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  1. At this point all the bowl games are pretty much done unless we’re getting someone from LSU or Clemson(doubtful). So to me that means that we are still interviewing. I’m surprised there hasn’t even been a leak in who has interviewed
  2. Illinois has been trending up. Finished 4th this season.
  3. Lewis would’ve been huge. would love to use the transfer portal to close out.
  4. Just win baby. but seriously....someone please tell me exactly what Baby Briles did others than guilty due to his dad turning an eye?
  5. Who knows if his FSU offer is even valid at this point with the changes in staff.
  6. If you’re getting suspended by Saban, it’s not good
  7. I’m not worried. They don’t have a coach! Highly unlikely baby Briles I there next season once the new coach comes in. If anything this is Briles laying some groundwork for wherever he ends up next.
  8. Amazing that he’s a short yardage back. I never considered him that type of rb.
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