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  1. Not a ton of production, would be interesting to hear more about his backstory.
  2. This is due to the NCAA changing ACT guidelines due to Corona.
  3. Clemson is the only school I know of who has that policy....and they just the number 4 player in the nation bc of it
  4. Just don’t see how it happens. You have to have every D1 school on the same schedule and I don’t see California, NY and other states saying “yes, were ready to have 80,000 people together in a stadium“ come September.
  5. Traylor is big time in East Texas. UTSA will do well out there
  6. It makes sense...why go out with the supermodel when there’s a chance she might leave you in the end.
  7. They wouldn’t have to redshirt as they would be full qualifiers. And by your logic we shouldn’t sign any recruits since there’s a chance they could transfer after a year or two.
  8. The NCAA is making a change in what it takes for recruits to qualify for a D1 school due to corona. Anyone have any idea if he have any available ships? I’m sure there will be some good kids who were going to go Juco who are no available
  9. Big kid with a string arm downfield. Shows good mobility and drifts well in the pocket.
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