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  1. UTSA in NO on Dec 21 and NT in Armed Forces on Dec 22 is the best possible alignment, I think. It gives both of us enough time after the Championship game. Bahamas and New Mex could be filled with others that are already bowl eligible but not playing on Dec 2.
  2. I remember him playing in SB XXX against Dallas. I don't think he was the main RB though, that was probably Bam Morris at that time
  3. Still need Trieb in the DE rotation. Rausaw has moved inside and is now a 3-Technique DT
  4. PETA ? Is that People Eating Tasty Animals ?
  5. During 2020? Only a fool uses that year as justification for anything, pro or con. It looks like some are gonna try, though.
  6. The Brett Vito Trilogy: "UTSA is North Texas's biggest rival ever" "Derek Thompson was the best Mean Green QB ever" "Todd Dodge"
  7. It was immediately after the kickoff following the last TD run by Horton. The kick was a touchback through the end zone, fan went onto field, picked up the ball, and began simulating a return down the field. He was already being closed in on (not very quickly though) and decided to force his way through the two at the gate. He didn't make it.
  8. This. There is no reason to adhere to kickoff windows for streaming-only. Actual TV broadcasts, such as FS1, CBSSN, ESPN/2, even Stadium, sure, we all know they call the shot on kickoff time. But ANY game not picked up for broadcast should kickoff no earlier than 6:00 during Daylight Saving time, or 4:00 in November. That will help us get in a full day of tailgating, and allow the families that have kid football or soccer during the day to get to the game afterward.
  9. Ditto Ewers at Ohio St, took someone's money and ran off to Austin. Someday, some kid's gonna do that to the wrong booster.
  10. Ragsdale was very effective in the Wildcat, it looks like FAU wasn't prepared for it. I hope we continue to use it but and some other things, like using the QB/Flanker for a double-pass at least once to make the defense pay attention to him out there.
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