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  1. H-towngreen

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I’m all in on Baby Briles if he’s available. Sorry his dad is an ass but that’s not on him
  2. H-towngreen

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    He is not going to OU....let’s just stop that crazy talk right now.
  3. H-towngreen


    How did Boise get to where they are......just win baby
  4. H-towngreen

    Down goes the piggies

    Don’t like it. They’ll be ready next week
  5. H-towngreen

    DRC: UNT's depth chart out

    Only 4 senior on the 2 deep on offense
  6. H-towngreen

    Uniform talk?

    Love the all whites and the black and green combo
  7. H-towngreen

    Uniform talk?

    Helmet stickers????
  8. H-towngreen

    North Texas 2018 Review by Position: Quarterback

    With the new redshirt rule and also to keep Mason healthy, I’m sure we will see plenty of the youngsters
  9. H-towngreen

    Recruiting Ratings for Offensive Line

    What has our O-line ever done or shown to make anyone think they should’ve been 3*?
  10. H-towngreen

    DRC: Shadow Creek WR Kealon Jackson commits to UNT

    I doubt we can land a 4*, but the way this train is rolling you never know.
  11. H-towngreen

    Times have changed at UNT

    Helmet stickers...yes or no?
  12. H-towngreen

    Recruiting Update 6/25

    Would be a hell of a pick up, major offer, would be our highest rated recruit
  13. H-towngreen


  14. H-towngreen


    Another 3*???
  15. H-towngreen

    Recruiting Update

    Having closely followed recruiting for the last 15 years I honestly had grown more and more disinterested every year. We continued to pull in classes that ranked near the bottom of all teams in the country. What has happened thus far in recruiting for 2019 is truly exciting.