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  2. Last calculation I saw (can not find the article) was that 3-4 5 win teams could get in. I think the only way to guarantee a bowl game is to win the next 2 games.
  3. I think Wren is doing the correct thing. He letting the season play out. Nothing is gained by letting seth go now. He not going to hire someone prior to the first week in December. I think if we win 5-6 games (requires no more than one loss remaining) there is a chance he is back, and probably must show even more improvement the next season. Lose some of these games we should win probably gone, and Wren may already be talking to coaches/Agents through back channels.
  4. One coach I would keep in mind. Barry Odom. He was supporting wren for Missouri AD prior to him leaving to come to North Texas. Currently the DC at Arkansas I think. But does have head coaching experience.
  5. At this point I do not understand why we have not seen one of these Quarterbacks. 1. Bryce Drummond ( He can play in 4 games and still be redshirted, so get some experience) 2. Kason Martin ( Think he has earned a chance the past years) 3. Amani Gilmore ( was a SEC recruit, so why not give a chance) At this point I think anyone one the roster should be given a chance to play. Both the QB we have played so far have shown they can not perform consistently. Lets see if we can find one that can.
  6. All of those are good candidates. But I hope that we win this week and go on a run that is the start of something special. If not then we have faith that Wren will do what is best for the program.
  7. We did not look prepared. I say we back the truck up and get Clark from UAB, proven winner and never seems to be out coached.
  8. I bet she will be looking for a school where she can make the NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately this year proved, that CUSA Softball is one and done. If you do not win the conference tournament you will probably not get a bid. I appreciate all she did, and she has earned the right to see what options are available for her.
  9. Postponed again starting tomorrow, May 12, 10:00 AM. Shotgun Start!
  10. Does not look good.. Down 3 or 4 in all matches. All are atleast through 9. Running out of time to make the charge. Have to flip 3 of the 5. If not we have to hope for an atlarge bid.
  11. Nice day by the Mean Green. Move on to the finals, with a chance for us to clinch the conference title. Hopefully tomorrow we can win one more.
  12. Looks like we will finish day 1 in 3rd place. Tough last few holes our guys. T3 North Texas 288 288 T5 Vicente Marzilio (1) 70 70 T14 Nikhil Gopal (3) 72 72 T20 Lenny Bergsson (2) 73 73 T20 Sean Wilcox (5) 73 73 T32 Viktor Forslund (4) 75 75 Vincente took a double bogey on 18, and Wilcox took a bogey on 18 also. Currently in a T3 with La Tech but they have a few holes left. We shot Even par today as a team. UTSA is leading at -5 (283)
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