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  1. Saturday should be a big crowd. I saw something about a beer stein giveaway, too GMG
  2. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I notice it NEVER freezes during commercials...hmmmm
  3. Wren, if you see this, ESPN+ is BEYOND FRUSTRATING!!! One freeze up after the other for this game and most others. It's not my internet..this only happens with ESPN+. I'll just sit here with the pointer on the browser refresh button. GMG
  4. Speaking of UTSA, this showed up in my FB feed. I thought it was funny GMG
  5. Maybe the easy fix is to just paint a color scheme on the steps to designate Reserved vs. GA. I don't mind spending the extra $5 for Reserved seat, but I don't want to do it if it means having discussions/confrontations with people about where to sit. The ushers provide no guidance whatsoever, so maybe if the steps were painted green for Reserved seats, that would resolve most (not all) of the headaches.
  6. Just imagine if Apogee hosted a CUSA Championship game - the place would be packed to the gills!!! I hope we get to that point soon . I'm not a fan of LK, but I almost feel bad for the guy to have so much success at FAU but almost no fan support.
  7. They should just get rid of GA or get rid of Reserved - there's no way to tell where to sit. If the game isn't busy, then it's usually not a problem. But, the OU game was a bit nuts.
  8. So, I get confused on the seating situation at the SP. With a GA ticket ($15), the ushers tell you to sit anywhere except the seats with the "Reserved" banners (for season ticket holders). But, when you sit down in an open seat, inevitably someone comes up with a Reserved Seating ticket ($20) and says you are in their seat. So, where do you sit so you don't have to move and have that awkward conversation with a stranger? GMG
  9. https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/Article/Lane-Kiffin-FAU-Owls-football-coach-Arkansas-Razorbacks-coaching-search-Hunter-Yurachek-athletic-director-139620938/?fbclid=IwAR2uwQdfUQPT34aLqNs4AWw9TZlpwalZ6qbpNAUAGPyrOOPN0JabJgHBEaA Arkansas officials spent Sunday in Boca Raton, Florida, presumably with Florida Atlantic head coach Lane Kiffin, as the Razorbacks' coaching search kicks into another gear.
  10. It's going to be hard to measure the impact Mason has made on UNT football. I'll use my own situation as an example. My kid had ZERO interest in football but he was nice enough to tag along with ol' dad to the games in Denton. We were there for "The Drive" in 2017 and he instantly became fan of the game and a BIG fan of Mason. Over the past couple of years, he tried to find opportunities to meet him. The pictures below chronicle some of those efforts. #1 - Giving him a high-five after the Rice game in 2017 #2 - Getting SL to autograph "The Drive" poster with Greatest Game Ever! during 2018's Coaches Caravan in Plano #3 - More high-fives before Homecoming 2018 #4, #5 & #6 - Getting his jersey signed after the FAU game in 2018 and (finally) getting a picture with him #7 - Another picture after the UTSA game in 2018 #8 - Getting his helmet signed UTSA this season. So, if my kid is an example, it's conceivable that Mason has inspired a whole generation of kids to believe in the Mean Green. And, maybe a lot of them will want to play in Denton. It's been so much fun watching Mason play, and I'll enjoy buying my kid a NFL jersey with his number on it when the time comes.
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