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    Jeez, I posted recruiting updates all day and then go to the movies and someone commits while I am in the theater! 😝 Welcome to the family, Jamal.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/saturday-scrimmage-notes----race-for-backup-qb/article_e612cfb4-1c25-5700-af34-c3b7cd3571df.html
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    In your face! https://twitter.com/ligon_jamal/status/1109574746126147584?s=21
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    BTW..Galloway isn’t the only one. Another preseason national poy candidate for them is from Sanger. https://latechsports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=2721 She had 2 rbi’s Today, and is batting .365 at the 2nd spot for them. Rick
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    DRC: Jamal Ligon is UNT's second three-star commit https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-picks-up-commitment-from-tyler-defensive-end/article_8e7452bf-5ab9-5a3d-9113-a729af321167.html
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    What a fantastic series win. I haven’t checked the standings but if this didn’t put us in first place it got us very close.
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    Kind of sad a former coach that was terrible here is getting exponentially more attention on this board than our women’s basketball team that is still playing.
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    I know everyone saw Kason Martin in the bowl game and thought "there's the heir apparent". I was convinced then, and still think it now, that there is NO WAY this coaching staff doesn't do everything possible to get Bean's speed on the field. For a team that sees defenses getting into our backfield a lot, the chance to burn blitzes with designed QB draws or scrambling is just too enticing.
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    No one is “worried”. It’s just a point of note how many great players come from an area in which there’s only two D1 teams, North Texas being one of them, and that there’s NO excuse we can’t be more competitive than we’ve been. Rick
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    My wife and I are going in June. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
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    Congratulations Jamal! Welcome to North Texas!
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    Wow another 3 star commit. Luke Walerius is killing it since he got here!!! What are the odds this class is better than 2019’s?? Seems like they’re off to an amazing start.
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    She is a she. ThE fIRsT WoMaN cOmMiSsIoNeR.....oOoOoOoOo.
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    Another program on the rise......GO MEAN GREEN!!!
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    Exactly. From what I’ve heard from some of those most invested it’s a damn wonder RD had a team left to inherit at all. Rick
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    Love Trautwein. She’s our warrior. But this was a big time step up by our freshman Bailey Tindall that will give her the confidence going forward and some badly needed depth this team has been missing. Rick
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    Woo Hoo! Amazing what a good coach can do for your program. Rick
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    I highly doubt if anyone outside the A.D. would be allowed to tape the entire practice.
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    We have such an incredibly large, amazing alumni base. We are a large school that has for the most part been given nothing to cheer for for decades. It's scary to think what a decade+ of winning + good culture could do for our fanbase.
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    It's really a small world. We are currently on vacation in Dublin, and I ran into a couple wearing North Texas gear. I yelled out Go Mean Green and talked to them for a few mins. It's really cool running into alumni in other countries.
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    Would be very enticing. At the end of the day (intentional SL reference), my guess is that the player that demonstrates the most consistent accuracy will be our next starting QB. That seems to be what the staff has valued the most previously at least. Obviously they will also need to make good decisions with the ball under pressure, but that can take some time and experience to develop fully.
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    Not worried now that Coach Kee is gone. Honestly, I understand your point but to not even offer them is ridiculous.
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    Had not won there since 2008. Chance to take the series tomorrow. Go Mean Green!!!
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    I agree @Harry and @GMG24
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    Fall signing period ended back in November. Next signing period starts April 17th
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    WOW what a comeback! Wish I would have followed the game!
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    The conference situation you openly choose and have stated is CUSA because of the regional drive ability. I’m suggesting a conference that a team 45 minutes to the south used to become a very solid and recognizable program. I’d prefer something that raises our profile, you know, with an actual existing conference. You don’t offer anything. Shocker...
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    I'm ready for another recruiting show! (maybe yall could just talk about all things UNT Football)
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    We are everywhere. I currently work with another alum here in Kansas
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    Solid conference you are fighting for, Grandpa Green... https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-conference-ranking-exiting-2018-season-SEC-Big-Ten-Big-12-ACC-127681896/ https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2018-college-football-conference-power-rankings-sec-back-on-top-but-where-does-the-big-ten-land/amp/
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    She should have used WhatsApp.
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    We were down 8-0 after the third inning. Unbelievable win, and their stud pitcher, C-USA pre season Pitcher Of The Year Presley Galloway from Pilot Point took the loss after entering the 6th to attempt to hold the lead. Rick
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    The Mean Green just came back from an 8-0 deficit to take a 10-9 lead in the top of the 7th on a Rebar two run blast, her third of the game. Rick
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    Were they wearing a Mean Green hat? Seven years ago I lost a North Texas hat in Dublin. I hope someone is enjoying it.
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    I go to UNT games. I’d like it even more if we were playing games against teams I think would raise our profile more than the F_Us and the likes of ODU and Charlotte. But it’s cool that you like our setup. So does the majority of our fanbase. It’s why I firmly expect to be in a relegated level of play for good in football within 5-10 years.
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    La Tech was never in the MWC. Minor detail... you are right that we aren’t prolly getting a MWC invite, but even if we did, folks in our fanbase have made it obviously clear they don’t want it because it’s better to drive to a game than have us be in a better league. That’s reality that I cannot defeat, which I gladly admit. It is what it is. And Utah was the equal to Boise State today, at best. BYU is a tough one to replace for all of the MWC, for sure. And now let’s compare to CUSA. Our best teams that have national recognition are Southen Miss, Louisiana Tech, and Marshall. No way that compares to Boise State, Fresno State, or Utah state, who are their big 3 programs now. I wouldn’t expect you to understand this. You’re Old Denton to the tee...
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    Yeah, TCU really couldn’t handle the altitude when they were playing out west... And, maybe, just maybe, you can for travel against those teams out west for the other programs because you actually get more money from being in a conference that gets Decent non P5 coverage. Crazy thought there. But hey, you can drive down to Houston to watch us play rice!! And you can fly to El Paso, which takes the same time to fly to ABQ, but forget about that, because El Paso., brah!! when I say you get what you deserve, make no doubt about it, I mean you’ve got the perfect setup for you—UNT being in a conference that lets you see the play teams that nobody cares about in this current world of college sports. You are everything that New Denton needs to get away from. And I mean everything...
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    Before TV networks really skyrocketed the influence on how conferences are setup, SMU had us by the balls by their influence and money. No SWC, no CUSA. Now, it’s their presence in our market. No TV network wants overlap. Rice and UH aren’t going to be in a conference again, just as we have never been with SMU. Networks want TV sets in multiple markets. While SMU really cannot stop us anymore from joining their conference, the networks do it instead.
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    Definitely. When I think of SMU working against UNT, I have this image in my head that they are working/paying to keep us down and out...beyond a measly yes/no vote. everything you’ve mentioned has been agreeable, but in the context of them simply wanting to improve their own position. Not necessarily to keep us down. does keeping us down help their position? No more or less than keeping down anyone else that wants what they want. the previous Mean Green generation has painted this picture of SMU administration going to every effort to smite and hurt the Mean Green specifically, using their money and political weight. I don’t see it. Not during my fandom. Does anyone have any thoughts on the 10 year football series with them? If they wanted to have nothing to do with us, why did they sign on for that?
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    In this day she has one big plus working for her....anyone care to guess?
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    Where in the world did you come up with this? His posts have been factually accurate regarding hirings, recruiting, etc... without gushing over anyone. Show me one post where his "strokes this staff's ego". Small minded? Because I called you out for your typical b.s.? Please.
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    I'm fine with cutting slack on shoplifting $40 in merchandise or public intox arrest. When you get into violent crimes and stolen vehicles, it's not ok regardless of age. Hopefully this guy didn't do anything too serious.
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    Lets remember that these players are still kids for the most part... cut them a little slack
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    I think this author just started paying attention to college football about 2 years ago.
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    There are a lot of facts being presented in this thread. None are truer than this one. Thank you for your courage.

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