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  1. The difference this week in the team not quitting, believe it or not, was Littrell himself. He was a Head Coach tonight. He didn’t wonder off down the sideline far away from the team, totally disengaged. He stood there amongst them in battle. He showed emotion for the first time in a very long time. He was a leader tonight. Too bad he didn’t embrace the opportunity and blessings bestowed upon him 6 years ago. If so, we’d be a powerhouse not only in G-5 but also among many P-5. We’d be a major target in the conference realignment talk and Littrell would be a highly sought after Head Coach for a P-5 position. Why? Because he would have done it the old fashion way.....he would have earned it
  2. So, after checking out Apogee this past Saturday I would like to change my vote from Ford to Apogee. The sight lines are so much better at Apogee. The fans are right on top of the field as well. I choose Apogee.
  3. I explained a while back that money isn’t the issue. What we needed to have been doing is scouring all the head coaches at the FCS level. We should have had an in depth data sheet on everyone of them. We should have done such a thorough job that we knew them better than they knew themselves. Then we hire the best one, pay them $600,000 which would be an incredible pay raise for most. Than we renegotiate with Littrell paying him $500,000/yr until he is paid off leaving us about $700,000 to invest in the program.
  4. How many of you would choose the IPF over having a team ranked in the top 20 for the last three years, conference titles and bowl wins?
  6. Obviously neither did our Head Coach. He distanced himself from the team the entire night, walking the sideline in the opposite direction from where the team was. Totally disconnected.
  7. UAB was bigger, faster and better coached. And our coach just walked the sideline usually in the opposite direction of where the team was.
  8. $1,800,000 ➗12 games = $150,000. Yeah, get back to work?
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