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  1. Just download the Pac-12 Now that is showing it. Or seems like it is. Guess I find out at game time.
  2. I asked on Twitter in a reply to this post.
  3. 13-1 with loss in CUSA title game. Which cost us a spot in New Years 6 game. During that game there are 4 reports that Littrell is leaving for 3 different jobs. We lose on a last second fumble.
  4. Over the weekend they played two games in Florida. Lost 2-0 to USF - who is currently #18 in the country. 3-3 tie with UCF - Just thought I would pass it on. For those who are interested.
  5. He just trying to show come to North Texas and you will get seen. Also trying to make sure all the NFL knows we have prospects here and do not forget us.
  6. I think we only need to play them when they are schools who we can take there 1.5-2.0 million and go home with a W.
  7. I like to see Mason have a year where he challenges the most passing yards in a season. I think he did that he would have a better shot at some of the national awards, and we probably have one hell of a season. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/leaders/pass-yds-player-season.html 1 B.J. Symons* 5833 2003 Texas Tech 2 Graham Harrell* 5705 2007 Texas Tech 3 Case Keenum* 5671 2009 Houston 4 Case Keenum* 5631 2011 Houston 5 Colt Brennan* 5549 2006 Hawaii 6 Ty Detmer 5188 1990 Brigham Young 7 David Klingler 5140 1990 Houston 8 Graham Harrell* 5111 2008 Texas Tech 99 Mason Fine* 4052 2017 North Texas 100 Tyler Sheehan* 4051 2009 Bowling Green Sta
  8. Not quite the same as the men's. The men did not find out till the week before.. This is going to be determined the end of December, so before or after only 1 conference game is played.
  9. https://athlonsports.com/bowl-projections-2019 First Responder Bowl Dec. 30, ESPN at 12:30 p.m. ET Tie-In: Big 12 vs. Conference USA Projection: TCU vs. North Texas wa
  10. If he leaves this year possibly but not a sure thing. If he is hear for 3-4 more and continues on this pace yes.
  11. This list him as class of 20, but he is class of 21. I do not think we will hear a commitment from him for a while.. Atleast looking at the 247 link above shows him as 21.
  12. Glad it won. But wish they would add battle flag in the paint.
  13. August 1, I think it 30 days prior to your first game. so August 1 is the date.
  14. I agree need an online component for those that live to far to get there. I posted it on there Facebook page but no response.
  15. No I think after this year it goes back to cotton bowl.
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