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  1. Honestly, how could Baker fire Littrell? What was he going to do. Baker, “Hey Smatresk I need a couple million dollars” Smatresk, “go ask the investors” Baker, “but they like Littrell”
  2. ………and they always will be.
  3. Not if you do your due diligence.
  4. Another write up referred to us as the Green Wave. It’s our OWN FAULT. When you breed mediocrity the nation or national press will never respect you.
  5. Maybe we should have been a little more frugal concerning Bakers salary increase and saved some money for cleaning urine off the bathroom floors at Apogee. Only at North Texas.
  6. Thanks. I thought it might be Nelson. Didn’t Nelson talk every Monday at a lunch buffet at the Holiday Inn at I35?
  7. I may very well be wrong but didn’t Jerry Moore coach us during part of the D1AA years and actually had us #1 in the nation?
  8. So, I received an email from the Athletic Department at 9:15 this morning, 12-1-22 with the Header reading; “UNT Basketball host Omaha 11-29-22” Let that sink in.
  9. Maybe they’re after Grant because there is really nothing remotely impressive a P5 would see concerning our football program.
  10. Listen, I’m not saying that any of these above issues had anything to do with Baker’s departure. But if Baker really loved being here, believed the future looked bright entering the AAC and the University countered WV’s offer( though we don’t know how much) wouldn’t you maybe lean toward staying? Unless the work environment had become somewhat toxic. Yes, I know and understand we are comparing P5 to G5. Anyway we probably will never know. It just seems Baker wanted out and wanted out fast. What we do know is the environment and the game day experience at Apogee this year was anemic. Like it was totally neglected. Stale. Worse I’ve seen in decades One area where Baker totally failed was not taking advantage of the BB programs success under Grant. Benford had destroyed everything Johnny Jones had built. Grant quickly turned it around winning the CBI his first year. Beat Purdue in the NCAA tournament and participated in the NIT, won THREE CUSA TITLES and yet the fans have not really returned, not to the degree one would expect with the programs success under Grant. Where was the AD? Why was he not out promoting the hell out of this program? Regardless, this is one long time fan who has lost faith in this Administration’s leadership in the area of Athletics.
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