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  1. This list him as class of 20, but he is class of 21. I do not think we will hear a commitment from him for a while.. Atleast looking at the 247 link above shows him as 21.
  2. Glad it won. But wish they would add battle flag in the paint.
  3. August 1, I think it 30 days prior to your first game. so August 1 is the date.
  4. I agree need an online component for those that live to far to get there. I posted it on there Facebook page but no response.
  5. No I think after this year it goes back to cotton bowl.
  6. This was 1991-1994: Freshman Year: Clark Hall.. Soph - SR Year : Various Apartments around campus.
  7. According to Vegas, our over/Under is at 7.5 https://www.betonline.ag/sportsbook/futures-and-props/ncaaf-team-wins Regular Season Wins North Texas Regular Season Wins North Texas Conference Championship and Bowls do not count towards wager. All games must be played for action. 07:00 PM 25186 Over 7½ Wins -110 25187 Under 7½ Wins -110 I would take the over, but what does everyone say.
  8. I like the diving eagle. I like to create brand name and having basketball court match football looks great. Also think it will look best on TV. If I could design, I would do Diving Eagle, but put the battle flag in the paint on each end.
  9. I went with SMU and Houston - that will bring the most eyes to the program locally.. But I want to finish Non-Conference 4-0... I want to send Mason and these Seniors out with the most amazing season, which includes multiple sellouts of Apogee.
  10. Easy way to solve all this talk.. Go out this year beat both SMU, and Houston. And while we are at it.. Take down Cal.
  11. With the UCONN move done well not for football. Do we really think there will be movement or are we really 5-6 years out from big re-allignment. I still expect Texas and OU to go to either pac 12 or big 10 which leaves the others to move or group an updated big 12 Effect or expected effects on north Texas
  12. I think the department published so they were put out. No information if it means we are closer to announcing a program ect. A potential conference change could push that up the list potentially.
  13. UCON most likely will play independent. The question is if we get considered to replace them.
  14. If that is all true, it is the one thing that could make coaches hard to keep here, if we stay in Conference USA. Keep winning and recruiting we will have options.
  15. Title is misleading.. Best I can see he is a OLB, and 6" 4" - 225. Maybe the plan to move him to DE, with adding a lot of weight?
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