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    He definitely is the best I've experienced Had a funny run in with him at a Denton Chamber of Commerce function. I have talked to the Prez on a number of occasions but this one time, I was standing in the bar area (DUH) he was making his way through the room meeting and greeting people and then he came up to me and said "Hi Jeff" and I was completely blown away. I thought to myself, a man of his caliber and knowing so many people, he remembered my name. I was blown away! After our conversation ended, he continued working the room and then I looked down and realized that I had a name tag on....................
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    I remember when I took a tour of UNT my senior year of high school. We were walking around campus and we actually happened to run into him while on the tour. He asked us all what we wanted to major in and do with our lives. He told us we’ll be successful here and Go Mean Green. That + the great campus atmosphere (plus only living 2 hours away from family) made me decide UNT is the right place for me. Now I’m entering my senior year of college, and he actually follows me on twitter haha.
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    If your get near him he's gonna say "Hi" and "gomeangreen". Potentially the best hire by this university in my lifetime!
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    Nice to see a lineman make a preseason watchlist.
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    Got me PUMPED for the big game in SEC country fast forward to 6 minute mark if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing.
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    I don't think we let him go too soon. I think we let him go at the perfect time. I am not sure he would have ever grown and got better being where he was. I think it took all these things to better him. And, I am still not certain he would be good at the head position.
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    I think he's the coolest president in the country.
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    Would be cool if it weren't Kuehne. Not because the money would be worth more or less, but because it'd be a sign of getting a broader distribution of big-time donors, which would be long-term beneficial for UNT. That is not to say that UNT shouldn't take everything that Mr Kuehne is willing to give and be extremely thankful about it.
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    I also wonder what would have happened if he actually had an AD that was like we have now??
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    Like our coaches he is very approachable and bleeds green!
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    I wonder if our recent success helps him. UNT is an emerging name in the G5 schools. Now it seems a little more "in" to mention UNT on his resume. They mention it quite a bit in that article.
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    I don’t normally play the “what if” game but, boy howdy, I wonder how things would have transpired in Denton if we afforded him the resources he deserved.
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    That made me think. Could these hats ever become a thing at UNT? Maybe if the brown parts were green, but I digress.
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    Yeah, UTSA will be more prepared for dealing with losing. That will be really helpful for them this season.
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    I was a DD fan then. He could coach then and he can coach now. The AD and all the short sighted leadership at the University at that time are just as responsible for the Dickey's failed last season and the miserable seasons that followed. Happy for him wish it would it have worked out for him here. It will be particularly disappointing if he has a part in Texas A&M winning the SEC Championship cause that is the Texas region football fandom I dislike the most.
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    DD seems to have conquered his personal demons and became an excellent assistant coach. I do think that he ruined his own career at NT and he should have been fired.
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    DRC: UNT want to compete for championships. It's looking more and more like C-USA's Florida schools will be a key obstacle in the East https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/florida-schools-rise-changes-dynamic-in-c-usa/article_a2e6d41e-d457-5b4a-b5da-bb320b2614be.html
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    This is great news. I really believe while well deserved these inclusions also have a lot to do with a more proactive athletic department
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    Don’t they know his players wore black once?
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    that sorta looks like @emmitt01... Yes, it needs to be green, and the eyebrows need to be bushier (on the eagle, not on @emmitt01)
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    Alright who is starting the gofundme to give our entire student section these hates for the SMU game? I'll donate $100, how many hats does that get us?
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    I hate Lane Kiffin... Tom Herman is a close second.
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    DRC: MTSU Stockstill father-son duo prepares for final season together https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/notebook-unt-wide-receiver-duo-make-biletnikoff-watch-list/article_1467c744-d6a7-5d64-ad1f-ce7c007c324f.html
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    I think as long as we hold onto Chancellor Roe and BOR members of the crop we've had in the last ten years, we may not have to worry about this as much. For as thorough Roe's credentials and expertise are in managing STEM-minded organizations, funding, et al, she is also very well-acquainted with the value of sports to universities. Her son is a Redshirt-JR DT at Virginia Tech, if you recall.
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    I agree. The softball game against Oklahoma was sold out but was cancelled due to bad weather. I think softball is the most popular or is rapidly becoming the most popular women’s sport.
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    I said conditions weren’t ideal not that it was the only reason these schools don’t have baseball. I see your a sensitive person so I’ll leave it be.
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    It's all about the money. I have always said that this program would go nowhere until it found more donors and more season ticket buyers. They have done both to some extent and have increased the student fee. This extra money is proving transformational.
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    Lets just hope we get to here the lady sing when the game is over. Sorry I just think this is the funniest video ever.
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    DO NOT go to "Pigtails", their adult entertainment bar...it gets too rowdy for UNT fans after a game.
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    EDIT: Ill try and update this original post as our conference mates keep uploading. News has been slow for games this season, it feels like. UTSA announced their conference schedule though so we have at least one date. 8.15 Stella Azzura Roma (W 94-51) 8.17 Italian All-Stars (W 83-59) 8.19 Venice Gold ( W 102-47) 11.6 Angelo State 11.9 Rainbow Classic vs Humboldt State 11.11 (11.10 in Hawaii)!Rainbow Classic vs Portland 11.11 Rainbow Classic vs Hawaii 11.14 Texas A&M Commerce 11.17 Maryland Eastern Shore 11.20 Maine 11.24 Saint Peter’s 11.27 @ Oklahoma 12.5 @ Indiana State 12.8 Texas-Arlington 12.18 @ New Mexico 12.20 Arkansas Pine-Bluff 12.29 @ Rice 1.3 Louisiana Tech 1.5 Southern Miss 1.10 @ UTEP 1.12 @ UTSA 1.19 Rice 1.24 UAB 1.26 Middle Tennessee 1.31 @ ODU 2.2 @ Charlotte 2.7 Marshall 2.9 Western Kentucky 2.14 @ Florida Atlantic 2.16 @ Florida International 2.23 Pod Game 2.27 Pod Game 3.2 Pod Game 3.6 Pod Game 3.9 Pod Game
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    I secured my visiting section ticket yesterday and my AirBnB this morning. I'm officially way too excited for this weekend jaunt to potentially upend the Hogs. It's been four or five years since I was up in that part of the State, and then it was to officiate my best friends' wedding. Any particular bar or spots folks have their eye on to turn into Mean Green central? I'm thinking of JBGB's, Dickson Street in general, and then visiting Crystal Bridges art museum that Sunday on my way out.
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    NCAA projects only 10% of college baseball programs turn a profit, and that the number is closer to 5%. I don't know what kind of magic dust you have that would change that number,but I suspect like most of us we don't care what it cost as long as we don't have to pay for it.
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    Not really. Dickey came to UNT with a run-first philosophy different from his predecessor, and not very successful initially until he recruited the type of players that fit his system. At least since he was at Texas State with Franchione, he's been running a pass-happy spread offense, and I imagine he'll be running that until he retires. Unless the HC tells him otherwise.
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    Dickey was almost like Moore in that he learned to adapt to his talent, but Dickey hit it with 2 classes here to win in the Sunbelt. I doubt he will call the Aggie boosters mfer"s and after the success was trying to get out of here. The black jerseys was bush, but I wish him well.
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    Maybe, but he's done so much for basketball already and he's got a grandson coming on board the football team next year so I'd think that his next big donation would probably be to football.
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    Those are bad examples as they all play up north where the weather isn’t exactly ideal for baseball. Excluding Colorado because no one cares about baseball in Colorado, but the rest of those programs I would say is a big reason why they don’t play baseball. SMU discontinued baseball in 1980, they couldn’t afford to pay for a baseball program while also paying the salaries of it’s football players.
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    I think baseball says, "big time." Without looking, I would guess that every P5 program plays baseball. Further, the only DFW schools I can think of are that play baseball are TCU, UTA, and Dallas Baptist. Baseball would give us another opportunity to be mentioned on local TV sports. I would hope that NT fans would come out especially if the stands were covered to give us a chance against the spring sun. Advertising would help offset expenses. I don't know if that would come close to covering the cost. And, if nothing else, it would provide something else to talk about from March to September besides helmet stickers, uniform talk and coaching changes.
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    I can feel your passion for UNT football recruiting. It’s actually refreshing reading articles by someone based on interest; instead of it being their job. Thanks for being a fan first.

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