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    Said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: I love this athletic administration. One of the best things we ever did was fire RV.
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    When 2027 rolls around those games against Baylor will probably be Conference games.
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    Well crap! I'll either be too old or dead to make those games. When you fans head to NOLA to play Tulane, have a shot or two of whiskey in honor of DeepGreen who couldn't make it for some reason.
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    Great move. Can't complain about a trip to NOLA.
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    Love the home and homes. Keep winning games, and don't accept moneybag games.
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    DRC: UNT hammered Baylor in 2003 in one of the memorable games in recent program history https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-announces-football-series-with-baylor-tulane/article_dfc0c46d-7769-5ed4-8f65-916e352b62f8.html
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    Looks like both Baylor games will be season openers. September 1, 2029 vs. the Bears in Denton should be a packed house!
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    Negating size/strength advantages on the edges with a (relatively) new approach to finding match-ups seems good for the rest of us, though.
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    4 of 5 50/50 challenges went the way of the Pats. And with the Chiefs ahead in the 4th on a I believe 3rd and 7 a roughing the passer was calld on the Chiefs. Biggest joke of the roughing the passer I have ever seen. Pats got the auto and took the ball down the field and scored a go ahead TD. The Chiefs were spinning it on O and would've went up 2 scores and probably would've won.
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    This makes all of our degrees look even better!
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    Big news that UNT maintains its Carnegie R1 status. They tightened up standards and the remaining Texas schools with this classification are UT, UTD, Rice, Tech, A&M, UH and UNT. http://www.kcbd.com/2018/12/18/texas-tech-receives-second-carnegie-tier-one-classification/
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    My Mom went into Labor with my brother at a NT basketball game when Blakeley was coach.
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    Or a virtual double-gendered non binary sock puppet. Its 2019!!!!
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    Aren’t we close to the top 50% in the nation in field goal percentage? Our guards are the one strength we really have.
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    I think Trevon McWilliams is going to need to put in an extra year or two of classes in the journalism school even after he graduates. He isn’t ready for ESPN or SI just yet. He needs to prove he can be the best writer at the NT Daily BEFORE he goes out and gets a job, regardless of if he graduates first or not. It’ll take awhile to become the Peter King of the NT Daily so I hope you don’t have much desire to get out and start making money until you can prove that you can be an elite journalist. Enjoy your 12 year NT Daily writing career.
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    right? two bucks says Cade could've thrown a pick as well...if only given the chance.
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    He came to North Texas and was an awesome player. Got his degree and now he’s moving on. It wasn’t too long ago we praised our depth at the WR position. 🤨 good luck Jaylen!...I look forward to hearing you say North Texas on your Monday Night Football intro.
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    Regardless of whether or not he is NFL-ready, how can you possibly bad-mouth a kid who has already gotten his degree? Say what you about his drops, etc., but he was a guy that defenses had to account for.
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    Not the right decision in my mind but I know these guys have tons of other variables that come into play. I was under the mindset that a great senior year could’ve made him a 4/5th round guy. Nevertheless, really hoping to see him succeed bc we all know he has the tools. Ball out, Jalen! GMG