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  1. MrStrange18

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    So who do we need to talk to about these??
  2. MrStrange18

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    Saw these TCU shoes on insta. My buddy just bought some UT Nikes. With football just weeks away... would you buy UNT Nikes if they were available?
  3. MrStrange18

    History of North Texas Players

    So is 83 the last time we had someone drafted?
  4. MrStrange18

    Jeffery Wilson and the 49ers

    I was really hoping he got some carries... He looks like a pro out there though! If he does get cut, I hope he gets picked up somewhere.
  5. MrStrange18

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    FROM WHAT I HEARD.... they are putting screens on every seat like the little ziosks at Chilis. Its gonna be great!
  6. Here is some of Brett's content he has created. Some really cool stuff!
  7. MrStrange18

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    Also, I really hope they fix the sound in the stadium. Because if you sit down there , it will be SO LOUD. We have been sitting in the endzone to get as far away from those speakers as we can
  8. MrStrange18

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

  9. MrStrange18

    UNT Swag Question

    Sorry. I was just making a suggestion.
  10. MrStrange18

    UNT Swag Question

    Try this one out....
  11. MrStrange18

    Uniform talk?

    The only thing I would like to see would be the feathers that run down the black pants, be on the white and green pants too. Other than that... I hope we keep these combos for a few years.
  12. MrStrange18

    Planning Mean Green Shenanigans in Fayetteville

    It would better if we could get a green eagle!
  13. MrStrange18

    Dickey to A & M

    I wonder if our recent success helps him. UNT is an emerging name in the G5 schools. Now it seems a little more "in" to mention UNT on his resume. They mention it quite a bit in that article.
  14. MrStrange18

    Jr. Mean Green Club

    So, just signed up my kiddo for the kids club. Just a heads up. There is an additional $3 fee. It gives no explanation as to what the fee is for. Was a little bummed it didnt at least explain what the fee was.
  15. All over the place... shows people dont really know who we are. Guess we will just have to show them this year!