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  1. Amazing that he’s a short yardage back. I never considered him that type of rb.
  2. In this day of the transfer portal, I’m a huge advocate of adding pieces thru it.
  3. Oh man...I’m really excited to see what it spells out!!!! Be sure to drink your Ovaltine
  4. It hurts to read what could’ve been last season. 12-0 was realistic if GH would’ve kept the pressure on and actually made second half adjustments worth a damn.
  5. Rivals did an update hence the changes I believe
  6. Kid had talent out of HS, then throw in the added maturity physically but more so mentally, and you might be looking at next years starter
  7. I’m really excited for this hire. I liked Graham but felt like the offense was lacking in creativity, the running game, and making adjustments. I think that Reeder will bring in a new scheme that will pile up the points
  8. Wilkerson would be a hell of a pull!
  9. Just watched Renfros hudl film and 2 things instantly stood out. 1) kid can really sling jt 2) he is all UNT, the music he chose for his highlight reel...Tobe Nwigwe
  10. I’ve seen his name pop up a lot on the A&M message boards as a possible backup plan to their two top choices
  11. Not in the least. These camps are a common occurrence now. And to be honest, For as well as we are recruiting right now, Oregon(who finished with the 7th ranked class last year)probably isn’t all that interested in our guys.
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