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    6’9” 225 lb forward/center who had offers from Texas A&M, Georgetown, and Rhode Island where he was recently committed, among many others. Huge addition. Currently puts us at our scholarship limit. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/abou-ousmane
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    Not saying that I’m not just sick about the “what if” that this season will always be, but we are not alone. How’d you like to be Dayton right now...a “mid-major” that was a lock for a #1 seed and had arguably the nation’s best player. This year’s March Madness could have been so special.
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    110% committed 💚 @MeanGreenMBB #GMG #MeanGreen #Unt https://t.co/H1nmZDxAGW
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    This recruiting class is looking really good. I wish we could find another solid Strachey 4 piece, but I also hate to run off players. J. Simmons and Muhammad need to show us something. also love that he is a high school kid and will have time to stay here and dominate.
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    This rounds out our roster very well. I am optimistic we will continue to compete for conference titles.
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    I can’t hardly watch cause it upsets me so much not getting to see how far that team could have gone☺️ Rick
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    If they keep putting out content like this I'm gonna lose a lot of working hours.
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    Hank, George, thanks so much for putting this together. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the NO Bowl highlights and your comments. Lot of fun, and I hope you put will put together another episode. BTW, I was at the UNT-Cincy game! Thanks again!
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    I can give you my numbers, but I only work in coding, billing, and consulting, so I do not have direct patient care. I work for 4 different companies in Dallas, Houston, and Ft Worth, and we have patients in every major hospital. Between the approximately 1200 patients whose paperwork I process (including their coding) and submit to both insurance and CMS, we've had 22 deaths in the last three weeks related to respiratory illnesses. I do about $100,000 worth of claims a day, and I read about 6000 patient notes on a weekly basis. Deaths are NOT being recorded as Coronavirus (U07.1) deaths when they have not yet had positive test results back. They might be doing that regularly in some places, but not anything I've seen (and I'm still only seeing a small percentage of the overall). Since we're still getting caught up on testing, a number of patients have died on day 3-4, and we're still waiting test results for them on day 10-11. They are being coded for pneumonia or R99 for the most part. This means that there are currently deaths that have NOT and NEVER WILL BE reported as Coronavirus (I have 7 specifically right now), and many more that will be investigated (hopefully, but there's a major backlog right now) and added later. As the CDC has stated is simply coding clarification meant to capture the most accurate patient information. There are separate codes for probable coronavirus U07.1, U07.2 (most of whom have been getting coded for pneumonia or any number of other respiratory illnesses for the better part of a month now), and potentially R99. And keep in mind, the coding instructions for the CDC are not flying into the hospitals, nursing homes, and coroner's offices and coding for them. Death certificates contain MULTIPLE codes, beginning with the IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF DEATH. They'll generally contain up to 3 or 4 codes. Coders and individual physicians and coroners are going to code how they're going to code. You can have two physicians seeing the same patient, and you could get completely different answers depending on who filled out the paperwork. It should also be noted that, as our Covid-19 death reporting has gone up, our pneumonia deaths have gone down roughly 30%, but are still nearly twice above our regular average for this time of year. At this point, neither our death rate nor our total numbers of cases are anywhere near accurate. But I'll say we're not OVERSTATING deaths due to Coronavirus right now, from what I've seen dealing with some of the most populated cities and counties in the state. But while we're understating the deaths, we're also understating the cases, so the rate itself is meaningless at this point, and probably will continue to be until we're through about 3 waves of it. On a personal note, I'm getting to wait an extra two weeks to get assessed for possible lymphoma or pneumothorax, because I have a cough - a cough that's as likely being caused by a lung tear or chest mass at this point as Covid, but we're gonna throw an antibiotic at it for now. I've found it near impossible to get a Covid test (as a proven negative would get me in for ultrasound/CT/biopsy), because I'm not "sick enough", as I've not had a fever (and I'm on week 3-4 of having the cough).
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    Check out the list from ESPN on the top interior defensive lineman. GMG! It has been since Brandon Kennedy we have probably had something like that. https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/29013318/ranking-college-football-top-10-returning-interior-defensive-linemen-2020
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    This really exciting. I think the next step for this program is that Javion needs to get drafted. That would be a big deal! GMac needs to be able to sell kids on North Texas putting kids in the league. I think we have guys on roster now who could do it.
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    Wanna know how well this went? https://books.google.com/books?id=uEqJXwQHe6kC&pg=PP7&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=2#v=onepage&q&f=false Scroll to page 311 and start reading THE SIXTH NAME.
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    Oh snap! Was not expecting this! Ousmane is gonna be a load in C-USA. Welcome aboard Abou!
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    He just turned 19 three days ago, he is pretty young for a guy who went to prep school. There is no telling what kind of player he can be in a couple years with the right training and diet regimen.
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    Whoa! Of course we knew Novil was very good... But I didn't know he was getting national attention! Nice find @Travis! Wondering how Coach Mathies and coach Bowen plan to use him, especially if we move to a 4-man front...
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    Cas is definitely taking us to the next level! A coach that can recruit! Congrats to all! GMG
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    I guess Barnett? But Dave wasn't calling games for us back then... Jub was.
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    This is big. His offer list was pretty good.
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    Woah!! This a huge. Zach Simmons’ successor here. What a huge capitalization on Rhode Island leaving the door open by going after similar players after he committed. Guess we were!
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    Man, we may have another championship team on our hands. GO MEAN GREEN!
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    Not sure if we’re still recruiting him. Verbal commits shows him down between Rhode Island and St. Bonaventure
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    This could be the final piece! Do we have a shot?
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    3 G5 players and he is one of them. Excellent.
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    How does this class compare to other UNT classes? A Top 10 haul for us? A best-of for the last 10 years?
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    It's a shame some jerks not even associated with UNT protested and forces us to use NTSU. If we could have switched to UNT in 1961 it could have saved us years of announcers mispronouncing our university's name.
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    he Mean Green needed a post player after losing forward Deng Geu to graduation after last season. "North Texas was looking for a big man to round out its class," Osumane said. "I will fit in perfectly. They throw the ball inside. They talked to me a little about filling the role Geu had." UNT had some rebuilding to do after winning the Conference USA regular season title this season. Grant McCasland and his staff took the final steps in that process this week while picking up three players in three days. Osumane passed on offers from a host of nationally prominent programs to join UNT's class. Texas A&M and Georgetown were among 18 schools that offered Osumane a scholarship. Read more: https://www.usbasket.com/NCAA1/news/625632/UNT-lands-highly-regarded-center-Abou-Ousmane
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    I think we could. I don’t think we can get a Big 12 team back in the pit, but most of our high-caliber opponents last year were from mid-major conferences. Dayton, VCU, and URI from the A10, Utah State from Mountain West, UTA and Little Rock from the Sun Belt, then two high major opponents in Arkansas and OU. So while it may be tough to get quality high-major opponents, hopefully it will be easier to get games with quality mid majors like us who are also looking to bolster their OOC.
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    now the question begins...if this is the road we want to try and travel again this year (i hope we do), how hard will it be to get this type of schedule again after the year we just produced and what we have coming back?
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    Hope they do more of these! Markeith Knowlton was from McKinney by the way.
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    6’5” 225 lb guard from Baltimore Poly high school. We were his first offer back in December and he has been having a meteoric rise in recruitment since then. Has picked up offers from DePaul, Va Tech, Ole Miss, Saint Louis, and Rhode Island among others. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/brandon-murray-md https://247sports.com/player/brandon-murray-46099866/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/brandon-murray-260251#school-interests
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    Early on when there was a lot of discussion about the potential source of the virus (bat soup, the Wuhan wet market, the virology lab, bat guano, snake meat, etc.) someone on a radio show I was listening to said something I thought was interesting. He said, and I paraphrase because I don't recall the exact words..."if you see a giraffe walking down the street in your neighborhood, it wouldn't be unreasonable for you to assume it escaped from the local zoo."
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    The QAnon 12 Stages of Grief 1. hoax 2. nothing to see here 3. blown out of proportion 4. the media hates the president. 5. hmm...maybe this is real? 6. ugh...my 401K 7. here's a list of pharmaceuticals I know will cure this 8. this is NYC's/China's/Media's/Gays' fault! 9. wait...maybe this isn't real...? 10. fake death numbers! 11. chinese chemical warfare conspiracy! 12. buy guns
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