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  1. 30 hours without power so far. A good thing that I bought a portable generator after The Big Freeze. Window AC and fans are managing to keep the room comfortable. Still no cable internet, but a phone hotspot is doing ok. I'm going to lose a lot of frozen food 😞 Still, it's better than having a tornado take the house out. I can't complain too much.
  2. I was there. That was the second screw job by the refs that game.
  3. https://billfarley.substack.com/p/the-pac-2s-contracts-with-the-mwc The interesting thing is that 2Pac is not required to take ALL the MWC if they choose to rebuild the PacX.
  4. I think Michigan wins, but I'm rooting for Washington. It strikes my fancy that the Pac12 would win a Championship just before imploding.
  5. I think the roadmap is to not be competitive in the ACC until they can buy their way into non-competition in the B1G
  6. I am curious why UNT hasn't organized a Bowl game at Apogee (errr. DATCU) stadium. It's a good looking venue, and a CUSU or Sunbelt matchup would be a good fit.
  7. FSU so *very* excited about those new ACC members . . .
  8. Man, I hate how the final 2 minutes of a bball game lasts a half-hour. edit: And they can't even pick a winner. Can we send this junk to ESPNews for overtime?
  9. 7 years is longer than the average NFL career. I'm going to watch the game on TV, but there's some dumb bouncing-ball game on the channel now.
  10. On a side note, Bally Sports Southwest has a free 7 day trial, which will cover the playoff weekend if you start tomorrow. https://www.uiltexas.org/football/state/football-state-championships-broadcast-information
  11. At least the NFL has a salary cap to keep the league somewhat competitive.
  12. Ok -- then remove the scholarships and room&board subsidies. Remember school? Education? At modern prices, they ARE getting paid a pretty solid chunk of change.
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