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  1. YES! If we can get some nice Nike replicas... So in! I like our current look and hope it sticks around for a while.
  2. "A season ago, North Texas struggled to put away games. All three regular season losses came after blowing double-digit leads, and the inability to get conversions on 3rd-and-short didn’t help. Reeder wants to rebuild the short-yardage game from scratch." THIS! This is the thing I look forward to seeing turned around!
  3. Not to be a Debbie Downer here... but I still have a bad taste in my mouth from our bowl game. USU was a good school and was motivated to win... but it seemed like we couldnt hold a candle to them. Yes, I am well aware that Fine went down. I am nervous about UH and Cal. I just think there is a big drop from AAC and PAC12 talent to CUSA. If we can beat SMU in Dallas, I will feel better. Also, I want to see us start playing complete games and not just the first half of games... I think we still have a shot at the CUSA title, but I am nervously optimistic. Let the down votes begin...
  4. I would imagine they attach the garage sale to the season ticket pick up event. I am sure they dont want to lug all that stuff to an event
  5. Sorry... I guess I should have been more specific. I don't know what he did either... but what I am saying is we arent owed anything in regards to knowing. Would I like to know... sure, but am I mad they arent telling us? Nah. He's a kid. He did something wrong that got him suspended. Also, I think people would react just fine if a 20 yr old welder got fired for "some unknown reason." In fact, I would love to see the message boards that talk about welders.
  6. Lets remember that these players are still kids for the most part... cut them a little slack
  7. I really do love conference realignment talk... (really, no sarcasm... I love it) Lets be real... unless we win 4 of the next 6 CUSA titles, we will be living in SBCUSA world for quite some time. Once all the conference realignments start back up, I would love to see the better schools from SBC and CUSA come together for a conference that could start to rival AAC. I just hope we will be in those conversations!
  8. Yes, bc I am sure before Bodie got here, our tight ends just ran water out to players. So glad they are working on catching the ball now!
  9. This may open up a whole other can of worms here... but I would argue that the current version of the Sun Belt is stronger than CUSA. I do like playing more local schools in our current conference, but I think Troy could beat any team in our conference easily.
  10. The more I have sat on this today, the more frustrated I have gotten... We get what, $400k from TV contracts, and they will be getting millions? I know a lot of those schools are way ahead of us... but some are not. That fact alone makes me the most angry. I hope Wren jumps at the first chance we get at a stronger conference, whatever it may be... bc this is tough.
  11. Yes... a lot of our facilities are seriously lacking. I would rather see those be brought up to snuff before adding another money drain. Like i would really like to have a football locker room that rivaled at least FAU Also, just asking the question... would you rather see a new basketball/volleyball arena before we got a baseball stadium.
  12. Yes... he deserves all the credit for those players.
  13. I am excited about these new assistants. Yeah, I will miss having the brand of Graham Harrell around... but I look forward to seeing something new. We were a bad second half team and someone from the outside can see that. I think Bodie will adjust.
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