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  1. AustinFromUNT

    DMN thinks SL is Tech’s #1 choice to replace KK

    A comment from Greg Tepper (Managing editor of DCTF) on Texas Tech going after Seth Littrell.
  2. AustinFromUNT

    A Picture of the Endzone

    Here’s what the new endzone looks like. The colors definitely contrast lol
  3. From just under $1M to $1.4M is a nice raise. That’s why we need to keep up the fundraising, so that we can afford another jump in the next season or 2 to fend some schools off.
  4. AustinFromUNT

    Need Arkansas Game Tickets

    I'll be sitting in the lower stadium level. Section 123, Row 48.
  5. I think there are only 2 situations where Reffett gets the boot after this season. 1) we give up more than 30 PPG 2) we lose 6 or more games.
  6. AustinFromUNT

    UNT Faculty Staff VIP Experience

    This isn’t always the case. I’m a senior now in the biology department and have had several professors who say a lot of good things about UNT. The Biology Department Chair (Dr. Art Goven III) talked about how well our basketball team was doing and encouraged people to go to the CBI games while I was taking his Immunology class. My genetics professor (a graduate of Harvard & John’s Hopkins) told us that he preferred it here over those schools basically because we’re less entitled. My Microbiology professor (Dr. Hughes) attends football games & basketball games. I’ve had GAs/GTs tell us to go to football games “because we aren’t bad anymore”. The perception is changing, but with any change, it takes time.
  7. AustinFromUNT

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    The roster format has been updated. It now shows the players in # order, includes a picture of them, & just looks cleaner over the old format. Check it out
  8. AustinFromUNT

    Uniform talk?

    For those who may not know, the design is from Fortnite. Fortnite is an EXTREMELY popular game that most people in my age group (18-31) play. Even younger & older people play it. Great design & the uniforms look lit as well.
  9. Decides to stay in El Paso & attend UTEP.
  10. AustinFromUNT

    Mason Fine Can Sling It

    Nice to see Mason getting some love from a site with 70k followers.
  11. Nice to see a lineman make a preseason watchlist.
  12. AustinFromUNT

    Do We Have The Coolest Prez In C-USA Or What?

    I remember when I took a tour of UNT my senior year of high school. We were walking around campus and we actually happened to run into him while on the tour. He asked us all what we wanted to major in and do with our lives. He told us we’ll be successful here and Go Mean Green. That + the great campus atmosphere (plus only living 2 hours away from family) made me decide UNT is the right place for me. Now I’m entering my senior year of college, and he actually follows me on twitter haha.
  13. AustinFromUNT

    Thank You, Mysterious Donor

    I saw this on my twitter timeline and figured I would share it here. Nice to see 6-figure commitments. #GMG #NewDenton