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    Cougar Queen just went into the fetal position
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    tulane just scored the GW touchdown with 3 seconds left to go up 38-31. crazy fun game to watch
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    Sorry pal. Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange was called the Golden Triangle long before that mall in Denton. But really, who gives a shit? Houston lost tonight!
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    Love college football! GMG
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    That ending couldn’t have happened to a better team. I know a certain momma’s basement where things are being smashed right now. 😂😂
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    In case you missed it, there’s a gold triangle further up north and they named a mall after it.
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    Coogs and Tulne are tied at 28 early in the fourth quarter. They just ran an add for NORTH TEXAS football and how to get tickets for the game next week against Houston. Our athletic department is hustling, folks.i
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    Bad stuff down there in the Golden Triangle. That’s where I’m from, and that’s why I moved out to the Hill Country. Been through too many hurricanes and more rain that I care to remember in my lifetime down there. Hope my relatives come out OK.
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    I’m almost certain that @ADLER is doing a bit with this.
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    This. Heres your Texas CFB hierarchy of looking down at rivals: UT>A&M>Tech>Baylor>TCU>SMU>UNT>UTSA>Texas State Nobody cares at all about UH, Rice, or UTEP
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    Lets just whoop their butts and move on. if anything, I hate SMU more than ever. I like the idea of hating Houston, too, but I know it ain’t a rivalry.
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    UH with a huge choke tonight
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    Looks to me the key is containing king to the pocket, his passing is average from the pocket.
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    Don’t care...we look down at y’all. And probably will for a long time.
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    For those that are more visual listeners:
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    They are banged up and linebacker. Will have to play ball control with our running game and screens and tight end passes. Have to keep them off the field. Very dangerous offense.
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    We better win this weekend, that’s all I can say. We don’t play teams full of grown men well. Beat roadkill. GMG
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    Darden is also a former HS QB
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    Agree with this for the most part, but TCU and Baylor have probably leapfrogged Tech. Both schools recruit several 4 star players every year and Tech is consistently near the bottom of the Big 12 in recruiting. Also, both tcu and Baylor have been much more relevant over the past decade
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    You've lost weight! and your husband looks good too
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    Usually my UNT game time ritual is a nice grilled NY strip steak and some nice beer. But every year on one occasion I allow myself a KFC family bucket. Take one guess when...
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    Just Stop Brett..they are a conference opponent. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    So we treat them how SMU treats us?
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    KPRCradio (http://bit.ly/2kerh5Y ) Good Memories of listening to Astros broadcasters Gene Elston & Lowell “he breezed him one more time” Passé on KPRC radio. 950AM was it? 🤔 Those 3 years of mosquito-filled & way too high humidity nights at old Colt Stadium (pre-Astrodome) one could never forget.
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    We have this thread every year.
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    There has been a significant lack of tight end play since the first game. Has Kelvin Smith even recorded a catch? Use TEs more and let Tre run the ball.
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    Thinking about our first three games, here's my HSOs: We do not seem to be game planning well before games in the secondary. It's being put together with adjustments through the second-fourth quarters, but it's hard for the rest of your total game plan to get off the ground when you dig yourself in a hole defensively in the first... ...and then dig deeper with penalties. We're currently ranked 120th in penalties with an average of 80 yards per game. I may have some green glasses effect going on, and still believe half of those flags were bogus – my feelings further justified when I see how loud and livid Seth is with refs on the sidelines. Honestly, its relatively amazing how we well we have done nearly in spite of ourselves with those penalties in play. Fine and Bodie Reeder do not seem to be meshing well. Of course publicly they're very complimentary of each other, but on the field it does not seem to be lining up. There are the briefest of spurts where it seems like we're establishing a rhythm, only to be undone with three other series upended by terrible (re: horizontal) short-yardage play. Reeder needs to figure out real quick what elements of Harrell's offense did click with our personnel and incorporate that into his scheme. Marie Kondo it; "does this play spark joy?", and then lose anything else. Biagiiiiiiiii, what is even happening with this foolhardy heroism on returns?? The football IQ needs to jump up in a big way on special teams lest we give ourselves no room to work with for the rest of the season.
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    That's what I said after the last game Houston played and I got downvoted.
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    Alright, I feel good matching up against the Cougar corners. If we live deep, we may win going away.
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    I’m confused. How many Golden Triangles are in Texas?
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    One of those is not like the others though. If you look at the series records, the team that looks down on the other team has dominated the series. UNT OTOH is 3-3 against UTSA and was down 3-1 at one point. All games except one have been one possession games. I'd call that having delusions of grandeur, not dominance.
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    Every D1 football team is a rival. The only rival that matters this week, is UTSA.
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    See, when we have to keep making declarations every year about whether a particular game is or is not a rivalry, that to me only confirms that it is a rivalry--for better or worse. Now, is UTSA NT's primary rival? No, and I don't think that's even close. That's not a knock on them, just an observation of fan/player/coach emotions about each game. The SMU-North Texas game is a big deal in the DFW area, and it always seems to result in massive fan overreactions on both sides. The UTSA-North Texas game is a minor rivalry, where it matters a lot to certain pockets of fans.
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    Well if it's not a rivalry then why do I hate them so damn much? Maybe it's just all their white trash fans that always talk $hit to me and my family when I go down there. They are 2 for 2
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    nUTSAck is not worthy of us bringing these out. Make no mistake, I love these unis...but we should wear them against D1 competition
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    No better week to bust them out than against the glorified JUCO. Also hope they use them for Homecoming
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    I think it's rude that we're doing throwbacks from the 60s against UTSA. Let's wear throwbacks that represent their storied history as well. We should dig deep in the vault to 2011 and bring these all the way back: They have history too....
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    UTSA 28, UNT 24 More questions than answers.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/prediction----unt-will-get-back-on-track/article_b0d4fc63-5d5d-5813-83e4-63a3c771f6ef.html
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    You guys are struggling to make this into some kind of "we think we're superior to them" statement. Its not. The point is, and I am going to type this slowly for you... NOBODY ON THE OTHER SIDE SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THEIR TEAM ANYMORE. How can you have a rivalry with that? It's like saying that you have a passionate love/hate affair with a cardboard box. And by the down arrows, and least three of you could feel quite passionate about a cardboard box.
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    Just eliminate the rule to require freshman students to live on campus.
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    King is going to be tough to contain. He’s really talented.
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    Welp the shitty refs just decided this one.
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    Only one that I know of. Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange, Tx. The originals. The rest are all fakes.
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    There must be rivalry for someone to be considered a rival (by definition that is a prerequisite) , and frankly there is none. On the UTSA board there have been a grand total of two new posts this week: How to watch the game on TV?, and What's your score prediction?. We've been trying valiantly to get any kind of reaction from them, nothing. It's like watching kittens bat around a dead mouse. UTSA, aided by some blown calls, was able to pull an upset North Texas in 2013. That 'miracle' was long ago. Since then its been pretty much domination by North Texas, and we will have won four of the last five after Saturday's game. So, can we please stop pretending that there is any type of rivalry, neither on or off the field.
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    After a new, previously unreported allegation of sexual misconduct which alleges that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh pulled his pants down and pushed his penis into the hand of a View Full Article

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