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  1. I agree but if that's happening adjustments (play calling) need to be made.
  2. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/01/31/north-texas-2018-season-recap-seth-littrell-leads-mean-green-to-special-season?ref=article_preview_title "Biggest surprise: Late-game collapses UNT lost three regular season games during the season. All of them were in shocking fashion, and by a combined 13 points. The first time this phenomenon occurred was against Louisiana Tech. North Texas took a 21-6 lead at the half and seemed on the way to a dominant victory. However, Louisiana Tech scored 23 unanswered points to win. The same happened to UNT against C-USA champion UAB. The Mean Green took a 21-10 lead at the half, and gave up 19 unanswered points. The worst was easily against Old Dominion, when the Mean Green blew a 28-0 lead. North Texas had a very real chance to be 12-0 in 2018. In fact, the Mean Green were the only team in college football to never trail by more than one score throughout the regular season. They probably should have been 12-0. With an experienced quarterback and excellent coaching staff, the inability to finish was perplexing." We almost gave up second half 10 point leads to UTSA and UTEP as well. Do you agree or disagree with any of these points? 1. Run the ball more with the lead. (Loren Easley's injury against La Tech was the turning point of the season going from great to good.) 2. We have a different OC now. Will he be able to make better adjustments at halftime and in the 2nd half than Harrell? We were outcoached and outplayed in these blown leads last year. 3. Just keep slinging it. Don't get too conservative. 4. Unfortunately our defense won't be as good and our leads won't be as big. Thoughts?
  3. To many on this board "Good ol' Dickie ball" translates to "Throw The Damn Ball".
  4. Didn't see this posted. Yes they did show them shake hands on tv.
  5. https://www.drafttek.com/2019-NFL-Draft-Prospect-Rankings/Top-Conference-USA-Players-2019-NFL-Draft.asp
  6. I could only find one place projecting Guyton to be drafted and that was in the 6th round (7 rounds). Looking at last year's WR's drafted in 6th round the only guaranteed money is a signing bonus which ranged from 186K to 118K for this group. Any contract they signed they had to go out and make the team. If they make the roster then a multi year deal can bring up to half a million a year for some. I wish him nothing but the best but I still think another year would really help. I understand the fear of injury as well while staying in college and the opportunity to make the big money is understandable as well. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/draft/round-6/wide-receiver/
  7. Good things can happen with lineup changes.....
  8. Ugly win but it's a win GMG! BEAT UTSA!
  9. They have played this commercial 136 times since the opening tip....
  10. UNT 50 UTEP 46 2:50 remains
  11. Yep FINAL - FAU 80 ODU 73 @FAU will be tough....good young team.
  12. FAU giving ODU all they can handle.... FAU 73 ODU 68 1:33 On ESPN +
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