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  1. This popped up on my Facebook feed today. Things sure felt so much different not that long ago...hope we get back to it someday soon! GMG
  2. This was written by a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, but some my want to use it as a template for future correspondence to Denton - GMG
  3. Agree! Bean has speed - there's no doubt there. But, he can't seem to handle the pressure nearly as well as Aune.
  4. Anyone know how much I can get for this on eBay? Asking for a friend...
  5. Here's how I had to watch tonight's performance
  6. Is this man available? Asking for a friend...
  7. No "unofficial" watch party location??
  8. He's in 1st place right now - be sure to "Like" the Sugar Bowl page and then "Like" his picture for your vote to count... https://www.facebook.com/pg/allstatesugarbowl/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10163992799575459&__xts__[0]=68.ARAdXwbEilmzXWGUCDidsVQq-vsQc6_5Sk5M3Wl7R4iVBp5VGZBNozUZTBklJPm8ihRe57SK8cjFXh6tX4DAVOr-NJPmuQYvCo94jwxgXzSXDyTbbymMZkscwGQ_DTpQLJNOY7SK9qpJ5BmZBJTtl0tnFpRotXlNM9NMbVDs6thnTogSyCTsBLTdsxbYgijSrW9HGXFHtpX9gli1kJI3_i9rChgRa6NbJMNLAcnij-wuJSwlY8HvV_PEW1eyqPvy8VYMxbWHrv0a_9Ss5QL2AXLconDdWLFcaML_0KtLFstlTcm2J5-IhqiqW8rt5AEPM0nhHFNSiDNVuvDXaDKWYXhCThqv05huDYGU1w&a
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