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  1. Wasp Gate continues... check out this week's Beyond the Green at the 3:06 mark... Look what is swarming around Seth! 😲
  2. Being from SE Texas... it was a good weekend for us too. Minus the Texans taking one on the chin. Also, my kiddo went 2-0 in her soccer games this weekend too! lol
  3. I believe it goes to tie breakers in conference before it goes to OOC records. If we win out and USM beats La Tech, we should be in good shape to win the west
  4. Unfortunately... I think we need to win a few more before we start thinking about tie-breaker scenarios
  5. At this point in the season... I would be thrilled to have 7 wins and a bowl appearance!
  6. These kids do... lets remember... these are kids, not the Dallas Cowboys
  7. Here is what I am hoping... So far this season we have shown one thing... We arent quite there yet to hang with the P5s and upper G5 schools... but we are able to beat up on lesser teams. Our conference doesnt look too strong this year. I think we will show that we can put it on teams in our conference. I am going to go with: UNT: 35 USM: 24
  8. those just happen to be emojis that have that color... so translation would be : The #MeanGreen will be rocking the green white green look under...
  9. Me too... I just feel this board has been pretty dead/down due to our record is all.
  10. For you to be excited about this team again?
  11. At this stage of the season... I sadly will be ok with 7-5 with hopes of a bowl win. Would love to send out Mason and the seniors with at least a bowl ring.
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