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  1. lol. Yeah sure. Lower your standards Mr Bill.
  2. Nope. Not for a cash poor school like North Texas. And so the pattern starts all over.
  3. Look, I’m sure Caponi is a great guy. He wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t. But…….
  4. The problem is, we needed a real coach. Someone who could analyze the situation, fill the gaps where needed and implement a system that best utilized the talent we had. What we got was an individual who relied on his P5 employer attracting the needed talent at Iowa St. He knows nothing else. He’s limited in his knowledge and implemented the only system he was familiar with. Unfortunately his lack of expertise cost this team a bowl game and maybe even a chance at the AAC title. Hiring P5 coaches is not necessarily a good thing. Many are incapable of thinking outside the box at the G5 level.
  5. I try but age issues. I miss it a lot.
  6. After 53 years of attending UNT football games I’ve earned my exemption. I’ve paid my dues.
  7. Why would I write a check to buy him out? I’m not the one who carelessly hired him, then foolishly signed him to a contract of 40,000k a month and then sat by and watched all season as he continued to try and force a square peg into a round hole.
  8. I think we’re a little timid. We are undersized and are afraid of getting seriously injured.
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