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    He definitely is the best I've experienced Had a funny run in with him at a Denton Chamber of Commerce function. I have talked to the Prez on a number of occasions but this one time, I was standing in the bar area (DUH) he was making his way through the room meeting and greeting people and then he came up to me and said "Hi Jeff" and I was completely blown away. I thought to myself, a man of his caliber and knowing so many people, he remembered my name. I was blown away! After our conversation ended, he continued working the room and then I looked down and realized that I had a name tag on....................
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    I remember when I took a tour of UNT my senior year of high school. We were walking around campus and we actually happened to run into him while on the tour. He asked us all what we wanted to major in and do with our lives. He told us we’ll be successful here and Go Mean Green. That + the great campus atmosphere (plus only living 2 hours away from family) made me decide UNT is the right place for me. Now I’m entering my senior year of college, and he actually follows me on twitter haha.
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    If your get near him he's gonna say "Hi" and "gomeangreen". Potentially the best hire by this university in my lifetime!
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    Nice to see a lineman make a preseason watchlist.
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    Got me PUMPED for the big game in SEC country fast forward to 6 minute mark if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing.
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    I don't think we let him go too soon. I think we let him go at the perfect time. I am not sure he would have ever grown and got better being where he was. I think it took all these things to better him. And, I am still not certain he would be good at the head position.
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    I think he's the coolest president in the country.
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    I also wonder what would have happened if he actually had an AD that was like we have now??
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    Like our coaches he is very approachable and bleeds green!
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    I wonder if our recent success helps him. UNT is an emerging name in the G5 schools. Now it seems a little more "in" to mention UNT on his resume. They mention it quite a bit in that article.
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    I was a DD fan then. He could coach then and he can coach now. The AD and all the short sighted leadership at the University at that time are just as responsible for the Dickey's failed last season and the miserable seasons that followed. Happy for him wish it would it have worked out for him here. It will be particularly disappointing if he has a part in Texas A&M winning the SEC Championship cause that is the Texas region football fandom I dislike the most.
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    DD seems to have conquered his personal demons and became an excellent assistant coach. I do think that he ruined his own career at NT and he should have been fired.
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    DRC: UNT want to compete for championships. It's looking more and more like C-USA's Florida schools will be a key obstacle in the East https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/florida-schools-rise-changes-dynamic-in-c-usa/article_a2e6d41e-d457-5b4a-b5da-bb320b2614be.html
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    This is great news. I really believe while well deserved these inclusions also have a lot to do with a more proactive athletic department
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    Don’t they know his players wore black once?
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    that sorta looks like @emmitt01... Yes, it needs to be green, and the eyebrows need to be bushier (on the eagle, not on @emmitt01)
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    Alright who is starting the gofundme to give our entire student section these hates for the SMU game? I'll donate $100, how many hats does that get us?
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    If he had dumped Ramon Flanigan as OC it would have helped.
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    Taking a look at CUSA Tourney attendance, according to the reports, the average session attendance did slightly increase over 2017 (90 per session) but overall attendance dropped significantly (24.1k in '17 vs 16.4k in '18)... http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/m_basketball_RB/Reports/attend/2017.pdf Will be interesting to see how the momentum of the new scheduling format, possible NBA draft interest Chareless Bassey may bring, and (I trust) a North Texas squad poised to make a deep run impacts the second go around at The Star for the tournament. Would be curious to see if any game format or promotional changes are made this time as conference leadership certainly seems to be taking an aggressive approach to improving the attention our conference gets in basketball.
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    Do you think he has 09/12/2020 circled on his calendar, with a note ("MFers") below? Question, no info. 🙂
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    NCAA projects only 10% of college baseball programs turn a profit, and that the number is closer to 5%. I don't know what kind of magic dust you have that would change that number,but I suspect like most of us we don't care what it cost as long as we don't have to pay for it.
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    If we're going to go there, how do we forget Brian Waters--2009 NFL Man of the Year? And Craig Robertson has been outstanding in his charity work and always giving a shout-out to the Mean Green. Although, in fairness, Harry did say player representatives--several of these are guys who have represented UNT especially well after their college playing days were over.
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    In all likelihood, he never would have developed the offensive system he has now if he would have remained HC at UNT. I am glad for his success, and wish him all the best.
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    That is good to know. With all appreciation for Mr. Kuehne's contributions, of course.
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    Not really. Dickey came to UNT with a run-first philosophy different from his predecessor, and not very successful initially until he recruited the type of players that fit his system. At least since he was at Texas State with Franchione, he's been running a pass-happy spread offense, and I imagine he'll be running that until he retires. Unless the HC tells him otherwise.
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    Dickey was almost like Moore in that he learned to adapt to his talent, but Dickey hit it with 2 classes here to win in the Sunbelt. I doubt he will call the Aggie boosters mfer"s and after the success was trying to get out of here. The black jerseys was bush, but I wish him well.
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    Florida schools are eventually going to get it together. Looks like lots of battles with South Florida programs in the coming years. Keep building! Go Mean Green!!!!!
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    Hopefully we win out in the long run. Looks like we are building a program and FAU builds teams. If FAU hits on jucos and p5 runoffs they will win and if a few miss they won't with the possibility of sanctions. Hopefully FAU is undefeated going into our late Thursday night national TV game in apogee.
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    Fla schools in the east, North Texas in the west. Good pub for the conference.
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    The 15 most important assistant coaching hires of the 2018 season — No. 1: Darrell Dickey, Texas A&M http://footballscoop.com/news/15-important-assistant-coaching-hires-2018-season-no-1-darrell-dickey-texas/
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    This has to be a joke. You post an opinion story with conjecture and not stats as some validation of dehumanizing a baby and calling them an anchor? This article is about: 1) Wealthy enough foreigners who flying into the State (legally) on a travel visa and stay long enough in a club med style hotel until they give birth. That child then can be a US citizen -- which is a nice option to give your child. There is nothing illegal about this action, but it doesn't "feel" right, like it may be exploiting some loophole for person gain? I thought that was cheered by the libertarians and GOP? Either way, it is still the current law about being born on our land and citizenship... fairly fundamental.. It doesn't speak to coming and declaring asylum and requesting a trial (which is legal too). 2) Then it attempts to touch on the ethics of surrogacy and nationality. Which has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this topic. It is something only the well off can even consider. Also, it should talk about the ethics of using the bodies of the poor for the gain of the rich family life. But alas, I thought using manual labor to line the pockets was something the GOP loved. In the end - in neither of these situations - is the baby a dead object holding something down.
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    It would better if we could get a green eagle!
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    If you ask any media outlet, Kiffin is the only HC in CUSA. The rest of us are all coached on a rotating schedule of what players dad is available that week and can also bring the orange slices.
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    That might suggest Dickey was able to adjust his offensive scheme to the skills and abilities of his players, rather than insisting the players fit - like round pegs into square holes - into his preferred offense.
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    Maybe, but he's done so much for basketball already and he's got a grandson coming on board the football team next year so I'd think that his next big donation would probably be to football.
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    I’ve seen this mentioned a few times. I don’t remember this, or the MF’er quote. Could you help jog my memory? Side note: I ran into his mom in New Orleans...Didn’t know it was her, but I had been drinking and asked her if she was for UNT or Memphis? Her response was, “Well, my sons the coach for UNT so I’d better root for them.” We took a pic and went our separate ways. Sweet lady.
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    I don't know about "MOST IMPORTANT", but A&M's D coordinator had better be the "MOST SUCCESSFUL" assistant or they can forget anything resembling a championship in the SEC. Rick
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    DRC had a piece about how Florida Atlantic and FIU were both rising to the top of the conference. I did not want them initially but now it looks like they were good additions.
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    100% accurate statement. He's vital to the running game and a nice and proven security blanket that has the proven potential of always popping one down the seams from time to time. He is also one of my favorite on the team. I always root for this guy to touch the ball. When he does, good things happen.
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    "UNT lost to just to one C-USA school last season. FAU flexed its muscles while hammering the Mean Green 69-31 in the regular season and 41-17 in the C-USA title game." I'm getting so tired of reading this.
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    FAU is building a program, make no mistake. They are investing into their coaches and now more into their facilities. They are building their brand, just like we are building our brand. Just because Kiffin goes after guys that are a little more chancy than we do, doesn't mean he's not building a program. Remember, there are 85 scholarship players allowed. Do you think Kiffin has 85 past, present, or future felons or a bunch of class A misdemeanors? I doubt it. To boot, since he has arrived, has that program had any real negative off the field publicity outside of the recruits he chooses to bring in? I haven't heard a peep. And if there has been some, they've been quite peeps. Vito needs to go ahead and exit stage left. Dude drags this program down moreso than he brings positive publicity to it. I get it, he's a beat writer and not a paid athletic department employee and reporting the news is reporting the news. But he doesn't report the news. He brings in 6 month-1 year-and sometimes 2 or 3 year old stuff into his present articles as if he's twisting a knife purposefully. It's as if he does it with an almost egregious demeanor. If I didn't know any better, and I may not, it's as if he has some sort of vendetta with the program/sitting coach to the point of not being able to control his own narcissism in his writing.

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