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  1. MrStrange18

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    Man... predictions are all over the place
  2. MrStrange18

    New Mexico Bowl Mega Thread

    As long as SMU is in the AAC. We won't be in it. I think this game has a little more weight to it than what appears on the surface. If we are wanting to grow... heading west might be how we do it (See TCU going to MW). So, I imagine the Athletic Dept wants a good showing for a game out west
  3. MrStrange18

    New Mexico Bowl Mega Thread

    Yes... most of the bitterness came from a selfish place. Heres a question... Seeing how this game could go. Maybe a potential interview for the Mountain West. Would you want to hop in that conference if they take notice?
  4. MrStrange18

    New Mexico Bowl Mega Thread

    I have a confession... I was super bitter about getting this bowl game when it was first announced. Now, I am excited about it. Great opponent, great destination for our kids to experience. The potential for recognition with a win is through the roof. I am sad I will not be able to attend because of where it is, but I will be cheering loud from DFW! GO MEAN GREEN! THE SHOW GOES ON!
  5. MrStrange18

    Leaked Footage from Littrell's Players' Meeting

    I love this... I really do. Just would be nice to have a pic from at least this years team. We havent worn those jerseys in 3 years?
  6. MrStrange18

    FAU QB transferring

    Yeah, I also noticed there was no mention of the Lane Train (other than the generic coaching staff mention) in his tweet... Are the tides starting to turn at FAU?
  7. MrStrange18

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Really? I figured I’d see this tweet in here for sure. Wren is playing this well... Apparently I don’t know how to insert a tweet...
  8. So who was the conference MVP last year?
  9. MrStrange18

    Possible Bowl Uniforms?

    Now if we could just replicas of those jerseys for purchase!!!
  10. Head over to Twitter to watch Wren in damage control
  11. Still crickets from the AD... 2:30 is the big announcement?
  12. MrStrange18

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Waiting to see how Wren spins this to a “we had no choice/it’s great for the players” This is GARBAGE! If a CUSA (besides UAB or MTSU) team makes any bowl that our fans could have made it to, I’ll be pretty mad. Why is this such a tough thing for our AD to make happen in our favor???
  13. Yeah... you tell em!🙄
  14. MrStrange18

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    What do you mean what happened? Sounds like the AD is still ready to pony up if need be. My gut says they already have. Expect to hear about a new contract for Seth soon
  15. MrStrange18

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    My sources (me) say that we are working hard for the Independence Bowl. Count on it 🙂