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  1. I stand corrected and my sincere apologies to Golden Richards.
  2. Saw NTSU play Brigham Young in the Cotton Bowl in the seventies. Golden Richards played for BY, Dallas Cowboys before being charged for indecent exposure in Dallas. Oh, yes.....we lost.
  3. Agree 100!! Either make a commitment by withdrawing your name for consideration for current job openings and “honor” your word by winning Conference Championships and Bowl games at North Texas first or resign. You have become the biggest distraction facing our football program’s success. Without GH and the good fortune of landing Fine it’s very doubtful you would have had the two 9 win seasons. Show some integrity by publicly withdrawing your name for consideration for any job openings and publicly making a commitment to North Texas or resign. Enough!!!
  4. Yep, it’s your lack of comprehension skills.
  5. Now you’re waisting my time. Obviously you didn’t read my other post or you lack comprehension skills.
  6. Yeah, your right. Let’s give everyone a trophy and a safe space.
  7. You don’t make a commitment months in advance, only to withdraw it near the due date placing the other party in a potentially precarious position. If you aren’t 100% sure then you wait, you look for better offers first. It’s called integrity. With that being said and as others have already mentioned I think we are good at the QB position. Good luck to the kid.
  8. I believe that is a very realistic point. The thought crossed my mind as well.
  9. No! They need to learn to honor their commitments. It’s called INTEGRITY. If this kid wasn’t sure about UNT then he NEVER should have committed. Of course, can’t say that a certain head coach set a very good example.
  10. I don’t believe being a fine arts or music school has any bearing on our inability to recruit quality athletes. They could care less. The real problem is this: We have coaches that lack the ability to think BIG. To set the goal HIGH. We have people that lack vision to create dreams and then to creatively and effectively sell those dreams to the best athletes. We’re small because we think small.
  11. You know full well the refs would NEVER let North Texas walk off that court winners.
  12. What’s so disconcerting is trying to figure out if Littrell is actually Head Coaching material or would he be better off in a lesser position like OC. It’s like, how long before we know? How many more years? That’s what I find frustrating.
  13. Call it the June Jones curse. Or call it karma or call it the Pride comes before the fall. But look back and you will see that’s when this all started.
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