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  1. Not in the least. These camps are a common occurrence now. And to be honest, For as well as we are recruiting right now, Oregon(who finished with the 7th ranked class last year)probably isn’t all that interested in our guys.
  2. He would be out of a job after this next season. Helton is toast. If he does go would for sure be happy with Meachem.
  3. Would be a great opportunity if he wants to be looking for a new job again in a year....
  4. Great work Billy! The key to doing big things long term is to have back to back classes of what we just signed.
  5. Do we know how many or who of our recruits is signing on early signing day?
  6. I’m all in on Baby Briles if he’s available. Sorry his dad is an ass but that’s not on him
  7. He is not going to OU....let’s just stop that crazy talk right now.
  8. How did Boise get to where they are......just win baby
  9. Don’t like it. They’ll be ready next week
  10. Only 4 senior on the 2 deep on offense
  11. Love the all whites and the black and green combo
  12. With the new redshirt rule and also to keep Mason healthy, I’m sure we will see plenty of the youngsters
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