of them said he plays at his own pace and doesn’t let the other team dictate his pace. His improvement through the year has been phenomenal and his lack of turnovers, considering he is the PG. 4. Crowd sounded and looked good and the shots from around campus looked great. They even got the Mean Joe Greene/ Mean Green nickname story correct. This team has the ability to win the league and conference tournament and could make some noise in the tourney.
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    Seth to replace Tommy Mangino at North Texas? There, got that out of the way for you guys
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    The mens basketball team is off to its best start in conference play in program history. They are not getting enough attention, we need to be promoting the home game Thursday vs. Charlotte to anyone and everyone I hope this thread is not moved. North Texas: 16-9 (10-2) vs Charlotte: 14-9 (8-4) is a pivotal game in the CUSA championship race. I have not made it to a game this year admittedly because of the ease of watching on ESPN+ but I have made plans to be there Thursday. There are only six games left in the season four of which are at home, if you're like me and you have not made it to a game this year, now is the time. WE ARE ***KING BACK FOLKS WE ARE 10-2 IN CONFERENCE PLAY LETS SHOW THIS TEAM THE SUPPORT THEY DESERVE PACK THE PIT!!!!!
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    Our three JUCO signees have been playing pretty lights in conference play. Javion Hamlet 16.7/2.9/5.4 averages with shooting splits of 52.7%/32.1%/93% and turning it over just above 2 times per game, with most of those coming in the first 3 conference games. Has also missed 5 straight threes which dropped his percentage by almost 10%, but he has been elite offensively overall, especially late in games. James Reese 10.3/3.4/0.8 averages with shooting splits of 52.9%/45.8%/80% and adding 1.2 steals a game while playing really good perimeter defense. Also making over 2 threes a game, and many of which have been huge. Thomas Bell 7.2/6.3/1.6 averages with shooting splits of 53.6%/52.6%/57.1% and has passed Deng Geu as Mccasland’s most trusted 4 as he’s playing about 5 minutes more per game in conference play. Mccasland and his staff deserve huge credit for these three additions. They were all highly regarded JUCO players who had plenty of options but the staff really zeroed in on these guys and stuck the landing on all 3. There’s a lot of talk about Mccasland’s late season collapses in his brief D1 HC career but these guys have come in and put this roster above any of his previous ones. On the team now to execute when it really matters.
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    UNT Men’s Basketball has hit the 18-Win mark in nine straight seasons. Still confused about the five-year hiatus we took from the 12-13 through 16-17 seasons.
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    I wish him well, but to be honest, I'm not a fan of transferring to see if the grass is greener. Not just in our case but other as well. It's one thing if your not getting playing time, or maybe a coaching change, but when a G5 player has a good career and seems to be wanting to test the greener field, not so much. I would never, for example, have wanted to see Mason transfer. I think it would have damaged his legacy. I know more and more people want the player to almost be able to come and go as they please, but I, personally, believe it is taking away form the game.
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    The year is young, but we already have the post of the year, if not the decade. It needs to be pinned somewhere everyone will see it. Preach on, @KeithLee!!!!!!
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    If it takes NT three years to rebuild, than NT is wasting a lot of money on Littrell. CUSA is not the SEC or even the AAC. There is no reason that NT should not be able to vie for a championship next year. With no apparent frontrunner at QB, it is hard to be optimistic. However, the defense should be much better and there is a good chance so will the offense. The offensive line could be better, the receiver corp improved and the running game should be solid. Replacing the sub-par I believe injured Fine from last year; may not be as difficult as some think. Littrell was hired because of his offensive talents, it is time to demonstrate them.
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    What you donate to, is everyone's choice. No one expects anyone to give that doesn't have the funds to do so. Schools certainly are not going to check everyone's finances before calling for donations. The caller is either a volunteer or a very lowly paid student just doing a job . Being upset because you were called is beyond stupid. Do you think if you had went anywhere else, that they wouldn't solicit you for donations? Just say thank you for the call, but I am not contributing at this time. They are used to hearing it.
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    I am not of the current generation. I just went to grad school for way too many years, so that is on me. The current generation isn’t paying what we paid in tuition, however. If you graduated in 1970 (wild guess based on your screen name) you likely paid for your entire four years of tuition what a current student pays in a semester. It’s just a fact of life now that people have to take out loans. It isn’t laziness. There are no extra bootstraps to pull up. Most people graduate in debt.
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    All I know is that we beat them at the Heart of Dallas Bowl and took their President.
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    Thank you Seth for being on your game! This team is loaded with talent, the future is bright!
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    So a coach that won four straight conference championships and got us to a bowl for the first time in 50+ years isn't worthy of a HOF spot? Good grief.
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    Wait so we still have a scholarship for Ravon available?
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    A DL coach doubling as a recruiting ace is good news! Job #1 for Coach Mathies: Get the commitments from Branard Wright & Jonathan Pickett! Welcome aboard!
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    Was with Clint Bowen at Western Kentucky. Big time recruiter!! 2017 – Florida Atlantic (Assistant Coach/DL/Recruitng Coordinator) 2016 – USF (Assistant Coach/DL/Recruiting Coordinator) 2013-15 – USF (Assistant Coach/DL) 2010-12 – Western Kentucky (Assistant Coach/DL/Recruiting Coordinator) 2007 – Dallas Cowboys (NFL Fellowship Program Intern) 2005-09 – Western Kentucky (Assistant Coach/DL) 2003-04 – Tennessee State (Assistant Coach) 1999-2002 – Midwestern (Texas) State (Assistant Coach)
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    It's getting to the point where we need to pin this comment to the top of every basketball thread.
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    Great post @MeanGreenHistorian BTW....did you know Boomer has 12 brass fasteners placed within his construction & design to signify and honor the memory & accomplishments of #12 Andrew Smith? Rick
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    I think one of the problem people have is a concern that schools, like UNT and other G5 and FBS, becoming resting points for players who excel. The UNT staff puts in the time and effort to work with him and then another schools stands to benefit without the investment. It is a dangerous precedent that could get out of hand. Again, since day one I have not been a fan of the transfer portal; IMO just a bad system.
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    I wish him the best, but I really like our young receiving core and I want to see them develop this year and get the reps/targets. I posted this in another thread, but you have a 1st-team all CUSA receiver in Darden, Greg White, and then this ridiculous group of young, talented wide receivers sophomores - Jyaire Shorter (9 receiving TDs), Deonte Simpson (240 yards as a true freshman and had 7 other FBS offers including Northwestern), and Austin Ogunmakin redshirt freshmen - Khatib Lyles (multiple P5 offers), Kealon Jackson (multiple P5 offers), and Damon Ward true freshmen - Loronzo Thompson (multiple P5 offers) and Detraveon Brown (multiple P5 offers) Let’s see what they can do and what kind of rapport they can build with our sophomore QB.
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    This all started in Texas with the legislature cutting higher education funding. Universities did not raise tuition for shits and giggles.
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    Two of my kids went to UCONN, third is at UNT. I was getting calls for donations while my kids were still in school. Kids started getting them as soon as they graduated. I still get them from UCONN. Hello, I just finished sending a *&^%-load of money to you. I didn't go to UCONN, why would I donate more money? I feel sorry for the students that are doing their best to stay on script asking for money. The conversion rate must be incredibly low. I started getting calls from UNT a few years ago. When I tell them I already donate the response is, "that's fantastic, would you consider a donation of $100 a month?" I already donate. "Could you do $75 at month?" I already donate. "What about $50 a month?" Point is, UNT is doing what they all do and I'm sure just about every recent graduate from every school that gets hit up for money feels the same way. Give people some time to get their feet under them.
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    As long as it's not gray I'll be OK!
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    I disagree. Win the regular season and get the guaranteed NIT, NCAAs would be gravy. Plus if we are the number one seed and win the conference tournament there is a better chance of a more favorable seed.
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    Already did!!! He said it would be his dream job!!!
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    Why was this game so big? McNeese has built a very solid program, were undefeated, and had outscored their four opponents by a combined 36 to 1. This McNeese Tournament was designed to showcase their team by bracketing them to meet national softball power Louisiana in the tournament finals. North Texas spoiled that plan by beating the Cajuns and removing them from contention. This is the only Cajuns loss for the season, and they have outscored their other opponents 22 to 3. North Texas further rained on the fiesta by shutting out the McNeese offensive juggernaut in the championship game. Great win Mean Green... Cowgirl Classic Champions! It's great to be bringing home the trophy, especially against this type of competition.
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    Recruiting across the board has changed a little since the days of Hayden Fry...
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    Gosh, I wish there was someone on our staff who could have assessed this kid and what we have returning at running back. Perhaps someone who played RB here and now coaches them. Maybe that person could have made an intelligent decision on whether to offer a scholarship when we have multiple needs in this class. Maybe somebody named, oh I don’t know, Cobbs?
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    I spoke with Turpin last night. I like our chances

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