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  1. This one is tough for me... I WANT wins over Cal, SMU, and UH... however, I dont think we can sweep. Which one do I want most? Tough to say. We go 2-3 in those. One conference loss... Conference championship win... Bowl win... 12-2 finish... Mason and Seth ride off into the sunset...
  2. Yeah I thought the same... Real question here... Do some folks on this board just google "UNT Football" and see what articles spit out? Just wondering how someone stumbled across this...
  3. Here is the complete list: https://www.pff.com/news/college-pff-rankings-starting-quarterback-rankings-for-2019
  4. Would really be interested to see private schools and their numbers... I know the list is just public schools, but would love to see where Baylor and TCU compare on this list.
  5. I love the idea of the Alumni Pavilion, however... it is always jam packed. I know it is a reflection on our alumni as the size of the facility... but i usually skip it bc it doesnt seem worth attending.... Has that changed?
  6. Ok, a little sad as well it looks like the Big Scrappy is gone... Ill eat an extra Rudy's chop sammie in its memory. Wit the age of our kiddos, we haven't been able to pull the trigger on tailgaiting again. So, Apogee concessions are important to us. For me I am most excited about Fletchers. Kids love the Scrappy sundae from Beth Marie's... What is your fave at Apogee? I need recommendations!
  7. Yeah, if Wren plays his cards right and builds us up to a monster program... he can write his own ticket
  8. Love to see all the great things being added to campus! It doesnt feel like its been that long since I was a student there, but the campus looks WAY different now... we are not a commuter school anymore! GMG
  9. I am very strategically placed between Rudy's and Fletchers Corn Dogs... sitting pretty this season! GMG
  10. Bc you are using someone elses account?
  11. I appreciated that it was more kid friendly this year too. My little ones had a blast!
  12. As much as I wanted this to be ready for the start of fall practice... I am glad that this current team will get to use this facility at least some this season. They will really get to see what their hard work has produced
  13. Our first game is THIS MONTH! GO MEAN GREEN!
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