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    Some like college football and some like semi-pro football.
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    We don't have any green shirts laying around that these guys could wear?
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    The look when your QB1 gets called Myles Fine. Can you not prepare for an interview by maybe learning your interviewees names. SMH
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    I suggested to Wren that a plaque be placed at the goal lines or at midfield to let people know what was here for over 50 years.
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    Which is why the semi-pro leagues need their own level of play and the rest of us can have a chance at a national championship...
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    Haha! It’s gonna be a fun year! GMG!
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    @FirefightnRick I remember that texas game as well, and how deflating it was to see his YPG ago down. you are spot on with your numbers: 10 games with 1801 yards= 180.1 YPG 9 games w/1802 yards (those Texas carries amounted to -1 yard) = 200.22
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    The look that Khairi gives after he calls him “Miles” is classic. Also, Mason handles it well.
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    I hope they intend on dressing up that sea of asphalt with trees or something. The only thing worse than a lack of parking is a big ugly multiacre patch of cheap asphalt.
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    Thor, it was a joke. I was making a generalization myself about people that make generalizations. .
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    Hometown of President Eisenhower!
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    Sadly, about 75% of UNT students and alumni feel this way. So many UT, OU, A&M, Tech, OSU, LSU, and Arkansas t-shirt fans in denton. But it’s probably the same in Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and El Paso, too...
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    He apologized and corrected himself. Good move. And my favorite quote from Coach Littrell- “At the end of the day you gotta stop the run to be a successful defense” Rick
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    When the interviewer apologized Mason said to him "You're fine.". The announcer missed a great opportunity to reply, "No, you're Fine".
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    IIRC, Thomas chose us because of a program UNT had that helped those with a learning need/disability. I think he was dyslexic? He had some quality offers.
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    You've pretty much hit the highlights then, unless you're artsy enough to check out the old library converted to art museum.
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    Thanks Rick. Very good info here.
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    I am sure the players can provide much more insight, but having played in at least one gmg.com bowl game (benefiting the Andrew Smith scholarship fund), I can attest to the fact that Fouts Field WAS a parking lot. If even for just the post-death penalty $MU game and the Booger Baylor game, that parking lot will hold sentimental longings until I pass. But it WAS a parking lot. GMG
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    “This is where Booger wreaked havoc” on sixteen plaques around the parking lot.
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    Haha, sounds like Dickey. Was Zuniga on that line? I would’ve bet money he would play in the league a few years.
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    Does Miles play for a small school as well ?
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    Found the full play-by-play Opening drive: CO quick 3-and-out UNT answer: 1st snap: (14:20 - 1st) Scott Hall (UNT) pass left side complete to Johnny Quinn (UNT) for 16 yards. 2nd snap: (14:10 - 1st) Jamario Thomas (UNT) rushed up the middle for a 60 yard touchdown. XP: (14:10 - 1st) Extra point by Nick Bazaldua (UNT) is good. I couldn't find a video of the full run, but I thought this find was really cool. I love driving Memory Lane. 2005 UNT Video Board Kick Off Video
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    If we can keep Wren for 10 yrs... we will have a solid program that has a strong donor base, a winning culture, and a spot on the college athletics map.
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    Bruce Hall but most my friends lived in Clark, so hung out there a lot. Then I rented a place from Jackson Chang realty, in cement city. It sucked. I left there after 3 months. Then moved into a random house for a few months. Spent a couple of years at the Gazebo. A couple at efficiencies by Skyview off Normal and one off Mulberry. Some older couple owned them. Lived some other places too. I was on the ten year plan for undergrad.
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    Sundance Square is even better... @meangreenlax I will be there with flag in tow as well
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    Updates on the game changer at NutsaCK: Phase One is now complete. Phase Two foundation work:
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    This page is great and nicely searchable. Especially in donor contributions the money likely gets shifted around weirdly in fits of financial "making the numbers fit". I am almost sure this is not an apples to apples comparisson from year to year nor between how institutions report. Either that or people radically change their spending behavior from one year to the next, in which case that would explain why NT had almost 4 million on year and only 1 million a few years later. You guys can decide yourselves whether or not this really correlates with on field success.Pictured are not total revenues like it says, but actually only donor contributions.
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    It’s a good sign for North Texas when a nine-win campaign is considered by many to be a disappointment. Hopes were high that they could make the C-USA Championship Game for a second consecutive season but losses to rivals Louisiana Tech and UAB ruined that opportunity. They finished the regular season with a pair of victories (Florida Atlantic, at UTSA) but got blown to bits by the JUGGERNAUT Utah St Aggies in the New Mexico Bowl. North Texas (hopefully) learned that it’s important to have something better than PURE FILTH as a back-up QB after watching what happened after the first quarter injury to Mason Fine in the aforementioned bowl game. HC Seth Littrell is doing some good work in Denton. Do they have the MINERALS to make another C-USA title run? read more: https://megalocks.co/north-texas-mean-green-2019-college-football-preview/
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    Hey, don't be too hard on him; I was in charge of managing the street name system for Dallas for 20 years, retired, came back downtown on the train a couple of months later for a retirement party, was trying to help a woman I met on the train by carrying part of her luggage to the Greyhound station on the day the guy intending to be a shooter got shot; was walking up and down the police barricades trying to find a way through, asked a police officer if maybe I could get there by going over to Commerce Street, he looked at me and said "You're at Commerce Street". Hey, stress and getting names right don't always go together. Of course, I was from a large family and remembering names wasn't required when I was growing up.
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    I feel like so much of the point is being missed here. To me, it was clear based on the words he used in that tweet that he was referring to more than just Rep Omar. Telling people who were born here to go back to where they came from, in my opinion (which isn't worth anything to anyone) is racist. He is implying that non-white people are "other" or "foreign" and that to me is unacceptable. Chuck Schumer says things need to change, Nancy Pelosi complains about the state of things, no one tells them to go back to where they came from. The entire Replublican party had a pity party and B*tch fest when Obama was President, they weren't told to go back where they are from. That's the difference. Frankly Trump has spent the last 4-6 years before he was President constantly criticizing America - so who is he to tell people if they don't like it leave. There is nothing more American than using your freedom of speech to say "XYZ sucks, we need to change that". Funny to see people who wrap themselves in the flag and act like they sleep with a constitution under their pillow engaging in this kind of talk.
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    Christians have supported a long list of atrocities over the centuries. Always being able to point to verse that justifies their abhorrent beliefs at the time. The same can be said for almost all religions. While I understand that Christianity has evolved over time I wonder why so many believers are willing to forgive the past yet still believe that the exact same text should provide them a moral compass in the present. Generally when having a discussion with someone and they turn to religious text to support their argument I just politely move on down the road. Would they be accepting of me supporting my argument with quotes from the Little Mermaid? I actually have a deep belief in "God" but I spend no time trying to define this entity and find no direction in passages written by men that, for most subjects, would have the modern day equivalent of a 5th grade education. I should not find it surprising that the majority of Christians support Trump but somehow I do. Which speaks to my own lack of intelligence I suppose.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/unt-summer-questions-series-no----is-this/article_75179df6-90d3-5e45-a8a7-8e3fd9efcff4.html
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    I was working in Abilene this week and some of the folks I was dealing with are big ACU football supporters. Evidently, the university is making a BIG push to get as many of their people to the game in Denton as possible. One person was telling me their alumni association is planning a large tailgate beforehand and some social activities Friday night. I kept hearing about how their running game is going to give us all kinds of problems and they are expecting a surprise win. I just told them they are probably going to get their butt handed to them but to have a nice day anyway. GMG
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