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  1. Its going up quick! Will be great to see the guys practicing inside of that this year!
  2. I think the days of assuming successful college coaches go to the NFL are gone. Why would you go to the NFL when college jobs pay well, you have complete control, and are worshipped all over town (if your successful). If I was Lincoln, I wouldn't be going anywhere
  3. Got the email... they are in presale. Will be available in August
  4. This is not a drill! I just ordered mine!
  5. Honestly... this is one of the things that has always seemed like a hurdle for us. Apparel is a big deal and not even having a decent Nike replica jersey for purchase is tough. So, I am saying... I hope this is the year that we look like a big boy and have consistent apparel and jerseys for purchase the whole season. GMG!
  6. Yes... isnt it what we wore for Arkansas as well?
  7. Looks like we are going icy whites for ACU
  8. Aaaaanyway.... Lets hope Mason has a injury free season and puts up huge numbers. How awesome would it be for him to at least make the finalists headed to NY
  9. I don't think that is the issue here. You are right. It is a day to remember all of those who lost their lives 75 years ago on that beach. However, I don't know this is the place to be telling people no, they can't get excited about Fine for Heisman or the launch of this website bc if falls on the same day as D Day. Nothing but love for my fellow Mean Green here... just hoped you would understand the reactions you are getting are not bc people don't respect themselves or anything else. GMG
  10. It has Fine listed as a Junior.... who do we let know they need to have the site updated before launching it?
  11. They are still doing the season ticket pick up event in August during a scrimmage like they did last year. Also, I think they are going to tack on the garage sale we missed during the spring game as well. So I think an event now and the one in August is great. They can't make everyone happy.
  12. Werent we a while back with our back to back national rushing titles?
  13. If Mason didnt go down in the bowl game and lead us to a W.... We might have had a shot. Sad to say... Texas being good is good for college football and our state. After their bowl win and his postgame remarks.... that earned him the cover. Bring on the downvotes and eyerolls haha
  14. As Wren said at the event "we just gotta keep winning"
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