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  1. Does not look good.. Down 3 or 4 in all matches. All are atleast through 9. Running out of time to make the charge. Have to flip 3 of the 5. If not we have to hope for an atlarge bid.
  2. Nice day by the Mean Green. Move on to the finals, with a chance for us to clinch the conference title. Hopefully tomorrow we can win one more.
  3. Looks like we will finish day 1 in 3rd place. Tough last few holes our guys. T3 North Texas 288 288 T5 Vicente Marzilio (1) 70 70 T14 Nikhil Gopal (3) 72 72 T20 Lenny Bergsson (2) 73 73 T20 Sean Wilcox (5) 73 73 T32 Viktor Forslund (4) 75 75 Vincente took a double bogey on 18, and Wilcox took a bogey on
  4. It is early in the first round, but North texas is 1 shot off the lead. Hope the Men can do the same as the Women did last week. Can follow along here for results: http://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=21973
  5. I hope he goes in the 3rd round as that would be day 2, and would be great, but seems like he should be drafted so we can get that behind us. know we just need to keep developing talent so it continues. You can see from the free agents in the league we have had some good players. It all helps with the biggest goal recruiting.
  6. It was me. Wanted to see if he have something to say!!
  7. I like it get to Indy and there hotel, and get checked in, for what we hope is a couple week stay!!
  8. I think we should be 12 but think we will end up a 13. But either case puts us in a place to pull an upset. so far both projections I have seen have us 13 playing UVA. That will be one slow game. First one to 50 wins. new NET today have us up to 61.
  9. We have the ability to win the whole conference tournament. I think the whole thing will come down to who stays COVID free, and has no issues. But first we need to take care of UAB, this is not one where we can split. We need to sweep them.
  10. C-USA can do anything they want. They do not have to comply with state law. Any establishment can mandate masks, and limit patrons if they feel like they want to. I am not saying that they will not modify the decision, but my guess is they will leave it the same as the last thing they want to have happen is a mass outbreak that causes CUSA to not be able to field a team in the NCAA tournament.
  11. Not sure how we will be able to make up 2 series on the men's side in one weekend. Hope the conference has a plan for seeding with uneven games played.
  12. Do you hear a timeframe for a decision.
  13. https://uabsports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/david-reeves/1473 would be up last salary I saw was 185,000 so we can increase.
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