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  1. dml7007

    Apogee After Dark

    In the conference we are in, be glad we are getting Thursday night games, it means we are competitive, and they want to get viewers on TV. I would bet that if things continue we will be in a Thursday night game every year, some may not be at home, but we have nothing to due with that. It not like we could say no the game has to be played on Saturday. There are games on everynight of the week.
  2. dml7007

    Women's Soccer Ranked #25!!!

    Lost 4-0 hoping we rested everyone and played all youngsters.
  3. dml7007

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    We have to stop these conversations. He is our coach, we should be thrilled to have him, as he done an amazing job with our program in 3 years. I would guess for the right job he will leave, but I do think he knows he can build here and could in not much more time turn this into a top 25 program year after year. This could land us in a better conference which could keep him here longer. At TCU coach Petterson would not be there if they did not move to the big 12, in my opinion. That made that a higher level job. not saying we will be in the big 12. But I do think in the next 2-4 years there will be a remake of all conferences. We are paying Coach Littrell well, and I am sure we will expand that as his results continue on this path.
  4. It will be interesting to see how this helps or hurts the potential bids for the league. It could backfire with each of the top teams just beating each other up. But here hoping we are in the group of 1-5.
  5. Bruce Feldman‏Verified account @BruceFeldmanCFB 2h2 hours ago More More on the big weekend for the Air Raid guys: Former #TexasTech OC (and WR) Eric Morris' Incarnate Word team upset the No. 6 team in FCS McNeese State, 45-17. The year before Morris took over, Incarnate Word was 1-10. This year they're 4-3.
  6. dml7007

    Uniforms 10/13

    I like the jersey and how many different looks we have been having. But if we lose in one I do not want to see it again..
  7. dml7007

    Dave Campbell's Texas Football Live

    I believe it started in 97, but he used it multiple times during the years he called games.
  8. dml7007

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    Only 4 but it is a start
  9. The hope is that this list motivates the defense and in the end of the season we have 1-3 guys on the end of the season list. IF that happens this can be a special season..
  10. dml7007

    A Mean Green First in Tennis

    Not a good day for Maria.. Lost set 1 6-1 down 2-0 in set 2.
  11. All true except the part of him leaving for Tech. I think he will stay here for a while. No one wants to go to Lubbock, he may be hit by flying tortillas.
  12. dml7007

    Disappointed at Attendance

    I thought it looked like 2500 - 3000 on the feed. My guess is tomorrow will be between 3000-4000. Even in the best years of JJ we were only getting 4000 a game. I hope that if we make the finals we could get to 5000. I give WB credit for doing promotions to get the kids there. Last game the MacBook, and this upcoming the wireless headphones. I like to see a denton ISD promotion or something like that for the finals if we get there.
  13. I will not feel safe till all the jobs are filled, Arizona still needs a head coach. I know 3-4 big SEC schools that still have openings for assistants. That statement means Coach Littrell wants everyone back, not that someone will not get an offer they can not refuse.
  14. Congratulations to Coach Littrell on being selected to the Board of Directors.