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  1. Also our SOS improved when New Mexico blew out #6 Nevada. That probably gave us 1-2 spots and the Southern Miss won gave us the other 1-2 spots.
  2. Did anyone happen to catch the announced attendance?
  3. The real story here is that they are paying him $4M/year. The salary is more impressive to me than the name. $4M/year is an insane amount of money for a G5. Next highest paid G5 coach is Mike Norvell at Memphis making $2.6M/year. We need a sugar daddy donor like UH & Memphis have lol.
  4. 40-29 Rice lead. This seems less than ideal.
  5. Good thing about the NCAA’s NET rating is that a 50 point win = an 11 point win as far as margin of victory goes. Anything 10 or above in MoV only counts as 10 points.
  6. OL Chris Cassidy named to the APSE 5A All-State first team. Good sign for the future of our OL.
  7. That tweet makes me think he is blueshirting. Was curious if they would have him sign in Johnson’s place or reserve the spot for a surprise
  8. Things I’m looking for today: 1) Will Damon Ward Jr. sign or will he BS. 2) Will we have an early signing day surprise. 3) What position Adaway is labeled as on his signing day card. 4) Will everyone sign or will we some (a) decommit(s)
  9. Hey, current student here! Most of us don’t sit in the student section. We sit wherever we can get the closest to the court. In fact, for pretty much every home game this year and last, my group of me & 3 other students sit right behind the opponent’s bench so that we can heckle them.
  10. I totally would do it if I could afford it right now. Broke college student etc, etc.
  11. I would take Hugh Freeze. I want to win games! Just keep him on a short leash until he proves he doesn’t need to be watched as closely.
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