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  1. Thanks for the memory as I was there. We filled up our side of Texas Stadium pretty good but it still looked and sounded like Kyle Field until the 31:00 minute mark of the video! We were going crazy tying the game going into halftime. Then they completely shut us down after that. I also remember the Wings and the Aggie band getting into a fight right before they took the field at halftime. It caused quite a commotion after a great first half.
  2. This isn't an overreaction at all. I thought it was at first as well but I work at a hospital and have been in many meetings with Infection Control experts this week and this airborne virus spreads very quickly and is much stronger than the flu and will not go away when it gets warmer. I cannot stress enough if you have elderly relatives that have underlying conditions please be vigilant in who they come in contact with. Europe's healthcare system is rapidly collapsing because they were not vigilant enough.
  3. 2010 Team was strong. That would be a close game. Unfortunately only Tristan Thompson could score against K-State in the Tourney. Only 3 points for Josh White......that didn't happen very often. K-State would lose to Butler in the Regional Finals. Their guards tore us up.
  4. Vic Trilli should be in just for replacing the burnt orange Super Pit seats to green!
  5. I envision 2 wins the rest of the way. I don't see La Tech or UAB being part of the two. Charlotte and Rice will not be easy. UTEP almost beat us last year.
  6. Nothing I have seen so far gives me ANY confidence that we will win out. I hope I'm wrong but I predict blowout losses against UAB and La Tech.
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