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  1. Our defense is going to have its hands full against USU...good running game and qb with lots of speed in all the skill positions. USU's defense was pretty solid against Boise as well.
  2. Talon90

    TXSportsLife: TX FBS Power Rankings

    That's what I am basing this on.
  3. Talon90

    New Mexico Bowl Mega Thread

    Harry just imagine if we had that defense this year.
  4. This never gets old....
  5. While I love the publicity I think Vegas would list us as a sizable underdog against Houston, TCU and Tech. Thoughts? Utah State will be BY FAR the best opponent we face all season.
  6. Talon90

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

  7. "The UNT athletics department is more than $63.19 million in debt as of the end of the 2017 fiscal year, according to documents filed with the NCAA." https://www.ntdaily.com/athletics-debt-story/
  8. Pretty big news out of Liberty. I pray all goes well for Turner and his wife. It looked like he had that program going in a good direction. Turner Gill Retiring
  9. I guess we need to pay more attention to Mitch Sherman in the future.....😮
  10. Talon90

    Utah Point Spread

    Given the way we have played the second half of the season I was expecting it to be a bigger spread. Utah State is legit and their offense is just as good if not better than ours. http://realtimerpi.com/college_football/ncaaf_1106_Men.html?Utah+St.
  11. Ah yes...the day we made national news..don't forget about the VCR as well....not one of Matt Simon's better days at UNT. Police: UNT Players Return Nearly $1,400 In Motel Property After Complaint https://apnews.com/199f09e90d1aa0a014612771040f4d31 DENTON, Texas (AP) _ University of North Texas football players unloaded nearly $1,400 worth of motel property from team buses only minutes after they lost at Utah State last Saturday, police said. Police in Logan, Utah, supervised as UNT buses were unpacked and stolen towels, bathmats, blankets, pillows and one videocassette recorder were piled into the parking lot of the Best Western Baugh Motel. ``They did an inventory at the motel and they found all these things missing,″ Logan police Lt. Randy Auman told The North Texas Daily, UNT’s student newspaper. Motel manager Elizabeth Maughan said she called North Texas athletic director Craig Helwig at Utah State’s Romney Stadium during the game to report the missing property. School officials agreed to return to the motel after UNT’s 21-13 loss in the Big West Conference game. Twenty-four bath towels, six pillows and the VCR were among the items recovered. Other items missing but not recovered were 24 hand towels, 20 wash cloths, a wool blanket and a thermal blanket, Maughan said. The missing items, in total, were valued at $1,400, she said. Auman said no charges would be filed against the players. ``We had a problem at the hotel and everything was taken care of,″ Helwig said in a statement released by the school Monday. Helwig was in California for the Big West basketball media day and unavailable for further comment. Sean Johnson, an athletic department spokesman, said he didn’t know what, if any, disciplinary action was being taken against players. Head coach Matt Simon released a statement through Johnson, saying only: ``The matter is being handled internally.″ University president Al Hurley said that was fine with him. ``I have very, very strong confidence in coach Simon,″ Hurley said. ``I think the coach is fundamentally responsible for the discipline of the football team.″ Maughan said Simon had agreed to accept a bill for any items not returned to the motel. ``There’s no towels like ours in the world,″ she said. ``They are expensive for us to make with the motel insignia. If I would have let them leave Logan, they would have made me look like I was lying or something, so I had to pull the buses over.″ ``All I wanted was my stuff back.
  12. Talon90

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Biggest concern is keeping recruits if Litrell leaves.
  13. Talon90

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Switch out Menudo for Posole and I am right there with you!😁