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    Watching the game last night I couldn’t help but think back to Littrell’s first three recruiting classes. We don’t have many Mccarney recruits left and a lot of the JUCOs we signed early on are gone. In year four we’re at the stage where we are leaning on the early high school signees to be the upperclassmen and leaders of the team. According to 247, the 2016 class was ranked 8th in CUSA, the 2017 class was ranked 11th, and the 2018 class was ranked 8th. And by my metrics based on offers, these classes were even a little below the last two Mccarney signed. The turnaround since then is well documented but those guys from the 2019 and 2020 class are years away from being the upperclassmen of our roster. What also hurts is that we only signed, by my count, 10 high school signees in that first class in 2016. It was always a peculiar decision to go so JUCO/transfer heavy right away in a rebuild. And while some of it definitely paid off early, it definitely would be nice to have another 5-10 seniors and redshirt juniors, especially at some of the positions where we are not looking great. At this point the roster is what it is. We are recruiting better at most positions, and that took time to turnaround our reputation. We have won the last two years without having great depth, and we’re going to have to do so this year as well. All this to say I don’t need to go into detail on where the team needs to improve, but based on recruiting results this team should be an average to slightly below average CUSA roster with a really good QB and that’s what we’ve looked like this year.
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    I wouldn’t confuse his nervous smile with pleasure. This may have been the first time for him to be interviewed like this. Probably a little surreal. He was just answering the questions given to him.
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    This game felt like #olddenton
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    For better or worse he is the best coach (by winning percentage) we have had since Hayden Fry left for Iowa 40 years ago. 40 years! Cool your jets and be grateful we aren’t just striving to be bowl eligible anymore. We are trying to hit 9 these days instead of 6. Although that loss sucks hard because of who the opponent was, we still have an entire conference slate coming that could be a totally different season from this start. And those of you saying Seth isn’t going anywhere because no P5 would want him forget that he was a staff disagreement from being the KSU head coach despite losing to Old Dominion and blowing several 21+ point leads. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
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    Seth’s gonna earn some experience stripes with this bunch. He has to pick their faces up off the ground except sig’s and get this team to compete. Meanwhile we have 2 brutal teams to lineup against this months and our always expected grinder with UTSA. Does it feel worse to lose like Washington did last night or get curb stomped? Not sure but this beat down last night was unexpected and yet I am ready to turn the page. On to the next cheer. GMG
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    Ready for the old guy rant? What is it that I do every year on signing day (now days)? I look over the list of QB's/WR's/RB's that everyone else is salivating over and ask the same question..........WHERE'S THE BEEF? It's really simple people, who is consistently getting pressured and who is consistently applying pressure in a game? Who got sacked five time last night and who got sacked only once? On both sides we are (and have for God knows how long) being dominated at the line of scrimmage. I started really worrying last week when Abilene Christian started doing their Old Dominion imitation. DON'T WE EVER SCOUT OURSELVES? I MEAN REALLY AND VERY CRITICALLY SCOUT OURSELVES? SMU ran the same long pass plays, and same long running plays to the exact same side of the defense that ACU did! Someone commented on another post that (hopefully) the team will get mad and take it out on UC? Really? Getting 31 points scored on them by ACU didn't make them mad? So much so that they would have/could have gone down to Dallas and taken it out on SMU? As the character "Hobart" said in "Silverado"......"It's a bad start boys"
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    And the corner from UCLA that was in Bussey’s jockstrap ALL NIGHT
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    This would be very surprising (miraculous even), considering UNT only has 3 games on the schedule before conference play starts. (Houston game is scheduled after the conference kickoff against UTSA.)
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    I’m a big Skladany fan, I miss him a lot.
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    If they are going to play two deep with straight up man underneath, you need to run shallow crossing routes. We ran zero of those. Yes, brothers this so true. second, both corners are too slow, look over your shoulder for god sake! A redshirt freshman with speed would be better than these guys. Stiggers is a beast, future looks bright for him!
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    SMU jammed our guys all night. Slow down their routes and give the DL time to wreak havoc around Mason and block his view. It freakin’ worked.
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    As Tre’s adoptive GMG parent, I’d like to congratulate him for being one of the few in green to show up ready to play yesterday. Glad he made the most of his opportunity. I for one welcome our new Mean Green running back overlord.
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    In this day of the transfer portal, I’m a huge advocate of adding pieces thru it.
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    When are we supposed to see Reeder's "hurry up?" It's almost as if they tried it in spring and fall practice and don't think our players can handle it...
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    Agree that Siggers deserves the benefit of the doubt. The young man was clearly the hardest working player on the UNT offense and had a breakout night. I am ok with Siggers smile, but nobody else better be smiling.
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    Biggest difference for SMU last night was their QB play. But some of us warned that would be the case.
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    My lord, they looked like they didn't know where to set-up in position, SMU was ready to snap the ball everyone on our defense is looking at the sidelines for directives... Can someone tell me why?
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    Overall the trend has been up and I'm having trouble picking a game for a peak. Looking at where we are from where we have been, I don't expect to win every game, but I do expect to be competitive against SMU (which I did not see). If we have a poor season - and I agree it is looking that way - the seat will get hot. We have budget and donors that cannot get complacent, but at 2 games into the season after an overall pretty good season, discussing the HC position now is premature. So far Reeder looks like a mistake, and Reffitt needs to get shit in order. I trust SL will make corrections so the DC position if need be, by the end of the season if this stuff keeps up.
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    Troll thread. What else did you expect?
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    Has Seth shared the mission of the year with the public? Maybe that hasn’t worked well for him.
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    About the only hope we have is that the Golden Bears will be drunk off this win and already be looking ahead to their trip into SEC country the next week. I didn't see the 2nd half (it was almost midnight on the west coast before intermission), but their defense was very, very good....and I am frightened to see what their gonna do to our offensive line. Mason may be injured by the end.
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    We all knew this was a pipe dream. But Mason has one thing SMU Swag will never have-class.
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    I agree. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we have the luxury of waiting to heat up halfway through the game. I don’t think this is on Mason but I do kinda expect more from our senior QB.
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    We were discussing the same thing in the stands. Mason’s head didn’t seem right, especially in the first half. I thought he looked better in the 2nd.
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    This team has a 5 win defense. All SMU had to do was play simple matchups in the secondary. They beat our DBs like drums. Our only hope was that the offense would elevate us to a 9-10 win team. Well folks, doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Reeder’s offense looks tepid and, I’m not sure how he did it, but he’s found a way to make our WRs look mediocre. I hate to say this, and it might not be accurate because of my vantage point in the stadium, but Mason looked hesitant and like he didn’t have any confidence. If that’s really the case, we’ve regressed significantly. After having to endure the SMU shitheads yesterday, I’m glad I decided not to book a flight to Cal.
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    This was a classic case of Premature Gloat. The coaches believed the hype that leaked down to the players. From the first series on..... they looked out of sorts. The mental preparation for game day is a continuing problem with SL and his team when playing big away games. Reality Check for SL and company. This team can do better.
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    The guy draped all over Rico was pretty damn fast himself.
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    There's still a lot of season left...but if this works out for SMU....Dykes will be starting a trend for G5s Transfers are going to continue to be more prevalent
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    To Billy's point--as long as the QB play stays high, I think the recruiting results of the last couple of years is going to start to pay off.
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    It seemed like the TV broadcast mentioned at least 5-6 more. I'm not sure, they loved the topic of how he was building his team from transfers though.
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    Ok that’s two. Any more? I’ll have to get on something better than my phone to list them out. Rick
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    I was more in shock that whenever our offense made a big play we didn't try to use tempo like they did. That pissed me off more. SL is an offensive coach with experienced players at all the skill position a senior QB touted to be in the running for major awards. I expected our defense to struggle this year and to win games by averaging near 40 points a game.
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    That team really sucks
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    Besides the running game, we had nothing and fell in a hole too early to climb back. Fine was just bad last night.
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    Again - better than average. Right now, I am concerned about UTSA. We have guys that are not doing the big and little things at their positions.
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    Good to see hard running from #15....
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    Unless CUSA team’s are gonna get a sudden influx of P5 athletes I don’t know what good film will do
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    You’re correct, they beat Houston by 14. And then beat that juggernaut Connecticut by 12. And then lost to Memphis and Tulsa to close out the season.
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    Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned with the offense not firing on all cylinders. But it’s clear we have literally no room for error. The defense will get punched in the mouth, allow 3 or 4 big scoring drives, and maaaaaybe the O will start moving the ball. It’s a recipe for a long disastrous season. Houston is going to absolutely destroy us if things don’t change.
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    This thread title disturbs me every time I see it.
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    Agree. Those two plays baffled me as well. Play calling was horrendous.
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    What's sad is that you're talking shit on another team's board on a Saturday night. Did your sugar daddy stand you up?
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    What I’d like to know is how many of the 17 transfers SMU brought in started or played last night? Seems to me if they got a majority of the snaps then they were the difference from last years team to this one,...negating any reason to ever heavily recruit high school kids again. I know of one without checking..Buechelle. Rick
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    This is dumb. I will take 9 win seasons over the crap I've watched the 15 years prior. We haven't given him an opportunity to correct the issue. Individual players are getting exploited. Gotta fix that problem.
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    Yes, NM Green, we do have to turn the page. First 3 & out & some calling to fire the coach? Still, 17 transfers? Is this the direction of FBS recruiting? Easy to predict Texas HS coaches will not be a fan of it. I just smell a dead fish with this unless Dykes is just one goat-ropin’ son of a gun recruiting genius over everyone else in the FBS (which he proved not to be at Cal-Berkeley). Cal-Berkeley? A Mean Green friend just pointed out that after their win over #14 ranked Washington that they will be a Top 25 ranked team this week. Then he said—a golden opportunity to be loaded for Bear.😳And Army? We should still be scheduling them if they’ll talk to us. •Just have a good team of referees who won’t be shy to send a player back to the locker room if they come back to Apogee. ✅ Last time North Texas beat a Top 25 (or Top 20 back then) it was a California school during a season when Fry’s team only won 2 games as I recall. (San Diego State Aztecs) Green Grenade aka the late Rick Spears told several of us after that upset at Fouts that the SDSU HFC kicked a water fountain off the wall over in the visitors dressing room & that he would also receive a bill for the damage.😮 GMG!
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    Shortest highlights on record.
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    What highlights? They need to burn the tape from this train wreck
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    SMU beat Houston last year. Not by a little. It pains me to say this, but they are better than average. We are looking at being 1-3 going into the Houston game unless this team finds itself.
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    That's what I thought last night. The rest of our schedule were given the blue prints on how to beat us from the very first game
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    With this offense and in a weak CUSA, if we do not win at least 6 games and win a bowl game (or at the least be very competitive) then I think Littrel should be gone.

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