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  1. Another option for $5 https://printorders.unt.edu/customer_portal/unt-green-branded-masks.html
  2. Here's another option...I think some look kinda cool! https://untfacemasks.itemorder.com/sale?fbclid=IwAR1_DWFR1FO5_t_XlrKzsbcP69oVeF8aFXXdSQiIVc_dGOyg3SFdChK2w9Y
  3. Here's a 3-pack for $20...ships next month GMG https://shop.meangreensports.com/adult-wincraft-north-texas-mean-green-face-covering-3-pack-made-in-usa/p-25322480910114+z-858-3468483958?_ref=p-DLP:m-GRID:i-r0c0:po-0
  4. If stadiums can only be filled to 50% capacity, and Apogee gets to that number, can we count it as a sell-out? Asking for a friend GMG
  5. Hopefully she can help him with his face paint...
  6. Maybe this year's season ticket holder gift will be masks - I'm already set on bags, bobble heads and coasters! Make it happen, Wren...
  7. Agreed! I filled out the survey today from MGSF and said the game day experience should be something fun and entertaining, not a modified medical exam. Wearing masks when it's 90+ degrees doesn't sound fun to me. Plus, I don't want to be hassled by the ushers constantly with "Sir, please cover your face." I already know I have a face for radio and a voice for print, so constant reminding by the Apogee police is not necessary. GMG
  8. During a meeting with the Alumni Board yesterday, Dr. Neal was asked about fall sports. He said they hope to have sports but you need other teams to play, so a lot depends on what rest of the conference decides to do. As far as game day, he said everyone who attends a game will be required to wear a mask. I hope by the time September rolls around, things will look a look a lot different but who knows. I saw this option pop up on my Facebook feed...https://ntmluxury.com/product/north-texas-mean-green-fm3d5-v-ntm0091
  9. I first met Cary at a watch party at Fuzzy's in 2017. It was the first one I ever went to since moving back to Dallas. I didn't know what to expect and didn't know anyone who was going to be there. Cary walked right up and introduced himself, told me to put my name in the hat for prizes, told me what was going to happen and made me feel right at home. He checked on me a few times throughout the game and kept everyone entertained. He made sure I was having a good time, and that kept me coming back game after game. Over the past few years, I got to know him better and was glad I did It was always fun running into him at UNT events and hearing his laugh. I wish I had known him for a longer period of time. RIP, Cary...you'll be missed.
  10. https://tv.varsity.com/articles/6743210-nca-nda-college-showcase-fan-favorite-vote-presented-by-ez-flex-mats Right now, UNT is in 2nd place behind North Carolina. Spend a few seconds and vote - the winner will be announced TOMORROW (4/13). Vote now and GO MEAN GREEN!
  11. https://www.tulsaworld.com/sports/high-school/former-locust-grove-qb-mason-fine-trains-with-drew-brees/article_928fecdb-300e-51b7-8c15-996344dec3dd.html?fbclid=IwAR1OnSgS4zZLL8LQZd0tTCTIyW-rCU3gktgbZ16VupJuU0rM3WPznjyNbhM
  12. Skip to the 41:00 mark for Mason's interview
  13. Maybe Michigan St. in the 1st Round...GMG! https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2020-02-08/2020-ncaa-tournament-bracket-predicted-using-top-16-reveal?fbclid=IwAR0kR0tlT5uqFhRu8COCfIbajTQgwVHZhkO9hXTwxnh1bSHIppXxQACuoJk
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