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    Many of you know that I was born and raised in Denton before attending North Texas. My in-laws now live in Robson Ranch and all of my family is still in Denton County. Well, after 15 years of policing at Dallas PD, and the last two as Chief of the city of Keene, I am returning to my roots. I will be sworn in as the Chief of Police in Argyle on January 2.
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    Thank you all. It has been a long rough night for all of us in the DPD family. Clearly there is no way to make this "positive" but the outpouring of support means a lot to all of us. Now I'm going to go kiss my wife and children...five of my brothers can't do that anymore.
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    Just talked to UNT athletics....they were able to distribute ALL 90+ of the tickets I gave them to put into the hands of North texas students By the time it is said and done I will have given out 143 free tickets to this game
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    This team was 1-11 last season...and got demolished by a 1AA Army was playing their best football of the season. Mason Fine was hurt. Willie Ivery didn't play Tee Goree is gone. And yet, still, we erased a huge first half deficit and took the game to OT...in a new coach's first year. And we have an AD who isn't a fool. Again, this team was 1-11 last year. We are going to be just fine.
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    Well, mostly calming down. Last night sucked, a lot. We should have won and had multiple opportunities to do so. I believe we tried to get (WAY) too cute in the 2nd quarter and abandoned the run. I also believe that, if our offensive line could have done more than act as a speed bump, the play calling is irrelevant. I believe that the coaches have to teach our returners not to field a punt inside the ten...and I believe that, if they are going to field the punt, it is on the player to catch it. We can point fingers every which way...but it won't change the loss. So, here is my morning after take. We are 4-1. Four wins...one loss. If you had approached me prior to this season and said, "Hey Emmitt, if you'll suffer through a La Tech game where literally every way to lose is explored, I'll let you watch the Mean Green curb stomp SMU, embarrass a pair of 1AA schools, and run Arkansas out of their stadium" I would have taken that offer and never looked back. Barring something drastic (like Mason being hurt for an extended period) we will return home 5-1 in a week and have a chance to win every game left on our schedule. I literally laughed out loud when I read people talking about how a potential 11-1 season was no longer good enough for them. WTF school have you been watching in the past? Another thing, our attendance is NOT about to drop to 15,000. We drew 15k a game while playing in Fouts and not winning very much. Many of you must have missed the ground breaking for our new indoor practice facility where not one, but two, multi-million dollar donors spoke. You must have forgotten that 29,000+ watched us take apart SMU...BEFORE any of the hype from the punt return, or the 4-0 record, or parent's weekend, etc. I know we want to be pissed, and I am certain some casual fans were there to see the unbeaten team they heard so much about, but let's not become unreasonable whiners. We had a chance to win that game on the final play last night and put an entertaining product out there, mistakes and all. We likely won't see 30k again for some time, but I'll be downright shocked if you don't see 22k in two weeks, 28k for Homecoming, and (if we take care of business between now and then) 25-27k for FAU on a Thursday night. I believed we had turned a corner prior to yesterday's game. That hasn't changed because of one sloppy night where we did literally everything possible to lose and still almost won. Our athletic department has never been in a better position, we have a coach who will fix what's wrong (and the finances to make taking him less than a foregone conclusion), and our facilities are finally such that we can recruit at a higher level. I'm not happy about being 4-1 this morning...but I'm happier five games into a season than I have been in my Mean Green life.
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    Do yourself a favor and enjoy every moment of this season folks. If you can make it to a game, make it. If you can listen to a podcast, interview or press conference, listen. Live in the moment because it is sweet. If I had told you on the day after national signing day last season that we would get a commit from a 3* kid that had offers from 10 other FBS schools you might have said “jewel of the class.” Well, that kid committed last night: https://247sports.com/Recruitment/DeShawn-Gaddie-110932/RecruitInterests/ Now if I told you he would be among 20 3* recruits, and that our class was ranked #1 in CUSA you might have asked me “how many ranking services did you have to check to cobble together those star ratings?” But it’s true, and the class might actually have looked even better had so many spots not been taken BEFORE we showed how great we can be. If I told you on the day Mason Fine was recruited, “that 5’11 kid is about to own every passing record and will throw deep balls to a LOADED receiving corps” you would have laughed and said I was talking him up based on my green tinted glasses. The best to sling it in our school’s history might just be that 5’11 kid. (Oh, and he and his entire receiving corps have a season to play after this one) If I told you after last season “don’t worry, we’re gonna curb stomp SMU and embarrass Arkansas so bad that 90% of their fans won’t be around for the final whistle” you would ask me to check into drug rehab. But it’s true. If I told you three years ago that we would be breaking ground on an indoor practice facility (and unveiling an Mean Joe Greene statue) right before the 3rd home game of the season you would have peed yourself because of the potential to take off as a program. That we are doing these things DURING a season where we are starting to take off is unreal. These are uncharted waters for this program. When all three of my kids attend North Texas (and they WILL) I will likely tell them one of two stories. Either, 2018 was the season the “sleeping giant” finally woke up, or 2018 was the most magical ride of my Mean Green life. Either way, I will soak this season in. It truly is great to be alive in this moment.
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    Probably not the proper forum, but I have to post anyway. My daughter just got accepted to UNT! She will be a Freshman next fall. She is also trying out for the North Texas Dancers in June and will study Psychology. So proud to see her following in the old man’s footsteps. She has been a member of the Mean Green Nation since birth, now it’s official! GMG.
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    Let me start off by saying that after this season... My ties to north Texas football are cut. I will obviously hang around and continue to support the other boys on this team that our family has a relationship with through my brother but outside of that... I will no longer have a bias on these topics. I came into this forum with a long and sarcastic post so it's only fitting that I should exit with one. +1/-1... I don't really care anymore SO... while we are all trying to pass the time with waiting for our bowl announcement... Here are some thoughts and reading material. First- On the "oh so popular" topic of the position of quarterback: Mason Fine may be an incredible quarterback for UNT. Is he an answer to every problem this program has had? Hell no. THERE ARE 10 other guys on the field. I have observed nothing but poise, humble leadership and the opportunity for him to have an amazing future here at this university and I challenge anyone to name something that has made you think otherwise about that kid. You won't be able to. On the recent recruiting digs: When you have a coaching change and you go 1-11... What kind of expectations do you have in the immediate future for recruiting? 5-7, this bowl game and our good grades just saved UNTs ass for this years recruiting. So quit the bitching about us going to a bowl because you think it's "not earned". The same rules that say a team with six wins is qualified... Is the exact same rules that say that we are at 5-7 with a bad ass APR. It is a shameful and ridiculous argument that is a direct slap in the face of these student athletes. If you need proof that there is something in the air to be excited about for UNT footballs future: WATCH BEYOND THE GREEN. Watch how the coaches interact with the players and the players interact with each other and the coaches. If you observe how these relationships were driven back in 2013, you will noticed that the hype and motivation came from that group of seniors. When they left... So did the hype and motivation. Now observe last years sneak peek into the locker room compared to this year's.... My experience in being a college athlete, having a family full of college and professional athletes, having been surrounded by an unbelievable group of coaches in my life and being a coach myself has taught me that coaches that hold themselves and their staff accountable for their mistakes as much as they do their players is a trait that earns respect from the entire program. THAT kind of Respect motivates work ethic... that affects the teams improvement... that inspires ambition... that breeds pride, loyalty and teamwork... that further motivates the level of work ethic, demands respect and raises bars. Coaches that are humble enough to accept responsibility (even in sometimes situations when it's not there's to claim but for the good of the team) teach their athletes the same behaviors. One of the most positive things that I have witnessed from this particular group of coaches and makes me regret my player not wearing a red shirt this year is the fact that they seem to understand how to communicate with their athletes. They are students and human. They make mistakes. Sometimes big. Sometimes small. Coaches do it too. But it's not really about the mistakes as much as how they behave after they make them... This is one of those creeds that's driven into your mind as a young youth athlete and one of the most popular in getting neglected as the level of competition rises. It's something that without a shadow of a doubt Dan McCarneys staff completely forgot. Did you see any Carlos Harris outbursts this year? Nope. Have you seen any mud slinging from player to player or coach to player/ vice/versa? NOPE. This coaching staff has exhibited behaviors that are in line with keeping everyone moving forward and getting better at every turn. For example- suspending athletes because they are breaking team rules then not throwing them on the chopping block to the media, taking responsibility for a game that falls on the unmotivated shoulders of the ENTIRE TEAM last week, actually coaching instead of yelling at each other and the players AND giving these STUDENT ATHLETES the room and confidence to be able to translate mistakes and failures into learning experiences that gets them better instead of throwing them out. There are these articles circulating from bleacher report about cheating and the two things that it requires in order to build a successful program... Make no mistake about it. The reason why this staff will be successful is because of its core values. They understand that teaching doesn't end in high school and that it's more important to teach these kids how to be men rather than abandoning principles for the sake a football game. And these players love them and respect them for it. And in the future, parents of high school seniors will be more inclined to push their kids into the arms of a staff that will take care of them, teach them and respect them. When you have an atmosphere like that... Winning happens a hell of a lot more. When I first came onto this forum, four years ago... I started off with a very similar post. ? I have met some amazing and great alumni from gomeangreen.com who have been incredibly welcoming to me and my husband, my family and became fellow cheerleaders for our player. There are even a few of you on here that I now consider friends. I want to thank those friends for always inviting us to tailgates, after parties, tolerating my late-night drunk posts/ the long winded posts/ chat swearing and then..... defending them. Heehee. This fun little website has made me throw my phone at times but also created a lot irreplaceable memories that has made our football seasons so much more fun and I will be forever grateful for that. It's always amazing that people on here twist the past with the future even though it's not logical to do so in some situations. UNT football's past IS NOT UNT football's future. You all have a lot to be hopeful and excited about and I look forward to dropping by to celebrate this programs successes and say "I told you so" again. And who knows... maybe I'll be back on here in a few years to cheer on my own son in a MEAN Green jersey. I would be proud to. ?GMG, Stephanie (SSP) ?
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    It's kinda fun to bash people who are nearly certain to be on their merry way of of Denton. With that, I feel it need be said that of all the AD employees, the guy who consistently saw to it that I ultimately got what I needed, be it tickets, parking passes, guest passes, credit card set up for auto-pay, whatever, whether it was his job or not, was/is Reggie Johnson. The guy ended up giving me his personal cell phone number, and was tireless in making sure everything got taken care of. And he does it with a smile. I messaged once about something in November, and Reggie got back to me personally ON THANKSGIVING DAY! I said, "Reggie! It's Thanksgiving! What are you doing!" "Just making sure you got what you need! Thank you for all you do for North Texas!" If we're gonna lobby for people to get kicked to the curb, I'm gonna lobby for Reggie to stick around and keep doing his thing.
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    Just wanted to stop by and thank everyone for a fantastic experience this weekend. Saturday night marked my first trip to Apogee Stadium--what a great place. I knew Apogee was a fairly new stadium, but I did not expect the incredible atmosphere as a whole. Even at the end of the first quarter when it looked like Tech was going to get boat-raced, I remarked to my brother that this was "still a helluva way to spend a Saturday night." If the facilities weren't impressive enough, I was truly shocked at how loud those 30,000 sounded during the "North Texas" chant. To cap it off, a lot of great, green-clad folks clapped me on the back with a "good game" and chatted me up a bit. Great stadium, great people. You guys should be proud. We'll see you guys in Ruston next year.
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    Just curious, because I was pretty excited about the outcome of this past weekend, but we seem to be busy complaining about helmets, fan longevity in a cold stadium, pointing fingers at attendance, CUSA refs, somebody stealing our coach, etc. Remember. A year ago, we were 1-11, we got blown out by an FCS team, I'd wager the actual attendance at the last game was maybe 3,000 people (and probably the two games before that too), there was a damn near violent clash among two factions of the fanbase. Today we're 5-6 with a real shot at a bowl game. There is a new sheriff in town in the AD. There is an enthusiastic coaching staff who has performed some kind of witchcraft crossroads deal with the devil voodoo and taken a skeleton crew of a roster some 20+ players short of being an FBS team and won five games this season. There are no banners in sight. It's Thanksgiving week. Let's take a breath and be thankful. Things have changed mightily for the better and they're looking up going forward. GMG.
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    MGB: On paper, there is no reason to believe UNT will pull off the upset, but the Mean Green will find a way http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/09/prediction-unt-will-pull-the-stunner-against-smu.html/
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    Seeing as we now reside in Houston we do not get to attend many Mean Green games. My son's 11th birthday is this week and he chose 4 to take friends to the Rice/NT game as his party. I reached out to the Athletic Department, specifically Wren Baker. He responded immediately. They really went above and beyond. A personal note from both him and coach as well as an autographed football! He opened it this morning and it trumped all other gifts he received.
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    I haven't posted or really followed the board for a while. Sadly, my wife passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of April. I'm looking forward to the season although games won't be the same without my Aggie(never held it against her) next to me. Hell, I'm actually looking forward to basketball for the first time in years. Things are really looking up for the Mean Green for the first time in a long while.
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    Football -- Won nine games and the division, played in the conference championship and a bowl game. Perfect 6-0 at home. Men's Basketball -- 20 wins and the CBI championship Women's Soccer -- Won the conference tournament and went to the NCAAs Women's Volleyball -- Won the conference championship and went to the NIT Women's basketball -- Improved to 17 wins and finished over .500 for the first time I can remember Softball -- Holding steady at 7-4 in conference, one game out of first place It's much easier being green these days.
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    Thank you Harry and everybody. I appreciate the very kind words and the prayers. I haven't been my normal active self around here the month or so since she's been gone. I love football, but there are some things more important than football. I went to sleep one night having a healthy wife, and the next morning she was pretty much gone. But she was a proud North Texas alumna, and she did share my Mean Green fandom with me to a degree. She always wanted to meet Harry and Evan to "complain" to them about how she had to try to fall asleep every Wednesday night while we were listening to the replay of the latest barbershop podcast. You all be sure to give extra love to your wives--you just never know when you will no longer have the opportunity.
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    At 0-3, there is no reason left to not put Smith in for a significant series or for special situations to see what he has to offer: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports-headlines/20150927-brett-vito-time-has-arrived-to-give-smith-a-shot-to-spark-unt.ece
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    I am down here for a speaking engagement and wore this polo on the plane. Stopped in to a restaurant and sat at the bar. I hear a group of guys talking, and it goes like this: Man 1: We suck this year. Our offense and defense are bad, but our special teams is the worst in the country. That play we gave up two games ago was horrible. Man 2: That was cheating. (Admittedly, I should have stayed silent) Me: It was totally legal. You just didn’t play to the whistle. Man 1: If we had hit him, they would have thrown a flag. Me: Really? He didn’t fair catch it. Man 2: Take away that cheap play and it’s different. Me: Strange, I don’t remember punt returns being worth 30 points
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    As someone who has attended his fair share of both Mean Green and Gator games, I was going to restrain myself from chiming in, but here goes: the entire Del Rio incident was an example of how unfortunate things can sometimes happen even when people are just doing their jobs. Wheeler was just doing his job trying to get to Del Rio. Between getting around the Gator OL and trying to get the sack, I can't possibly see how Wheeler could have possibly had the time or physical ability to plan out making a specific hit to injure Del Rio. McElwain was also doing his job, he is in his second year, has a new, unproven QB, and needs to get both the team and the Gator fanbase to buy in to him. Raising a ruckus after the Del Rio injury seemed like exactly the thing to do to show a young Gator team that their coach has their back. This is all the more important for a time that has to travel to Tennessee next week and will do so with an even less proven QB. Littrell has the same job as McElwain, show his team and Mean Green fans that he will fight for them and get them ready for bigger battles down the road. Standing up to McElwain was exactly the way to do that. No need for anyone to hate anyone here. That is why Georgia fans exist, for everyone to hate.
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    1) I was REALLY excited about this game. Came directly from my father's funeral to get there an hour early for warmups. I just needed my North Texas football fix. Man was I kicked in the nuts. 2) Dan McCarney is not the answer. His "toughness" and archaic concepts of offense are simply not applicable in today's game...ask Wisconsin how that ground and pound has worked for them the last few years when they faced teams that spread them out. Chad Morris came in, saw what he had to work with offensively, and catered the offense to his QB's strengths. Mac continues to hammer that square peg into that round hole. 3) Please, for the love of God, can we stop with the deluded belief that Chico Canales is the issue?!! I've said it for years, his hands are tied with the offensive philosophy. It was confirmed as I walked from the stadium and a former player (played last season) told me as much. His exact words were that "Chico would run a totally different offense but Mac won't let him". "But Emmitt, Chico is still at fault because he hasn't brought in a D1 quarterback"...name me one, just one, top quality high school quarterback that wants to come play under Mac's system...I'll wait. Let me make this fundamentally simple, EVEN IF WE BROUGHT IN THE ILLEGITIMATE CHILD OF CHIP KELLY, GUS MALZAHN AND LANE KIFFIN, MAC WOULD MAKE THEM RUN THE BALL 30 TIMES A GAME. 4) Sat dierctly in front of our university President all game. He and his wife both questioned whether we have other options at QB. It really seems he is interested...I pray he's interested enough to clean house. 5) We will not win another game in this SMU series if Mac is the coach. We won't. Morris already out recruits him and out coaches him. The games could get uglier. 6) Unlike what we saw last season I'd like to see Mac put a talented quarterback out there and then let him struggle through the growing pains. We know what we have in McNulty. He isn't the answer. Let's go through the rebuilding year we should have last year. 7) I am getting sick and tired of this fan base putting faith in this program to finally make good of the promise of improvement, only to have that faith exposed as naïveté. The students loaded up a ton of buses, the alumni shelled out hard earned money and the crowd did their part. I don't want RV or Mac to EVER, EVER, EVER get up at another one of these MGC or signing day functions and start chastising or whining to the fan base about how we need to show up more or give more. The thousands upon thousands of NT students and alumni who will find anthing at all to do next Saturday instead of stepping foot inside Apogee are justified...yeah, I said it! 8) I will still be out there next Friday night to start my tailgate. But only because this is MY university. Not RV's, not Mac's. I'll be there to enjoy time with fellow masochists because it's tradition by now. But I have reached the point of less than zero expectations for the season. 9) Perhaps that was RV's plan all along. Beat the fight out of all the fans so we just shut up and show up with no dreams of success. Kinda like when you do an absolutely shitty job of vacuuming so your wife stops asking you to do it. He is literally cashing a (rather large) check with no requisite responsibility to earn it at this point.
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    Just finished the regular season 9-3 and are CUSA West champs. I just wanted to reiterate that, because it's fun to say.
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    Have a plane fly directly behind it with a banner that says, "Sincerely, every North Texas opponent"
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    Denton loves him because he's doing a fine job of keeping gameday traffic around the city to a minimum.
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    They don't live here anymore. They are back in Florida where they own a home until he lands somewhere. Both he and his wife are some of the most gracious people I've met. I live in the same neighborhood and our wives used to work out together at the Brickhouse. Margy always hooked us up with extra tickets, field passes, etc. Our house is at the other entrance to the neighborhood so it was kind of cool to "book-end" the place with UNT. She would invite us every year to the Spring football party that they would host with all the coaches/wives and AD staff...along with many boosters. We can't give as much as we would like and certanily "didn't belong" there, but because Margy knew we were such big fans of UNT, she thought to invite us. They really made the last 5 years of being involved with UNT very special for our family. I'd see them both walking or riding their bikes around the neighborhood all the time. He even mowed his own yard from time to time. Very down to earth and gracious people. Our family brought them dinner last week to say goodbye and thanks. Again, nothing but class from both of them. We have 6 kids and they gave us tons of UNT clothes and stuff. They didn't have to do any of that. Coach Mac hugged us all and thanked us for our loyalty to UNT...he choked up...and then we all did. As far as the house...it was built originally by the developer of our neighborhood and Unicorn Lake. He lived there for a few years and then sold to Mac. It doesn't fit in with our neighborhood but the way it sits on the hill, and the surrounding trees, it's a good piece of property...inside and out. When they were here, the house was decked out in Mean Green stuff...pictures, banners, helmets, etc. They really embraced Denton and UNT.
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    Where you been?---sarcasm- How in hell anyone thinks an hour long fly over is in anyway going to embarrass this university and it's AD any more than 0-6 and PSU 66- NT 7 is beyond me? Only at North Texas. Rick
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    Meant to post this sooner, but better late than never. My wife bought me two tickets to the SMU game along with flights, hotel, etc. for a surprise father's day gift. I can't tell you how excited I was to attend this game! Unfortunately, the week of the game, both my grandparents had medical complications and passed on within five days of one another. The funerals were the weekend of the SMU game. I sent an email to the UNT ticket office to see if I could exchange my tickets for another game given the circumstances; quite frankly, I did not expect them to do this because this situation had nothing to do with them. To my great surprise, my mobile phone rang the next morning, and a nice gentleman from the UNT ticket office extended UNT's condolences for our losses, and asked me what game we wanted to attend. I told him the Southern Miss game, and he said no problem. I had printable tickets in my email that day!! What a class act these guys are!! Put a smile on my face during a very difficult time for our family and makes me even happier to support our athletics! GO MEAN GREEN! Beat LaTech!!
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    To the producers, videographers, etc of Beyond the Green: On behalf of #19 and our Schilleci family, we really want to thank you for the work that you put into this show. We have loved watching John play over the past four years but there has always been added excitement in watching your shows during the week. We never miss an episode. Student athletes often don't get to see their families a lot during the year. You probably see him a heckuva lot more than we do. We very much appreciate the glimpses that you have given us to see him in practices, games and locker rooms. Our father is disabled and unable to see these games and be a part of Johns experience. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share those with him as well. You have made our North Texas football experience even more memorable and we look forward to watching the rest of his Senior year through "your eyes". ?
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    Tony Benford was Rick Villarreal's hire (No matter how much anyone will later try and tell you differently). It was extremely clear very early to anyone that has ever played basketball at any level that Benford was EXTREMELY out of his depth. Many of us called for a firing after the 1st year because it was evident that Benford couldn't coach. Rick Villarreal defended Benford. Again and again and again, always pointing to the next year as the year Benford would turn this around. And here we sit. Year one was 12-20. Year four was 12-20. That is the definition of zero improvement. None. Nada. Zip. This program was pulling in 4K a night the year before Benford. Now we inflate attendance numbers and can't even get to half that amount. This program was poised to become a highly respected mid-major with the talent on hand to do so. Rick Villarreal had promised fans no more inexperienced head coaches. A team loaded with talent that begged for an experienced college head coach was instead handed an experiment. A guy who had interviewed about 20 times for a head coaching job with zero success. For these reasons alone Rick Villarreal should be fired. Throw on top of it all the other terrible hires, the compulsive lying, and the long term losing in football, and any other FBS program would have fired him last fall. But not at UNT. Benford has 3 losing seasons, two 20 loss seasons, and one .500 season. He has had plenty of time and has shown zero improvement. Both should be fired, not because I "hate them," but because they haven't done their job. If they aren't, every single donor should walk away from this program and withhold money until that happens. I know this is an impossibility, but that is what logic would dictate. Sadly, being a sports fan has very little logic involved.
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    My wife and I met at North Texas, so she understands the rules. 1) Don’t RSVP to a wedding or an event on a Fall Saturday if you want me to accompany you 2) I don’t ask why you buy shoes, don’t wonder why I buy more green clothing 3) The kids will attend North Texas...or they’d better have a full ride elsewhere 4) Scrappy is a real person 5) Mean Green is a religion 6) Apogee and The Pit are the North and South cathedrals 7) Glory to the Green is played at all family functions, special occasions and holidays 8) SMU is the true enemy of the people
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    Seth Littrell made this claim last December and now is about to have his team placed in a bowl. I thought he was crazy for it, but I have to give him props for being right. Thank you Coach Littrell!!
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    I am most certainly NOT teaching my children that getting drunk and fighting with police "could happen to anyone". This is the attitude that leads to the issues we are facing nationwide right now.
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    On the game broadcast, I just watched Mike Canales as the band played "Glory to the Green and White" after the UTEP game. His jaw was clenched before it began and he performed it alongside the team with obvious emotion. I'd share the video if I could get it off my Xfinity DVR. Say what you will about his job performance, but Canales had more love for this school on his way out the door than any UNT head coach I can remember. I hope he gets a head coaching gig somewhere in FCS. Update: Here's the video, filmed off the screen:
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    At the meet and greet, I asked him how old his daughter was, cause I have one myself. He said 2. I commented that she looked like she belonged in green and joked that luckily she seemed to have inherited her mother's looks like mine did. He said "As you can see, I'm a hell of a recruiter".
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    Wren has been here over 3 years now and in that time we’ve seen a lot of handshakes, smiles, checks being cashed, and extensions. The easy part of the job. Time for him to prove he can do the hard part and make the tough decisions to ensure the right people are in place instead of just approving raises. Littrell hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record in 2 years and hasn’t won a bowl game, and Mccasland and Mitchell haven’t finished with a winning record in conference play in basketball in the 6 seasons between the two of them. There’s reason to believe that recruiting has improved for them, and there’s reason to believe they can win here, as they all have to some degree. But real results have to start happening before raises and this internal back patting should stop. More importantly, there needs to be a bar and there needs to be consequence for not performing at that bar. I hate talking like this, but I hate seeing this type of stuff even more. Yes I’ve said over and over that this season is mostly a result of poor roster management and recruiting early on when Littrell took the job, but I also think we’ve been out coached a lot. And paying at the top of the conference for coaches who continuously get out coached can’t keep happening.
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    It's that attitude of the typical North Texas fan why we average under 20k per home game. I would be going even if we were playing Denton High.
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    If you meet a girl in a bar, and her name is brakes, you should definitely tap that
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    First, the reason I'm here. You guys have a more than legit shot at beating us. I've lived in the Denton area for over 15 years and have always supported/pulled for North Texas, but Saturday was the first game I'd ever been to in person. I came away more than impressed. I've seen a lot of college football in my life and UNT passes the eyeball test for sure. Our defense is HIGHLY suspect and our offensive line was less than impressive against EIU in regards to the run game. EIU moved the ball well against us, but couldn't hold on to the ball and missed a couple easy field goals early. Some of the turnovers we caused, but most were just sloppy play on EIU's part. In short, they left a bunch of points on the table. In general, after we switched QB's our offense looked pretty good without dipping very deep in the play book. In short, I see a high scoring game that can go either way depending on turnovers, etc. Also, in general Arkansas has great fans and anyone going to the game can expect to be treated well. Of course, there are always @holes anywhere you go but they're the exception, not the rule.
  41. 37 points
  42. 37 points
    We've had a basketball coaching vacancy for 5 years.
  43. 36 points
    Matt Rhule left Baylor...Seth to Baylor???!! A plane just left DFW...Seth to DFW??!! Harry and Megan are leaving the royal family...Seth to the royal family??!!
  44. 36 points
    My son was never much of a football fan. However, I took him with me to the San Antonio game last year and he instantly become a Mean Green fan after that dramatic win. And, his favorite player become #6. In the past year, he's tried different things to try and meet his hero but it just hasn't worked out. After last night's game, it finally happened and Mason even autographed his jersey. This makes me a proud papa and happy to be Mean Green for Life! #GMG
  45. 36 points
    And that's good for another Mean Green 'First Down !' Touchdown Mean Green ! William Grant Holland
  46. 36 points
    This is something I've been holding onto for a couple weeks because I wanted the season to end before this kind of conversation was had. I had a chance to talk to one of my DPD classmates who is also a high school classmate of Seth Littrell's. He told me about Littrell being an all-state wrestler as a sophomore, how he is a small town boy at heart and how nice he truly is. But what was most important was this: I told him I feared that Littrell would use North Texas to succeed and seek greener pastures. I told him I didn't want to see another school come along and money whip him. He said that Seth Littrell is a fiercely loyal man and that he can't see him jumping until he has turned this ship around the way he promised he would. Also said that SL isn't driven by money, and actually comes from it but doesn't behave like it. Ladies and gentlemen, I know that the abusive relationship we have been through with this program has left us scared to trust and hope again. But we really do have people in place who care about this place, both Wren and Littrell, and who are competent enough to see this through. We WILL see brighter days.
  47. 36 points
    What I don't get is how many on this board can talk about how challenging its been to be a Mean Green fan for so many years, and now we have 1 winning season and a bowl game and suddenly we can look down on some programs. News flash, we aren't above anyone at this point. I have four letters for you if you think we are - UTSA. Getting a big program to come in and kick our ass in a the bowl game would have gotten alot of pub, and would be bad for recruiting. If you were around for the early 2000's you had to have learned one thing - winning is better for a program than anything else, regardless of who you are beating. I saw our fan base grow exponentially through those years and alot of them stuck around now through these many losing years since then. We need to follow the K State model from many years ago, win alot first, then worry about upgrading the opponents when you have recruited the talent and depth to do so You may not want to hear it, but news flash, UNLV is more of a national program than we are. We had quite a few on here look down on UTSA and they handed us our ass at our place. Quit whining, quit thinking we are above anyone at this point, and quit making North Texas look like a bunch of amateurs.
  48. 35 points
    Driving back home today I’m listening to ESPNU on Sirius. Danny Kannel and Greg Mcleroy’s show. They were talking about best QBs and under the radar QBs. They went through all the P5 conferences then touched on a few G5’s. Mcleroy started the segment and said there’s one QB he would take out of the G5 over most P5 QBs with the exception of maybe 3. (Lawrence, Tua and Fromm) And that’s Mason Fine. Called him a freak. Talked about his accuracy and despite his height he thinks he’ll have a long NFL career. Also talked about Littrell’s offense not skipping a beat with Harrell gone. Kanell talked about the game he covered last year in Denton vs FAU and how Fine got hurt but came back and played. Talked about his toughness. Great segment. Mason Fine got some major love.
  49. 35 points
    Terrible idea. The group of 5 should be considering a class action anti-trust lawsuit instead of relegating themselves to second tier nothingness forever...
  50. 35 points
    With each passing day I find another reason to appreciate this bowl invite. Today the F5 had a teammate come up to him at school and ask about North Texas making a bowl game. Everyone who knows him knows he's grown up Mean Green. And btw...the F5 is nearly 16 now....for those of you who used to help me track his diaper-toting tail down from one end of Fouts to the other. Anyhow....his teammate and him had a convo that as far as I can tell went like this... Teammate: So...I saw North Texas made a bowl game? In thinking the next question was gonna be about their record he replied.. F5: Yup... they had high grades. Teammate: What's that mean? F5: Well, they didn't qualify with enough wins. But because there isn't enough teams this year with 6 wins to fill all the bowl slots the bowl committees go to the team's with the next most wins AND the highest grade point average. Teammate: Really? I never knew that even existed... I LIKE IT! So there you go. One teenager thought it was pretty cool that we actually got a bowl because of our grades....and the other thought it also cool enough to tell his old man about it. Rick

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