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  1. curious what his pay will be there as a safties coach vs what he was making here as a DC
  2. Well Lane won the conference and their bowl game convincingly... He earned it. If Seth does the same thing in 2020. He will have earned it and I will thank him for what hes done.
  3. I really HOPE that the reason we havent heard anything is bc they already know who they are getting and are letting them finish out what they need to do at their current school. Now that early signing is over... this needs to be priority number one to me. Want to make your on the fence fans jump off the wrong side... keep us in the dark on this and drag your feet.
  4. When did we hire Reeder last year? Just trying to curb my expectations if it wasnt until well into the Spring...
  5. I feel like we need to get transfers across the board... I am sure Seth is already thinking this. He needs to repair his brand and fast. I think that is one good thing about next year. He will have a lot to prove to potential future suitors. So, bringing in a lot of new blood... coaches and players would be a good move on his part.
  6. I know somebody who will be looking for a starting QB job next year... https://uhcougars.com/sports/football/roster/clayton-tune/5248
  7. I wont be able to attend a watch party and do not have NFL Network... Whats the best way to watch the game? Is there a streamer I can do a trial on that has NFL Network?
  8. Lets hope he can see the bigger picture and not get sucked into the idea of a big ACC school vs CUSA. For sure a good opportunity to show up here and make an impact right away... esp since it looks like Seth will be around for the next year or two.
  9. I just dont get the complaining about the grey and black... Yes our colors are green and white, but adding black and gray isnt too wild IMO. If kids like wearing it, im down. Nothing they have been wearing has been too crazy I will get off your yard now...
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