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  1. Conference championship and bowl game had me thinking it was 2017 again...and then I see this guy at the AP!
  2. Sec 126, row 21, seats 10 & 11...see you there GMG
  3. Are there an apparel sweat shops in Frisco? Asking for a friend. GMG
  4. Celina dominated Aubrey and plays Gilmer this Friday in Prosper. One win away from the state championship game.. Go Bobcats!!!
  5. They know the visitor's side will be sold out with UNT fans. Since the TV cameras point that way, it will look better for ESPN. No one wants to tune it to see an empty stadium with a sprinkling of Miami fans. We all know we're the real home team anyways - GMG
  6. I'm going to wait for the link from UNT but FYI... https://thefriscobowl.com/tickets/?fbclid=IwAR0glFEeg6yJHUeg57PD5SX4qVxRPMxZ98Cpp0H2eU3RxKbGSBaB9Q9ZqNg
  7. If the breeze is greater than 8 MPH, it may cost us ticket sales. Also, long concession lines.
  8. I'll wait for the link from the school otherwise I may have to sit at Pluckers because I bought the wrong tickets
  9. I'll go to Vegas for that game - it should be a good win for UNT!
  10. Discount passes available at Crooked Crust and tickets at 877-MEAN-GREEN
  11. I like Coach Litrell and hope he stays in Denton. I'll hang up now.
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