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  1. Yeah, we should also remember that's it's a few tens of thousands of radical Islamics out of hundreds of millions of decent members of that faith who you never hear about. A few criminal thousands out of tens of millions of urban minority youths who you never hear about. A couple (maybe) of radical Middle Easterners out out 3,500 desperate migrants. You get the idea.
  2. Saying that" McNulty wouldn't be the starter in 4 (or 5 years)" was ' critical' of the player? Jesus. If that's the worst thing you've found looking back through 9 years of my posting I must be a saint. You have way too much time to waste on the web.
  3. I doubt I'm the only poster on GMG who feels it's inappropriate to be negative towards individual players. As far as I can tell this kid is trying his very best. That's really all you can expect of an amateur athlete. Don't like the coaches or administrators? Fine, tear them new posterior portals, they get paid to take the heat. Leave the 19 year-old kids alone.
  4. Brammer is big, athletic, and has a great deal of 'try'. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt before we dump on him.
  5. I don't think you can say the California laws had no effect. The POS used a handgun instead of an AR15 & his limited magazine capacity apparently allowed some of the kids to escape. Other posters are right that gun control will never be all the solution - there are too many nuts out there & they will find a way to hurt people. Gun control can make it harder for them. I think some changes such as limiting magazine capacity & requiring back-ground checks for all purchases (and thus limiting private sales) are no-brainers. The real solution, in my opinion, is a change in culture leading us to value our children more than our guns. We don't seem to be going in that direction.
  6. I bet Mason Fine is thankful to have an athlete with as much potential as Brammer protecting his blind-side next season.
  7. Relative to Oklahoma the California gun laws are strict but in a real sense - not really. A legal sale to this guy would have had to have been through a licensed dealer & a background check would have been conducted. However, if he had no convictions for felonies the sale would have gone through. Twelve innocent people died because this jerk exercised his legal right to own a gun he didn't need. We need to get our priorities right.
  8. This shooting suggests that limiting magazine capacity would help.
  9. It would be really tough to monitor & enforce. The DNC funnels money to state groups who then contribute to O'Rourke. Sam Smith sends money t6 his brother George (who lives in Houston) who then gives that amount to Cruz.
  10. I'm glad to see the great participation. I wish it wasn't because we hate each other.
  11. Some of those contributions came from national political organizations such as the DNC, some from advocacy groups that agree with O-Rourke's agenda, and some from private individuals who support that agenda. Question - Did Cruz receive contributions from similar groups?
  12. Yeah, there's something we can count on. I think it boils down to whether we value our firearm rights more than we value our children.
  13. and again.....
  14. As you have suggested, the problem is complex. We have nearly 300 million people in this country & some of them are nuts. We also have incredible availability of guns. That's a dangerous mixture. We'll never get rid of all the nuts. That leaves doing what we can to reduce the availability of guns & to make the guns that are out there less deadly.