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  1. MrStrange18

    Uniforms for UAB?

    Count you out? Count you out for what? These are the times we live in. When you aren't an established program who can stick with a classic look (UT, USC, Penn State) you have to do what you can to stay relevant and attractive. TBH, I like that people have said we change stuff up as much as Oregon. I like that people talk about our unis. It makes us stand out. Count me in for that.
  2. MrStrange18

    Uniforms for UAB?

    I might be wrong here... but I think they are trying to not wear the same uni combo more than once the whole season. I think they accomplished that last year.
  3. MrStrange18

    What's your end of season record prediction?

    I know Auburn isn’t what they’ve always been, but let’s not forget we just put a whippin on s team that only lost to them 24-13. I think this was a turn the corner game. I see us maybe losing one more game to either FAU or UAB. Maybe. FAU aren’t the world beaters they were last year. UAB is better. Either way... it’ll be fun! GO MEAN GREEN!
  4. MrStrange18

    Uniforms 10/13

    Agreed. These are the best. But do it for the kids. If we sold a replica jersey. I’d want to be if this one!
  5. MrStrange18

    Uniforms 10/13

    I like that we mix it up. Shows recruits that we have some $$ in our program that we can mix it up. If players and recruits dig it. So do I. GMG!
  6. MrStrange18

    DRC: The Monday edition of What We Learned

    Offensive line is one of the funniest things people complain about. The best 5 guys are out there. There is not a ton of scheming that can be done to fix anything or make them block better. Those are the guys we have. We just need to work to their strengths and away from what makes them bad. At this point in the year... they are what we got. Receivers on the other hand... the drops are going to kill us.
  7. MrStrange18

    Unis for Saturday

    Its a great look! GMG!
  8. MrStrange18

    I have something to say, so listen up!

  9. MrStrange18

    A Challenge To Every One Of You

    Challenge declined... This loss doesnt change how I feel about this team or my university. I have tons of NT stuff on my desk... ppl know how I feel. So, they know a loss doesnt kill my spirit. Fight on! Go MEAN GREEN! BEAT UTEP!
  10. If you look at it from the AD office's perspective, I can for sure see it more as a wings vs a tail... The fact that we are talking about this is hilarious btw
  11. After Saturday's game... I like the wing. It looks good filled up!
  12. MrStrange18


    It's interesting how the wing doesn't look so extreme and high up there when its full of people. Great crowd!
  13. MrStrange18

    the green brigade

    Also, I felt like La Tech's band was playing more than us.
  14. This is incredible! I am pumped that the athletic center expansion is a priority!
  15. MrStrange18

    Purchasing Jerseys

    Ask your buddy who it was. Lets get em!