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  1. That's strange, Adam, I have heard a lot of people compare Dubai to Denton, Tx.
  2. Stradford was running away from a dog at his apartment complex, jumped a fence, landed on a piece of lawn furniture and had a piece of pipe puncture four inches into his chest. Dodge said that there was no damage to any of Stradford's major veins, arteries or his ribs. "Tyler was really lucky," Dodge said
  3. We are glad to know Bobby Kim is living still He only lost teeth
  4. Please start a separate thread for limericks.
  5. And he has come back three years later, to let us know that he is ok. Thank you, Mr. Kim, for keeping us up to date.
  6. Kinda like, "not the Assistant General Manager, but the Assistant to the General Manager."
  7. The court of public opinion should probably also make sure he can't graduate or get a job after school, as well.
  8. Hope it wasn't your pitcher!
  9. I was at Riprock's with a good buddy of mine. When he busted that run, I got so excited that I jumped up and knocked over a pitcher of beer.
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