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  1. we have to continue to take care of business. CUSA will be a one bid conference, so all comes down to performance in Frisco. But seeding will be based on continuing to play like we are.
  2. I hate to loose Marty Biagi, but guess he is going to Purdue. Understand it, but wow we now have a lot of new members of the staff that need to gel.
  3. I hoping that both get invited to the combine.. that will help them both.
  4. This would be a great grab if we can get him..
  5. Wow, I think people just want to run Seth off.. I do not think he has done anything wrong. He is not putting his name out there. So far these are journalist publishing there thoughts. If it comes out that he is interviewing, or such he should make a decision and move forward either way. But until then give him a break and Go Mean Green...
  6. dml7007


    Early mention of Littrell in the Scoop.. https://footballscoop.com/news/early-update-at-baylor/
  7. ESPN power index has us going 11-3 in the first 14. Which I would I believe get is pod one.
  8. North Texas: Sources tell FootballScoop Seth Littrell is interested in Kansas safeties coach (and former defensive coordinator) Clint Bowen filling his open defensive coordinator role.
  9. He was Co-Offensive coordinator, but I believe Seth was the play caller.
  10. https://footballscoop.com/the-scoop/ Ole Miss: Lane Kiffin has zeroed in on UCF offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Jeff Lebby for the same post So we shall see.. Maybe Briles will end up as North Texas OC.. But probably more than likely ends up at FIU with Taggert.
  11. Projected to go to Ole Miss now. in 247. but we shall see.
  12. If it were me, I would try to fill 22 in the early signing, and save 3 for Transfers, or spring commits who fall through or maybe get dropped from a higher school. That said if I had 3 that I was high on I have no problem using all 25 now.
  13. I read an article where they said they were concentrating on signing day first. So It leads me to believe it will be after.
  14. Love the attention to the front lines in this class . Both on Offense and Defense. Now just need the coordinators. @TheReal_jayD Any more word on possible candidates.
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