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  1. Another poster (too lazy to look it up) posted early on in the season that we were going to miss Lawson. I disagreed at the time, but in retrospect, I think this poster was correct. One of our major problems down the stretch was the lack of depth and a mid range game. Lawson would have definitely helped in these areas. Losing Holston was also a blow to our depth. I really scratch my head on this one. Holston's role at Indiana St. was pretty much what it would have been here. He was also a mid range swing type of player that could also play post. I realize that heavy turnover is just a reality in college ball these days, but we lost a couple of proven contributors that could have chewed up some valuable minutes. We did not replace the talent/experience for this season. The guys that took the scholarships may prove to be good future investments, but did nothing for us this year.
  2. Sometimes a Skiver will Skive.
  3. Losing streaks suck. Nice to see a win.
  4. He & Keith Wooden were a nice combo in the post.
  5. You are a cruel and sadistic man, Phillip Ferguson.
  6. Especially with the league as far flung as it is. Having to travel back to Florida sucks. I'm sure Marshall is not thrilled about coming back down here either.
  7. In pod 2 with: La. Tech FIU FAU Marshall
  8. This is still a very good team. We are just very thin and very banged up. Conf. W/ Duffy (5-1) Since (3-4) Luckily, if we can limp thru on Saturday and qualify for the top pod we will have an entire week to rest some injuries.
  9. That didn't do much for your argument.
  10. Vic "King of the Butt Cut" Trilli?
  11. Who do you think can dribble the ball the fastest on this team?
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