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  1. SAGreenFan

    Uniform talk?

    I need an adult! I NEED AN ADULT!
  2. Dawgxas has a hard on for hating anything related to NT. He takes a shot on nearly all of his posts.
  3. The problem is that there's a huge gap between the the budgets of the top schools in the AAC and the top schools in CUSA. That is always going to be a factor. Can we grow? Yes, but not with schools we're associated with. We need to grow along with the UH's and Cincinnati's of the world, not USM an Charlotte.
  4. If you ask any media outlet, Kiffin is the only HC in CUSA. The rest of us are all coached on a rotating schedule of what players dad is available that week and can also bring the orange slices.
  5. I hate Lane Kiffin... Tom Herman is a close second.
  6. SAGreenFan

    Kiffin gets 10-year, $9.5 million dollar contract

    Does that mean 9.5 mil over 10 years? So plus incentives, doesn't that make his pay on par with SL?
  7. SAGreenFan

    New Turf at Apogee Stadium

    Are the endzones going to be blank? I could could swear I read they'd be Kelly green with North Texas in on and Mean Green in the other.
  8. SAGreenFan

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    Incarnate Word won't be competitive, despite it being a hugely wealthy Catholic school, their AD is gagging for money for D1 sports. Liberty worries me. ODU plays them at home before we play them in Lynchburg. I'm waiting to see what happens with the monarchs before I write off the fighting Falwells.
  9. SAGreenFan

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    Rick wins Cinco de Mayo.
  10. SAGreenFan

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    I hate when people call it San Antone... however if it grates on my nerves, it'll grate on their's so... carry on. Best moment of the 2017 season. I litteraly fell down when I saw that play I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The beer kinda helped. Scared my dog. Feliz Cinco de Mayo yall!
  11. SAGreenFan

    Interested in UNT thoughts on this realignment

    Gaining traction with who? The east division schools that constantly bitch and moan about being in a conference with Texas schools? There's a new post up every other day on the CUSAbbs board that's just page after page of fans of east schools coming up with their perfect conference scenarios. Mostly from ODU, Muts and, So. Miss.
  12. It was designed to be a Cable Stay bridge, and they installed the entire length of the bridge with no supports??? The CUSAbbs board has a lot more info than I do.
  13. SAGreenFan

    Place your bets

    Voting ended at 5pm. No one ever said results would be revealed at the time. I think it may be tomorrow morning before we know.