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  1. I do not understand with limited games available why we are on ESPN+
  2. Does this count as the first sell out in Apogee history??? if we do in fact sell it out.
  3. 1-0 we play week one then season gets canceled, and we are declared one of the national champs.!!! if all get played I going to go 6-5 no bowls played.
  4. I also do not think Wren wants to add a game at home or on the road that he is not 100% sure will happen. So why add any additional expenses. If we are lucky enough to play games scheduled I think everyone will be happy with 11. It is possible we play 1 and no others, or any equation between.
  5. There is no payout coming. But my guess is we agree to a new game in 2026 or so, or as soon as our schedules can match up. My guess is Big12 will announce the same policy as SEC just did shortly, so I really think we will be looking at a CUSA schedule. Though I would love to see a one year agreement to merge area schools from AAC,CUSA, and Sun Belt. To help reduce travel. Tulsa - AAC SMU - AAC Houston - AAC UTSA - CUSA Rice- CUSA LA Tech - CUSA Tulane - Sun Belt Texas State - Sun Belt Louisiana - Sun Belt Arkansas State - Sun Belt
  6. Love to see this form. Far fetched but would be a great conference. football schools North Texas SMU Houston Rice UTSA Texas State La Tech U LA Arkansas state Tulane Basketball and others UTA UArk lr
  7. I have been furloughed. Hoping that I can go back if things get better.
  8. All of our Non-Conference games for football are in driving distance. So no change for us.
  9. I would not be surprised if that becomes our exhibition game each year.
  10. Basketball not football!! We can take them down.
  11. That has all to do with Money... Shaka has years left on his contract. Ashton did not. All schools have to make smart decisions right now as they lost lots of money with not spring sports, and no basketball revenue from post seasons. Shaka won some games down the end that bought him one more year. He needs to move away from the 1 year rentals and get the core built.
  12. I think it came down to. They did not want to sign her to a multi year contract, and she probably would not sign a one year deal. I think schools are going to be careful right now with extensions and such with the uncertain times.
  13. I always said we should do a DFW tournament and we could rotate who host it each year.. North Texas SMU TCU UTA if you want to go bigger you could add others in.
  14. FYI all spring sports cancelled until further noticed.
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