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  1. AustinFromUNT

    Rice Game Attendance

    Does anyone know what announced attendance was?
  2. AustinFromUNT

    Rice Game Attendance

    I’m gonna say announced is 26,862. Butts in seats will be around 22k
  3. AustinFromUNT

    Adopted Player Results So Far

    Here's a link to the original thread and the players that were adopted: We’re now 5 games into the season, so let’s hear how everyone’s adopted player is doing so far. My man Bryce English is having a good bounce back year so far after missing a couple of seasons. He has 4 solo tackles with 8 assisted for a total of 12 tackles. He has a TFL for 5 yards and a half sack for 5 yards. Even has a QB Hurry. Not bad for a backup NT after a couple of seasons out of the game.
  4. AustinFromUNT

    ‘20 WR Daniel Jackson - Cibolo Steele Class of 2020. He has offers from: UNT, Bowling Green, & Incarnate Word. 3* .8216
  5. AustinFromUNT

    It feels different now

    This is my first time checking the forum since the game. I still have a terrible taste in my mouth. That’s the saddest I’ve ever felt after a UNT game. Portland State was a disaster but we were garbage and expected to lose. I still love this team and will still be at all of the home games, it’s just hard to shake this ****** feeling after losing our chance at the division (yeah UAB COULD beat LA Tech but UAB also got blown out by 2nd year FBS team Coastal Carolina). I don’t mean to be a bummer, but this is honestly the worst I’ve ever felt after a UNT game.
  6. AustinFromUNT

    Barbershop Podcast This Week?

    Will there be a barbershop podcast this week? I know there wasn’t one last week but I’m curious if there will be one this week. @Harry
  7. AustinFromUNT

    La Tech Previews & Predictions

    We are a covering machine. We’ve covered the spread in all 4 games this season.
  8. AustinFromUNT

    S&P+ Ratings After Week 4

    Here is Bill Connelly's S&P+ Ratings for C-USA teams after 4 weeks 42) UNT 69) FAU (NICE!) 71) Southern Miss 72) Marshall 78) LA Tech 81) UAB 100) FIU 104) WKU 106) ODU 115) MTSU 124) Charlotte 125) UTSA 127) Rice 130) UTEP Average West Ranking: 93.4 Average East Ranking: 98.6 It appears that the top of the west is better than the top of the east, but the bottom of the east isn't as bad as the bottom of the west. G5 Top 10 17) UCF - AAC 20) App State - Sunbelt 21) Memphis - AAC 22) Boise State - MWC 38) Fresno State - MWC 39) Houston - AAC 42) North Texas - C-USA 43) Utah State - MWC 47) USF - AAC 53) Buffalo - MAC 4 AAC Teams 3 MWC Teams 1 C-USA Team 1 MAC Team 1 Sunbelt Team
  9. 80% chance of thunderstorms. I’m very concerned about how the rain will hurt our passing game. We had a lot of drops against Incarnate Word when it was sprinkling.
  10. AustinFromUNT

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???
  11. AustinFromUNT

    DRC: Long journey paying off for UNT LB Jamie King

    I met Jamie King’s dad at one of the scrimmages before the season started. Really cool guy and he talked about how hard Jamie has worked and the physical transformation he underwent this offseason.
  12. AustinFromUNT

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT wins this one 31-21.
  13. AustinFromUNT

    S&P+ Win Likelihoods

    S&P+ is the deepest diving metric in CFB and was formulated by Bill Connelly at SBNation who is very well respected among all college football observers. Here is the likelihood of each win total in the regular season for us: 2-10: 0.0% 3-9: 0.0% 4-8: 0.0% 5-7: 0.0% 6-6: 0.5% 7-5: 3.3% 8-4: 11.8% 9-3: 25.4% 10-2: 32.0% 11-1: 21.4% 12-0: 5.7% If you had told me 3 years ago we were more likely to go undefeated than 7-5 I would have laughed and laughed and laughed.
  14. We have several players and several team stats that are currently in the top 25 in FBS. INDIVIDUAL TOP 25 STATS: Passing Yards Per Game: Mason Fine #1 Passing Yards: Mason Fine #3 Field Goals: Cole Hedlund #1 Touchdowns: Deandre Torrey #10 PATs: Cole Hedlund #14 Receiving Yards: Rico Bussey Jr. #15 Sacks: EJ Ejiya #17 Punt Return Yards: Jaelon Darden #17 Interceptions: Kemon Hall #20 TEAM TOP 25 STATS: Passing Yards: #3 First Downs: #3 Defensive Efficiency: #6 3rd Down Conversions: #9 Interceptions: #15 Total Offense: #17 Rushing Defense: #17 Kickoff Returns: #23 Total Defense: #23