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  1. H-towngreen

    NEW OC Speculation MegaThread

    Soooo....new OC huh?
  2. H-towngreen

    Graham Harrell in talks with USC

    He would be out of a job after this next season. Helton is toast. If he does go would for sure be happy with Meachem.
  3. H-towngreen

    DRC: Report -- USC targeting Graham Harrell

    Would be a great opportunity if he wants to be looking for a new job again in a year....
  4. Great work Billy! The key to doing big things long term is to have back to back classes of what we just signed.
  5. H-towngreen

    DRC: Follow-up thoughts on signing day

    I didn’t get that at all
  6. H-towngreen

    Early Signing Day

    Do we know how many or who of our recruits is signing on early signing day?
  7. H-towngreen

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I’m all in on Baby Briles if he’s available. Sorry his dad is an ass but that’s not on him
  8. H-towngreen

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    He is not going to OU....let’s just stop that crazy talk right now.
  9. H-towngreen


    How did Boise get to where they are......just win baby
  10. H-towngreen

    Down goes the piggies

    Don’t like it. They’ll be ready next week
  11. H-towngreen

    DRC: UNT's depth chart out

    Only 4 senior on the 2 deep on offense
  12. H-towngreen

    Uniform talk?

    Love the all whites and the black and green combo
  13. H-towngreen

    Uniform talk?

    Helmet stickers????
  14. H-towngreen

    North Texas 2018 Review by Position: Quarterback

    With the new redshirt rule and also to keep Mason healthy, I’m sure we will see plenty of the youngsters
  15. H-towngreen

    Recruiting Ratings for Offensive Line

    What has our O-line ever done or shown to make anyone think they should’ve been 3*?