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  1. Yeeeeeah... but lets see if it lasts.... he doesnt really pass the eye test.... Aune better be ready
  2. While the Murphy twins didnt light up the stat sheet... they did get a sack and solid pressure... I think think that is something that we need to factor into the win this weekend.
  3. Look... we gotta ride with one of these guys. I think Bean told himself that he saw the field again that he would make the most of it and he he did. I think he has earned more than one start. You have to let the kid stretch his legs for a couple games knowing that he is QB1. I think there are folks on here who want a classic pocket passer like Aune and look for reasons to say Bean doesnt "pass the eye test". Lets support him... after Saturday, hes earned it.
  4. I mean... at least set something up for us to pick them up at the game if they are worried about the cost of mailing something out.
  5. It helped me get through last weekend's game. 10/10 recommend
  6. Still havent made a decision at QB. Come on Seth
  7. Question for you and others... Is this season considered a "rebuilding year" or are we just getting a glimpse of who we really are with the team being 100% Littrell's team? I'll hang up and listen
  8. His resume as of recent all but ensures he is ours until we dont want him. If I was him, my heart would be 100% here, bc I doubt many others are calling right now to bring him to lead a bigger program if he apparently isnt the best recruiter and cant win big games.
  9. Youre right... i need to stop being an angry old man about this. If the kids are excited about it... and we win. Im all in!
  10. Im with you on this... they are cool and all, but we couldnt figure out a way to wear GREEN jerseys at home?
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