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  1. This clip from 2008 was on TV last night. It made me nostalgic.
  2. The "national press" is more about entertainment than reporting news. The Right watches Fox to hear what the Right wants to hear. The Left watches CNN to hear what the Left wants to hear. We should expect better from a college newspaper.
  3. That isn't something an ethical reporter says unless he has a significant amount of confirmation. Hopefully the Daily writer was confident in his sources.
  4. GTWT

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    Not really. It's difficult to objectively measure the superiority of Rice over UH but still we know that Rice is indeed superior. Perception is reality.
  5. GTWT

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    And yet most of us would agree that academics at Tulane is better than at Monroe & academics at Rice is better than at UH. The metrics might be suspect but the perception is real.
  6. GTWT

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    Tulsa, Tulane, Rice, Vandy, TCU, etc. bring good academics (remember this is college) and prestige. I wouldn't dump Tulsa for UTSA.
  7. Just out of idle curiosity, did the kid sign with UTSA?
  8. GTWT

    Question about 1988 UNT vs UT?

    It sure seemed like it. You saw lots of green walking around the tailgates & our section was full & loud.
  9. GTWT

    Dickey to A & M

    What's really boring is going to three high school games in three weeks to watch 6 teams all run some version of a spread offense. Dickey was successful long before he got to Memphis. He was successful at NT.
  10. GTWT

    Dickey to A & M

    I remember after a game in Waco fans were complaining about how many 'draws' UNT ran. That was silly, I was there, our fans thought (and many still think) that every run between the tackles is a draw. Fans don't like run-first offenses. That's okay but base criticisms on a little bit of knowledge of the game. I'm still convinced that many of the problems Dickey faced at UNT stemmed 1) from an AD who failed to support his coach and 2) from thin-skinned fans who thought their $100/year donations meant the coach should kiss their ass. Finally, some fans criticize the program for dominating a weak conference. Brothers & sisters if you're in a weak conference you're supposed to dominate it. UNT did. I also seem to remember wins against Baylor & Tech during the Dickey years.
  11. Given the current administration's attitude toward children, that's a rather ominous suggestion.
  12. GTWT

    Dickey to A & M

    It's been asked before by others - why would any UNT 'fan' want to denigrate our school's accomplishments? It's perverse.
  13. GTWT

    Dickey to A & M

    Not very successfully at first because he needed time to recruit players that could win in Div I? Remember UNT's last winning season before hiring Dickey had been 5 years before. No scheme wins without players. Since then Dickey has shown he can be successful running very different offenses. That's the mark of a good offensive coach.
  14. GTWT

    Dickey to A & M

    That might suggest Dickey was able to adjust his offensive scheme to the skills and abilities of his players, rather than insisting the players fit - like round pegs into square holes - into his preferred offense.