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    That is a great honor. Congratulations to Brett.
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    Hmm. AAC leadership apparently has friends in high places, but I'm legitimately wondering if that conference has figured it out.... to the point that even after Texas/OU/OSU/Kansas leave the Big12, schools like Houston & SMU won't want to join up with the Big 12 leftovers, rather staying with the AAC. If NT can keep up momentum better than we have (football & basketball), we can position ourselves nicely to fit with the Big12 leftovers if SMU decides to stick with the AAC. Also, pretty please can we get rid of McCleod & bring in someone who can run a conference? C-USA has done nothing but backslide under her leadership.
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    Always glad to be reminded of how great this run has been with Fine's exceptional leadership on the field, in the locker room, in the classroom, and as part of the Denton community.
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    I love super ambiguous practice updates "So I watched practice today. They threw the ball, sometimes they kicked the ball, and they kept tackling each other. Stay tuned for more updates"
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    It's really a small world. We are currently on vacation in Dublin, and I ran into a couple wearing North Texas gear. I yelled out Go Mean Green and talked to them for a few mins. It's really cool running into alumni in other countries.
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    Mr. Swan, UNT is a stepping stone until we can pay our HC a 4 million dollar salary while having a 2 million dollar assistant salary pool. Though your article is enriching and positive, specifically for The Daily, it still is seemingly shooting at a moving target. We, like about 80 other FBS programs, are stepping stones. Coaches have a competitive spirit. With that, comes an enlarged EGO. They THINK they are the wonderkind and can take their philosophy and have great success with it anywhere they go (no matter that the same philosophy is being used at about 80% of programs). Since the chips are stacked against us (and about [at least] 80-90 other FBS programs) it only affords them about 30 programs where they have a legitimate shot to really win a national title. They want that shot. And since we do not have a 6 million dollar salary pool for coaches at UNT, they move on because they also want that money.
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    Just call it a year.
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    I love Mason, and I love Mean Joe, but we have a long way to go when an article like this is written with a shoutout to Jamize Olawale, but no mention of Abner Haynes. Not this writer’s fault he doesn’t know the history, of Haynes’ on-field accomplishments here, the AFL, & more importantly, the trail he blazed for minorities across the state of Texas. We got a statue of Mean Joe at Apogee. I only hope Abner can see his before it’s too late.
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    After all the turnover over this off season could the Mean Green Coaching staff actually be improved? I think it is no ta contest the staff is improved by miles on the recruiting side. But argument could be mad the Xs and Os part is improved as well. For those living under a rock lets recap OC Graham Harrell to USC = OC Bodie Reeder Bodie come to UNT after leading Eastern Washington to a top 3 offense in FCS and a trip to the FCS National Championship game. Expect the Mean Green offense to move a lot faster next year. It will have a Briles effect. RB Tashard Choice to Georgia Tech = RB Patrick Cobbs I think this is one of the most underrated additions of the offseason. Choice was a fan favorite and a player favorite. But bringing UNT hall of famer back to coach running back is huge. He brings NFL experience and TXHSFB ties. If you have ever talked to Cobbs you can't overlook his passion for UNT. He can sell UNT better than anyone. "I came to UNT and played on Sundays" WR Joel Filani to Texas Tech = TE Adrian Mayes Adrian is the youngest of the new staff but he has already made a huge impact in the recruiting category during his time at Texas State. He also coached TE Keenan Brown who is set to be drafted in April. Look for TE to be more involved in the fall. CB Nate Brown = CB Clay Jennings Coach Jennings comes from Texas Tech. Coach Jennings another North Texas Alum headed back home.You coulld make the arguement that Jennings has been the best DB coach and recruiter in the region the last decade. He has mad stops at TCU, Arkansas, Houston and Texas Tech. He has recruited and coached several that are still playing on Sundays. LB Jeff Koonz to Ole Miss = LB Galen Scott Yes Coach Scott got in to some hot water due to infidelity. But on the football field and in recruiting he was a rising star. He was Co-DC at Memphis before being names Co-DC at Virginia Tech. He resigned to get things right with his family and for a fresh start. But to be named Co-DC with Bud Foster is an honor within itself. I am all for him getting a second chance. Reffett was with Scott at Memphis so if Reff willl vouch for him I am good with it. Offensive Quality Control John David Baker to USC = QC Tommy Mangino I think bringing in the former Big 12 WR coach and SEC QC coach is a huge upgrade. He brings experience and pedigree. I also want to throw it out there that the 4 coaches Seth was able to hang on to could be argued they are the most important to keep. Yellock and Langston can continue to develop the lines on both side of the ball. and Seth keeps both his right hand men in Mainord and Reffett. Out of the 4 assistants that left for P5 gigs all left to go back home besides Graham who go the brinks truck backed up at his house. He is making over a million next season.
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    If Smart had been 75% of what he was last year, we would have won at least 3-4 more games. He was a shell of himself.
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    hoooooo boy we made it to dollar general!
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    Didn't you post before last football season that you would not go to the SMU game because we would lose? Will you go next season? Don't worry about what others do, just show up! By the way I know many residents of Denton County that graduated from UT, OU, A&M, KSU, SMU, TCU, Texas State, etc. who have Club Seats at Apogee.
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    Saw these at my local Dollar General:
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    BTW...Your Mean Green just walked out of WACkO with #20 Baylor’s hardware. When was the last time we’ve have a team beat two ranked teams in the same season, much less in three weeks time? Rick
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    Light that tower! Ladies win 56-42. Anisha George 9/13 from the field for 19 points.
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    The view from 35W will be insane! GMG
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    If CUSA is going to level the financial playing field, it's got to start on the gridiron. We've got two shots in 2019 to do our part... Saturday, Sept 7 - at SMU Saturday, Sept 28 - vs HOU
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    FML. We are in a vicious cycle of irrelevance. And this absolute dumpster fire of a conference commissioner is a disgrace. She has done nothing - nada - zilch.
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    Damn, Woolridge is a warrior. Not going to beat any decent team shooting this bad. The last thing this teams needs is another tournament. Call it a year.
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    Congrats to DJ. http://www.conferenceusa.com/news/2019/3/8/mens-basketball-mbb-c-usa-releases-all-academic-team.aspx
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    Anyone have any more info on this? I was poking around looking for new articles on Mason and I came across this interesting bit of news. The film festival is in Denton in April. https://www.tulsaworld.com/communities/skiatook/news/osiyo-voices-of-the-cherokee-people-showcasing-special-features-at/article_4f46b2a9-dad3-56a2-8b89-14b396420d5a.html From the article: "The producers of Cherokee Nation’s Emmy award-winning documentary series, “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People,” have been selected to screen their short films at several major film festivals in 2019. What began as a monthly, 30-minute news magazine-style program in February 2015 has morphed into a weekly show and reshaped the way the tribe shares about its history, language, culture and people. Now Cherokee Nation is sharing those stories as individual short documentaries, competing in film festivals across the globe. The series, and the short documentaries within it, has earned numerous regional, national and international accolades, including five Heartland Regional Emmy awards and most recently Best Short Documentary at the LA Skins Fest, which featured more than 70 Native American, independent productions representing hundreds of reservations, nations and tribal organizations."
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    Need to build a "steppingstone" reputation up from our previous reputation of "career killer" before we can build a "contender" reputation.
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    https://247sports.com/Article/Brendon-Lewis-football-recruiting-North-Texas-Mississippi-State-Colorado-Nebraska-129582977/ His dad text me this morning this link, I think Littrell and Reeder along with the new indoor facility is doing wonders for the program!
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    You need to donate more $$$$ and you also will be invited.
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    Bill Connelly's preview of UNT. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/3/13/18246236/north-texas-football-2019-preview-schedule-roster
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    http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26192669/lsu-suspends-wade-indefinitely-amid-fbi-probe Now that Will Wade has been suspended, Tony Benford inherits a top 10 basketball team in the nation.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-spring-practice-notes----mean-green-picking/article_52961a3b-b84d-5b8a-9b1a-de9fb6b16e1d.html
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    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/3/14/18263611/conference-usa-football-2018-power-rankings 2018 C-USA power rankings, where more than half the conference is a contender Are you a Conference USA team fielding a football team? Congrats, you might win it! (Except you, Texas schools not named North Texas.)
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    Mean Green add former Iowa State WR coach and Kentucky assistant to the staff https://cyclones.com/coaches.aspx?rc=568
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    Mason Fine gettin the love. Still love seeing these for our QB1. This is their ranking of the top 50 PLAYERS (not qb’s) in the country for next season.
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    #3 from our house. Son joins my wife and oldest son. Proud pop here!
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/friday-practice-notes----saafi-getting-his-shot/article_378b8528-3ba1-5bc3-b914-535f2ac76033.html
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    Can't be overstated.... There's one way and one way only to control us....and it's on the field. Want recruiting to improve? win those two games Want local media to pay attention? win those two games Want national attention? win those two games Want fans in the stands? win those two games Want to be seen as a top G5? win those two games All the other stuff: media, reputation, P5 bias, conference USA....we can't control that. But we can control how we play vs UH and SMU This staff simply has to win those 2 games
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    I think this author just started paying attention to college football about 2 years ago.
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    "Despite being called football, there were only a handful of players at this practice actually kicking the oblong ball. Stay tuned for more updates"
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    Don't worry, folks. I have an inside source who tells me McCasland was spotted at the dry cleaners today picking up four suits.
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    Do you really think a legit big man recruit is going to worry about sitting behind Simmons?
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    Say what you will... but I feel terrible for LSU. Having Tony Benford named head coach has to be the harshest penalty ever handed down by the NCAA.
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    OK, I know this isn't technically "Football", but the Cheer and Dance Teams both support football in a big way at UNT, so why not the football forum???? For this year's event, we have decided to try KICKBALL as a replacement for our basketball game. Why you ask? Well, basketball seemed to have started to "run its course", and frankly a few folks stopped participating and a few folks started to turn our friendly game into something akin to "hack attack". Plus, it was the general consensus that we needed to find a fun event that could broaden our base of participants...KICKBALL is it. WE are looking at a mid-April date (April 13th comes to mind but has not been approved as yet) as the softball team is out of town and the UNT Softball complex might...might...be available to us on the 13th. Much to be "approved" in that regard, but wanted to get the conversation started about this year's event... This will be our 9th year, and our second including the UNT Dancers, and we hope it will be our best ever! So, as usual, we need your help in making it a success for some hard-working student-athletes., WE need: 1) Players (min age 13 and open to male and female players of course), 2) Silent Auction Donations, 3) Sponsors - This year we have available Gold sponsorships at the $500 level - 2 available, Silver Sponsorships at the $300 level - 6 available and Bronze Sponsorships at the $100 level - 12 available.' 4) Helpers for set-up, game-day management, clean-up, etc. and 5) Umpires - 3 would be great. So, think about your schedule for mid-April (fingers crossed) and what you might be willing to do in support of the UNT Cheer and Dance teams. I really do think this year's event could be our best and most fun event ever. OK, there is your head's up. More to come as the planning develops.
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    Stupid post and completely irrelevant.
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    That's my thinking. Staff is telling me he will be working with QBs. But hard to over look big 12 and sec wr coaching experience. With out a doubt.
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    This is what sets AAC as the closest to a P6. But we just need to keep getting better in every sport the rest will take care of it self.
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    See what happens when we play Alcindor!

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