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  1. meangreenbob


    Yeah this team is pretty incredible. How they won that game is unbelievable. Maybe we don’t miss Lawson after all.
  2. meangreenbob

    Houston, You Have A Problem

    Meanwhile UNT is the little engine that could. We just quietly keep moving forward. Step by step.
  3. meangreenbob

    Guyton a grad transfer?

    I wish people would lay off beating up on Guyton. This kid was absolutely incredible at catching the football before the concussion. In fact, he made Fine’s numbers look good catching many off target passes from Fine. The hit Guyton took against Army was nothing short of an “assault” and was meant to take him out. It did. It was a serious injury. True he hasn’t been at the same level since, he’s more tentative and from a health standpoint he probably shouldn’t be out there at all. Even so, he is still a very good receiver.
  4. meangreenbob


    Call it the "June Jones Disorder" Listen if a wife tells a husband over and over how much she love's him and then out of the blue gets up and runs off taking the kids with her for a taller better looking guy don't tell me it wouldn't affect you emotionally. Likewise, if a coach tells 17-20 year old kids over and over again and again that they are family and then decides to not only walk out for a better family but also take their entire coaching staff with him as well, leaving them high and dry, I don't care who you are this will affect you emotionally. You may not believe it but it does and it will if you are human. The fact that it didn't come to fruition doesn't matter. The damage was done. The trust was broken. The family is broken and whether the trust will ever be restored is yet to be seen. We played like a bunch of lost confused kids today and no one should hold them at fault. Period. I am very proud of our team!!!! I hope we recover. Go Mean Green.
  5. meangreenbob


    We were the team that played like we had just lost our Head Coach. Actions have consequences.
  6. meangreenbob

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Haven't seen this kind of effort from our players since we laid down against Portland State getting McCarney fired.
  7. Stop it Brett. You wrote an article. That's your job. Don't make excuses, point fingers or blame others. Again, weighing the pros and cons is far more intense than "it crossed my mind". We all know the pros but what about the cons? Well, 1) a further distance might make it more difficult and more expensive for family and friends to make home games. 2) What if for some reason a nagging injury affects his play forcing him sit on the bench his senior year. 3) What if the receivers at the new school aren't nearly as good as the receivers he has at UNT and his stats aren't nearly as good as people expected. What if some hotshot freshman or another transfer comes in and he finds himself riding the bench the entire year? I'm sure there are many more cons but if I had to guess none of them or the ones listed played any part in his decision to stay at UNT. No one knows more than Mason Fine what it feels like to be told you aren't big enough. You're not tall enough. You're not strong enough. You're not good enough. I believe Fines decision was based on the future, not one in football but one in the business world, or running for Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Or maybe public office. I think it all boiled down to integrity; for how could Mason tell the Mean Green Family you're not big enough, you're not tall enough, you're not strong enough, you're not good enough? That's why we love Mason Fine!!!
  8. Not necessarily true. Unfortunately, it cast a little shadow over comments Mason has made over the last three years about it not being about him but about the team and the program and what they were building in Denton. I have nothing but total respect for Mason Fine as a player and individual. I just hope he is happy here and doesn't feel stuck here because he made a commitment and his character is such that he will honor that commitment, pros and cons, knowing full well, as we all do, that he can play at the P5 level.
  9. We all love Mason Fine and what he has achieved at UNT. We want him to be one of us and only the Mean Green Family forever. We don't want to share him with another school. That's why many of us are concerned and upset. BUT, weighing the "pros and cons" is far more intense than "it crossed my mind." So, I believe Kram is probably correct here.
  10. I agree with Harry. Should have been left unsaid. Also the only person who could have leaked this was Fine himself. I appreciate all Fine has accomplished at UNT but I will not see him in the same light as I once did. Regardless ALL P5"s now know Fine is available despite his affirmation he is staying at UNT.
  11. Littrell is way too smart. He knows that in this day and age you never want to be more than a full tank of gas away from home and family. Besides the job, the pay, the opportunity and location are pretty darn good right here at North Texas.
  12. Did I miss it? Last night channel 11 covered the Southland, Sun Belt, Big Twelve, TCU, AAC and others with video highlights but I did not see or hear the sports announcer mention the CUSA Tournament even though it took place right under his nose, right here in Frisco Texas for the last four days. Did anyone catch any mention of the CUSA Championship Game on the local stations?
  13. meangreenbob


    THE STUDENT FEE! WE NEED THAT MONEY IN LIEU OF THE LOST TV REVENUE. I heard on the news it would be around 3.125 Million. Dr. Smatresk and Wren Baker would take that amount and increase its purchasing power two fold just by making intelligent and wise decisions.