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  1. MrStrange18

    2019 Season Tix Renewal

    Seems like a mess. Whats new... I just tried again this morning and still not working. You would think they would want to make this as easy as possible for their season ticket holders
  2. MrStrange18

    2019 Season Tix Renewal

    I thought we were waiting on an email or something from the Athletic dept
  3. MrStrange18

    DRC: The NFL scouting combine list is out

    Also, I would like to know the number of combine invitees that get/dont get drafted vs non-invitees. For guys like EJ... maybe he doesnt need the combine
  4. MrStrange18

    #OLDDENTON Is Alive And Well!

    Yeah... I am with you here. Could the teaser on the front page have been better, sure. But I am not sure what the goal is here.
  5. MrStrange18


    I think there is opportunity here. He did some cool stuff, but it was all starting to look the same and was not on level with some other G5 and nowhere near the quality of even what some local P5 schools put out. I hope we will be say "Brett who?" before too long.
  6. You dont have to explain yourself to him! haha Its the offseason. Thats what this board is for!
  7. MrStrange18

    New Mexico Bowl Shirts

    Their spirit wear is pretty top notch... I would say it competes with the B&N on campus. The rest of the place looks pretty sad though. I always give it a look when I am in Denton looking for new fan gear. My 3 stops are: -Voertmans -Campus bookstore -Academy Are there other places I should look?
  8. MrStrange18

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    I can see that... Yes, you are correct, it will be a big IF we can position ourselves successfully can that happen. I think we are a long way from being the next UCF...
  9. MrStrange18

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Ok, then what do you think is most likely to happen?
  10. MrStrange18

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Ok, gentlemen. Considering a Sun Belt/CUSA realignment would be the most likely thing to happen for us as it stands today... What would you rather see instead?
  11. MrStrange18

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Yes, I would love to see a conference with these teams together: UNT UTEP UTSA TXST ArkSt ULL ULM La Tech Rice Who else could we add to round this out to a 10-12 team conference? I dont think anyone from the AAC would be on the table... However, if you had a regional conference like this, there would be more butts in seats and more interest within the conference. Would be a nationally recognized powerhouse conference? No. It would be fun to watch though!